A Doctor Follows Orders

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: A doctor and a nurse find each other sexy and enticing? Who would ever think such a thing is possible?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Cheating   Oral Sex   Doctor/Nurse   .

I have had a life of hard work. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I was forced to do it that way or that I didn't want it that way. I did. But, it seems that all my life, I've worked hard to achieve what I've done then put it to good use.

Being a doctor, that isn't an unusual story. Just to get into pre-med and stay in pre-med took hard work, especially the organic chemistry part. Ask most doctors, they'll agree.

Then med school and long hours of classes, labs, study. You can't do it if you're not focussed and a hard-worker. Then internship. I think most people have heard a few horror stories about the long, tedious hours doing careful, exacting work when you were bone-tired. Thank god, that's over.

Now I practice in a hospital, a sizable one (are there any small hospitals?), with many beds and many floors and many patients to see in a day.

I'm also married, though so far without children; married for five years now. My wife, Danielle, is an elementary school teacher with her own interests and concerns. We love each other, of course, but we both tend to work hard and with all we both have going on, our sex isn't what it once was.

Now, I suppose that's a common situation, I've heard others talk and kid around about it, but the hot, sexy lust we once had just doesn't seem to be there any more. Well, I more or less just resigned myself to the fact that our passion had cooled off but that was the norm.

Not, just that, I did work around a bevy of women, mostly young women, some of them quite attractive and sexy.

There was one in particular, Jana, who was from Slovenia, that's near Hungary and Austria, as I remember, and she's really beautiful in an olive-skinned, sultry way. She was about five-five, slender, glossy back hair down past her shoulders, dark eyes and a curvy figure that was the delight of all the male staff, doctors included.

If you're looking for a DDD-cup voluptuous babe, well, I have to disappoint you. She wasn't top-heavy like some guys prefer, no, she was perfectly proportioned and I really loved watching her when she was on the floor. I say that figuratively, about being on the floor; I would have loved getting her on the floor as would any male.

You also have to understand that Jana was also the focus of the visual attention of every other male, not just me. She wasn't especially flirty like some but wasn't standoffish, either. Professional, yet friendly, would describe her as she went about her duties.

I really never thought she paid much attention to me but, then one day, she asked me, "Phil, would you show me how you would like this dressing put on," when we were in a patient's room.

She had always addressed me as 'Doctor Colvin, ' never as 'Phil' before. And I also noticed her looking at me during various times when we were on shift together. If I caught her, I always got a smile; a nice smile.

A day or two later, we were changing a bandage on a patient in her room, Jana across from me on the other side of the bed, and when I looked up and gazed down into her scrubs hanging open enough to show a beautiful golden breast and nipple as her bra dropped off her breast a bit.

I know, I'm a doctor and I see breasts all the time. Big deal, right? But it was perfectly-formed as I stood there fixed on it. She looked up and smiled.

Then, as we were finishing up, she came around to get the wrappers of the bandages we had used from the table next to me and I felt her hand brush across my butt, then she left.

The hand did not brush lightly but with purpose, palm-side down, hardly an accident. I had to finish up and head to the doctor's men's room to jack-off and calm my enormous erection. I felt like a teenager doing it but had little choice in the matter if I wanted to get through the rest of my shift.

I did see her several more times that day and got an interesting smile each time.

She always smiled and spoke each time we passed each other, now calling me Phil if we were alone, Doctor Colvin, if we weren't. And her smiles seemed different from the way she smiled at other people on the floor. Maybe it was what I wanted to read into it but I don't think it was.

Then, after lunch one day the next week, I was at the nurse's station filling out some orders on a patient's chart when she came up to my side and asked, "Some of us are going out for a drink after work, would you come?"

Before I really even thought about it, I heard my voice reply, "Sure, sounds nice." Her hand was on my back and as it slid down onto my butt, she said, softly, "Good, see you later, Phil," and went off down the hall leaving me with a massive hard-on and a massive fit of conscience.

I went to an empty room and called my wife to tell her I'd be late, something not terribly out of the ordinary for a doctor, and told her I had to take a shift for a fellow doctor. Yes, I know ... don't lecture me.

Jana had told me where they were going and when I got there, she had an open place for me to sit next to her. As I walked in, I immediately saw that she had changed, she was now in a low-cut yellow sundress that just made her skin look more tanned than ever and gave a hint of the tops of her breasts. She was scrumptious.

As I came to the table, she patted the place next to her where I squeezed in. I got a European kiss on each cheek from her and the waitress came over for my order. There were four of them at the table, all nurses that I knew from the hospital though not all from our floor. We all chatted and after a second drink, our little group began to break up finally leaving just Jana and me at the table.

As the last one left, she took my hand, faced me and asked, "Would you like to go back to my place, it's not far?"

"Sure, that would be nice," I managed to say and I soon followed her over to her apartment complex. We parked and went up a flight of stairs where she opened the door.

"Paula, I'm home, brought a friend."

We stepped inside and her roommate was on the sofa doing some kind of work with a couple of books and a laptop.

"This is Phil; Phil, Paula Mercer, my roomie."

"We'll leave you to your work," she said as I followed her back into her bedroom where she closed the door.

"Not much of a place to sit but you can join me here," and she patted her bed next to her.

We chatted a bit about where we were both from, where we took our training, just general stuff you might expect.

Then, she said, "And, you're married, right?"

"Um, yeah, several years now," and I moved the topic back to her.

"I really like the way you treat patients, Phil. And, I pretty much like you just for you," she said as she leaned over and kissed me, her mouth opening to receive me.

Her hand went down to mine and brought it up to the front of her dress where I kept it, softly kneading the firm breast underneath. She slipped the strap off and pulled the front down baring a perfect breast for me to touch.

I was now leaning over her as she lay back on the bed, my hand kneading her wonderful boob as we kissed and necked and made-out.

Then, she pulled her head off to the side and whispered, "Would you like to have some kinky fun, Phil?"

My cock throbbed ever harder as I answered, "Uh, yeah, whatever."

"Is it okay if we don't have sex?"

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