Mission Accomplished?

by Fast Eddy

Copyright© 2011 by Fast Eddy

Fantasy Sex Story: Nick's not bumming around anymore. This is part of a series. You should read Recruiting my P.A., and Partners in Seduction first.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Cheating   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   Leg Fetish   Big Breasts   .

Nick got what he wanted. He won the lottery, hired a most beautiful Personal Assistant whose sole purpose was to pamper him constantly. He picked up a sexy limousine driver who happened to be the younger sister of his P.A. He indoctrinated them both to perform to his every whim. He fucked and fondled them constantly, and there was always one of them available to occupy his time.

Nick hadn't contemplated much beyond seducing and dominating a couple of beautiful women and bumming around the world. But now he felt some purpose. He knew that there were plenty of businesses that he could get into, but picking the right one is the key.

Should he start out small and grow into a monster company? Or perhaps buy something that has a history and expand it to say, double its current size? Buy one of each? Give out grants?

Maybe get into something exciting? Start a private security agency? Maybe deal in mercenary soldiers, or spies? How about weapons sales, or manufacturing?

Nick knew a lot about automotive service companies, Custom hand built cars? Maybe contract sales of police cars, ambulances, armored cars, service truck fabrication, taxi cabs, or limousines?

Nick wanted a challenge; all of the businesses that he thought of so far had their down sides. He wanted to get into something that was taken for granted and yank it away from his competition before they knew what was happening. He would start out small and see how far he could grow it. He was excited and thought that he knew the perfect product to break in to.

Souvenir Kad-ete, that's what he would sell! He knew the souvenir business well; generally, small retailers would buy their souvenirs from large manufacturers that would dictate terms to them. These big factories were not always easily dealt with minimum quantities and purchases ruled the procurement operations. Lead times made it difficult to determine when product would be available. In short, the manufacturers did not feel that they were under obligation to serve their customers.

Nick started his business right away, naming it Bull Products. He left instructions for Natalie to get a class A driver's license, so she could drive over the road rigs as a part of their distribution division. He had Sharon start setting up to become a Personnel Manager. He gave Lisa a list of positions that he would initially fill at the corporate start-up.

Nick called a conference meeting for the next morning to explain the focus of the group on this new business start-up. For this afternoon, the staff could get a heads up on the tasks that they would be involved in.

Nick thought that selling Kad-ete exclusively to start would be the key to getting a grip on the big suppliers, who were hesitant to manufacture them. Every tourist store across the country stocked them, and the money would be in capturing that segment of the market, right out from under the giant's nose.

Most of the Kad-etes were in part, made off shore. There were half a dozen different styles available, and most were very inexpensive, due to their size. Nick sent Lisa to the airport gift shop to pick up four different styles and bring them to the conference. Lisa giggled at the thought of cornering the market of Kad-etes production and sales. As Nick explained his concept to her she immediately understood the potential profits that could be garnered if their plan could be implemented quickly.

Nick called Sharon and had her schedule the two P.A. applicants that were not selected into the office for another interview. He still had their files in his desk and looked over their background in an attempt to see how he could use them.

The first applicant was named Janet Balance. She was ex-military, and appeared to be highly disciplined. Her organization skills promised to continue her career path in a leadership role. Nick viewed her video and noted that she was a Caucasian beauty, standing at five feet eight inches, brunette, with blue eyes. Her measurements were 38 D, 25, 36 she weighed in at one hundred fifty pounds. Nick quickly noted, as he watched the video, that her numbers didn't do her justice. She moved like a cat and her breasts did not show any hint of sagging. She was single with no children, and she looked fantastic in her trial date clothing.

He called his security manager, a large black man with a rugged look and a former Navy Seal, named Vince. He instructed him to provide an update on Janet Balance, and Cherpree Hamama, the second applicant in his quest for his P.A.

Cherpree was a tall half black woman with coffee and cream colored skin. She has a beautiful face and a slim, well-toned body. Her statistics are five feet, ten inches tall with 38 B, 26, 38, and one hundred sixty pounds. Her long legs and neck were some of her assets, not to mention her fantastic bubble butt. Cherpree had a Master's Degree in Language Arts, and was fluent in numerous languages. She too was single with no children but has a boyfriend that she has been with for five years. Nick remembered how aggressive she had been with him on the dance floor; she plastered herself to him to the point that his erection impressed himself into her stomach. She seemed to be attracted to it and Nick was sure that Cherpree was his for the taking if he so desired.

Actually, both women had passed his comprehensive fondling test, in the night club portion of their trial date. It was just that Nick had already made his mind up to completely seduce Lisa that evening.

In view of the activity level in the office, Nick postponed the conference to ten AM to allow all of the departments to enter their updates for the meeting.

The time was at hand for the meeting and each of the staff members filed into the conference room and seated themselves around the table. Nick allowed ten minutes for them to organize themselves, before he began.

At the head of the table, sat Nick and immediately to his right, sitting next to him, sat Lisa. Natalie was around the corner to his left, and Sharon was seated around the right corner next to Lisa. Their table was perpendicular to the main conference table where the remainder of the staff was seated.

Nick caressed Lisa's thigh as he explained his business concept to the staff. Lisa spread her legs and slid slightly forward, welcoming Nick's touch. The key was to bring the manufacturing arm of the business up to speed to handle the expected demand, quietly as they moved into position. This was to be no easy task since the word across the industry would spread rapidly once any of the suppliers caught wind of their activity.

As he outlined his plan, Nick told them that the manufacturing division and the sales staff would come into operation almost simultaneously. Lead times must be predictable and short compared to their competitors. The faster they could respond, the harder for their competition to compete with them.

Nick charged Sharon with finding a Manufacturing Manager while assigning Lisa with the responsibility to procure a Purchasing Agent, incoming Quality and Receiving Department. Natalie would direct the Transportation and Shipping Departments. Vince was responsible to verify all of the added staff credentials, while Sharon would arrange for staff physicals. The die was cast and I told all of the staff members to feel free to hire additional help as they needed it, but they should be prepared to justify their activities when required.

Nick leased a twenty five thousand square feet factory that was freshly listed next door and assigned Vince the task of finding a suitable Facilities Manager. Nick allowed three weeks for the personnel to be procured and in place, knowing that he was pushing the timetable hard, but no one complained. Nick figured that he would hear of any problems in about a week. He instructed Lisa to arrange the next conference in ten days. He also told her to be sure to remind the staff that nondisclosure statements were required from all candidates before any of them were admitted into the selection process.

Now stroking her pussy, Nick told Lisa that it was time for lunch and to stop by his office when she was ready. They all adjourned to return to their work stations.

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