The Fat Cow

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2011 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: An overheard conversation changed her life.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

The story started several years ago. After having three kids I was not the slender sexy wife I had been when Jerry married me. I had put on some weight and I admit to having a somewhat 'beaten down look' after spending all day trying to handle three kids all under the age of five.

There were times that I was so whipped that I didn't have the energy when Jerry got home and wanted to play. It wasn't his fault and I don't really think that it was mine. It was just life the way life was. There were also times when I wanted some bedroom play and Jerry played the 'too tired' card. Whatever the reason we drew apart and it seemed like Jerry had lost interest in me.

One night at a party at his brother's house I overheard Jerry tell his cousin Ralph that he was sorry that he had married "that fat cow." I was hurt. I ran outside and I cried for a good ten minutes before I managed to get myself together and go back in the house.

I was a 'fat cow' because I'd had three kids that he had insisted on and he wanted another one. We had three girls and he wanted a son 'to carry on the family name' but after hearing what he'd said to Ralph the asshole was going to have to find another woman because I damned sure wasn't going to carry it for him.

Even though our sex life wasn't all that great, maybe once or twice every two weeks or so, I went on birth control pills, was fitted for a diaphragm and laid in a supply of spermicides.

Over the next two years our sex life dropped off to nothing and I started wondering if Jerry might be getting it some place else.

One Saturday I was doing the laundry and I picked up a shirt of Jerry's to drop it into the washer and I noticed a smudge on the collar. It was lipstick. I debated on confronting Jerry right away or waiting to see what else I could find. Over the next month I found another shirt with lipstick on it and in a pair of trousers I found the partial remains of a condom wrapper in one of the pockets. The two shirts and the wrapper were in a plastic bag and hidden where Jerry wasn't likely to find them. The day would come when the 'fat cow' would take them out of hiding and shove them up Jerry's ass.

By the end of those two years all three kids were in school so I decided to go back to work. Jerry told me he didn't want me going back to work and I basically told him, "Tough shit! I'm going." I called my old employer to see if he had any openings.

"I've got one."

"Is it something I could do?"

"I don't see why not. It is your old job."

"I'll be right down to apply."

"No need. When you left I anticipated your coming back and your file is noted that you are on a leave of absence. When can you start?"


If Jerry was pissed that I was going back to work he would be really steamed at my going back to my old job because my old job had me traveling two or three times a month. Sometimes it was only over night and sometimes it could be two or three days. No, Jerry would not be pleased.

I called my mom and sister and worked it out so that the kids would be watched until either Jerry or I got home from work and my mom agreed to stay with them if I had to go on a trip. That night over dinner I told Jerry that I was going back to my old company, but I didn't tell him it was back to my old job. Time enough for that when I needed to go on my first trip. Jerry grumbled and then he stomped down into the basement where he stayed until after I'd gone to bed.

My first week back on the job I played catch up. I met those who had been hired after I left, renewed acquaintances with those I'd worked with before and who were still there and learned all about new products, redesigned products and pricing.

One of those hired after I'd left was Hal. I saw the interest in his eyes when we were introduced, but thought nothing of it. Until two days later when he came into the little luncheonette across the street from our office and saw me sitting alone. He asked if he could join me and I of course said yes and after he sat down he said:

"I could have done without you coming back to work."

"Why in the world would you say something like that?"

"Because you are my ideal woman and here you are. But, and it is a very big "but," you are wearing wedding rings."

I smiled at him and said, "But, and it is a huge 'but, so are you."

"True, but the marriage is pretty much dead. I'm just too cheap to waste the money on an attorney. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me to spend all that money just to change an address. We are in separate bedrooms and avoid each other as much as possible so all a divorce would accomplish is cause one of us to move out and get an apartment. Like I said, a lot of money just to get a change of address."

"That's interesting, but it skates by an obvious fact."

"And that would be?"

"Even if I didn't have on wedding rings you still would."

"Just what I need. My perfect woman is a nit-picker."

"No matter; it is all bullshit anyway."

"I beg your pardon?"

"I'm thirty pounds overweight. Hardly what you could call a perfect woman."

"Not so. Not every man cares for the anorexic runway model type. There are a lot of us who like our women to have some meat on their bones."

"Yeah! Right!"

"Hey lady; go look at yourself in the mirror. Don't look at yourself below the neck. Concentrate on the neck up. You have a beautiful face and your hairstyle frames it perfectly. And I'm here to tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with your legs although four inch heels would make them look even better than they already do."

"Yeah! Right!" I said for the second time. "My lunch break is over. See you back at the office."

That was the start of it. Hal flirted with me every chance he got and even though I thought he was full of bullshit (don't forget I was still carrying around Jerry's "fat cow") I played along. One day when we were alone in the copy room he said:

"One of these days I'm going to make you mine."

I laughed and said, "Maybe some day, then again, maybe not." As soon as the words were out of my mouth I was aghast. I'd actually suggested that some day it might happen. And then came the thought that stayed with me for days – had I really meant it? It didn't take long for me to get an answer to that question. Thursday at work I was told that Hal, Mike and I would be flying to Denver the coming Monday for a two day visit to Apollo Aerospace. We would be flying home Wednesday morning.

I waited until Friday at dinner to drop the bomb on Jerry. He went into the absolute funk that I knew he would go into and he stormed off to his basement work shop. I cleaned up the dishes, helped the kids with their home work and then we played Monopoly until their bedtime. I took a shower and then climbed into bed. Naked, I turned on the bedside lamp and started reading a book I'd been working on. I was laying there, an open invitation, for Jerry when he came up. He ignored me, undressed, got on his side of the bed and rolled so his back was to me. I got up, put on a robe and went down to the couch to read.

Jerry found things to do Saturday that kept him out of the house and Saturday night he ignored me again. Sunday was pretty much the same except Sunday night I told Jerry flat out that I wanted to make love and he looked at me and said, "I don't." For the first time in our marriage the word 'divorce' entered my mind.

Monday I got ready for work, fixed the kids their breakfast and packed their lunches. Then I kissed them and sent them off to school. I was on my way out the door with my suitcase when Jerry came into the kitchen and asked me where his breakfast was. Fix it yourself" I said as I walked out the door.

Apparently our reservations had been made last minute and Hal, Mike and I didn't end up sitting with each other. The first time we had to talk was when we deplaned in Denver. Mike had been the most recent to Denver and he talked us into staying at a hotel that he knew had a decent restaurant and a lounge with a live band. We checked in, put our bags in our rooms and then headed out to Apollo.

We had lunch with the honchos at Apollo and when the day ended we headed back to the hotel and agreed to meet in the restaurant for dinner at seven. After dinner we went to the lounge and had a few drinks and I took turns dancing with Mike and Hal until Mike said he was going to turn in early and headed off to his room.

Another hour of drinking and dancing put me in one hell of a good mood. The mood was helped along by Hal's hard on poking into my leg when we danced to slow numbers. It seemed that he really meant it when he said I turned him on.

It was almost ten-thirty when Hal said, "You know I want you, right?"

I'd had just enough to drink and was still pissed at Jerry for his attitude toward me that I lifted my face, kissed Hal and said:

"Then why are we here wasting valuable time?"

"Your room or mine?"

"Mine. I need to put my diaphragm in. Do you have any condoms?"

"No need to on my account. I've had a vasectomy."

"Maybe, but who else have you slept with lately?"

"The last one was my wife nine months ago."

"No offense, but I don't know you all that well yet so until you can show me something from a doctor or a clinic and I find out what to look for to make sure that you are telling the truth about the vasectomy it is diaphragms and condoms."

"I'll have to get some. Meet you in your room in fifteen?"

"I'll be ready."

And I was.

When the knock came and I checked through the peep hole that it was Hal I opened the door and stood there in front of him in only nylons, garter belt and high heels.

"My God!" he exclaimed, "I told you that you were my ideal woman."

He took me in his arms and gave me a passionate kiss which I returned before leading him to my bed and helping him undress. He told me that he wanted to eat my pussy and I told him no, that it wouldn't be fair unless I sucked his cock and I wouldn't do that until I knew he was STD free.

"I don't care. You can owe me one and pay me back later, but right now I have to feast on my sexy goddess."

Hal ate my pussy and he was very good at it. Jerry would eat me from time to time, but only halfheartedly because he didn't like doing it. The only reason he did it at all was because if he didn't use his mouth on me I wouldn't use mine on him.

Hal had a nice body and was in pretty good shape. His cock was about the same size as Jerry's, but the cockhead looked a little bigger. Jerry's cock was straight and the length terminated in a cockhead the same circumference as the cock, but Hal's cockhead looked like a plum on the end of his cock and I looked forward to having it in my mouth.

I was amazed at how easy it was for me to be intimate with another man. Hal ate me to an orgasm and then mounted me and fucked me to another one. When he softened I held him to me and kissed him with plenty of tongue until I felt him start to stiffen in me and then I laid back and let him fuck me to another climax. I wrapped my legs around him, clutched his ass with my hands and fucked back up at him until he came. Still holding him in me we cuddled while we both rested.

After a while I loosened my grip and he got up. When he reached for his pants I asked him where he was going and he told me he was going to his room so I could get some sleep.

"Oh no you don't. You will wake up in this bed, understand?"

"If I stay here I won't wake up in this bed because if I stay I doubt that we will ever fall asleep."

He was all most right. It was two in the morning before we could go any farther. I woke first and really wanted to wake him with a blow job, but I passed until I could see that he was okay medically. I did fondle him until he was awake and hard and then I did him cowgirl before sending him off to his room.

As I was showering I was thinking, "Fat cow huh? Well fuck you Jerry!!!"

I admit to feeling a little guilty as I made it through the day. Luckily Hal was in a different part of the building because I'm not sure of how I would have been had he been close by.

I took my lunch with three girls I had worked with on previous visits to Apollo before leaving my company to become a housewife and mother. Two of them wanted to know about Hal and Mike.

"They are hot Steph. Which one are you playing with?"

"Me? Oh no ladies. This girl is a married woman and a mother of three."

"So am I Stephanie, but it wouldn't keep me from playing if I could go on a business trip with a pair like that. Hell! I'd probably even do them both."

"Get serious Wanda."

"I am Steph; I most definitely am."

And she must have been because she met Mike in the lounge that evening and it wasn't long before the two of them headed for Mike's room. As they walked away Hal said:

"That give you any ideas or would you rather drink and dance."

The guilt I had carried around all day disappeared as I stood up and said;

"Let's go."

I had my hand inside his pants ten seconds after the elevator door closed and then the rest of the night was a repeat of the previous night. I don't know why, but I didn't feel any guilt the next day. Not even a smidgen!

We spent half a day at Apollo and then headed for the airport to catch a flight home. Hal and I sat together on the flight and he asked if we were going to be able to get together when we were at home and after giving it some serious thought I said no. As we put up the tray tables and seatbacks for landing I told Hal that I didn't think it would be a good idea. Too much chance of getting caught and I didn't want that, but if we were ever on another trip together I'd be willing for a repeat.

Things were on the cool side around the house after I got home. Jerry went out of his way to ignore me and I returned the favor. By Friday I was regretting telling Hal that I wouldn't play unless we were on trips, but not enough to back off. The chances of getting caught were too great and while I was rapidly reaching the point where I wouldn't mind seeing the backside of Jerry I didn't want to put my kids through a divorce. Jerry was proving to be a piss poor husband, but he was a great father and he loved the kids as much as they loved him. Since all we were doing was co-existing in the house anyway and it wasn't causing any nasty scenes I figured that we could just continue on.

Two weeks went by and then I was off on another trip. This one a two day and one nighter to San Diego. The team this time was made up Mike, Hal, me and Gloria from accounting. Gloria and I were sitting together. Gloria had been with the company when I worked there the first time and we were pretty friendly with each other. In fact, we had double date several times back before I met Jerry. Gloria was a tad wild back then and on one of our double dates she had fucked her guy on the back seat while I was busy fighting of my date on the front. We were almost to San Diego when she said:

"Which one do you want?"

"Which one do I want? What are you talking about?"

"Hal or Mike? Which one do you want?"

I looked at her and she said, "Don't look at me like that sweetie. You know how much I like sex."

"But you are married now. What about your husband?"

"He's at home. I'm not. I'm going to fuck one or the other on this trip and maybe even both if you don't want one."

"Still the same slut that I came to know and love?"

"Yep! That's me. When I'm home no one touches me except for hubby, but when I'm away from home all holes are open for business."

"In that case I'll take Hal."

"Bitch! He's the one I really wanted."

"Too bad. I told him last time I would only do him on trips and he has been looking forward to this trip for weeks."

"But you are married now. What about your husband?"

"He's at home" I said, "And I'm not" and we both laughed.

Before we boarded the flight Hal handed me a slip of paper and when I read it I saw it was from a clinic and it stated that he was disease and drug free. I smiled at him and said:

"I guess this means that we can do whatever you want as long as it doesn't hurt or leave marks on me."

"I'm going to hold you to that."

When we got to the hotel and got our rooms I told Hal to put his bags in mine since I didn't expect that he would ever see the inside of his.

"Why didn't you tell me that before I wasted money on a room?"

"Because I don't want anyone back home to know what we are doing. If you didn't have a room on your expense report it would raise a red flag and invite questions I'd just as soon not be asked."

When we were in my room Hal asked me if we had time for a 'quickie' and I told him no, but we did have time for me to pay him back.

"Pay me back?"

I smiled and went to my knees in front of him. "You did me last time so I owe you one" I said as I unzipped him. I pushed him back on the bed and knelt between his legs and took him in my mouth. I gave him the best blow job I was capable of and when he came I swallowed all of his discharge. I think he liked it. I licked my lips clean and said:

"We'd better hurry. The others are waiting for us in the lobby."

The rest of the day was spent taking care of business at Excel Products and at four-thirty we returned to the hotel. We made plans to meet in the restaurant for dinner and went to our rooms. As soon as Hal and I were through the door to my room we both started shedding clothes and as soon as I was nude I got on the bed and Hal was there seconds later. I pulled him on top of me, took hold of his cock, rubbed it up and down against my pussy lips and then guided him into me.

We made love twice and then showered and went down to join the others for dinner. After dinner Hal suggested we have a few drinks in the lounge and Gloria laughed and said:

"I don't need to waste time on seduction. Come on Mike" and she took his hand and they got up and left.

Hal looked at me and I shrugged and said, "When she's right, she's right."

We didn't make a big deal out of getting undressed when we got to the room I just got naked and got on the bed and Hal joined me. We enjoyed our first sixty-nine together and then I swung around and mounted him cowgirl until he rolled me over and slammed it into me. He pounded me through two orgasms and when I felt the splash of his discharge it triggered my third climax.

As soon as I had my body under control I slid down and took his cock in my mouth. When I got him up I got on my hands and knees and he took me from behind. I love it from behind and I don't know which of us worked the hardest – him fucking me or me shoving back at him.

We both got off and then snuggled up until it was time for me to call home. I made Hal go sit in a chair while I talked to the kids and when I was done with them I asked if their father wanted to talk to me and after a couple of seconds Jerry came on the line.

"Just checking to see if things are okay."

"If you really cared about things here being okay you would be here making sure that they were."

"Not going there Jerry!" I said and I hung up.

After I put the phone down Hal said, "Earlier you said I could do whatever I wanted so long as it didn't hurt. Does that include anal?"

I had loved anal before I met Jerry, but Jerry thought that it was disgusting. He tried it once and when we were done he pulled his cock out, saw some shit on it and ran into the bathroom and tossed his cookies. I hadn't had anal since then.

"Promise to take it slow and easy until I get used to it?"

"Whatever you want is what you'll get."

We had to use some of my hand lotion for lube, but it got the job done.

We showered together and once his cock was clean I tried to suck him hard again, but given the BJ when we first arrived and the three times before the shower he was done. We fell asleep snuggled up with each other.

He was able in the morning and we got it done before meeting Mike and Gloria for breakfast.

Gloria and I sat together on the flight home and she told me that we needed to spend more time together now that I was back to work.

"Oh yeah, just what I need. You would be trying to line me up so I could be on my back on the bed next to you."

"Would that be so bad?"

"Yes it would. I have almost no chance of being caught if I limit myself to out of town trips. Screwing around at home is like begging to be caught."

"Oh no girlfriend. I already told you that no one but hubby touches me when I'm not on a trip. I just think we need a girl's night out once in a while. A few drinks, dance with a couple of guys, tease them a little and then leave them with a case of blue balls."

"Why would you do that?"

"Because they would be assholes. They would see the rings, but would try to hook up with us anyway. It doesn't bother me to burn assholes. Besides, doing it makes me horny and I go home and practically rape my old man."

"Which is why I couldn't do it."

"Why not?"

"Because it would send me home horny."


"So I wouldn't be able to do anything about it" and I told her the sad story of my relationship with Jerry.

"He said that? He actually called you a fat cow?"

"He did."

"Well fuck him then! Get rid of him."

"No can do. I can't do that to the kids. I'll suffer with Jerry and let Hal take care of the rest when we travel."

"That's no good. You could go weeks without getting laid. I don't know about you, but I can't go three days without getting laid, let alone weeks. We have to figure something out for you."

Things were a little on the cold side between me and Jerry when I got home. I'd known they would be, but then again before my going back to work they hadn't been any better.

I was doing the laundry on Saturday and as I was separating the whites from the coloreds I found a pair of Jerry's briefs with lipstick on the front next to the opening. I stood there staring at them when the light bulb went on over my head came on. Jerry wasn't stupid and Jerry wasn't careless. The shirts with the traces of lipstick, the remains of the condom wrapper and now lipstick stained underwear? I could see maybe one shirt being accidentally overlooked, but the rest of it?

I was meant to find them! I was being set up!

I was supposed to find them and go storming after Jerry and confront him. Faint traces of lipstick on shirts didn't do the trick so let's try a condom wrapper. Shit! That didn't get the job done so let's make it a little more blatant with lipstick on my underwear. Oh no Jerry. Oh no. I put the briefs in the plastic bag with the rest I was saving and wondered what would come next. A full tied off condom where I couldn't miss it? No way Jerry! No fucking way!

I've no idea why Jerry wanted me to confront him, but it wasn't going to happen. Whatever game he was playing he was playing alone because he wasn't going to get a confrontation from me. If he wanted to force the issue then he would have to do it because I was going to be wearing blinders as far as he was concerned.

It was two weeks before my next trip; a three day, two nighter to Boston. Hal wasn't on the trip this time. It was just me and Mike. We went right to Wayman Technologies from the airport and didn't get to the hotel until six. We arranged to meet in the hotel restaurant at seven and as I unpacked and freshened up I wondered if Mike would make a pass at me before the night was over. And then I wondered if I would be receptive if he did.

We ate dinner and after we were finished Mike asked me if I wanted to have a drink or two in the lounge and that led to a dance or two and during a slow number he 'accidently' touched my leg with his erection and I pretended that I didn't notice. After a couple of more drinks Mike asked:

"You and Hal have a thing going or do you just like to play when you are away from home?"

I had expected the question or one like it and I'd had all day to think about it, but still hadn't made up my mind so I said:

"Hal and I don't have a thing going, but as far as just wanting to play when I'm away from hubby I don't know. Hal is the first since I got married."

"Maybe you need to try someone else."

"Maybe I don't want to get a reputation."

"Hey sweetie; what goes on out of town stays out of town."

"What about my out of town reputation?"

"What do you mean?"

"I'm not dumb Mike. I know what you are asking. What if I say yes? What happens the next time you, me and Hal are on a trip? You going to arm wrestle for me. Or do 'rock, paper, scissors' while I stand there and watch? What about my working relationship with Hal back home when he finds out?"

"Hal is cool with it."


"When he hooked up with you I told him how much I envied him. He said I should be patient; that some day I might get a chance. When I found out that we would be alone on this trip I asked him if I would be upsetting any apple carts if I tried with you and he wished me luck. Told me that if I could make it happen I'd be in for the time of my life."

I'm sure that I had a nasty look on my face when I said:

"Oh he did, did he?"

"Don't go having bad thoughts. He also told me he would marry you in a heartbeat if you would leave your husband, but he knows you never will because of your kids. In fact, he told me that he hoped I would get to spend the night with you because it would help lessen the emotions he was feeling where you were concerned."

"He said that?"

"Scout's honor."

That is what made up my mind for me. Emotional entanglements were the last things I needed and as much as I liked Hal I didn't need him stuck on me. Maybe if Jerry got run over by a bus so separating him from the kids wouldn't be a problem and Hal and I could work things out, but not until.

"What the hell" I said to myself as I stood up and dropped the key to my room on the table in front of Mike.

Mike was every bit as good in bed as Hal and he had something that I couldn't get enough of. He had a skinny dick! I was maybe seven and a half inches long, but it wasn't very big around. It was perfect for anal sex and fortunately for me Mike liked anal as much as I did. He did me once in my pussy, but three times in my ass. He had the cleanest cock in town by the time we were done because I kept having to wash it and get it clean so I could suck him hard again.

We made it again in the morning just after the front desk gave us our wake up call. The next night was a repeat and on the flight home Mike said:

"If you would like I'll tell Hal I struck out."

"No. Let him know. It will be much easier for all concerned if the three of us go on a trip together and he knows."

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