Learning Tami

by De Von

Copyright© 2011 by De Von

Erotica Sex Story: After almost giving up on lust for a coworker, a man has one last opportunity, and takes a huge chance with her. It works out for him, in the end...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Cheating   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   .

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Tami was an average woman; not too thin, but not heavy, either. She almost had a 'just-right' kind of build to her, with just a few extra pounds left over from having kids. Tami was in her late twenties. We had met at a construction industry trade conference, where we were both representing the growing small businesses we owned. She and her husband became fast friends with my wife and I, and we began helping each other out on larger jobs.

I had been attracted to Tami on first sight. She was the kind of woman you think of as cute, with short blond hair and a small round face. I've always been attracted to short women, and Tami was barely 5 feet tall, putting her firmly on my radar. I debated if she would be receptive to a clandestine get together, but repeatedly got mixed signals from her. My wife and her husband were both jealous types, so anything that happened between us would have to be kept private, as neither of us could afford to jeopardize our livelihood. We had flirted a little, but mostly left it at that. She seemed pretty content, so I decided she wouldn't respond and was thus not worth pursuing.

Several weeks after my decision, I found myself with a large post build cleanup, and my wife was out of town visiting her family. I called Tami's husband, Tom, for help, but he was working a job of his own. However, he said he could handle it himself and would send Tami over to help me. She arrived about 30 minutes later wearing a cotton blouse and denim skirt that could almost be called mini. Tami apologized for not being dressed appropriately (she usually wore jeans when working) and said she had been on the way to a hair appointment when Tom called and told her I needed help, so she rescheduled and came straight to the job site.

I was glad to see her, and getting to look at her legs was just a bonus for me, as we got to work. We started with cleaning paint off the new windows, and that got us to lunch time. Tami volunteered to go get lunch while I stayed and worked thru waiting for her to return. I had gotten almost to the master bathroom with the cleanup when I heard her pull in the drive again. I went out and immediately could tell something was wrong. When I walked over to her car, I noticed she had eaten most of her lunch on the way, and had spilled her coke in her lap while trying to get out of the car. Embarrassed, she gave me my lunch and said she had eaten on the way back so she could keep working while I ate, in order to let us get done faster. However, now the front of her skirt was all wet. I told her I had just gotten to the master bath, and there were some towels in there she could use to dry the spill. She said she had noticed some paint dripped into the bathtub anyway, and so she would just clean up a bit and then pick up cleaning that area. I got the impression she wanted a little privacy to let her clothing dry, so I agreed and got to work on my burger.

After finishing my lunch, I went back inside to see how Tami was doing. As I walked thru the dark master bedroom, I could see her thru the bathroom door. She was bent over, kneeling on the edge of the bathtub, apparently cleaning the paint that was spilled in it. I could hear her iPod music and see her swaying softly to the music as she cleaned. I stopped a few feet short, not wanting to startle her, but also taking an extra second to admire her pretty ass. As I stood there, something about her seemed different. At first I couldn't place it, so I just stared quietly at her shapely hips and the way they finished themselves nicely into her ass. As my eyes followed the curve of her hips, the difference hit me like a ton of bricks. Her skirt had pulled up as she bent over, and I realized she didn't have any panties on, and I was looking straight at her perfectly shaved pussy lips!!

I eased forward a couple of more steps, careful not to disturb her, and saw her panties lying on the counter near the sink. Apparently they had gotten wet from the spilled coke, and she took them off and rinsed them, then laid them on the counter to dry, thinking she would be done before I came back in, I suppose. As I debated my next step, I noticed the sheen on her skin, and realized those pussy lips staring at me were moist. Whatever she was thinking about, it was turning her on! I could feel my cock getting hard almost instantly, and I knew I had to have her. I closed my eyes and could easily imagine the heat of her on my cock as I slid inside. The last vestiges of doubt faded away as I backed up a couple steps and very carefully lowered my zipper. The iPod helped mask any sounds I might have made, but I wanted to be careful, just the same. The zipper done, I unbuttoned my pants and pushed my underwear down just enough to free my now hard cock and balls.

Now that I was ready, I eased forward again, holding my pants with one hand and my cock, now pointed at Tami's pussy, with the other. When I got about a foot behind her, I wet my right hand with some saliva and lubed the head of my cock with it. From the looks of it, Tami's pussy was quite wet all on its own, but I didn't want to take any chances. With my cock properly lubed, my next series of actions came as one swift motion. I stepped up close behind Tami, letting my left hand move to the center of her back, preventing her from standing up, while with my right I quickly rubbed my cock head up and down her pussy lips, and then snugged it at the entrance to her opening. She gave a startled cry as I did this, and pressed up against my left hand. Her iPod slipped out of her pocket and down into the tub when she jerked upward, pulling the earbuds out. Serenaded by the music rising up at us out of the tub, I held her bent over and swiftly flexed my hips forward, driving my cock into her. I could feel and hear her breath being drawn sharply in as my cock sank balls deep into her hot, wet pussy and my hips slapped loudly into hers. When she still couldn't stand because of my hand on her back, she whipped her head around and looked at me, as I began to partially withdraw and pump my cock in and out of her. Seeing me, she relaxed visibly, and put her hands down in the tub to brace herself against my thrusts.

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