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Sex Story: He thought she was going to PTA Meetings

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   .

"Dad," said my daughter Sasha. "You have to come to the school tomorrow to meet my new teacher."

"What happened to your old teacher, Mrs. Greendale?" I asked.

"Her husband had a heart attack so she has to stay home and take care of him for the rest of the school year," she answered.

I liked Mrs. Greendale. She was an old school teacher. None of that new-fangled, blame it on the parents shit for her. I never had to go up to the school unless Sasha did something extra stupid.

"Can't your mom meet her at the PTA meetings?" I asked.

"I'd rather have you meet her, Mom has been acting so strange lately," said Sasha.

"Alright Angel, I'll try to get over there, but I'm not making any promises," I said. "Meetings with teachers clearly fall under your Mom's jurisdiction."

I'm Lucas McCain. I'm an account rep for Devlin International. I'm thirty five going on fifty. I'm about 5'10" with brown hair and brown eyes. I'm in pretty good shape from daily runs, and I love my wife and daughter more than anything I can think of. My wife Dana was one of the movers and shakers on the school's PTA or whatever modern name they had for it.

Dana was short, about 5' even. At least she swore she was. Every time I measured her she came out at 4' 11". She was curvy with a big butt and big boobs that I loved to motorboat. We'd been married for fourteen years, and had been spoiling our daughter for the past 10 of those. We had only 8 more years, until Sasha was off to college. Then Dana and I could walk around the house naked as the day we were born, and spend our time screwing on all of the furniture.

Sasha did have one thing right though. Dana had been acting strangely again. Last time she acted like this it was because she was pregnant with Sasha. She was trying to figure out everything we'd have to have and do to make the pregnancy easier before she told me. I guess I was practically to blame for that because I'd never shown any interest in having kids. But from the first day my little angel came into the world. From just after I personally cut her umbilical cord and smacked her on her butt, she's been her daddy's girl.

Dana came in a little bit later and headed straight for the shower. She was doing that a lot lately, maybe once or twice a week. I didn't think anything of it though because women are always taking way more baths and showers than any guy ever does. When I look back on it now I guess I was stupid, or at least clueless. But let's face it most of us are. We get married because we love the other person so much that we want them to be a permanent part of our lives.

Part of that love is the fact that we trust them, in several ways. We trust them not to hurt us. We trust them to be faithful to us. We just never expect the person we pledge to spend the rest of our lives with, to stab us in the fucking back. Let's face it love makes us clueless. If you're constantly looking over your shoulder and watching for the apple of your eye to cheat on you, then your relationship sucks. Kick that bitch to the curb right now. Trust me if you can't let your guard down around her, you don't really love her. I'm sure a lot of you guys out there are thinking "If my old lady was running around on me, I'd know it." Well double O seven when it happens to you, trust me you'll be as clueless as I was, but probably not as lucky.

Anyway, the next day I showed up at Sasha's school just in time to pick her up. The only thing I needed to pickup after I got there was my jaw off the floor. The woman in front of Sasha's class was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. She wore jeans and a nice blouse. When I came into the room she was turned around with her back towards me. She had an inverted heart shaped ass. When she turned to face me I was mesmerized by her smile and the volume of tawny hair cascading over her shoulders. Her boobs were nowhere near as big as my wife's but who cared.

I sat there staring at her for a long time before I realized that she was talking to me. They just didn't make teachers like this when I was growing up. She was tall, at least for a woman. She had to be about 5'8' and much slimmer than Dana. Not that I was comparing them or anything, but she was stunning. Yep that's a good word for it, stunning.

"Daddy," snapped Sasha. "Ms. Marshall is talking to you."

"Oh, sorry," I stuttered. "I just had a brain fart. I'm uhm ... Sasha's Dad. Mr. McCain, uhm. Lucas McCain. But you can just call me Luke." I extended my hand and she shook it warmly, and treated me to another one of those smiles. God Damn it, she should be selling those smiles.

"Sorry to call you here on such short notice," she said, smiling again. "I'm new here but the school takes parental involvement very seriously. Sasha is probably one of my brightest and friendliest students. And she's also one of the most helpful." She had a soft Southern accent that seemed to stretch each syllable into more than one. I could probably listen to this woman talk for ever.

I smiled at Sasha. I was proud of her. And she smiled back holding out her hand. I gave her five slapping her hand crisply. She looked at me as if I was retarded. "Dad, when someone holds out their hand, you're supposed to put money in it," she whined.

"Anyway continued Ms. Marshall, neither, you or your wife have participated in any of our projects or committees, this year."

"Uhm Ms. Marshall..."

"Please, call me Gianna," she said.

"Doesn't the PTA count?" I asked.

"Yes it certainly does," she smiled. "Are you a member of the PTA?"

"Well no," I said. "But my wife is; she attends every one of those meetings on Wednesday nights. She's never missed one."

Ms. Marshall's face changed in front of me. "Maybe I'm wrong," she said. "But the PTA meets on Tuesdays and only the third Tuesday of every month."

My face fell too. I had to find out what was going on with Dana.

"Why don't you pick out one of our committees or clubs to participate in anyway," she said. "And if your wife does turn out to be in the PTA than you're covered." she said all of that with plenty of sympathy in her voice. It was as if she knew what I was going through.

I looked over the list of activities and finally settled on Track. "I think I could help with this," I said. "I'm not an expert, but I run every day and I've done a few Marathons."

"That would be perfect," she said. "They meet on Tuesday and Thursday, at 5."

Sasha and I stopped off at McDonald's on our way home. It wasn't very nutritious as dinners go, but she likes it and that way I wouldn't have to cook. I knew that there was no chance of Dana beating us home, even though she got off work before I did.

Some guys like to sit in their favorite chairs while they think, and other like to go for a long walk. My favorite thinking activity was washing my red Mustang GT. As I rinsed off the car I started putting my thoughts about Dana's behavior in order. I knew that the PTA meetings were only once a month not every week. Dana had joined the PTA almost two months ago. That means that whatever she was doing, she'd done about six or eight times.

As I soaped the car up, I called a friend of mine. "Hey, Hop," I said into the phone.

"Hey Luke, how's it going?" he asked.

"Shitty," laughed. "Remember when you thought that Tia was cheating on you? What was the name of the agency you used?"

"Oh God don't remind me, of that," he laughed. "All I did was made some lawyers and some P.I.s richer."

"Well I told you that she wasn't cheating on you," I said. "She was taking some classes at the community college, because she thought that you were embarrassed by her accent and limited English."

"Yeah, I remember," he laughed. "Anyway the agency was called Ponderosa Investigations. They're in the book, and they're good."

"Thanks Hop," I said hanging up. I'd known Hop Sing since we were kids playing baseball.

I called information and got the number for Ponderosa Investigations. I called them and was told they'd have someone over in a few minutes, since they were located very close to my house.

I was polishing my Chrome Helo Tease rims when the car pulled up. I saw the man who got out, pull out a pair of sunglasses and put them on. "Your Chrome is so bright, I thought I'd go blind," he said. "My Dad had a 1970 302 Boss that he babied like you do this car."

I nodded, I loved old school Mustangs too. "I'm Lucas McCain," I said, offering my hand.

"My friends call me Luke," I stood up and looked at him.

"Joseph Cartwright," he replied. His handshake was firm and I trusted him. He didn't look like the usual tall chiseled P.I. In fact he was only about 5' 4" tall. "My friends call me little Joe."

I could see where the name had come from. "Why don't we go into the house and talk," I said. On our way into the house I explained my suspicions to him. He looked the house over and talked to me about the packages they had available. He ended up placing a recording device on the phone. I gave him her cell phone number, and since I paid the bill, he told me they'd be able to possibly monitor those calls as well. Then he put several tiny cameras around the house. I had the option of being able to view the feeds from the cameras on my own, or have them deliver a weekly or daily DVD. I opted for the cheaper option of the weekly DVD.

"How expensive is this going to be?" I asked him.

"How much would you be willing to pay for peace of mind," he replied. That told me that this was going to be pretty fucking pricey.

"In the end, one way or another, you'll think it was worth it," he smiled.

"Okay, explain that one to me," I said.

"Well if she's not cheating, you'll be able to let all of those nagging suspicions go," he said. "You'll be able to trust her again and work on making your marriage stronger. All of the stress that this is putting on you will be over, so you'll be able to relax." He breathed out letting it all go. I saw his point.

"On the other hand if she is cheating, not only will you know it. You'll have all of the evidence you need to confront her, or to even divorce her if necessary," he said. "That way no one will be able to make a fool out of you with some sleazy affair that lasted for years. You'll be able to move on with your life, one way or another."

"We'll be in touch," he said as he drove away.

I went back to polishing my car. About a half hour after he left, Dana got home. She was cheerful, and came over to sit and watch me work. That was new.

"Dana, I don't like to have anyone look over my shoulder while I work," I said. "You're not doing anything bad it's me. It just gets on my nerves."

"Okay honey, I'll see you when you come in," she said.

After I'd come in from washing the car, Dana sat down beside me as I watched TV. She was being awfully God Damned friendly all of a sudden. I got up and went to take a shower.

When I got out of the shower, she was still there. I sat in the chair instead of on the sofa. "I'm going to bed," she said. "Coming?"

"I'll be in soon, I just want to watch the news," I said. I pretended to fall asleep on the sofa. When she came in supposedly to awaken me so I could go to bed, I just rolled over, as if I was deeply asleep.

The next morning I was up earlier than usual. I got ready for work and grabbed a cup of coffee. Dana and Sasha were just stumbling into the kitchen as I left. I kissed my daughter good bye, while Dana looked in the fridge. By the time she realized that I was leaving, the door had closed.

She called me at work later that morning. "Hey you left without saying goodbye to me this morning," she said. "What did I do?"

"What do you mean Dana?" I asked.

"We've been married for 14 years and together for 16. Unless we're angry at each other, you kiss me goodbye every morning, and tell me you love me. Sometimes you do it just to break the ice when we're angry at each other. I know it sounds stupid to you, but it kind of helps me start my day off. When I leave the house every morning it's good to know that someone loves me. It makes me feel special."

"I'm sorry Dana, I'll try to remember that," I said.

"What happened to you last night?" she asked.

"What do you mean now Dana?" I asked again.

"Well, I was horny," she said.

I just let it go. I was smart enough not to say the first thing that popped into my mind. If I'd gone ahead and said, "I'm sure whomever you're fucking will appreciate that." It would have only let her know that I was on to her. Since I didn't have proof yet, I saw no reason to stir up what might not have been a problem. I was taking Hop Sing's lesson to heart."

"Oh, I wanted to remind you, I have..." she began.

"I know you have your PTA meeting tonight, Dana," I said coldly. "I'll talk to you later, I AM, at work." I hung up the phone. Fuck Hop Sing's lesson, I thought. There's no way I'll stand by and let this go on. As soon as I have proof, I want to be able to move quickly. I called Hop again.

"Hey Hop, who was the lawyer that your aunt used for her divorce?" I asked.

"I don't remember," he said. "I can give you the number of the guy I was going to use."

"Hell no," I snapped. "He was too God Damned friendly. I remember he kept talking about all of that sitting down and talking it over, bullshit. He talked about being reasonable, and sharing. All of that shit about making joint decisions and being mature just rubs me the wrong fucking way. I want that lawyer that your Aunt had that took your uncle to the cleaners."

"Okay, calm down Luke. I'll call her right now and get the number for you. Are you even sure that anything is going on though?" he asked.

"I'd rather have her, and not need her, than need her, and not have her," I said.

"Okay, I'll call you right back," he said hanging up.

For the next few moments I actually did some work. I processed orders for a couple of clients and arranged shipping for the products they needed that had to be shipped overseas.

When the phone rang, I picked it up on the first ring.

"Her name is Ann Wilson," said Hop. "She works for the Heart agency. From what I've heard she's the meanest divorce lawyer in the state. They call her Barracuda. Are you sure you want to..."

"Thanks Hop," I said. Then I hung up the phone. I called directory assistance and got the listing for the Heart Agency. I asked the person who answered if I could speak to Ann Wilson. The Phone started ringing again, as my call was transferred.

"Hwhaat d'ya want now?" The voice on the phone was so loud and so angry, that I was afraid. I started to hang up immediately. There was so much rage and frustration coming off of that single question, that I wondered what could cause a person like that to work for the public.

"Uhm, I'm looking for Ann Wilson," I said politely.

"Sorry, this is she," said an almost melodious female voice. "Sorry about that, I thought you were my ex husband. He's been calling me early in the morning lately just to aggravate me."

I had found my lawyer. I was sure of it for two reasons. First, from the sound of her voice I was sure this woman's balls scraped the ground when she walked. I knew she'd take no fucking prisoners, and that was what I wanted. Second, she was divorced, so I'm sure she can understand the rage and the pain, a rough break-up can cause.

"I'd like you to represent me in my divorce," I said.

"Sorry, I don't think so," she said. "Lately, because of my reputation, I've been getting a lot of calls from men, who want me to represent them, so their wives don't hire me. In my opinion if you cheated on her, you deserve what's coming to you. If you guys would just once think about something with the brain in your head instead of the one in your dick, the world would be a better place."

"Can you get down off of your soap box long enough for me to explain things to you?" I asked sharply. "In the first place, I've never cheated on my wife in the entire time that we've been together. She's the one who's cheating on me. And she's not only cheating on me, but on our beautiful little daughter. I've been feeling like a single Dad for a couple of months and I finally found out why. I don't have any evidence yet, but I have a P.I. firm working on that. I want to move quickly so this can all be handled over the summer, to mitigate the problems for my daughter."

"I'm really sorry," she said. "Her whole demeanor had changed." We set up an appointment for later that day, to discuss the particulars and hung up.

For the rest of the work day, I really tried to concentrate on work but I was distracted. I kept trying to figure out what went wrong. I spent a few seconds wringing my hands and thinking about where I'd failed her. Then I sobered up and started trying to figure out just how stupid she had to be to ever cheat on me.

Just before 3 p.m. My phone rang. I answered it.

A soft and sultry voice, with just a hint of a southern accent instantly brought back memories. "I hope that it's okay to call you." she said. "I just wanted to remind you that our first little get together is tomorrow afternoon." I was lost in that voice all over again.

"Okay," I said. "Go ahead and remind me." That brought laughter from her. Even her laugh was sweet and funny.

"The kids will get there at about 5," she said. "We should be there a little bit earlier. Wear something you can run in. Tomorrow, we'll probably just do a slow easy group run. Bye."

All of my thoughts about Dana were gone. Somehow when Gianna, said, "Bye," the word meant so much more than just good bye. There was a hint of playfulness, and even a bit of "I don't really want to stop talking to you in it." It also made me wonder if she didn't just mean "Bye, for now." I was sure I was just imagining it though.

I picked Sasha up from school and we went home. We played Little Big Planet together on our Playstation 3, for a couple of hours. I grilled steaks for us and made a small salad. Then after dinner, Sasha went to her room for homework and "boy," talk with one of her friends. I went to the computer to look for new things to do to My Mustang on some of my favorite after-market parts websites. After convincing myself that my car really needed a chin spoiler, I went back to the PS3 and started watching the Blue Ray disc of Ironman 2.

I had the volume up so loud that I didn't hear Dana when she came in. She wrapped her arms around me and tried to kiss me. I quickly stood up as if she had startled me, moving away from her in the process.

"It serves you right," she laughed. "You know you shouldn't have the surround sound on that loud. How is Sasha supposed to sleep?"

"Sorry," I said, turning back towards the television.

"Well wait a minute," she said. "What smells so good? Did you grill something?"

"Just steaks for me and Sasha," I answered. "We didn't think you'd want to eat when you got in. Your usual pattern is to immediately take a shower and rest after your uhm meetings."

She had trouble meeting my eyes, and she just nodded, and went into the bedroom. I couldn't tell if I'd given anything up, or if she was just feeling guilty. And I didn't really care which one it was, I just wanted this over with.

I thought about all of the things, financial and otherwise that Ann Wilson wanted me to provide by our next meeting in order to quickly facilitate the divorce.

I needed Income and tax statements from both of us and a list of assets and their value. She also had me list all of our responsibilities towards Sasha, and who handled them. With our state being a community property state, it was a foregone conclusion that any property settlement would probably be 50/50. I liked the idea of us just walking away from each other, she kept hers and I kept mine. Since I made more money, I was hoping that a judge would rule that alimony balanced out against child support. I'd keep my daughter, with Dana getting liberal visitation. She wouldn't have to pay child support and I wouldn't have to pay alimony. Since the house we live in belongs to my parents, there was no way she'd get it. We would have to split the furniture and everything else though.

Again, I just wanted it over so I could move on.

"Are you coming to bed?" she asked, a short time later.

"Maybe later," I said.

"Luke, what's going on?" she asked. "For the past 2 days, you've been avoiding me. I want to know why. Did I do something to upset you?"

"Dana, for the past 2 months, you've been distant and acting weird towards both Sasha and me. Do you want to tell us why? What about the mood swings, you've been going through? We never know which Dana is coming home. Maybe we're just trying to give you some space to get your head out of your ass." I hadn't intended to start this but it was all coming out.

I got up and grabbed my car keys before I said something I'd regret.

"Where are you going?" she asked. It looked like she was about to cry.

"I'm going out for a drive, to calm down before this gets even more out of control," I said.

"Do you want me to come with you?" she asked. "Maybe we could talk."

"Nope, there's no point in waking Sasha, because we aren't getting along," I said. "Or were you planning on leaving our daughter in the house alone, while we were out? Maybe it's just that you forgot about her because I'm usually the one who takes care of her?"

Dana started crying. She reached for me and I pulled away from her. "Luke, I love you, and I love Sasha too. You know that."

"You have a funny assed way of showing it," I growled as I closed the door.

Driving my Mustang at night has its own magic. The faces of people on the street as I passed them were fun to look at. They heard the car's engine a bit before they saw the car. They tended to watch me long after I'd gone by them.

As I drove, I wondered what was going through Dana's mind. She had a husband and a daughter who worshipped the ground she walked on. Why would she risk that just to fuck some other guy? Our sex life all the way until 2 days ago was pretty vigorous, even after 14 years. I was also not huge but above average in the size department. I just couldn't figure it out. Was she bored with what we did? Maybe I was just being a guy. Maybe this was about more than just sex.

I guess guys always tended to think that when someone cheated, it was about sex. Maybe I was doing or not doing something in a completely different area. But it had to be more than just sex, or me, because she was treating Sasha differently too?"

I drove around and wasted gas for about an hour before heading home. When I got there all of the lights were out, so I assumed that Dana was asleep.

I took a quick shower and slipped into bed. My intention was to stay as far away from her as I could. At least until I found out whether or not she was actually cheating on me. I had been productive during my drive. I had come up with at least 5 or 6 reasons for her flakey behavior. She could have had a secret gambling addiction. One of the women who'd been friends with my mom went through that. She was sneaking out of the house and driving to a casino at least once or twice a week for a couple of years before her husband found out.

He never would have found out if she hadn't gotten way over her head and had to bet their mortgage payments. Once she missed that third payment and the mortgage company called him at work all hell broke loose. But in the end they got her some help and stayed together.

Another possibility was that Dana was hooked on some kind of drugs. I guess it only showed how fucked up I was, that I'd prefer to have her gambling or on drugs than fucking someone else.

Almost as soon as my head hit the pillow she slid over near me. "I'm sorry," she said. "I've been stressed out at work lately. I guess I didn't realize it until you said something. Is there anything I can do to make you forgive me?"

"Treat Sasha better," I snapped.

"Well for right now I was thinking about something more personal," she said, rubbing her hands up and down my stomach. As her fingers neared my pubic region I grabbed her hand and moved it.

"What's wrong?" she asked. I could tell she was kind of shocked. In 14 years I had never, not been in the mood.

"I need to get to sleep," I said. "I have a big day tomorrow, so I'll need all of my energy." Then I rolled over and moved even further away from her.

"But..." she began.

"Goodnight Dana," I said.

The next morning, for some reason, I felt great. I looked through the files in our home office and made copies of all if the tax documents that Ann Wilson had asked for. Within hours, Barracuda would have all of the information she needed to go forward with my divorce. All we needed now was the proof. I really hoped that Little Joe had something for me.

I've heard a couple of things over the years from married couples and divorced ones that I guessed I'd always thought might be true. One was the old chestnut about how you couldn't turn off love like a light switch, unless you had never really loved the person. I really believe that's false now. I think it depends on the situation and the people involved.

In my case until 3 days prior, I had loved Dana with all of my heart and soul. She's the mother of my daughter and I really thought and hoped that we'd grow old together. But the realization that she'd betrayed me had simply changed my feelings for her. If she had cheated on me we could still grow old, but it wouldn't be together.

The second old wives tale was that the husband never knew when the wife cheated. The guys are always painted as being clueless. Unless the poor sap came home early and found the proverbial strange car in the driveway, he never found out. Even then sometimes the wife came up with a clever lie, and convinced the guy that nothing was going on. Basically the only way the husband ever finds out is to catch them in the act.

None of those scenarios described me at all. I needed to get Dana out of my life, but that wouldn't be totally possible for a while. She was Sasha's mother. For at least the next 8 years we'd have custody issues. Then we'd both probably have to go to graduations and her wedding. Then there'd be the births of children. Hopefully after a few years I'd find someone else and get over her cheating ass. Maybe my skin would stop crawling when I saw her too.

At lunchtime I faxed copies of the documents over to Ann's office. So she could start on the papers. My afternoon seemed to drag after that. I kept thinking back to how much I loved Dana when we'd first gotten together. I had to get myself together. My mood swings were as bad as hers. I kept alternating between hating her guts, and wishing she wasn't doing this so we could stay together. I thought about marriage counseling. I thought about maybe trying to forgive her and get past this. The thought lasted for about a picosecond.

There was simply no way I could forgive her, if it was true. I also considered the fact that I was guilty too. I mean I had, from time to time fantasized about other women. I'd even been running a little mental crush on Dana's new teacher all week. But there was a difference between thinking about someone in favorable terms, and actually fucking someone outside of your marriage. Most guys are always going to look at hot women, and think about it. But when you actually do something about it, a line has been crossed.

Dana called me at work, and I didn't take her call. She tried my cell, but I didn't answer it either. She left me a message telling me how much she loved me, and how we needed to talk. I deleted it after listening to it.

I picked Sasha up from school at the normal time. She was excited about something, but I didn't remember what was supposed to happen that day.

"Dad, are we going to eat first or are we going straight to the park?" asked Sasha.

"Who said we were going to the park today?" I asked.

"Oh, no," she said. "You forgot didn't you? You're supposed to be helping out with the track club today."

We drove home and I changed into a track suit. I figured that was what the volunteers and coaches would wear. I was ready to leave when Sasha told me to grab my iPad. I brought it out and handed it to her.

"Thanks Dad," she said. "That way I have something to do while I'm watching you watch people run."

When we got to the park I took a look around to see where all of the kids were. The park was bowl shaped. The parking lot was at the top and you had to walk downhill to get to the trails and the other activities the park offered.

Just past the unused tennis courts I saw a group of familiar faces, and some parents too. I saw a couple of kids that Sasha hung out with from time to time and their mothers or fathers.

I went over and joined the group. A few minutes later I looked back up the hill and saw a Jeep pull into the parking spot next to my Mustang. Gianna got out of it and was talking to Sasha. As she walked down the hill, I noticed that she had on a track suit too.

I think every one of the fathers there, gulped together when she came over and introduced herself. One guy, who had only seconds ago been talking about how he'd be glad when the teacher got there so he could leave, sat down to watch. Inwardly I was laughing my ass off. She obviously had the same effect on them that she'd had on me. Wait until they heard that voice and her accent.

Gianna called all of the kids together and introduced me as her assistant or co-coach. She explained that this was only a cross country club, not an official team yet. We would get together to run twice a week for now. But she told them that she expected them to run on their own as well. If things worked out well for us, in the fall there would be tryouts for a cross country team, and we'd have meets against other elementary schools.

She told the parents that they could either stay or come back in an hour to pick their kids up. Most of them were leaving until she got ready to run. When she pulled off her track pants and stood there in her shorts, every man there decided to stay.

We got all of the kids together and after a brief warm-up went on a slow group run through the trails.

I took up a position, trailing behind the group, in case someone got hurt or couldn't keep up the very slow pace we ran at. After a while it became clear that all of the kids were capable of running faster than we were running that day. Even the uhm ... chunky kids were ahead of me. Gianna slowly drifted back to me on our second lap of the trail.

"Hey there," she said smiling. "Are you okay?"

I nodded my head.

"That bad?" she asked. "I've been thinking about it, and I guess I wanted to apologize to you."

"What do you need to apologize for?" I asked.

"Well, I ran our conversation back through my mind a couple of times. I guess I was kind of insensitive," she said.

"How were you supposed to know that I was stupid enough to believe my wife was in the PTA, and never check on the meeting dates?" I asked.

"That's not being stupid," she said. "That's called trusting. It's a good thing. It's the sign of a good person."

"If I'm a good person, why do I feel so bad?" I asked her.

"Oh, it hurts really badly in the beginning," she said. "But then after a while ... it gets worse!"

I smiled at her expression, and tone. Some of the kids had even noticed the sour note in her voice.

"It sounds like you've been there," I said. "But I find that so hard to believe."

"Why, because I'm cute," she laughed. Her laugh was totally fucked up. It started out like a giggle and then ended on a snort. "My ex was so jealous of every man that even looked at me sideways, that I couldn't go anywhere, or do anything. I'd have loved to have someone that gave me the simple gift you give your wife, trust. It really means a lot. If you don't trust someone, then how can you ever really believe that you love them?"

"On the other hand, even though he didn't trust me as far as he could throw my car, he was the one who was sleeping around." My mouth dropped open. "He was an explorer. So after he had conquered me, he needed to find new conquests to keep from getting bored. He fought the divorce tooth and nail. But finally it was over and I moved on. That was three years ago and I'm just getting to the point where I can stand to be around men."

"I'll try my best not to act like a man then," I said. "Damn men, I hate them all."

"I don't hate men," she smiled. "I just went through a lot of bitterness and self pitying. Where I come from, if you can't keep your man happy, you're just not much of a woman."

"Uhm ... you're very much of a woman," I sputtered. The whole time we'd been running together, it had been hard for me to keep my eyes off of her ass, in those tight shorts. Her legs also seemed to be incredibly long and sensual. Her breasts while not nearly as big as Dana's were simply perfect for her body.

"Noticed that, did ya?" she smiled. Her smile told me a lot. First that she was definitely interested in me on some level. It also let me know that she knew the effect that she had on men, and wasn't above flaunting it and flirting a little bit.

After the second lap we took the kids back to the clearing we'd started the run from. We had them do a few stretching exercises, told them how great they'd done and sent them home with their parents. Several of the parents came over to ask questions. Most of the men wanted to know how I got to be her assistant and if there were any other openings.

As we walked back up to the parking lot after the last kid was gone. Sasha came bounding out of the car. "Dad, can we go to Pizza Hut?" she asked.

"I guess so," I smiled.

"Good," she said. "It's Ms Marshall's favorite restaurant."

"So Ms. Marshall, since it's your favorite restaurant?" I hinted.

"Well, Mr. McCain, I'd love to join you. But why don't we make it forty-five minutes from now. That way the two of us can shower and change. You have to be comfortable to eat pizza," she laughed.

"Okay, see you then," said Sasha. "Come on Dad, you need a shower."

Forty five minutes later Sasha and I got out of the Mustang in front of the town's only Pizza Hut. We went inside and got a table. We were looking over the menus when Gianna showed up and every guy in the place turned to look at her. She smiled at me, and I could feel it from across the room. I could also feel the scrutiny of all of the guys there. It made me wonder what it would be like to be in a relationship with someone like that. How would you deal with all of the guys constantly hitting on her?

I did the gentleman thing and pulled her chair out from the table for her. We had a great time, and we all ate a lot of Pizza. Sasha spent some time playing Video games so Gianna and I had some time to talk. It was kind of a magical night.

Gianna asked me how my marital situation was going, and I filled her in. She shook her head and told me that it would get a lot worse before it got better.

"Wait until you're in your lawyer's office arguing over a coffee table that neither one of you really wants," she said. "You just get to the point where you don't want to give that person a single thing more than they've already taken from you."

"Sorry, this must be a terrible first date for you," she smiled.

"This is a date?" I said. I wasn't sure that I was ready for dating yet. What if I found out that Dana wasn't cheating on me. What if it was just gambling? That would make me the cheater wouldn't it?"

I knew that I should say something to her about it, but damn it, I didn't. I just let the night go however it did.

Sasha got so tired from playing her video games and hanging out with the kids at Pizza Hut that I had to carry her into the house and put her to bed. We'd stayed out a lot longer than I'd planned. It was mostly because Gianna was so easy to talk to. She was like a wind-up toy. You just wound her up and watched her go, she would tell you anything you wanted to know about anything.

I got into bed and tried not to wake Dana up, but she rolled over and hugged me as soon as I got to bed. "Where'd you guys go?" she asked.

"Pizza Hut," I replied.

"I wondered why your iPad wasn't on the desk. Sasha played with her friends and ate pizza, while you were surfing the net for car parts, right. You're a good Dad, sweetie. And you're a wonderful husband. I'm sorry for the way I've been acting," she said. "I love you Luke. Can we please start the make-up sex now?"

Even in the low moonlight shining in through the windows I could see Dana's huge breasts. She'd come to bed naked determined to give me some bastard's sloppy seconds. There was no way I was going to fuck her until I knew whether or not she was cheating on me.

"Tonight's not good," I said, leaving her even more shocked than she'd been the night before. "I think I'm coming down with a cold, I don't want to give it to you." I wished that I could have read Dana's mind as she sat there glaring at me. Didn't she think that I knew what was going on, or did she think I was still stupid?

The next morning I quickly left again after waking Sasha up and asking her not to tell her mother about the night before.

"She hardly talks to me anyway Dad, why should this morning be any different," said Sasha.

I was sitting at my desk a couple of hours later, lost in thought as usual when I got a package delivered by messenger. I signed for it and opened it. Inside the envelope were 2 diskettes and a sheaf of papers. I put one disk into my computer and played it. There were four files on the disk. I played the one with the previous Wednesday's date on it. It showed Dana going into a cheap motel with a really tall guy. I could barely make out who he was. Then inside the room I saw them closer. It was Chuck Connors, a guy she worked with. I watched long enough to see that they weren't playing cards; then I turned the disk off.

I guess some guys would have wanted to watch the whole thing. Even sicker guys would probably want to watch it multiple times and maybe even jack off to it. I just felt like throwing up. Gianna was right of course, as bad as it was wondering and thinking that she'd been cheating on me. It was far worse seeing it. Especially when seeing some of the things that she let him do to her, that she had never allowed me to think about. I made a copy of the DVD to send to Ann. Then I copied the phone conversations disk and sent a copy of both disks and the papers, which detailed who Chuck Connors was, when they'd gotten together, and other information.

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