A Trip to Clintonville

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2011 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: A visit with some old friends.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

This is a wimp story in that the wife cheated, the husband found out and did nothing about it. If you don't like this kind of story just move on to the next one and save yourself from turning purple with rage and wasting your valuable time writing silly comments that will be ignored anyway. That won't stop Harry, but who pays any attention to him anyway.

Nancy and I have been married a little over nine years and they have been damned good years. Nan is a great mother to our three children, and excellent housekeeper and cook and she spoils me rotten. Our sex life has slowed down some since we were married. The hot monkey jungle sex that we enjoyed for our first four years has tapered off to three times a week, but occasionally on some of those times we do mange to get it on two or even three times. I have no complaints – not a one.

When I asked Nancy to marry me she was reluctant to say yes, but I kept pressing her and finally she said that she didn't want to saddle me with a girl who had a history of being a slut. When she told me that I wasn't too surprised since she had given it up to me on our first date, but in all honesty that is why I had asked her out in the first place. The word was she was an easy piece and I hadn't been laid in a while so I asked her out.

I was surprised when I felt a spark when we kissed and before the night was over the little whore pretty much had me wanting her for my own. There are those who will smirk and say I was young and stupid and that all it was was my dick saying:

"Hey bud, got some easy pussy here so lets keep her around for as long as we can."

It wasn't that way. I felt that we had really connected and I was sure that she felt that way too since she didn't date anyone but me after that night. Anyway, when I told her I didn't give a rat's ass about anything she had done before me she insisted that I know the full story before she would give me an answer to my proposal. I know she expected me to run screaming from her when she unburdened herself, but I knew that it wouldn't happen.

Her story started on her eighteenth birthday. Her parents threw a party for her and one of the guys who came to the party managed to get her alone and he had taken her cherry. She had liked it so much that she had snuck away with him an hour later and they had done it again. After the party broke up he took her out for a ride and she told him to find a place to park because she wanted to do it again. He told her okay, but that he would need help in getting it back up and she asked what she could do. He told her and Nancy gave her first blow job. She liked it and after that there was no holding back and she developed a reputation as a "fantastic cocksucker" among the guys she dated.

The guy who had taken her cherry was home on leave and they screwed like sex crazed rabbits until his leave was up and two days after he had returned to duty a guy asked her out and she gave it up to him before the end of the date. He fucked her every time they could get together until they graduated in May and he went off to the Navy. Before going he told a buddy how great she was at giving head and how easy it was to get her panties off so the buddy moved in screwed her through the summer until Nancy went off to college in the fall.

Over the next three years she went through so many guys she couldn't even remember them all. Along the way she tried some threesomes, foursomes and several gangbangs. She loved to fuck and she loved to suck cock. Three nights before she went out with me for the first time she did a gangbang with nine guys. When she finished telling me that I smiled and said:

"I guess you have done a few more than I have, but that probably means you learned a lot more so you will have to spend the early part of our marriage teaching me what I don't know."

"Are you serious? You still want me knowing all that?"

"Is it over?"

"Oh God yes. You are all that I need."

"That's good enough for me. Pick a date."

Nine years later and I was pretty damned sure that Nancy had never broken her wedding vows. No, that isn't right; I was certain that she hadn't.

Her parents lived three hours away and every six weeks or so we would drive over to visit and let them spend some time with their grandkids. We never spent time visiting with others so after nine years of marriage I knew very few of her friends that she had grown up and gone to school with.

A month ago Nan got a phone call from her mom. Her mom had decided to organize a family reunion and she gave Nan the date that she had chosen. It was on a Saturday and we decided to drive over on Friday night after I got off from work and stay until Sunday afternoon. We pulled into Clintonville around nine and Nan had me stop at a liquor store to pick up a case of beer and a couple bottles of wine. While I was looking through the wine selections I heard:

"Oh my God! Is that you Nance?"

I looked over and saw a fairly good looking redhead run up and hug Nan. They started talking and Nan introduced me to Sarah who was one of the girls she had grown up with. The outcome of the little meeting was that we were invited to a party at Sarah's on Saturday night. When I reminded Nancy that we were committed to a family reunion on Saturday she said there was no problem because the reunion was an all day affair and would probably break up around six and we could hit Sarah's party at seven.

I met a lot of Nancy's relatives on Saturday and a pretty goods time was had by all. Nan was right and the party did start to break up around five-thirty and her folks agreed to babysit so Nan and I could visit with her old friends.

The party was in full swing when we got there and it looked like some of the people there were already in the bag. Sarah introduced us to her husband Tim who apparently had not gone to school with Nan and Sarah. Almost immediately there was a swarm of girls around Nan telling her how great she looked and asking her how she had been. I was introduced to all of them and from the looks I got from some of them I got the impression that they thought she had done okay for herself.

I sort of felt like I was intruding on their little reunion so I wandered away and found a group watching a ball game. Tim was one of them and he introduced me as Nancy's husband and I thought I detected a curious look from a couple of them. I figured they knew her past and wondered if I did. I got into watching the game and drinking beer and talking baseball with the guys.

Maybe an hour later I felt the crying need to use the bathroom and after getting directions I headed for it. I took my whiz and when I came out into the hallway I hesitated just long enough to make sure I'd zipped up my fly and it was then I heard:

"You guys are just so bad."

It was Nan's voice and it came from the room just across the hall from the bathroom. I went to the door and, very quietly and carefully, tried the door knob, but it was locked. While doing that I heard Nan say:

"You know we shouldn't be doing this. My husband wouldn't like this one little bit."

A male voice said, "I'm damned sure not going to tell him. How about you Hank?"

"I don't even know who he is" said another male voice.

"See?" said the first voice. "He'll never know unless you tell him."

"I can't believe I'm doing this" Nan said.

I had a choice. I could beat on the door until someone opened it. What then? What I'd heard indicated that something I wouldn't like was going on in there, but if they opened the door and were fully clothed they could come up with some lame assed, but slightly plausible explanation and what could I do besides letting them know just how pissed I was. The other choice was to try and find out what was going on in the room.

I studied the layout of the house to orient myself and then went outside. I checked things out and decided where the window to the room would be and I circled around the house to the one I thought it would be. Luckily all the partying was going on inside the house so there was no one else around to see what I was doing.

The window was too high for me to see into so I looked around for something to stand on and just short of the front of the house I saw a wheelbarrow with a shovel leaning on it. It looked like Sarah and Tim were putting in a flower bed. I pushed the wheelbarrow over and set it down under the window and stood on it. The blinds were down but there were a couple of gaps that I could see through and I looked into the room.

I saw a fully clothed Nan sitting on the edge of a bed. It being summer even thought the blinds were down the screened window was open so I could hear what was going on as well as see it. Two men were standing in front of Nan and booth were unzipped and had hard cocks sticking out of their flies. Nan was leaning forward and sucking one of the cocks and after a minute she switched to the other guy and sucked his. I stood there with rage building up inside of me. I could have broken it up by yelling through the screen, but why bother. What was done was done. I decided to watch and listen to see if I could learn anything that would help me in the coming divorce.

For the next ten minutes Nan switched back and forth between the two dicks spending a minute or so on each one before the switch. Finally the man in her mouth said:

"I'm cumming Nan; I'm gonna shoot."

Nan grabbed his ass and pulled his cock deep into her mouth and I saw her throat move as she swallowed. Near as I could tell she didn't miss a drop. She kept him in her mouth until he was soft and then she switched to the other guy. As she leaned forward to take him in her mouth he pushed her head away from his cock and pushed her down on the bed on her back.

"What are you doing" she asked.

He said nothing, but quickly reached under her skirt, grabbed her panties and pulled them off her before she knew what he meant to do. As her panties fell to the floor she understood what he intended and she said:

"No damn it, no. I said blow jobs only and you agreed."

He laughed and said, "I lied. I'm invoking the cherry popper rule."

"What the hell is that?"

"The rule says that the guy who got your cherry gets to fuck you whenever and wherever he wants."

"But you can't. I'm married and I love my husband."

"Oh yeah? Then what are you doing in here sucking cocks?"

"I just wanted to relive one of my fond memories. I've never screwed another man since I married Frank and I don't intend to start now."

"Tough shit Nance. The cherry popper rule says I can have your sweet pussy whenever I want it and that would be now."

While he had been talking he had been inching forward so he was between her legs and when she said, "No damn it; I'm not going to do it" and tried to close her legs she couldn't. His hands were on her shoulders pinning her to the bed and he moved forward with his cock getting closer and closer to her pussy.

"I'll scream John. I'll scream rape at the top of my lungs if you don't stop this right now."

"Go ahead and when everybody including your husband rushes in they will all want to know what is going on and I'll have to tell them that you were giving out blow jobs and it got a little out of hand. Is your hubby an open minded kind of guy? Will he be happy to know that you were only supposed to be giving blow jobs?"

"Damn it John; I don't want this."

"But I do Nance, I most definitely do" and he pushed the head of his cock into her.

She might not have wanted it, but the excitement of giving two of her old lovers blow jobs apparently had gotten her wet because he slid right into her. Nan beat on his shoulders, called him a motherfucker, a bastard and a rotten son of a bitch, but he ignored her and pounded her pussy. Again I could have broken it up by yelling through the window, but I was pissed that she was in the room passing out blow jobs in the first place so if he was doing her against her wishes that was just too fucking bad. I just watched as I made mental list of the things I would have to do in divorcing her.

Given Nancy's sexual nature I should have expected what happened next, but I didn't. I was standing there watching and thinking "Serves you right you cheating whore" when her legs came up and clamped him and her hands grabbed his ass and pulled him to her. She started fucking back up at him and he said:

"That's it Nance, that's it. Fuck me like you used to baby; give up that sweet pussy."

Nancy was moaning, "Fuck me you bastard, fuck me."

The guy still had his pants on and I prayed that Nancy's pussy hairs would get caught in his zipper and cause her some pain, but it didn't happen. After five minutes of hard pounding the guy said:

"Here it comes Nance; here it comes" and he apparently blew his load.

Nancy was crying, "Not yet, not yet damn it, not yet. Get me off damn it, get me off."

The guy said, "Sorry Nance; no can do."

While cherry popper had been fucking Nancy the other guy had taken off his pants and watching had gotten him up again. He stepped up behind CP and tapped him on the shoulder. CP looked back and smiled and quickly stepped away from Nancy as she cried out "God damn you!" Before the "you" was out of her mouth the second guy plunged into her. Nancy's eyes shot open in surprise and for maybe a tenth of a second, according to her facial expression anyway, she thought of telling him to get the fuck off of her, but then the legs came up and clamped and the hands grabbed and she cried:

"Make me cum; get me off, fuck me and get me off."

Less than a minute later Nancy had and orgasm. The guy had already cum down her throat so he was lasting a while and soon had Nancy working up to her second orgasm. She and the guy came together and as the guy started to pull away from her she grabbed him and tried to hold him in her. Cherry popper said:

"She's on fire. Go get Sam and Bill."

Cherry popper climbed on the bed as the guy pulled out of Nancy, dressed and quickly left the room. CP pushed his cock at Nancy's mouth and said:

"Get me up again Nance. Us your magic mouth to get me up while Al goes to get some help."

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