Just Around the Corner

by Rod Walker

Copyright© 2011 by Rod Walker

Romantic Sex Story: Rob marries his old girlfriend to give the baby a name. Now he must compete with her Quarterback Hero of a boyfriend to win her love back.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Cheating   Cuckold   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Size   .

This is the first story I have written since high school over 40 years ago.

Linda and I grew up just around the corner from each other. I was a couple of months older. We were both our parents only child. Our parents were neighbors and became close friends. Eventually we even vacationed together every summer, usually camping at one National Park or another.

Linda and I might as well have been brother and sister we were together so much as children. The house around the corner was like another home to me. We were in Middle School when I first started to notice how nice it was that she was female.

We used three tents when camping. One for us kids, and one for each set of parents. One day in tent Linda and I argued over who was getting a certain candy bar. Linda was playing keep-away with it so we ended up wrestling each other. I suddenly realized how soft and nice Linda was. I gave Linda a quick kiss. She gave me a smile and a kiss back. The world as I knew it had just changed.

The next night we were all having supper together. Something about the way Linda and I were acting towards each other, or perhaps not acting toward each other, must have given us away. Suddenly nobody was talking and the adults were exchanging meaningful glances. Linda's father broke the silence with "We need another tent!" the adults all had a good laugh. Linda and I blushed red.

Linda was my girlfriend after that but we were pretty young and things never went much past first base. We had a lot of fun however and it lasted right up to the start of our junior year of high school. By this time Linda was the prettiest girl in school and I was the class nerd. I was on the track team but who cares about the track team. Not girls that's for sure.

Linda on the other hand was a cheerleader and a good one. I should have known that the gorgeous cheerleader gets the quarterback, not the computer geek. Our quarterback hero was Chad. Think of all the negative stereotypes of high school quarterbacks. That's Chad.

About a week after classes started in September I noticed people giving me strange looks and laughing as I went by. I checked to see if I had toilet paper on my shoe or my fly was down but nothing seemed out of place. I also heard the word dinky being used.

I sat down in the cafeteria at our usual table and expected Linda along soon. Instead she had stopped at Chad's table and was talking with his crowd. Linda had just joined the cheer leading squad and several of them were in that group so it didn't seem unusual.

However they were spending most of their time looking at me and laughing. I pretended not to notice. I heard the word "dinky" used a few times. Then, clear as day, I heard Linda say "dinky dink" as she was looking at me and they all laughed.

I didn't much care what the others said, it was typical high school bullshit. But Linda disrespecting me and laughing at me was something else.

I dropped my pretense of not hearing or not caring and stared right into Linda's eyes. She turned red and looked at the floor. I got up and left my lunch uneaten.

Linda didn't sit with me on the bus ride home but as soon as we were alone after getting off the bus she said "I'm sorry" I looked at her for a short time and said "So am I." Then I turned and walked home.

We never officially broke up, but that was the end of us as a couple and as friends. We pretty much ignored each other for more than a year. Chad and Linda were the king and queen couple in our school. My parents were not happy and thought we would get back together any day. Ya, good luck waiting for that.

Thankfully, after a few days the dinky dink name for me faded away. Chad still used it now and then but it never caught on.

The summer before our senior year our parents spent 10 days at Yosemite. When I learned Linda was going along I scheduled myself to set up a three computer network at a local small business that week.

I spent most of my times with computers and even made money setting up home computers or fixing things when people were stuck. The real money was when I talked customers into letting me do small networks. My reputation as a "computer genius" spread and I found I enjoyed it and was good at it. I was planning to make computers my career.

About a week before the Senior Prom I came home from school to find my mom and Linda's mom talking in the kitchen. They told me I should ask Linda to the prom.

"Linda doesn't want to go with me. She will be going with Chad, her boyfriend."

"He is not her boyfriend anymore. They broke up" my mom explained with a smile. "Linda wants to go to the prom but all the boys she knows already have dates. Go ask her Rob. What do you have to lose?"

I took a walk around the corner just in time to see Linda getting home. "Linda, our mothers have it all planned out that I need to ask you to the prom. Do you really need a date?"

"Yes I do Rob, Chad and I have split"

"One question Linda, if I take you to the prom will I really be your date, or do you just need me to walk you through the door so you don't have to go stag?"

"You will be my date Rob, it will be fun!"

Well call me stupid but I believed her and asked her to the prom. At school the rumor was Chad was planning to take her cherry after the prom but Linda told him no, so he dropped her. Quarterback heros have a code to uphold. They have to get the cheerleader after the prom.

I rented the tux, bought the corsage and we stood on the front steps while our parents snapped endless pictures. Linda was incredibly beautiful and she was going to the prom with me!

Our parents gave us the last minute no drinking talk and we drove off to the prom. As we walked through the door a couple of Linda's fellow cheerleaders run up to her and dragged her away saying she just had to see something. "Get me a drink please Rob" Linda asked over her shoulder as they pulled her away laughing.

I got a couple of drinks for us and found a table. I sat at that damn table for over an hour while the ice melted in her drink. I watched Linda talk with her friends and dance with Chad. They didn't look all that broken up to me.

Within minutes of our arrival everybody knew what was going on, I was the joke of the prom. Some of my friends dropped by to say hello, but none stayed. Who can blame them, I was not very good company. I clung to the hope that any minute Linda would come to her senses and show up at our table. A few times I saw her headed my way only to be waylaid by her friends. It was clear to me that Chad had set this up and had his people all in line to keep Linda away from me.

After the first hour I walked out of the hall to go to the men's room. As I came out two football players were waiting for me. The grabbed me and walked me to the door to the parking lot and told me to get lost. I could have tried to get back in or called out to the chaperones, but what was the point. I was already the school joke, anything I said or did would only make me look more pathetic.

I took the car and drove around for a while. I was thinking that I needed to cover for Linda, if I went home there would be all kinds of questions from our parents. Then I figured, what the fuck! Why cover for her!

I walked into the house to amazed parents "To answer your questions before you ask. Linda is still at the prom. She is there with her boyfriend. I don't know how she is getting home, and I don't care." Then I went to my room to be miserable.

Ten minutes later I was summonsed downstairs to explain things to Linda's parents. I gave them a slightly longer version including my being dumped at the door and being forced out by Chad's friends. I then retreated back to the misery of my room. The next week at school was going to suck.

The word at school was that Chad got her Cherry that night.

To her credit Linda seemed genuinely sorry for what happened to me that night. She tried to talk to me several times over the next couple of weeks but I just walked away. Eventually we talked and she told me how sorry she was. She couldn't believe I was alone for an hour. She swore it was just a few minutes.

"I'm so very sorry Rob. It was my last prom and I just wanted to have fun with my friends"

"It was my only prom Linda, and it was the worst night of my life" Linda started to cry as she ran way.

The funny thing is Linda's reputation took a big hit that night. Most students thought what happened to me was funny. At the same time, outside her circle of friends, they thought Linda was being a total bitch.

I won a scholarship to a State College not far from our town. I would be taking both computer science and business courses. The double major was part of my plan for the future. Linda was also attending as was Chad and a lot of my high school classmates. It was the only college near our home town. Chad was once again the quarterback hero.

When my grandmother had died a few years before she left everything split two ways between my father and me, her only child and only grandchild. Most of what she had left to us didn't add up to much, but there was a fine little house that her and my grandfather had lived in for decades and the mortgage was paid.

When the house was sold and everything settled I had plenty of money to see me through school even without a scholarship. With my scholarship there would be plenty left over for me to use as start-up money for the computer business that was always on my mind.

School required I live in dorms the first year but my second year I used some of my inheritance money to rent a small one bedroom apartment just off campus.

One night during that second year I received a call from Becky, a friend from high school. She told me she was at a frat party where Linda was in trouble. Becky said Linda was drunk and some guys had her in an upstairs room and she was afraid it might be a gang bang. She couldn't find Chad so she called me. I told her I would be there in a couple of minutes. I drove the half mile to the frat house and Becky let me in the front door. I figured the best way to go at it was to rush in a try to brazen it through. I ran upstairs and found Linda and four guys in the third room I tried.

They had Linda partially undressed and were groping her. She looked totally out of it. "GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF MY SISTER!" I yelled as loud and angry as I could. I ran over and picked her up, yelled "CAMPUS POLICE IS ON THE WAY!" and threw her over my shoulder. I was headed back out of the room before the four guys knew what was up. Nobody challenged me as I dashed down the stairs and out the door Becky held open. We slipped Linda in the back seat with Becky and got out of Dodge fast. As I drove back to my place Becky said "That was easy" I turned to look at her and we both started laughing. I'm sure a lot of people back at the frat house were wondering what had just happened and if I was really Linda's brother.

Becky helped me get Linda into my place and onto my bed. Linda was barely able to walk. Becky chased me out of my bedroom and put Linda to bed. She came out and we talked for a while. She thanked me for helping especially because she knew Linda and I didn't get along anymore. I told her I didn't hate Linda it's just that we traveled in a different group now. Becky left and I stretched out on the couch for the night.

It was just before eight the next morning when someone was pounding on the door. I got up off the couch and asked who is was "Police, open up!" I opened the door for four police officers who quickly had me on the floor in hand cuffs. I said something brilliant like "What seems to be the trouble officers". They sat me on the couch and told me to shut up. Two of the officers, one a woman, had already gone into my bedroom and were talking to Linda.

It seems Linda woke up in my bed and had no idea where she was. She didn't remember the end of the evening but she did remember fighting off would be rapists, so she picked up the bedside phone and called 911.

After about ten minutes in the bedroom they walked Linda out and asked her if I was one of the men that assaulted her. When Linda saw it was me her eyes got very big as she was looking for something to say. I beat her to it and said "Please call Becky, she can explain".

Linda called and talked to Becky for a couple of minutes then handed the phone to the female officer. I guess Becky gave them a good report on me because they took the cuffs off and wrote down my story. Before leaving Linda gave me a hug, a little kiss and a big thank you.

Linda had been mauled but not raped. The frat boys were arrested but never prosecuted. For me the question was where was Chad. Why wasn't he watching out for his drunk girlfriend at a frat party. I never got a good answer to that.

The summer before senior year I moved back home. I planned on commuting to school my last year. I had a light schedule of classes and my business was starting to take off. Over the summer I hired a part time tech to help me with service and installs and I hired Mary Case to do sales. Mary was one of my Computer Science professors. She only taut part time and did computer consulting on the side. I offered her strait commission on computer sales. Mary knew computers and she was good with people. Over the summer we put together some sales strategies and now that we had a tech to do installs, things started to move. After a couple of months we put the tech on full time and started looking to hire another. I found a very small office and warehouse space I could rent at the towns new industrial park. Mary went on salary and became my Vice President. She did however continue to teach a couple of computer classes, she claimed to enjoy it. I was tempted to drop out of school to work the business full time, but how could I explain that to my parents.

Mary worried she could be in trouble for working for one of her students. But she checked the faculty handbook and found no rules against it as long as she didn't sleep with me. Mary was in her mid-thirties and thought working for one of her students was kind of funny. We saw eye to eye on most things and she liked my business ideas.

Linda and I had spoken quite often since the frat party. I guess we were friends again. What I really wanted was to be her lover, not just her friend. I know it was stupid, but can't control who I am in love with. She was still seeing dickhead the star quarterback. He was good at football but he was playing for a small school. Being just "good" in a small school was never going to get him into the pros. Try telling that to him however. Chad walked around campus with a swelled head. I'm surprised he could fit it in his helmet.

Linda and I attended a couple of weddings together, dickhead didn't do that stuff. I also attended some college plays and artistic type events that quarterbacks don't do because they don't serve beer.

Linda and I were enjoying our time together. I wanted more but what could I do but wait and bide my time. A platonic relationship with the woman I loved was better than no relationship at all. Kind of pathetic I know, but I'm not the first guy stuck in a love triangle. It sucks!

Linda was letting her parents think she was dating me. Her parents didn't like Chad. Have I mentioned how much I respect Linda's parents?

One evening I came home to find Linda and the four parents waiting for me. Linda was in tears. To make a long story short, as they say, Linda was pregnant and guess who was supposed to be the father. Me! Linda and I had never gone further than groping and a little necking way back in the first years of high school, so I knew for damn sure she was not pregnant with my baby. Our parents were going on and on about "doing the right thing" and "accepting responsibility for our actions" you know the drill. I sat there, in shock, saying nothing as they moved on to talk about a quick wedding.

Thru all this Linda was giving me a look that I think meant "don't throw me under the buss." When our parents started to wind down I told them Linda and I needed to talk in private. They quickly decided to adjourn to Linda's house around the corner, probably to talk baby furniture and pre-schools. Our parents hated the timing, but the truth is that under the surface they were thrilled. From their point of view their best friends were about to become their in-laws and a grandchild was on the way.

When we were alone Linda started a fresh round of tears. "I'm so sorry Rob, I wanted to talk to you first but my parents jumped the gun. I didn't tell them you are the father they just assumed it and I didn't correct them."

"So where is Chad, why don't you marry him?"

"Chad can't get married now because of his scholarship. He can't afford to lose that. And getting me pregnant could ruin his shot at the pros."

It was pretty clear to me from what Linda said that dickhead didn't want a wife and child so he had filled her head with crap. My first impulse was to tell her what a crock his story was. On second thought the girl I have loved for years, the hottest girl I know, wanted to marry me. "I'll make you a good wife Rob ... if you'll marry me. Chad ... he ... he won't even consider it. I could never have an abortion so you are my only option. After the baby comes you can have a divorce, or we could stay together and give us a try again as a couple, your call."

There was plenty about this deal I didn't like, but it was a chance for a life with Linda. I couldn't pass that up. "I'll marry you Linda, and I'll give your baby my name, but I want a pre-nup that says if we divorce for any reason you can't touch my company. It's a small company now but I expect it to grow. If we split up you get nothing."

Linda quickly agreed, and the parents went into wedding mode albeit quick wedding mode. I had the attorney I used for my company draw up a simple pre-nup. Linda signed it with a promise that there would never be any trouble about my business.

A few weeks later Linda and I were married by a Justice of the Peace. Just our families and a handful of close friends were there. I wore my sport coat and Linda wore a simple white dress. At the end of the ceremony Linda gave me a very sweet kiss. Foolish me I thought I now had a wife. We all went out to eat at a private room in a nice restaurant. We had a small cake and we kissed when our families and friends tapped their glasses. Just like a real wedding.

Our parents had reserved the bridal suite at a local hotel. There would be no honeymoon. With my business and school there was no time, I was at it seven days a week. Earlier in the day Linda had sent a couple of suitcases with her clothing around the corner from her house to our house. She was going to move into my room.

We checked into the bridal suite that evening and found our room. Linda and I were both very nervous. I went into the bathroom first to take a shower. I came out of the bathroom wearing one of the terry cloth robes supplied with our suite. Linda was sitting on the bed still in her white dress. "Come sit by me please Rob I have a few things to say" I wondered why she looked so nervous I was the virgin in the room. "You have always been my best friend Rob, always there when I needed you. I don't know how to thank you for what you have done." Perhaps Linda didn't know how to thank me, but the woody under my robe had a few ideas.

At that moment there was a knock at the door. Linda's face broke into a smile as she hurried to open the door. I assumed Linda had ordered Champagne while I was in the shower. I expected her to open the door to a smiling waiter with two glasses and Champagne on ice. However this is where the story of my life turned to crap. It was Chad wearing his best shit eating grin. He stepped into the room put his arms around my wife and gave her a long hard kiss.

"What the fuck are you doing here!" I managed to get out after a few seconds of disbelief. The happiest moment of my life had instantly changed to the worst. Linda broke from the kiss and turned to me with concern. "Rob, I'm sorry, I was just about to explain. Chad has been feeling a little left out lately because of the wedding and all. He agreed to let me marry you but he thought if he could be with me tonight it might take some of the sting out of me marrying someone else. I'm sure you can see how hard that must be for a guy, especially with me pregnant with his baby."

There are lots of things I could have, and should have done at this point. Since that night I have come up with any number of viable options. Some of them are even legal. What I did do was walk into the bathroom, lock the door and dress in the cloths I had removed before the shower. Linda was knocking on the door saying all those stupid things like "we need to talk". I came out of the bathroom and headed for the door. Linda was still trying to get me to "see reason" and "not over react". I turned as I was going through the door. This was my chance to redeem a tiny bit of pride by saying something meaningful like "have a nice life". Chad beat me to it. He put an arm around Linda and said "bye dinky dink!" I just walked on out. Shit, I hate that guy!

I went to my car where I spent a sleepless night interrupted only by a security guard that told me to get a room because I couldn't sleep in the car. I told him I had a room, the bridal suite, but that at the moment my wife's boyfriend was in it fucking her freshly married pussy. I don't know if he believed my story but he apparently bought it enough to leave me alone. Around sun up I drove to Denny's and got breakfast. I don't usually frequent Denny's but somewhere I had got the idea it was the place to go when your wife cheated on you. Then I drove home and snuck up to my room for a few hours sleep. The queen sized bed I bought for Linda and I seemed very large and empty.

Around eight the next morning I got up and decided to cut the lawn. People can't talk to you when you are cutting lawn. On my way out I saw Linda's bags so I took them out and left them on the porch. Right after I started the lawn mower my mother came out. She must have wanted to know what was going on, but I just waved to her and kept mowing. After a minute she went back inside.

Mom came back out a little later and motioned for me to shut down. "What is going on? Linda is on the phone, she is still at the hotel and needs a ride. Did you leave her there?"

"Tell Linda to get a ride home from Chad. And she better go to her house around the corner." Mom had a troubled look and I know she had questions, but I started up the mower and walked off. Later as I was getting around to the front Linda came walking down the sidewalk. Her nose and eyes were red, I guess she had been crying, well so had I. I kept the mover running and yelled "Your bags are on the porch, take them and go." I turned my back to cut another row and the next time I looked she was gone. The bags where still on the porch.

Naturally when the mowing was done my parents were waiting for me with questions. I decided to meet this head on. "Please call the Russo's and ask them if we can come over and hash this out" my father reached for the phone.

We walked around the corner to Linda's house where we all gathered in the living room, I brought along her bags. Linda was looking at the floor most of the time. I had not acknowledged her when I came in and our four parents looked pretty unhappy. I started in "My first idea was to say nothing about last night, but then I realized I would soon become the bad guy in this drama, so now my plan is to tell all and let the chips fall where they may. Last night we went to our room, by the way it was very nice, thank you all for getting us that suite. Unfortunately I was only in it a short time when there was a knock at the door. Instead of the Champagne I was hoping for it was Chad, the last person I wanted to see on my wedding night."

My mother burst out "Why was he there!"

"He came there to fuck my wife." That got everyone's attention. "Just after he arrived Linda told me he was there because he was feeling left out of the wedding and that sleeping with her on our wedding night would take some of the "sting" out of the situation. I guess how much of a "sting" this was going to be for me was not a problem."

"This is unbelievable" Linda's father had put my own thoughts to words. "Linda is any of this true"

"That wasn't the way it was supposed to be" Linda said in a wail. "Chad and I had it all worked out. I was to explain it to Rob and then Chad was to arrive at ten. We hoped Rob would agree to go down to the hotel bar for an hour or so then come back at about eleven when Chad would leave. Then I would spend the rest of the night making love with my husband. But Chad made a mistake and showed up at nine thirty so I didn't have a chance to explain it to Rob and get his approval."

"I'll bet it was Chad's idea to wait until the last minute to bring me in on the plan wasn't it."

"Yes, it was ... why?"

"Linda, how can you be so stupid. It was a set up. Chad didn't "accidentally" show up early that was his plan all along. I never would have gone along with letting Chad cuckold me on my wedding night. What kind of a moron wimp do you take me for. By surprising me he stood a good chance that I would either walk out, like I did, or hit him and spend the night in jail, like I should have. Either way he knew that once he walked in that door, you and I were not going to be having sex last night. That was his plan and it worked"

I had noticed that the overnight bag that Linda took to the hotel was near the stairs. I opened it and started looking through it. "What are you looking for?" Linda asked.

"I'm looking for douche, didn't you bring any to the hotel?"

"No I didn't"

"Then you were planning to give me sloppy seconds?"

"No, no, never. I wouldn't do that to you!"

"If Chad fucks you from ten to eleven, then I get you after eleven how am I not getting sloppy seconds?"

There was panic in Linda's eyes now "I would have used the shower"

"The shower has a fixed nozzle. Was your plan to stand on your head in the tub and spread your legs?" That was a nasty comment but I was feeling nasty. I didn't know much about douching but I didn't see how her standing under a shower would clean out dickheads cum.

Then I took it a step further "Tell me Linda ... If we had made love last night ... would you have let me lick your pussy?"

"Of course ... if you wanted to"

Linda's father had figured out where this was going at this point and tried to warn her as we talked "Linda ... Linda!"

I ignored him and looked Linda in the eye "I bought you a wedding present. Nothing fancy, just a locket on a chain. I never got a chance to give it to you last night. Apparently your gift to me was going to be a cream pie!" Linda started to sob while her mother asked what a cream pie was.

"It's when a loving wife has her husband lick her boyfriend's cum out of her pussy. The ultimate form of disrespect." I paused to let that sink in. I felt just a little guilty because I had set Linda up, but only a little guilty.

"While I am on a roll let me inform you I am not the father of this baby!" That got a big reaction as all four parents tried to talk at once. The general point being that I had to be wrong. "It is impossible for me to be the father. Linda and I have never had sex of any kind. In fact I'm still a virgin" That confession made Linda stop sobbing to stare at me for a moment in horror, she had no idea. "I had thought last night would fix that but I was wrong. It seems I should have checked with Chad."

Linda's mother was incredulous "Then who is the father of the baby?" Her husband turned and looked at her "I think Chad is a safe bet dear ... Linda?" Linda had the good grace to nod her head in confirmation. "Chad couldn't marry me because of his scholarship and his football career."

Linda's father told her that was bullshit, getting married has nothing to do with a football scholarship. And in any event a real man would step up and take responsibility for getting her pregnant. And no man worth a damn would allow his woman to marry another man no matter what the reason.

"Your father and I arranged for the Champagne" my mother volunteered "We told Linda about it, it was a surprise for you." I think poor mom was trying to move the conversation to something less volatile. It didn't work because my mind suddenly put two and two together.

"Linda, after we checked in you went back and briefly talked to the woman at the reception desk. Where you checking on the Champagne?" Linda nodded yes "And what time did your request it be delivered to the room ... or should I call the hotel and ask?"

"Ten fifteen" in a very small voice. Her father put his head in his hands and gave a little groan.

"Ok, let me set this up now. At about ten thirty Chad was sipping my parents Champagne, on our wedding night, in our Bridal Suite while my bride, pregnant with his baby, sucked his cock, and your virgin husband spent the night sitting up in his car reflecting on the shambles of his life. Did I miss anything?" Everyone but me was looking at the floor and Linda had started a new round of sobbing.

"Chad didn't stay! After you left I told him how cruel it was for him to call you dinky dink even if you was true ... Ah ... I mean ... Oh shit!" Linda had stepped in it big time but tried to move on. "Then I went looking for you but didn't find you and when I went back to the room Chad was gone".

"Thank you Linda for bringing up that low point of my wedding night. But actually I left you and Chad's pet name for me out of the story on purpose. Tell me do you actually work at humiliating me, or does it just come naturally?"

More sobbing.

"Let me cut to the chase. I agreed to marry Linda and be the father to her baby. I will do that. After that she can have a divorce whenever she wants one. I have brought her bags back because I WILL NOT live under the same roof with a wife that is cuckolding me!" Then I made a quick exit. I knew the conversation would continue for a while but I had made my points.

Over the next few months not much changed. Linda did get a few chances to say how sorry she was but I would listen and then walk away. I knew things were strained between her and dickhead, the parental rumor mill was keeping me updated. But she was still seeing him and that was all I really needed to know. If she wanted to be with me she would have to scrap dickhead. I was still in love with her and would put up with a lot, but there are limits.

During supper one night my mother mentioned that Linda needed a partner for child birthing classes. Apparently dickhead couldn't or wouldn't attend with her. Mom wanted me to volunteer. I told her to find out the schedule, after that it was assumed I had volunteered. I thought it might be interesting and besides that it would make me look dedicated and concerned while making dickhead look even more like a dickhead.

Linda was apprehensive at the first meeting, but we had been friends most of our lives. I had not realized it at first but attending these classes meant I would be there when "our" daughter was born. Ultra sound had determined it was a girl. Soon we both relaxed and started to enjoy the meetings and the intimacy of a couple having a baby.

Yes, dickhead was the sperm donor and yes, she was still seeing him. But I was hoping that dickheads days were numbered. Graduation was not far off and I had learned that a certain star quarterback didn't have enough credits to graduate, what a shame. Was I competing with Chad for the love of Linda? You can bet your ass I was. And I was determined to win.

Early one morning I got the call and raced around the corner to pick up Linda. She was so beautiful at nine months pregnant it took my breath away. I can't understand how people can think of a pregnant woman as fat. That's new life in there, incredible. Linda had an epidural so there was not all that screaming and sweating you see in the movies and TV. About twelve hours after we arrived at the hospital Linda was holding Cheryl in her arms. When I held her in my arms for the first time I knew it was right. She was mine, I was her daddy. Not Chad, me!

At the hospital they asked me to sign the birth certificate paperwork. Linda had listed me as the father and named the baby Cheryl Susan Curran. Linda and the baby were using my last name.

Cheryl went to live just around the corner with Linda but I was over their house every day helping with "our" newborn.

The same week I graduated I signed the contract for a much larger office and warehouse space at the industrial park. We had won contracts from several local businesses and a couple of school departments to supply and install their computers. We had a deal with a local electrical contractor to install wiring and we hired a couple of more techs for installs and service calls.

The business was doing better than I ever imagined. There were plenty of other computer companies in our state but none in our town or the surrounding communities. Most of the few computer techs in the area were now working for us. Mary spent most of her time running things at our facility and doing logistics. I spent most of my time in the field doing specs and managing crews in the field. We now had twelve employees and Mary was hiring at the rate of two a month.

I rented a two bedroom apartment less than a mile from my parents and moved in. I needed a little privacy because I had a love life or sorts. Cathy was sort of a prostitute. Okay, I guess you can't be sort of a prostitute but she was very discriminating, she only had a few clients. When I first called her she set up a dinner date but informed me that nothing else was going to happen that night. We met at a quiet restaurant and she asked me my life story. She had a hard time believing that I was a married virgin. In the end she decided to take me on and I started seeing her a couple of times a week.

Cathy has pretty and just a little plump, but very sexy. She loved to dance, party and snuggle late at night. We sometimes met for sex, but mostly she liked to spend the night. Cathy told me she liked that I was a virgin because she could teach me how to do things the right way from the beginning. And teach me she did. Cathy loved oral sex, both ways, and had a thing for light bondage, again both ways. After a while we did some role playing. Her favorite was to dress slutty and hang out at a bar. Cathy would turn the guys down until I turned up and talked her into going home with me. Kind of strange I know, a prostitute roll playing as a slut. But it got her hot and when you got Cathy hot it was incredible.

I would have preferred doing this with my wife, but that was not going to happen until dickhead was history. Anyway I wasn't a virgin anymore.

Over the next few months I saw Cheryl on a regular basis. Linda was always super nice to me when I was at the house to see the baby. I knew things were not going well between her and dickhead. He didn't have a degree or a job and there is something a little sad about an EX quarterback hero. More importantly he didn't give a damn about his daughter. Linda thought if he saw how cute Cheryl was he would fall in love. So far it was not working. He liked to date Linda but had no interest in his daughter. Don't you just love it when your enemy keeps shooting himself in the foot?

Business was going so well that the money was starting to roll in. The first thing I wanted to do with it was build a really nice house. I bought a large lot in the woods north of town and hired a contractor to build my dream house. The contractor had the plans for a six bedroom, three car garage house that I fell in love with. A lot more house than I needed but with my new income my bank gave me the go ahead on a construction loan. I wanted to keep the house kind of a secret until it was done but my parents found out and there goes my secret.

One Saturday morning I dropped into my in-laws to visit Cheryl and I got the third degree about the house. I figured, "what the hell" so I loaded Cheryl, Linda and her parents into my new SUV and headed for the construction site. "Where did you get this car" my mother-in-law wanted to know. I told her it was a company car.

When I pulled up to the house they thought I was being funny. "Nice joke Rob, is your house around here?" I guess they were expecting a two bedroom ranch house on a quarter acre.

I explained that it really has my house. They were still thinking it was a gag.

The plaster skim coat had been put on the blue board about a week before. Now the finished woodwork and the fixtures were being installed. I could move in soon. Linda and her folks walked around in amazement, still not convinced I wasn't pulling their legs about it being my house. I showed them what would be Cheryl's bedroom when she came to visit. It was right next to the master bedroom and would get a lot of natural light through its bay window. Linda was speechless.

We left the house and I took them to a restaurant for lunch. My father-in-law wanted to know how I could possibly afford a home like that. I simply told him that I was doing well in the computer business.

Linda offered up that Chad had found a great new job "He is the new assistant shipper at ACD Corp a new company in town. The benefits are great and the company is just starting to take off. Chad starts work Monday."

Thank you god! This was too good to be true! "I wonder how Chad will like working for his girlfriend, some macho guys might have a problem with that."

"What girlfriend Rob, what are you talking about?" Linda was getting pissed.

"I'm talking about you Linda. I own ACD Corp so as my wife you own in to, in a way" I knew Mary was hiring an assistant shipper but I had no idea that dickhead even applied for the job. I had spent the last couple of weeks in the field.

Now Linda was more pissed "Rob your company is Advanced Computers. ACD is a big company. I don't think this is funny"

"We called it Advanced Computers but officially it was Advanced Computer Design Corporation. Now we have shortened it to ACD Corp we own it Linda, you and me. Chad works for us". While I was talking I pulled out some business cards and handed them around. I was stretching a point about her being an owner, the company stock was all in my name. But as my wife you could say it was half hers.

Linda's father wanted to know just how big the company was and how much of the company stock I owned.

"We have 28 employees, 29 now if we include Chad. All of the stock is in my name."

"You're rich Rob ... I don't know what to say." Linda was gob smacked. "You have worked so hard at your business and now it has paid off. You make me proud, congratulations!"

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