Bought Intercourse Isn't Any Real Love

by Winterfrog

Copyright© 2011 by Winterfrog

Erotica Sex Story: Wife envies her divorced friends and plays with the fire. Husband doesn't like what she is doing but what can he do?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Interracial   .

Many thanks to Renee and Kent for their editing of this story

Some of my old childhood friends and I were gathered at the local pub for planning what to do at our annual "Men's Club Party." Ronald Larsson was late, rushed in and shouted, "Can you guess what I heard at the Golf Club only a few minutes ago?"

Nobody could, so he continued, "That super-asshole, Oliver Janzon was there, obviously a little boozed, sitting with two cohorts and bragging with a loud voice, 'I've hired a new secretary today, a very sexy married chick who accepted the fact that an extra raise in her new salary, higher than at her present job, means a monthly fuck with me. That extra is peanuts for me and saves me a lot of wasted time seducing a new bitch. Such a little salary agreement makes them easy to train to all kind of kinky sex at my demand," Oliver had bragged."

When one of the cohorts had objected that a quickie once month could hardly be any bargain to brag about. Oliver had continued his bragging, "They always thinks it will only be that quickie once a month, at least a newly hired married bitch will think so. Then she gets a rough first introduction to my real rules and learns to obey about when and how I want use her pussy. Both of you will get a good taste of that new pretty pussy when I have her ready for that."

Ronald continued, "We must decide that it is high time to give that asshole Janzon a lesson; that he is not any emperor with unlimited right to fuck married women, at least not here in our small Scandinavian town."

After some arguing, we all agreed to do that. Not only because Oliver's intentions of using a silly greedy bitch who wanted play with her pussy for some economic favors but because we even disliked Oliver Janzon for several other reasons. For one, we are local guys and he is not. He came to our town, seduced, overtook and married a very rich divorcee who at that time was engaged with a good local guy. But we couldn't deny that he is a skilled businessman, who by ruling his wife's enterprises with very rough methods, had gotten their business to grow fast and become very prosperous.

Today, Oliver Janzon and his wife are very rich and obviously living in some kind of open marriage because Oliver's affairs with married women are not any of our town's best-protected secrets. Neither is his wife keeping the real reason of her monthly trip to an "advanced art studying circle" in Paris as any real secret.

The men in our town got a good laugh when Oliver's wife had came back home from a Paris trip with a STD as a 'French souvenir'. She shared it with Oliver, who shared it with his married secretary, who shared it with her husband. The husband owned a shotgun and took action against Oliver as soon as he knew for sure who gave that STD to his wife. But Oliver saw him coming with the shotgun and run away. He was a good runner and the fear increased his speed, that's why he was a long distance away when the husband fired both barrels but only a few lead shots hit the running Oliver.

When that story was out in town, most of us men got a good laugh but a number of the local women felt sorry for 'poor Oliver' and even he was surprised of how many of them wanted to comfort him after the shooting. Several of them even wanted to see him as soon as his STD was cured.

Oliver's very successful womanizing with married women got him hated and then another matter that turned us local guys against Oliver is that his prosperous companies have never given any sponsor money to our local football club; but plenty to the club in his old hometown.

My name is Glen Nylander and I'm a 42 years old engineer working at the public owned central heating plant outside the town. It's where we burn all local garbage in huge burners for warming up the houses in town center.

I'm married to Lisa, 39 year old tall slim, very beautiful real blond. We have two great children, 11 years old Lucas and 9 ears old Amanda. We ought to have been a happy family, at least in my opinion, though nowadays Lisa and I can easily get involved in arguing about some usually very unimportant matters. Even our, one time very great, sex life has fallen down to almost a poor level. I've really tried, but without any success, to get it better. I've suggested romantic weekends and holidays to exotic places both with our children and without them, but she isn't interested of anything of that.

I regret to say that the simple main reason for our marriage problem is that Lisa's best friend and many of her old friends nowadays are divorced. So are even most of her co-workers. Their daily bragging about romantic dates and great one night sex with new men has brought Lisa to envy her friend's free lifestyle and to dream about greener grass beyond the fence.

Of course, Lisa's divorced friends always forget to tell her about all their lonely holidays and other events when they are missing a family. The truth may be that most of Lisa's 'free friends' may envy her good marriage much more than Lisa envies them. But those problems remain as a well kept secret during their bragging about how happy they are in their new life style.

I can in some way understand Lisa's admiration and envy for her 'free friends' and will give her some time to return to be a loving wife, but it can't be for an unlimited time.

Nothing says that she is cheating me because she is never away for much time of her own when it possibly could happen. No strange overtime; no strange late evening visits to old newfound friends and no late girl nights at single dances or single bars.

Coming home, I met a very happy Lisa standing in the kitchen making my and the children's favorite cake, "Why" I asked her, "are we celebrating something?"

She replied with bright smile, "Yes, we are indeed. Just wait till we are all together and I'll tell you the good news."

I waited, and when the whole family was together a happy Lisa told us, "I've got a new job with a fair increase of the salary. At last I will be paid for my qualifications."

She was working at a small local office of big bank and there were rumors that all small offices would be closed due to increasing risk for bank robbers.

I greeted her with, "Congratulations and where is that lucky company that was clever enough to hire a great well qualified employee as you?"

"The main office of Janzon Enterprises", she said.

I got piece of the cake in my windpipe and began an intensive coughing.

Lisa got a feared look and asked, "Something wrong?"

What could I say? I knew that it didn't matter, whatever I said, she wouldn't change her mind until I could show her any real evidence and for the time being I couldn't. I had only heard rumors and that would never be any valid reason for her to skip that new, better-paying job.

"Cake in the windpipe" I said but continued, "Do you know that this Oliver Janzon is acting as a real asshole against his employees, especially his female employees? Nobody who knows him doubts that his bragging about fucking almost all the best looking of them is the truth. Do you have any written and signed contract about the salary and against all kind sexual harassment, if not, your new salary will only be a dream in the sky until your pussy is his toy for his joy."

I continued, "You ought to know that bragging about his seductions is a great pleasure for this Oliver and it is not any disadvantage for him if he will let me know what he has done with you. Please understand that when it happens this marriage will be history."

"Of course I will have a contract, do you really regard me as a whore or an idiot?" she asked.

I was close to say, "yes, both an idiot and a whore" but said only, "May I see your contract?"

"Yes, of course as soon as I get my copy by mail."

Even Lisa got the right feeling that her telling me about Oliver Janzon had turned her happy celebration to a very chilly event. Hopefully she began thinking about the possibly bad consequences about her potential monthly fuck with Oliver Janzon.

The next day I called my closest friends and told them about Lisa's stupidity and they promised to help me to save her from Oliver Janzon. My first step was sneaking away from the job and going home to check the mail. A big package arrived the next day; it was a Friday. I opened it and found a correct contract, some high quality printed information about Companies involved in Janzon Enterprises. But then there was a page from a Ladies Magazine showing two models in sexy underwear together with a Janzon Enterprises requisition form to local Ladies Fashion Shop. Attached was a handwritten message reading, 'Dear Lisa, use the form and get one of each! OJ".

I had my evidence and my friends told me that there was a plan for destroying Oliver but it would be best that I didn't know anything. Of course, I could confront Lisa at this moment but confessing that I had opened her mail would cause serious problem for me.

The first action against Oliver Janzon happened already at the Saturday evening. He is the proud owner of the only Ferrari in our town. It's why he parked it well visible on his driveway for teasing everybody who envied him. Of course, it was protected by cameras with alarm sensors and connected direct to the leading security company.

About one o'clock at that night, a man dressed as an English Premier League football player (soccer in US) in a match dress with a famous star's name in bold letters on his back, had entered the driveway and poured several liters of some 'paint off ' liquid over the car. When the security company was there after six minutes, the 'player' was already far away. The first police patrol car was there about one hour later; the only thing they could do was try to calm down a furious Oliver Janzon.

On Sunday morning, Janzon rang all police chiefs he could find, to obtain a technician that would be forced to work overtime and take pictures of his car. Monday morning the Ferrari case was given to a Criminal Inspector by name Fredrick Jonsson. He was called 'Two Prick Jonsson' or 'TP' among his colleagues. He got that nickname while making a date with a handsome female English police officer during an international conference about football hooligans.

Jonsson spells his name with two dots over 'o' and the Swedish word for dot is 'prick'. What, to him, sounded very English, meant something quite different in England (a penis). That caused some amusement after he introduced himself to her by saying, 'My name is Jonsson, Jonsson with two pricks'.

She had replied, "Oh really? That's amazing, I don't want to miss that and have to see it" before both she and everybody around them got a good laugh.

However, TP Jonsson is a nice guy and had spent the night together with his pretty English female colleague. But the next morning at breakfast, she had jokingly complained to Jonsson's colleges that he was a bloody liar because he had only one prick. His demeanor wasn't the best the rest of the morning.

The main reason why TP had been placed in charge for the local football hooligan matters was that it was an almost non-existing problem in our town. Now the damaged Ferrari got him away from a bank robbery investigation where he had been a pain in the ass for his colleagues.

TP regarded it as a great luck that his English female colleague was working in the city where the club. The dress the Ferrari destroyer had been wearing hailed from her locale. He was a man of action and that's why he faxed some information and a picture to her.

The English cops got a good laugh at the picture and then one of them got a bright idea. They sold the whole story and picture to one of the tabloid newspapers.

The next day the picture was top news at the first page with a headline saying: PREMIER LEAGUE PLAYER IN POLICE INVESTIGATION ABOUT DAMAGED FERRARI.

It was a good story for the English newspaper and got even better when the player's wife told them that her husband hadn't been at home the night the Ferrari was damaged. Now the police jumped in and got the player to confess that he had spent the night together with his mistress. Even that information was sold to the newspaper.

Happy days for the English newspaper when their simple 'page filler' had turned to a real best selling, scandal story. Even the football player's mistress was laughing all the way to the bank after she had sold her story to the highest bidding tabloid newspaper.

The winners were obviously happy and the losers, unhappy. The Premier League star that was thrown out from his home and expecting a very expensive shameful public divorce, promised to strangle his damn Scandinavian look-alike who had brought him into this mess.

Oliver Janzon and his wife weren't happy having an expensive damage to their Ferrari and reading in our tabloid newspapers that had described him as a womanizer who preferred married prey. My wife, Lisa, wasn't happy about my demands to skip her new job, and she still refused listen to me. It was probably because she regarded a monthly fuck with her handsome boss as a big favor rather than a shameful duty.

I wasn't happy about the fact that she still would not listen to my warnings about Oliver Janzon and what would happen if she went too far with him, just as many others did before her.

My friends told me they didn't know any details about the Ferrari attack because they weren't involved in it. Now I understood that there must be some much more serious reasons for somebody to attack Oliver's car than my wannabe slut-wife's expected cheating. Something, which I didn't know, that had caused him or them to plan and organize that very professional attack. However, I had no reason to complain about that coincidence.

As the damaged Ferrari had no connection with my wife, my friends wanted go on in our vendetta against Oliver Janzon and I had no objections when they asked about a slight co-operation from me. I gave them some photos of Lisa. They told me that the next step would be to get some clever guy, unknown to me, make 150 folders to be mailed to important people in our town and to the Janzon Enterprise's most important customers.

Even I got a folder in my job mail. It was very well done with four pages in A5 size, with color print on high quality paper. The front page showed Janzon Enterprise logo and a smiling Oliver holding a sign that said 'Welcome'. A formal invitation to be an honorable guest at a dinner with information about a great new invention was on page 3. The back page contained information about Janzon Enterprises. But it was page 2 that was most interesting for the readers. It was the same ad for sexy underwear Lisa had got from Oliver. But the models' faces were replaced by Lisa's face and the text said, 'during the dinner my secretary will show you the latest fashion in underwear for a hot sexy secretary'.

At the bottom of the page was a framed box with a number and a text that said, 'The winner of this lottery wins a private strip and one hour prime time with the secretary in a room at Grand Hotel direct after the dinner'.

My friends had taken the expenses and efforts for giving Oliver Janzon a real push into a serious sex scandal. But they never told me who did what. Oliver would probably get some problems with his business relations but I don't think it would scare away any of his married fuck sluts, though now I would do my very best to get Lisa to skip her new job.

I expected it to be a real hullabaloo when I met Lisa later that day when the mail was out and took the day off after a couple of hours. At home, now with Lisa's new company underwear at the kitchen table together with a Janzon Enterprise folder, I began waiting in case that even Lisa's boss at the bank had got an folder.

Lisa's boss at the bank had gotten a folder in the mail and I'm sure that she would show it to Lisa. The only question was, if Lisa would go straight to see Oliver or, what I thought, she would come home first to get the underwear. It was serious evidence against her when she denied about her part in the folder.

Right I was. A few minutes after eleven o'clock, Lisa rushed into the house, run straight to the bedroom without noticing me sitting in the kitchen. I heard her screaming in despair as she searched for the new sexy underwear. At last she gave up her searching and came into the kitchen.

When she saw me she screamed, "Glen! Why are you at home?"

"For the same reason as you are. I was curious to see the working clothes for your new job as company whore at Janzon Enterprises." I said and gave her the bag with the underwear.

Then I continued with a loud voice, "How in the hell could that damn slimy asshole Olive Janzon get my shameless wife to begin whoring for him? Is he blackmailing you or something? Dammed, why in the hell are you in that crap? Didn't I warn you about that horny creep?"

Lisa cried loudly for a while before she began sobbing, "Please let me explain. Everything is a big mistake and it is not what you think."

"Don't make me sick with such crap talk. You know exactly what Oliver Janzon expects you to do because whoring must be included in your agreement with him. Otherwise your picture wouldn't have been in his damn dinner invitation. Who bought and paid those whore underwear?" I said and threw the bag to her.

Lisa replied, "It was a gift, nothing else. I think it was because Oliver owns some part of that underwear shop and I have never agreed to any stripping or meeting anybody at a hotel room during the dinner. In fact, I had never heard a word about any dinner. Please Glen, you must believe me."

"I don't and that's the reason why we are going to see Oliver right now. I'll give you a fair choice; skip that job or it will skip this marriage." I told her.

She didn't reply but came with me to the main office of Janzon Enterprises. But it was a useless effort because two security guards outside the main entrance told us Oliver Janzon was abroad and refused to let us in after they had checked my ID.

We did a new attempt at Oliver Janzon's home but even there two security guards were standing outside the door and gave us the same information as those at the office. Not much to do about Oliver at that day.

Back home I once again demanded her to quit that job. To my surprise, now she didn't say "Yes, of course" any longer. Only that she would think about it. My comment to that is not printable. After some further arguing, Lisa promised to do her best to get in connection with Oliver the next day.

The next day Janzon Enterprises had a big advertising campaign in both local and national newspapers telling that they had nothing to do with the scandal folders. The main results of that had seen that the advertising created an enormous interest for that folder that was now even available on the web.

But it was Oliver who had called Lisa at her job and booked a meeting with her the next Monday when he would be back in town. When I asked if she had quit the job, she said that she tried and Oliver had promised that it would be on the agenda on Monday.

Before going to my job at Monday morning, I told Lisa that very day would be one of the most important junctions in her life. She could choose to remain as a married woman with family or join her divorced friends by taking that job and end up as a fuck slut and company whore for Oliver Janzon.

I had warned her several times, told her the consequences of what would happen if she took thet job. Now the choice was hers and the only thing I could do was wait and see.

Back home after the job, I immediately noted that something was wrong, obviously wrong as hell, when I saw the expression in Lisa's face. My first comment could only be, "You didn't do what you ought to do. What the hell did you do?"

Lisa replied, "Yes, I kept the job but please let me explain before you start arguing and accusing me for something."

"There's nothing to explain. It is longer no doubt you want to fuck that damn pussy hound. Did you do that today?" Not any kind question to a wife who got a new, better paying job but, as I knew the background, what else could I say?

Now Lisa got angry and shouted, "What the hell do you think about me?"

I shouted back, "I don't think a damn shit but singing birds have whispered in my ear and I happen to know for sure that fucking is included in that damn secret agreement between Oliver and you. Seems to be just what you're looking for because you've envied your divorced slut friends so much and now you want to join them."

"You're mad, totally mad" she shouted and rushed up to the bedroom.

Lisa came back to the kitchen two hours later and asked if I had calmed down enough to be able to listen to what she had to tell me. As I had no way to avoid hearing that crap sooner or later, I said, "Go on."

She told me that Oliver had been very sorry for that faked folder that had given her so many problems and had promised her a month's extra salary as a compensation for her problems. He had even increased her new salary by ten percent because the secretary job he now offered her needed better qualifications than the job she was offered in first place. Oliver had told her that during the first month at the job, she had right to quit with a two-day notice and she would be paid for a full month plus a compensation month if she didn't like the job.

One of her first duties would to be Oliver's secretary during a twelve-day business trip to South Africa where Oliver would sign both a big export contract for special tools and a new import contract for quality wine. Of course, they would have time for a safari and to see several other famous tourist attractions.

Lisa continued, "only that South Africa trip with flights in business class and the best hotels is worth a fortune, much more than you and me could ever afford to spend. The extra compensation month and my new salary will be such a bargain for the whole family and I have heard so much about South Africa that I had had been stupid if I had said 'no thanks' to that great opportunity. I can promise you that Oliver won't hold me to any secret demands and it must be that shameful faked folder that has caused the fear for my suspected cheating in your mind."

"You'll find out that you are paying a damn high price for that South Africa trip, but it is not too late yet. Skip going there with that pervert pussy-hound and let's go there together, you and me. If we skip business class and skip five star hotels, we can afford it someway if South Africa is so important for you." I told her in a last attempt to save our marriage.

She replied, "Sorry but I can't do that because that trip is a part of my job. I'm sorry but I have to do some traveling if I want to keep that well paying job."

The game was over. Now I knew for sure that my wife was bought out from the marriage and family life. It both surprised and humiliated me to know how damn cheap she had been. The small amount Oliver Janzon had paid with company money could be regarded as peanuts in a company with the turnover of Janzon Enterprise.

To avoid further meaningless arguing, I took a walk that ended up at a pizzeria that had a pub in the basement. A jolly gang of seven guys, co-workers I guessed, was sitting there drinking beer and having good time when one of them got a call in his cell phone. He didn't look happy when the call ended and asked me if I had any plans for the evening.

He told me that they were going to our county capital to see the English actor John Cleese, totally cleaned by a divorce court in California, now on his 'Get money for my greedy ex-wife tour in Scandinavia. One in their party had serious reasons for not coming and that's why they had an extra ticket for the show. I bought it and joined that party for a pleasant evening.

Lisa was already sleeping when I was back home, so I slept in the spare room and went to my job early in the morning while she was still sleeping.

Back home after our jobs, Lisa tried to start arguing but I simply said I had told her the truth and that was all I had to say.

One week later, Lisa quit her job at the bank and her co-workers held a big party for her. No spouses were invited, that was okay with me.

Then, after only working a week at Janzon Enterprises main office, it was time for her Africa business trip with Oliver Janzon.

I knew for sure that Lisa's last night at home before the trip, would be the last night for Lisa and me as a couple, so I loaded with Viagra and fucked her rough in all her openings. No tender caressing or whispering about love. Just hard fucking, much harder than I ever done before. Though Lisa didn't like sucking my cock, she used to give me a tender sucking for a few minutes on my birthdays. But that holy night, and for the first time in her life, I had her to take a real deep throat, mouth fuck and had her to swallow the whole load, something she never done before. Anal sex had never before been our game; we had only done it as a light petting with only a few centimeters in her. But during that holy night, nothing was as before, and why I, in a one forceful thrust, pushed all I have in her. Oliver would get my wife, but without any virgin holes left for him. To my great surprise she got an intensive orgasm during a hard doggy style.

Afterwards she asked me, "Are you happy now?"

"No." Was my simple reply, because I felt myself as a shameful creep for treating her as a cheap whore and tried to convince myself that my male ego needed it.

The next morning she left early without waking me up. Her only goodbye was a note on the kitchen table what read, "I LOVE YOU."

Lisa's flight to South Africa was an 18-hour night flight so her second night from home was her first in South Africa. I knew they would stay a few days at Hilton Sandton in Johannesburg, so I, at three o'clock in the morning, rang the hotel and said I was a Doctor Harald Schnaiders at our county hospital and had an urgent call for their guest, Mr. Oliver Janzon I was switched to his room. When Oliver took the call after several signals, I told him that I was Doctor Harald Schnaiders from our county hospital and had an urgent call to Mrs. Lisa Nylander.

I could hear in the phone that even Lisa had awakened from the ringing phone and her surprised comment when Oliver told her to take the phone because it was to her. A few further seconds she took the phone and a worried voice said, "Lisa Nylander speaking."

"Shameless whore, why in the hell are you naked in that asshole Oliver Janzon's bed three o'clock at the night? You cheating bitch have already fucked him the first day there." I said to my very surprised wife with a low voice so Oliver couldn't hear me.

No doubt that my guess about Lisa to be naked had been correct, she sobbed, "No, Glen, it is not what you think. It is innocent. You must believe me and I can explain everything."

Oliver understood that something was wrong, took the phone and shouted, "Go to Hell."

Now I knew for sure that what I had expected to happen had already happened. Oliver wasted no time for enjoying those pleasures he had paid for.

A very regretful Lisa called me the next day and tried to explain that she slept in Oliver's room for safety reasons only because the crime level is very high in South Africa. She even suggested skipping her job and taking the next flight home.

I replied, "Please don't try to convince me that the safety at that five star Hilton is so poor that you have to share a bed with such a piss-ant as that Janzon. The damage is already done so there's no need for you to come home. Stay there forever if you want, I don't miss you."

Of course I had a very sad feeling when my, once in the time happy, marriage had turned to such crap. But shit happens and now was time to begin with positive thinking again.

Two days later I met a doctor. A very pretty female gynecologist and of all possible places, we met at a supermarket. In fact, it was my daughter, Amanda, who began talking with a girl of her own age and within short time they were giggling together. The girl's mother asked Amanda and her daughter, "Do you know each other?"

Both girls replied, "We are in the same class at school."

Then I introduced myself and Amanda to the mother, who introduced herself as "Carina Olson, Lina's mother and new in town."

Then she got a strange look in her face and asked me, "I don't know if I dare to ask you, but I'm single and don't know whom to ask about a slight problem in my new house. Maybe you could be the right man to adjust the thermal heater? You'll get a cup of coffee and home baked cookies."

I replied with my best smile, "Amanda's friends are my friends; we can make it directly after the shopping."

Carina's problem wasn't any big thing and I fixed it within few minutes. During the coffee break what followed, she told me that she was a newly divorced, 37 seven years old and doctor at our local hospital. She had chosen a job in our town because she had her roots in a village outside our town plus her old mother was at an old folk's home near here.

"You'll get me as a new member to the single club soon too, because I filed for divorce earlier today. My, soon to be ex thinks it will be a jolly good, exciting living." I explained.

Carina shook her head and said, "Bullshit."

Our coffee break lasted almost two hours with pleasant talking while the girls spent most of the time playing in Lina's room. When I told Amanda it was time to go home, both girls suggested fixing and having the dinner all together. I looked at Carina and said it was okay for me, we could do it in my house if she accepted. She did. My son Lucas joined us and all five took part in the kitchen work. There was much joy and laughing during that evening.

Later that evening, though nothing had happened between us, I couldn't resist thinking about Carina's bright eyes and sweet smile while trying to fall to sleep.

Lisa and I had no connection during the next two days, until one of my friends called me at my job and suggested an interesting web address. It contained only one picture, but what a picture. Oliver Janzon dressed only in a garter belt and stockings, was standing against a billiard table, ass fucked by big black man. The only text said, "Oliver Janzon enjoys Africa".

No doubt that it was a faked picture, but whoever had done it, he or she had to be one of the very best Photo-Shop artists I had ever seen. After a good laugh, the picture was downloaded to my new cell-phone and sent to Lisa's cell-phone with a message, 'Janzon increasing his fame on the web. 50% chance that he and then even you will get AIDS'

It was easy to recognize Oliver Janzon even on a cell phone three and a half inch screen, but impossible to see if the picture was faked or not. Hopefully that creep got a pleasant day after Lisa had shown him that message.

They replied later in the evening with two pictures from Lisa to my cell-phone. The first showing Lisa sucking a white cock, obviously Oliver's, and the second picture was showing her cum soiled face.

My immediate reply was a text message saying, 'Thanks for the pictures, please send more of that kind to be included in our divorce documents. I'm sure your parents and friends will be proud of you for that new job you've got when they see what you duties you are doing there.'

Lisa's reply came one hour later, a text what read, 'Please don't do that. Oliver took and sent these pictures without my knowledge. He regrets what he did.'

Something told me that Lisa's South Africa trip wasn't that happy holiday she expected it to be. My phone call and messages hadn't made it happier. My next text to her read, 'I doubt that this could Oliver fucking a married woman's mouth without her knowledge. Don't forget I've warned you about AIDS.'

Lisa's next message, two days later, was a picture of a strange shaped mountain. She had even talked with our children at a time she knew that I wasn't at home.

My new friend, Carina, lightened up my next day by inviting me and my children for dinner on Saturday evening. We had a good time together with the kids and when they were tired, I began talking about calling it night. Carina said that she could sleep in her spare room so my kids and I could sleep over in her bedroom. We adults could then have a nightcap and adult talk.

Carina opened the bottle of wine I had brought with me and began by talking about her marriage and the divorce. It would be final in three months. Her ex had got a second chance after his first cheating, but it lasted only three months until he got caught again. She missed him and some of the advantages in her present job and living here was getting away from him. A third chance for him was out of question.

My story was about how Lisa had begun to envy her divorced friends and co-workers when they bragged about their dates and new lovers. I continued with the story about her new job and my efforts to stop her from taking it. It was even after knowing her boss was bragging about his nasty intentions with a new secretary. To my knowledge, Lisa had never cheated on me before the South Africa trip. It was there when she got caught her in her boss' bed during their first night there. Then I showed Carina the pictures I received from Lisa's cell phone and said that were the last straw on the camel's back. That's why I had filed for divorce. In my case even a second chance was out of question.

Then we talked about our futures. Carina said that she neither wanted to be any, happy divorced man-hunting single' nor did she intend to stay alone for rest of her life. To my question if she was dating anybody for the time being. She smiled at me and said that I was her only male friend in this town outside the job. Then she asked if we could continue seeing each other when Lisa was back. My reply was that my main goal was to get Lisa out from the house the sooner the better, and if she demanded to stay until the divorce was final, I would move out as soon as possible.

When it was my turn to talk about the future, I told her that neither I had any interest for 'one nights' but a dream that some pretty woman wanted share to her future with an average guy. A woman that wanted an average bloke such as me along with my kids. Carina asked, "How about her kids, if that pretty woman has any?"

"I'm sure everybody will see it as a good solution that would be fine, with slight giving taking and adjusting at the beginning. It works very well for many others." I said with a smile.

Her next question was, "Are you thinking about courting any of your wife's divorced friends? I'm sure you will get serious offers. Doesn't matter what they have said to your wife."

"They are out of question. I will prefer someone who has felt the pain of having a cheating husband and want to go on with her life together with a faithful man. I'm sure she will understand me much better than any of Lisa's friends." Carina had a very satisfied look in her face when I said that.

Carina offered us breakfast before we would leave to go home. We listened to the local radio station while eating when hearing the news about an explosion. It had had caused serious damage at a villa owned by director Oliver Janzon and his wife.

I shouted, "Good Lord that means problems."

Carina was staring at me when she asked with chilly voice, "Do you know anything about that? If you want to see Lina and me any further times, please tell me the truth. Do you know anything about that?"

"You ought to know what I did yesterday evening and tonight. I can swear that I don't have the slightest idea about Janzon's villa or know anything about Janzon's destroyed Ferrari. I also don't know who put the anal sex picture on the web. I confess that I downloaded the anal-sex picture from the web, sent it to Lisa's cell phone and warned her about AIDS. I'm sure that those faked party invitations were made by someone for me. They were totally Photo Shopped by an artist. It was probably paid by some of my friends, but I swear to you when I say, I don't know who did what in these matters". I continued,

"No doubt that Janzon must have many enemies. Some of them are obviously very powerful people who can do well planned actions. For instance, the Ferrari attack and the house damage sound carefully planned. I can promise you that I neither have the skills to do anything like that, nor regard Janzon worth as much as a single day in jail." I told her.

She replied with a softer voice, "I believe you and beg you to promise me that you'll not do anything stupid, neither to your wife or that Janzon when they are back from South Africa. They are not worth that."

"One of my friends got three months in jail for hitting his wife's boss. He had got her drunk and obviously raped her. I think that such creep as Janzon could create more serious consequences and as I said before, he is not worth a single day. My wife knew exactly what she was involved in and the divorce will be enough for her. Especially when she finds out that the happy single life will not be as happy as she expected." Was my reply to Carina.

My kids and I went home for a couple of hours before we would go to McDonald's together with Carina and Lina by the kids' request.

The radio had some further news about Oliver Janzon's villa. The newscaster said that Mrs. Janzon was on her way home from Paris and Mr. Janzon was in Africa on business. It was explained that no one had been in the villa during that, so far, unexplained explosion. The Police promised further news as soon as they had anything important to say.

Then the landline phone rang and to my surprise it was Lisa. She and I hadn't talked since the day after I found her in Oliver's bed. Now she shouted, "What the hell have you done with Oliver's house? Have you turned totally mad?"

"You can tell your pimp that I don't give a shit about what happens to his damn house. I heard it on the radio but as I said, I don't care a shit." I told my soon to be ex.

She continued, "You are the main suspect and I really hope you will rot in jail."

"Sorry to disappoint you but I can hardly be a suspect at all. I have a very good alibi as I was with company during the evening and night when the radio said it happened." I said.

Then Lisa wanted to talk with our kids. They told her that we had spent the evening together with Lina and her mom and stayed overnight at their house.

Only ten minutes after Lisa's call, two police officers, a man, but not that infamous TP, and a woman in civilian clothes rang my door. They asked if they could come in and ask me a few questions. I said, "Sure, Come in."

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