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Incest Sex Story: Another cheating wife story

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She sat there tied to the chair with duct tape over her mouth and her eyes were frantically darting here and there looking for a rescue that wouldn't be coming.

I hadn't duct taped his mouth and as he struggled to get loose from the low bench he was tied to he called me every name in the book and swore that he would get me and that when he got loose my life wouldn't be worth spit.

I just smiled at him because I knew something that he didn't. To carry out threats you need to be alive.

The events that brought the three of us to that barn started at our high school prom. Actually they started two weeks before the prom when Mary Ellen Reardon who was to be my prom date was involved in a hit and run accident that had her in the hospital and in traction.

I tried to find another date, but wasn't able to come up with one. Two days before the prom Becky Saunders joined me at my table in the high school cafeteria as I was eating my lunch.

"Have you had any luck in finding a date for the prom?"

"Afraid not."

"Would you consider taking me?"

Would I? Would I ever! The best looking girl in school and she was asking ME if I would consider taking her to the prom? Hell yes!!!!!

"Of course I would" I said, "but I thought you would be going with Ben."

"Ben and I had a big fight and we broke up. It has been coming on for some time now and I suppose it could have waited until after the prom, but you know how it goes when words start to flow. Things tend to take on a life of their own. Anyway, I need a date for the prom."

"You got one!"

When I showed up at Becky's to pick her up her mother invited me in since Becky was still upstairs getting ready. Mrs. Saunders smiled at me and said:

"Actually she's been ready for an hour. She just wants to make a grand entrance." Then she laughed and said, "Like mother, like daughter. I did the same thing for my prom. I made my date wait almost fifteen minutes before coming down the stairs. The expression on his face was worth it. Excuse me; I need to get my camera."

She left me standing at the foot of the stairs and as I stood there waiting I wondered why the Gods had set me up for the night. First Mary Ellen's accident and then Ben and Becky having a fight and breaking up and then Becky asking me if I'd consider being her date. I'd asked Becky out over a dozen times since the ninth grade and she had always turned me down flat. I knew that my taking Becky to the prom would incur Ben's wrath, but I didn't care. For one night anyway I would have the best looking girl in the school – in the whore state! – on my arm.

Becky appeared at the top of the stairs and the sight of her took my breath away. The flash from Mrs. Saunders couldn't even cause me to pull my eyes away from Becky. She was a vision as she came down the steps toward me. I almost wished that we could stay frozen in time so I could keep looking at her.

The night, at least for me, was magical. I wasn't allowed to be a pig and hog Becky all to myself, but I did get two-thirds of the dances with her. Becky was pretty high up on the school social ladder and I saw girls I'd asked out and who had turned me down looking at me with Becky and I could hear their thoughts. "What does she see in him that we missed?" I saw guys looking at me and I could read their expressions. "Why him and not me?"

Ben had come stag and the look on his face when he looked at me was pure unadulterated hatred. Three times he asked Becky to dance and three times she said no. The third time he said something to her and she slapped his face and walked away from him.

When the last song played Becky molded herself against me and as we swayed to the music she said, "Kiss me." It was against the rules and there were chaperones there to enforce the rules, but chaperones and rules be damned! I thought that I'd probably never get the chance again so I kissed her. Her tongue darted into my mouth for a brief second and then she broke the kiss and said:

"The night isn't over yet baby. We have a party to go to when we leave here."

The party was at Carol Hardy's. Carol was Becky's best friend and you hardly ever saw one that you didn't see the other. Carol's parents had sprung for a keg and had gone to a motel for the night after making Carol promise that nothing would happen that would bring the cops.

The house had a finished basement and everything in the basement had been moved out of the way to make a dance floor. I had to share Becky more at the party than I'd had to at the prom, but I still got fifty percent of her time. Plus I got to dance with a lot of the girls who never had much use for me 'pre-Becky' not that I thought that any of them were interested. It was more of a "Dance with Rob and see how Becky reacts" kind of thing – a way to gauge her interest in me.

The high point of the party was the huge favor that Ben did for me and believe me when I say I was under no illusions that what happened wasn't because of Ben. He crashed the party and caused a scene. Luckily I wasn't dancing with Becky when it happened. Ben stormed into the basement, saw Becky dancing with Bill Sheppard and tried to pull them apart.

"She belongs to me asshole! Get your fucking hands off of her."

Bill went to push him away and Ben punched him and broke Bill's nose. Carol's boyfriend and two of his buddies grabbed Ben, put him in a hammer lock and tossed him out. They told him if he came back they would beat the snot out of him.

As soon as the fracas started I headed that way to 'protect my lady" and as I got close I heard Becky mutter as Ben was hauled away:

"I belong to you? I'll show you who belongs to who asshole!"

She pulled me tight to her and gave me a kiss that curled my toes. She broke the kiss, took my hand and said, "Come on" and she led me upstairs and down a hallway and into a room. When she turned on the light I saw that it was a bedroom. Becky closed the door, locked it and then led me over to the bed. She gave me another hot kiss and her hands went to my zipper. As she worked my cock out into the open air she said:

"If you are a quick cummer make damned sure you don't get any on my dress."

She bent at the waist and took my cock into her mouth. There was no chance I'd cum quick because I'd been laid twice in the past twenty-four hours. I looked down on her as she worked on me and wondered at her experience. I'd no doubt that she wasn't a virgin because Ben made no secret in the locker room of the fact that he was fucking her, but she was acting like she had a hell of a lot more experience than she could have gotten from Ben.

Becky spent several minutes on my dick while I took off my shirt, tie and T-shirt. As good as her mouth felt on me I wanted to get mine on her so I pulled out of her mouth, undressed her all the way down to her thigh highs and high heels and then I pushed her back on the bed. She lay there; legs spread wide and watched me as I took off my shoes, socks, trousers and briefs. She smiled up at me and pulled her legs back when I got on the bed. She pulled the lips of her pussy apart and waited for me to spear it with my lance of love (sorry – couldn't resist that). I surprised her when instead of dicking her I buried my face in her pussy.

I honestly did not believe that when the night was over Becky would have any more to do with me. I was a means to an end. I got her to the prom when she broke up with Ben and had no time to sit back, look around and be choosy. I was a 'short timer' and doubting that I would ever see her again. I was going to experience Becky to the fullest while I had the chance.

I don't know if Becky had ever had her pussy eaten. She had dated a lot of guys, but locker room talk had led me to believe that most guys didn't do it because they thought it was 'yucky' but I liked doing it and I was good at it. My older cousin Rhonda got me started when I was nine. When she baby sat me she would give me candy bars if I would eat her pussy and she taught me well. Becky must have liked it because her hands grabbed my head and she pushed her pelvis up at me and moaned:

"Oh yes, oh sweet fucking baby Jesus yes yes yes!"

I stayed with it until she had an orgasm and then before she came down from it I moved up and slid my cock into her pussy and started fucking her. I fucked her hard and it wasn't any quick fuck like I'd heard most girls got from a guy my age because, as I mentioned earlier, I'd already been laid twice in the last twenty-four hours. Becky came a second time before I got my nut and just before I came I pulled out and shot my load onto her belly. I lay down next to her and leaned on an elbow and looked into her gorgeous face.

Her breathing steadied and she ran a finger through the cum puddle on her belly, looked up at me and asked:

"Why did you do that?"


"Pull out."

"I never expected anything like this to happen and I didn't bring any rubbers."

"I'm on the pill. I wanted you to cum in me."

"I didn't know."

"Where in the hell have you been hiding?"


"Yes Rob, hiding. We girls don't keep secrets from each other and nobody is talking about you. That means that none of us have ever had you, but if not us who? You didn't learn to do what you just did from any of the girls in this school so who?"

"How about we just say it was instinct."

"Bull crap Rob. Go ahead and keep your secret. I know I'm going to. No way am I going to let what you can do out. I'd be fighting half the girls in school to keep you."

"Keep me?"

"Oh yeah Rob; you are now my guy."

"Me? Your guy?"

"You betcha!"

"Aren't you afraid of what that might do to your image?"

"No lover, but think about what it will do for yours."

I did and my thoughts were on how astonished everyone would be if Becky really meant it. I've already mentioned that Becky was the best looking girl in school – as far as I was concerned anyway – and when it came to the campus 'in crowd' she was a charter member.

I wasn't.

I was the proto-typical nerd right down to the pocket protectors and the horn rimmed glasses. A straight A student who belonged to the Classical Music Society and the Chess Club. I did participate in sports, but not in any of the prestigious ball sports –foot, base and basket – that drew the most attention. I was on the swim team and I wrestled and I lettered in both although I never wore a letter sweater or jacket. I was just one of the myriad unnoticed who made up two-thirds of the senior class. If Becky meant what she said I certainly wouldn't be among the unnoticed any longer.

Becky's voice brought me back. "I have no idea who your teacher was lover" she said as she fondled my hardening cock, "but whoever she is she has my undying gratitude." She swung over me in a sixty-nine and we were off to the races.

Becky meant what she said. From prom night on she stuck to me like she had been glued to me. Rumors flew around school. Becky had been abducted by aliens and the girl on my arm was really a 'pod' being. I had discovered something about Becky and she was only with me because I was blackmailing her. Her father was disgusted with her choice in boyfriends (meaning Ben) and he was making Becky date me as the price she had to pay in order to get him to pay for college.

No one knew the real reason that she hung with me and that included me. I just could not and did not believe that the fact that I ate pussy (and liked it) would be enough reason for Becky to tie herself to me. It wasn't until her best friend Carol talked to me that I realized that my oral sex skills were indeed a big part of the reason Becky was with me. It was two months after the prom and Becky and I were at Carol's birthday party. I was leaning against the wall and watching Becky dance with Alex Voncell when I noticed Carol standing off to the side and watching me. I walked over to her and asked:

"What is so interesting?"


"Me? Whatever for?"

"Becky and I have been best friends since the third grade and we share everything. At least we did until you came along."

"I don't understand."

"I said we shared everything Rob and I do mean everything. I've sampled every one of her boyfriends and she has had a taste of all of mine, but she won't let me near you. She says that if I ever experienced your 'magic mouth' our friendship would end because I'd try to steal you away from her."

"I'm sure she is just jerking your chain."

"She's not. I've known her far too long not to know when she means something."

"I'm having trouble believing that. I'm not at all anything special."

"Oh yes you are. At least you are if what Bec says is true. I've had guys go down on me, but you can tell they hate it and they only do it because I won't do them if they don't do me. Bec says you do it because you like it and that you always get her off with your mouth before you screw. I've never had anyone get me off with just their mouth."

"So is it you want to try me because you and Becky always shared and now she doesn't want to or is it because you don't believe her?"

"Neither Rob. I want to see if I can get off with just a mouth working on me."

"Well hang in there. It just might happen."

"You would step out on Becky?"

"No I wouldn't, but I don't see us as long term. There is a line in a Travis Tritt song that says "I don't see forever in her eyes" and that pretty much says it where we are concerned."

Just then Becky came up to claim me and as she pulled me onto the makeshift dance floor I was thinking about what Carol had said about guys only going down on her because she wouldn't do them if they didn't do her. I wasn't aware that other guys didn't eat pussy or like to. It was something that was never much mentioned in the locker room although I had heard guys say that it was gross. I never gave it much thought since it had been a part of my life for almost ten years.

When I was nine my sixteen year old cousin Rhonda used to baby sit me. One day she told me that she wanted to show me something fun. She dropped her jeans and underpants and pointed at the patch of hair between her legs and said:

"This is my pussy" and she took my hand and pulled it to her muff. "Pet it Rob; rub it right here" and she put my hand on what I later found out was her clit. "Would you lick it for me?"

I took one look at it and ran for my room. Rhonda followed me into my room and said:

"If you will lick it for me I'll give you a candy bar. A Milky Way. Those are your favorites, right?"

A candy bar? Now we were talking. By the time I was ten Rhonda had me trained to eat her just the way she liked. She baby sat me the day after my eleventh birthday and after doing my duty and getting my Milky Way she said:

"For your birthday present I'm going to let you fuck me. Come on, let me show you how."

That was the end of the candy bars. After that it was "If you will eat my pussy I'll let you fuck me."

During my eleventh year my dad and mom got divorced and six months later mom met and married a guy who had a daughter from a previous marriage. She was eighteen and in a college out of state so I only saw Marci on school breaks. She was okay and we got along. When I was thirteen mom decided that I was old enough to not need a baby sitter any more, but Rhonda would still stop by once or twice a week to get her pussy taken care of.

One Friday while Rhonda was sitting on the couch, legs spread wide with me between them munching away on her beaver Marci walked in on us. I tried to jump up, but Rhonda was right on the edge of her climax so she dug her hands in my hair and held me in place while she came. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Marci drop her suitcase and start to unbutton her blouse as she said:

"I'm next."

I might have only been a thirteen kid, but I was a smart thirteen and I said:

"The deal is that if I eat it I fuck it."

Marci laughed and said, "In that case you had better get your mouth over here so we can get started."

For the next four years I was doing Rhonda once or twice a week and Marci whenever she was home from school. Yeah, she was still in school. First her Bachelors then a Masters and now she was working on a PHD.

There were some changes along the way. Rhonda got married, but her husband wouldn't eat her. Even when she told she wouldn't go down on him if he didn't do her he wouldn't do it. Rhonda loved having her cum muffin munched so she still came to visit me, but there was a change.

"I can't fuck you Rob because that would be cheating, but if you eat me I'll give you blow jobs."

I didn't understand the logic behind that, but I wasn't going to argue myself out of blow jobs.

Marci had a boyfriend back at college, but that didn't stop her from playing with me whenever she came home.

I was sixteen when my step father had a heart attack and died. For months my mom was a mess. Mom and Marci had gotten close during mom's three year marriage to Marci's dad. How close I found out just after I turned seventeen. It was summer vacation and Marci was home from school and she got in the habit of slipping into my room after mom had fallen asleep.

One night after going to bed I heard my door open and close and seconds later Marci got into bed with me. I rolled over, slid down and pushed up her nightgown and then I moved up between her legs. I ate her until she came and then I moved up to slide my dick into her. She went to push me away, but I grabbed her arms and held them as I said:

"You know the rules. If I eat it I get to fuck it" and I pushed my cock into her pussy.

"No, you can't" I heard, but I ignored it and pounded away. I let go of her arms when I started banging her and a minute or so into the act her hands grabbed my ass and pulled me to her. I was concentrating on trying to get the both of us off so I wasn't aware that she was crying until after I released and started to go soft.

What's the matter Marci? Why are you crying?"

"This is just so wrong. Oh God, why did I do it."

The voice wasn't Marci's. I turned on the bedside lamp and saw that I had just fucked my mother.

To make a long story a little shorter in turned out that mom had confided in Marci that she was horny as hell, but didn't know how to take care of the problem. She didn't want to go out and randomly pick up a man and she didn't have any male friends that she could turn to. Marci told her that the solution to the problem was just down the hall.

"Rob? But he's my son and besides, he's just a boy."

"Maybe in age, but he's man enough to get me off three or four times a week."

Mom protested that it wouldn't be right to fuck her own son and Marci told her she didn't have to fuck me. Just go into my room after I went to bed and get in bed with me. I would think she was Marci and I'd get her off with my mouth. The plan they came up with was that mom would come in, act like Marci until I got her off orally and then she would say she had to go to the bathroom and get up and leave the room and Marci, who would be waiting in the hall, would come in and take over. I threw a wrench in their plans when I grabbed mom's arms and wouldn't let her leave. Fortunately once mom's tears stopped she decided that what was done was done and no use crying over spilt milk. She thanked me for giving her some sexual relief and I thought that was the end of it.

Marci stopped having to sneak into my room and more often than not she would stay and spend the night in bed with me when the sex was over. It was two weeks after my bout with my mother when the door opened and then closed and a body slid in beside me.

"Don't eat me baby" my mom said, 'just make love to me."

After that I had more than I could handle. What with Rhonda visiting a couple of times a week and either Marci or mom climbing into my bed at night I was probably the most sexually satisfied seventeen year old in the state. All that Marci going back to school meant was that mom increased the number of nights she spent with me.

I was used to eating pussy so no, it never occurred to me that other guys didn't and that girls set such a great value on having it done. Did that change the way I thought about Becky? Not in the least. If the only reason she was with me was that I ate her pussy so what. She was with me and that was what counted. I was pretty sure that high school graduation would put an end to our relationship, but until then I had the best looking girl in school hanging on my arm.

School graduation didn't end it. It continued on through the summer and didn't end until Becky went off to college in September. She made me promise to stay true to her and I promised. It was an easy promise to make since I didn't need to chase after girls for pussy since mom, Rhonda and Marci were taking good care of me at home. Even with Marci going back to school I still had my evening visits from my mom and my visits from Rhonda and Marci did come home from school occasionally on weekends.

College was not in my future. Mom didn't have the money and even though I could have gotten scholarships I would still have had to take out student loans to be able to make it. I couldn't see saddling myself with a huge amount of debt just so I could get a job where I wouldn't have to get my hands dirty. I'd spent my last five summers and a lot of my weekends working for my Uncle John in his auto repair shop. As Uncle John was always saying:

"There will always be cars and as long as there are cars there will be a need for someone to work on them."

All graduation meant for me was that I went to work for Uncle John full time.

The college Becky attended was a two hour drive away so she usually came home two out of every three weekends and she would call me two or three times during the week. When she called she always asked me if I was behaving myself and of course I always said yes.

We had a car hauler for picking up or delivering cars and one day Uncle John sent me off to the college town to pick up a car. I thought I would surprise Becky while I was there, but I'm the one who got the surprise. I turned onto the street her dorm was on just in time to see her get into a car, slide over next to and kiss the driver. Then the car pulled away from the curb and I trailed along behind as she sat next to him and he had his arm around her. They got caught at a light and while they waited for the green they kissed. Two blocks later they made a left turn and I got a look at the driver's profile. It was her old boyfriend Ben. The fact that she was sitting hip to hip next to him, the kisses, the possessive way he had his arm around her told me all that I needed to know and I stopped following them and headed for home.

Becky didn't come home that weekend so I went out cruising and when I saw a bunch of kids I knew in line at the miniature golf place I decided to join them. Carol was one of them.

"No Becky tonight?"

"Nope. She didn't come home this weekend."

"You once said that I should hang in there and I might get my chance. Tonight would work for me."

"What about your boyfriend?"

"He is history. I'm currently unattached."

"Then I guess tonight will work for me too."

She looked at me in surprise. "You mean it? You would really step out on Becky?"

"Why not. She's stepping out on me."

"Oh shit! You know? I told her she was being stupid to keep on seeing Ben. This will be just between us right? I mean she still is my best friend."

"I won't say anything if you don't."

Carol loved the way I ate her pussy and I had to admit that she gave superb blow jobs. She also loved to fuck and told me that I could have as much as I wanted as long as we could keep it from Becky. I had no problem with that. In fact I thought it was neat to be fucking Becky's best friend while Becky was cheating on me with Ben and whoever else she might be seeing while at school.

Becky was still asking me if I was behaving myself when she called and I had no problem with lying to her and telling her that I was. It did bother me a little that I had to sneak around when seeing Carol, but she didn't want anyone seeing us who might tell Becky.

During the time I spent with Carol I learned that Becky had gotten back with Ben two months before she went off to college and for those two months she was dating us both. Becky told her it was the best of both worlds. She had Ben and his ten inch dick and me with my magic mouth. I also found out that Ben knew about me and didn't care. He thought it was a joke that I was getting his leftovers. It seems that if you have a ten inch cock you don't need to eat pussy and he was more than happy to let me furnish Becky with that privilege. Once I knew that Carol wanted to know what I was going to do.

"Nothing. I never expected that we would last as a couple. If all I am to her is a 'magic mouth' she can be 'just pussy' to me. Unless of course you want to take up with me?"

"I can't. It would kill my friendship with Becky. I don't mind doing you behind her back because we always used to share before you came along and as long as she is going behind your back I don't feel bad about it. Besides, you and I wouldn't last anyway. I'm just too big of a slut. I like variety too much to stay with any one guy."

"At least you are honest about it. That's more than I can say about your best friend."

"Cut her some slack honey. I know for a fact that she considers herself as belonging to you, but she has a very high sexual appetite and you are here and she is there and she needs something to get her through the week. That something just happens to be Ben because he is there and he is a known quantity. The only reason she took back up with him was because she knew he would be going to the same college she was and she knew she was going to need some one to scratch her itch because you wouldn't be there for her. When she is home on weekends and school breaks she is all yours and I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but she is even mentioning your name and marriage in the same breath."

"You have got to be shitting me."

"Not even a little honey."

Knowing that didn't change anything as far as I was concerned. I still didn't expect that Becky and I were long term. I thought maybe weekends and school breaks until she graduated and then she would find someone else. I told that to Carol and she said I was totally wrong.

"She loves you baby, I know. I'm privy to all of her secrets."

There were a lot of changes over the next three years. Rhonda got careless and went home to hubby with a 'dirty' pussy. He didn't buy the "I'm so wet because I'm horny and I want you" story and he kicked her out. Her visits to me moved up to three or four a week until she met and married another guy. This one did eat pussy so Rhonda's visits to me stopped.

Marci graduated and lived with mom and me and eventually she met and married a guy and they bought a house. Six months later she was divorced. I never found out why, but a couple of times a week she would call me at work and ask me to stop by for 'a cup of coffee' on my way home from work.

Carol drifted in and out of my life. True to her word she couldn't stay with any one guy for any long period of time and I guess I was her "in between' guy. She did keep me up to date on Becky. Becky finally got tired of Ben and kicked him loose. A month later she hooked up with another guy and he lasted three months. Then Ben was back for most of her sophomore year and then they had a big fight and they split up again. Carol told me that Becky had told her that she couldn't wait until she graduated and could come home and settle in with me.

Becky still came home two weekends out of every three and she did spend all of her time with me and I did have her all to myself on school breaks, but I still had it in my mind that we wouldn't last past graduation.

My relationship with my mom was ever changing. She would slide into my bed three or four nights a week and then start feeling guilty over what we were doing and avoid me for a couple of weeks and then one night she would be back.

Twice I attempted to move out and get a place of my own and both times she fought me tooth and nail to keep me from doing it and both times she used sex to get her way. She was on me from the moment I got home from work until I left for work the next day. I'm surprised that she didn't wear the skin off my dick. Then, when she got her way and I agreed to stay, she would go into one of her guilty moods. Why she never went out and got into a relationship with any of the guys who were always after her at work I'll never know.

I was always able to tell Becky when she called that I was behaving myself and not dating while she was gone. Didn't have to date with mom at home, having 'coffee' with Marci sever times a week, and Carol dropping in on me when she was between guys.

My job was going great. Things had gotten to the point where Uncle John would take off for a couple of days to go hunting or fishing and he would leave me in charge. I did have a social life of sorts outside of a bedroom. I bowled in a men's house league on Tuesdays and played softball on a team that played in an inter-city league. I did go out and party with my buddies occasionally so all in all I'd have to say that my life was good.

The first sign that I'd been wrong in my thinking came during Becky's Christmas break. We were sitting in the Burg-O-Rama after going to the movies and after taking a sip of her milkshake Becky said:

"Have you given any thought to our wedding?" I almost choked on a french fry as she went on, "I mean do you want a big one with all the hoopla that goes with it or something smaller?"

Some inner sense of self-preservation kicked in and said that whatever I chose was likely to be wrong so I just passed the buck.

"I haven't given it any thought at all. I've always believed that the girl should have the wedding of her choice and it should be left up to her."

It must have been the right answer or close to it because she beamed.

"I guess I'll have to sit down and talk it over with my mother. We've got some time yet. I've still got five more months of school and then I need to find a job. You really don't care about the wedding?"

"Only that it means I end up with you."

She beamed again.

But after I drove her home and dropped her off at her parent's house I did wonder some about the wedding. Specifically I wondered if I wanted it at all. Did I really want to marry Becky? Did I really want to take the chance? According to Carol Becky had taken back up with Ben even before she had gone off to college and had been dating us both at the same time while supposedly being mine and she'd had several other lovers – again according to Carol – while she was off at college.

I'm not a hypocrite. I couldn't hold what she had done against her because the entire time we had known each other and gone together I'd been sexually involved with as many as four others. The difference was that I knew me well enough to know that when I said my wedding vows I would honor them, but would Becky?

I remembered Carol telling me how she and Becky had shared their boyfriends before Becky hooked up with me. Could I count on Becky to be true after we tied the knot? I know that Carol said that she knew Becky loved me and couldn't wait to settle down with me, but I still had my doubts. I just didn't know and had no way to find out before hand. What I did know was that I wouldn't tolerate it if she wasn't.

After our talk at the Burg-O-Rama things took on a life of their own. Becky talked to her mother who called my mother and the three of them huddled and began making plans. My only input was who did I want for my best man and ushers and who did I want invited. A month after the three women got going I was informed that the wedding would be Saturday, July 9th at the New Hope Methodist Church with the reception to follow at the Elks hall.

In May I attended Becky's graduation. While there I noticed Ben looking at me with a smirk on his face and I was tempted to go over and physically remove it, but at the last second I decided not to ruin Becky's day.

Becky found a job at a large advertising agency and we started looking for an apartment. We found one that was convenient to where we both worked and we started buying furniture and moving in.

The wedding went off without a hitch and we spent a glorious two weeks in Aruba, came home and started our life together. We decided that we would hold off having kids until we had been married five years to give us some time to go places and do things before getting tied down.

The first four years were great. My job was going extremely well. Uncle Ben made me a partner and was taking more and more time off and turning things over to me. Becky was doing well at her job and we had a pretty good social life and a close circle of friends that we associated with and of course Carol and her squeeze of the moment were part of that circle.

Carol and I had kept our relationship a secret from Becky and even though it had ended months before my wedding we still remained very close friends. Not as close as Becky and Carol of course, but still pretty close. It was that friendship I had with Carol that caused things to start to unravel. It took me a while to notice it, but Carol started avoiding me. If we were at a party together she would keep her distance from me. If started her way she would move off. Once I saw her at Home Depot and I know she saw me and when I started toward her she turned and hurried away.

After a couple of instances like that I started asking myself what the fuck was going on. I finally decided that that what was going on was that Carol didn't want to talk to me and in my mind that meant that maybe she was afraid she would say something that she shouldn't. That got me to wondering what that could possible be. Our history being what it was and the secrets we shared made me think that the only thing she could be afraid of letting slip was something about Becky doing something she shouldn't that she didn't want me to know. And then of course the thought wasn't far behind that the only thing Becky could be doing that she shouldn't that needed to be hidden was that she was fucking around on me.

If Becky was fucking around on me it wouldn't be too hard to find out because there were only a few times it could happen. I still bowled on Tuesdays so that was the night she spent time with her girlfriends. She stopped every other Thursday after work to have drinks with her co-workers. She did occasionally work late, but it wasn't often and of course there were her lunch hours and I discounted those because I didn't think they were long enough for her to go somewhere, do the thing and then get back to work on time. Once a month I went out of town to attend an auto auction looking for vehicles that the shop could rework and sell for a nice profit. Almost all of the rest of Becky's time I could account for.

Financially I was doing okay, but not okay enough that I could afford to hire a private detective so whatever was done was going to have to be done by me. I could arrange for a sub on Tuesdays and follow her and I could also follow her on the Thursdays with her co-workers. It wouldn't be any trouble to set up outside of her work place on the nights she told me she had to work late.

The only thing I couldn't figure out how to cover were my out of town trips. I decided that I needed to put a tap on our phone to see if I could come up with more information. A trip to Radio Shack, a ten minute talk with the guy who waited on me and a $76.83 charge on my Visa card and it was done. Since Becky usually got home an hour or so before I did I would have to wait for her Thursday night out to install it. It wouldn't help me short term because Friday I would be going out of town to the auto auction. I usually left at six in the morning and didn't get home until around eight-thirty or nine so it would be Saturday when Becky was grocery shopping before I would be able to listen to what was on the recorder.

I had a good day at the auction and picked up four cars that we could make a good profit on. I called Uncle John and gave him the news and then I made the arrangements to have the cars moved to our shop. I hoped Becky would be in a good mood when I got home because I was in a pretty horny mood thanks to a couple of hot looking ladies who had been at the auction. And, truth be told, Audrey, the auctioneers hot looking daughter had been flirting with me. I knew she would go in a heart-beat if I'd make the move, but I was true to Becky and always intended to be. However that didn't stop me from letting Becky take care of what other ladies might generate.

I walked into the house and was reaching for the light switch when hands grabbed me. At first I thought it was Becky, but then I realized there were hands on both of my arms. Before I could do anything a hard punch in my stomach took the breath out of me and I gasped for air. In the dim light from the street lamp outside I saw the shapes of four men as they drug me through the house and into the bedroom.

Becky was on the bed naked and she had a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. There was a man standing next to the bed stroking himself as he watched the action on the bed. I noticed that all the men had ski masks on. I started getting my wind back and began to struggle and that got me another hard punch in the gut. I was pushed down on a chair that one of the men had brought in from the dinning room and one guy tore up a pillow case and used it to tie me to the chair. The man watching the action on the bed said:

"I thought you said he didn't get home until midnight?"

"I guess I got the wrong information."

"No matter. He can watch."

They were obviously trying to disguise their voices which meant that I probably knew one or two of them. The guy who tied me to the chair picked up a pair of Becky's panties which were lying on the floor and stuffed them into my mouth and then all the guys gave their full attention to Becky.

The guy fucking her finished and the guy in her mouth moved to her pussy. The guy who had been stroking and watching got on the bed and when his cock was an inch from her mouth she leaned to reach it and wrap her lips around it. She was into it! Becky was an active participant! I had been recovering from the punches and had started to try and work myself loose so I could try and help her, but when her legs went up and clamp the guy fucking her the fight went out of me and I stopped struggling.

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