A New One

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2011 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: A story about a man and what has happened to him in his life.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang   Slow   .

You often hear the phrase that "Life isn't fair" and I'm living proof that it is true. But every once in a while life gives you a gift that helps ease things somewhat. Again, I'm living proof.

I was an indifferent student. Not a poor one – I maintained a B average – but I just didn't care for school so college wasn't in my future. I'd never been more that fifty miles from the town I was born in so one of the things I wanted to do was travel. Travel meant money and money meant a good job that paid well and while there may have been plenty of jobs in our town none of them paid well enough for me to do what I wanted to do. The day after graduation, diploma in hand, I was waiting at the front door to the Army recruiting office when the recruiter unlocked the door. I filled out a bunch of forms and when asked what I would like to do I put down Airborne, Infantry, Armor and lastly Artillery. Three days later I was on a bus headed for Fort Knox, Kentucky and Basic Training.

After Basic the Army consulted my list of choices, decided that I didn't really want any of those things, so next on my travel itinerary was a trip to Fort Lee, Virginia where I learned the basics of keeping the Army supplied. I learned how to build crates, pack supplies, and drive the forklifts that loaded the stuff on the trucks and rail cars that would move it to where it was needed. At the end of the course I was given a list of places where my MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) was needed and asked to mark my preferences in the order I would like to go. I chose Britain (two places), Germany (three places), France (one place), Spain (one place), Italy (two places) and Hawaii. Naturally the Army being the Army looked at my choices and decided that I really didn't mean it when I made those choices and they shipped me off to Korea.

I spent the next sixteen months as a Supply Handler at the 55th Quartermaster Depot in Pusan, Korea. That included a six week TDY (temporary duty assignment) to Yokohama, Japan and a three week TDY to Seoul.

Next on my world tour was a twelve month assignment to Fort Lewis, Washington which is where I would be stationed when my enlistment ran out. Two months before the end of my enlistment I was not surprised when the first sergeant called me into his office and tried to sweet talk me into considering the Army as a career. I told him honestly that I didn't really think I wanted to do that and he asked me why. I gave him chapter and verse on how I ended up in Supply instead of the choices I'd made when I enlisted and in Korea when I had selected the other side of the world when they gave me a list to choose from. I told him that the Army just didn't seem to give a shit where I was concerned.

"Besides, I can't see packing and moving boxes for the next twenty years."

"I guess I can see how you are looking at it, but you have to realize that the Army needs to put people where they are needed. They needed people in Supply and they figured that you could do the job so that is where they put you. Same with duty assignments. They put you where they think you will be the best fit. There is more to Supply than packing stuff and loading trucks. Someone has to manage the warehouses. Someone has to schedule the movement of material, keep track of inventory and order what is needed and see to it that it gets to where it is needed in a timely manner. Someone has to supervise the people. The list goes on and on. You made corporal in two years and most, if they make corporal at all, don't get the rank until near the end of their enlistment so higher obviously thinks you have the goods. If you reenlist now I can guarantee a slot in the next Supply Management training class and you should be a shoo in for E-5 by the end of the course."

The man could have sold sand to an Arab and after another half hour of talk Uncle Sam had me for another three years. The first shirt tried hard to get me to take six, but I was just a tad leery. He made some promises, but I had already seen that once you sign on the dotted line the Army does what it feels like. I'd just wait and see what happened before committing to a twenty year career.

Sergeant Ebers was straight with me. I received orders for the eight month Supply Management course at Fort Lee and after a thirty day leave I reported in. The course didn't prove to be hard and I breezed through it and finished in the top five of a class of thirty-two. Next on my world tour was a twelve month assignment to Fort Hood, Texas and six months into my stay there I was promoted to E-5 (buck sergeant). Next I was posted to Stuttgart-Mohrigen in Germany for a year and on leaves I was able to visit England, France and Spain. Then it was back to the US for a tour at Fort Leonard Wood. Again, two months from the end of my enlistment I was in the office of the first shirt where he did his best to convince me that my future was with the Green Machine, but he was fighting a losing battle because that time I wasn't buying it.

I'd had six years to discover one of the Army's basic truths and that was that the majority of officers major and under (with the exception of ninety percent of West Pointers) were incompetent, screaming assholes or both This might not be true of line officers, but it damned sure was true of the idiots in the Quartermaster Corp. I firmly believe that Supply was the dumping ground for officers that couldn't cut it in other branches.

I'd seen dozens of my fellow grunts go up on chicken shit Article 15 hearings and Summary Courts Martial's usually because some brain dead officer fucked up and laid the blame off on the closest enlisted man. I watched guys whose only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time while serving under an incompetent clown get sent of to the stockade for anywhere from ninety days to a year. Over a year and you got an all expenses paid trip to Leavenworth. I could see that it was only a matter of time until it happened to me. I told the top "thanks, but no thanks."

I did my last two months, being called in to the first sergeant's office once a week for the sales pitch (he even promised me E-6 within six months) which I resisted, and then I took my discharge and headed home.

I spent the first two weeks getting reacquainted with people I knew and looking for an apartment. Once I was settled in I went looking for a job. Surprisingly I was hired by the first company I applied to. XYZ Industries just happened to need a man in their shipping and receiving department and one look at my Army experience got me the job.

I had gone to school with two of the guys who worked in shipping so I wasn't an 'outsider' when I started. At the end of my first day Sam and Dave asked me if I wanted to stop after work with them to have a drink or two at the Landing Strip and shoot some pool. I had nothing better to do so I went. There were another three or four there who I had gone to school with so it was a mini-reunion of sorts. After that I stopped at The Strip once or twice a week.

One night Abe Costico asked me if I was doing anything on Wednesday nights and when I told him no he told me that the mixed league he bowled in needed substitute bowlers. Wednesday evening I went over to Starlight Lanes and signed up. I subbed for about two months and then one of the guys on the Wilson Jewelers team got transferred out of state and I was asked to take his place.

The team consisted of Joe and Mary Moore, Phil and Sandy Barnes and me. I'd gone to school with Joe and Mary although her name had been Ostermann back then. Phil and Sandy had moved to town after I'd departed on my world tour.

I was amazed at the change in Mary. Back when we had been in school she had been stand-offish and even a bit timid. Now she was loud and outgoing and had a bit of the raunchy in her. She was always on me about my love life, which sorry to say, was non-existent. I was dating some, but hadn't gotten to the point with any of my dates where 'intimate behavior' was going to occur. Mary kept laughing and telling me that if I wanted to bring my average up (158 if anyone cares) I needed to get laid more often. I'd look at Joe and he would just shrug as if to say "Hey, it's Mary; it's the way she is. What can I say?"

One night when I stopped at The Strip after work with Sam and Dave I saw Joe there shooting eight ball with Arnie Miller. When Joe lost Sam was the next one to take on Arnie and Joe came and sat with me. While we worked on our beers curiosity got the better of me and I asked Joe about the change in Mary. How had she gone one-eighty from the way she used to be?

"I married her."

"You are that much of a magician?"

"No, but marrying me got her away from her family. Her father was an abusive drunk and her mother was just a plain drunk with no spine and she didn't keep daddy from abusing the kids. I got her out of that house and she blossomed."

Bowling ended and I signed up for a summer men's house league and in the fall I went back to the mixed league as a member of the Wilson team. Three weeks after the fall season began Joe and Mary showed up with a very beautiful young girl and I was introduced to Mary's younger sister Kathy.

"I'm trying to get her to take up bowling" Mary said, "And I brought her down here tonight to watch."

It was a good night for us. We took the first and third games and total pins and as we were putting our balls and shoes away Mary told me she was going to teach Kathy to bowl starting the coming Saturday and she asked me if I would like to join them. I said I'd like to and to shorten the story some I asked Kathy for a date and even though I was six years older than she was she said yes. Six months later she said years again when I proposed and three months later we were married.

Kathy was a virgin when we tied the knot, but happily I wasn't. I'd had sex nearly every place I had been and between the American, Spanish, French, German, English and oriental girls I'd been with I had learned a lot and I rejoiced at being able to teach my bride everything that I knew. Kathy took to sex like a drunk grabs a bottle of booze – eagerly! The only thing she refused to even consider was anal, but there was so much of everything else that I didn't care.

At work one day I was asked to report to Jason Riley's office. Jason was the manager of Shipping and Receiving and as I sat there waiting to be admitted to his office I was running through my trying to think of what I might have done to get me called on the carpet. It turned out to be nothing bad. XYZ had purchased a program that was remarkably similar to the one the Army used for inventory control and to track purchasing.

"As I remember from your original interview you were well versed in the use of the Army's system and while what we have just purchased isn't the exact same system we were told that it was developed based on the Army's system. How would you like to move out of the warehouse?"

Just like that I had a significant raise and a title. I was the Supervisor of Inventory Control. I got a huge ration of shit from Sam and Dave who accused me of being a suck ass, but I could tell that it was good natured.

Kathy wanted to wait for a while before having kids, but she didn't want to sit at home all day and watch soap operas until I got home from work so she got a job waitressing at the Town and Country Restaurant. The next five years were pretty good at work and on the home front.

It was shortly after our fifth wedding anniversary that Kelly began to lose interest in making love. She never said no to me, but she never initiated it any more. The days of her waiting for me at the front door in nothing but high heels were long gone, but Kathy had usually come after me a couple of times a week, but that wasn't happening any more. I was racking my brain trying to figure out the change when Kathy finally told me. We had just finished dinner and Kathy said:

"I want a divorce Frank."

"A divorce? Why in God's name do you want a divorce? What have I done?"

"It isn't anything that you did Frank; I just don't love you any more and I'm sorry to have to say it, but I don't know that I ever loved you. I like you a lot, but I think I only married you so I could get out of the house and away from my father and mother."

I sat there looking at her and I remembered what Joe had said about Mary getting away from her folks.

Then the 'unsaid' occurred to me.

"What you are really saying is that you have found someone else who you think you do love."

She looked away from me and I asked, "How long has it been going on?"

"It doesn't matter Frank."

"It matters to me Kathy. How long have you been cheating on me? How long have you been stabbing me in the back? And just who is the asshole? And don't try telling me he isn't an asshole. Men who go after married women are assholes."

"Don't make this any harder than it has to be Frank. I don't love you and I want out. I could have just moved out while you were at work and had you served, but I wanted to be upfront about it and tell you face to face."

"Bullshit Kathy! If you wanted to be upfront you would have told me before you started fucking the asshole. You want a divorce? Fine! Go get one, but now that I know what a whore you are I want you out of the apartment now. Right now! Right this minute! I'll box and bag all your stuff and you can come by and get it tomorrow when I get home from work."

"Be reasonable Frank. Where am I supposed to go on a moments notice? We can co-exist. I don't hate you Frank; I just don't love you."

"Get out Kathy. Go live with the asshole you are fucking."

"He is out of town until next week. You can put up with me for that long."

"I could, but I won't. Live on the street until he gets home. I don't care if you need to get a cardboard box and live under the 12th Street underpass; just get out now before I physically throw you out."

"Please Frank, I..."

"Out Kathy! Now!!"

She started crying and saying, "Please Frank; don't do th..." and I stood up, took her arm and drug her to the door. I opened it, pushed her outside and then closed the door and locked it. I went and found her purse, took the apartment key off her key ring, took all of the credit cards and ATM cards out of her wallet and then went and opened the door and tossed her purse out after her. She was standing there begging me to let her back inside and I closed the door in her face.

Was I being unreasonable? Probably. But she wasn't just leaving me; she had cheated on me and there was no forgiveness in me for that. I cleaned up the kitchen and then, making sure that Kathy wasn't outside waiting, I went to Home Depot to get a new locking front door knob and a keyed alike deadbolt. Then I hurried home to install them against the possibility that Kathy had a spare key somewhere.

Two hours later the doorbell rang and I looked out the spy hole and saw Mary and Joe standing there. I invited them in, offered them a beer and then waited for what I knew was coming. Mary took a pull on her beer and then said:

"Kathy called me and told me that you threw her out. Is it true?"

"Did she tell you why?"

"Then you did throw her out."

"Yes I did, but did she tell you why?"

"Just that you threw her out and she had no place to stay."

I told Joe and Mary the story and Mary's face showed anger. For a second I thought it was at me for kicking her sister out, but then she said:

"That stupid, stupid little bitch. I'm sorry Frank. I came over here to raise hell with you over the way you treated Kathy and now all I want to do is wring her neck. Any chance that the two of you can work past this?"

"None. For one she said she didn't love me and wasn't sure that she ever had so there is nothing to build on to help get by it and secondly she cheated on me with another man. That is something that I can't forgive let alone forget."

After Joe and Mary left I finished off the three bottles of beer left in the fridge and went to bed.

Things moved quickly after that. I didn't wait for Kathy to file for divorce. I got an attorney and filed. The state was 'no-fault' so I couldn't claim infidelity even if I wanted to (which I did). Everything was to be split equally which was no big thing since we had nothing of consequence. We hadn't been married long enough for Kathy to have any claim on my pension or 401(k), but I did have to pay her $126.00 a week alimony for two years or until she remarried which ever came first. What really pissed me off was that I had been putting money into a special savings account for the down payment on a house and I had to give Kathy half of it even though she had never put a dime into it from what she made.

The week after I pushed her out the front door she moved in with a guy named Raymond Rydell. Being a somewhat vindictive sort, one night about a month after I had filed against Kathy I was waiting outside the Town and Country when Kathy got off work. Ray worked afternoons at the box factory so Kathy had shifted her hours from days to afternoons. Ray got off work at eleven-thirty and Kathy got off at midnight so Ray would come to the restaurant and drink coffee until Kathy got off work.

When they came out and walked to his car I came out of the shadows and stood in front of him and said, "I owe you motherfucker" and I hit him as hard as I was able. He was stunned and I moved in and beat the living fuck out of him while Kathy cried and tried to pull me off of him. He was laying in a heap on the ground and after kicking him in the nuts a couple of times I bent down over him and said:

"This is the price you pay for going after another man's wife. If you are smart, and I'm betting that you aren't, it ends here. You've just paid the price for fucking Kathy while she was still married to me. Take the beating, accept that you earned and deserved it and walk away. Call the cops and if I end up in jail, even if it is only overnight until I can make bail, I'll come back when I get out and break both of your arms. If I go to jail for that I'll come back and break both of your legs. A third trip to jail will see me putting you in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. Understand me here Ray; I am as serious as death."

I stood up and looked at a crying Kathy and said, "Okay cunt! Now you can kiss him and make it better."

I walked away and went home. I fully expected the police to show up at my door and had in fact already set things up so I could get bailed out, but the cops never came. I guess Ray either accepted that he had it coming or he had believed my threats which, by the way, I had meant every word of.

A month after the divorce was final Kathy moved out of Ray's place and I wondered if she had suddenly decided that she didn't love him either and had picked another lover to replace him as she had with me. I wondered, but not enough to try and find out. Kathy dropped out of sight and even Mary didn't have a clue as to where she might have gone.

Three years went by and my work life was great. Jason had retired and I was promoted into his job. Personal life was okay. I dated a lot and got laid some, but never found that one 'special girl' to hook up with.

First night of the fall league Mary showed up without Joe. She went over to talk to the league secretary and when she came back to the alleys we were on I asked her where Joe was.

"Joe is gone."

I raised my eyebrows at that and she noticed and said, "I owe you an apology."

"What for?"

"For thinking you were an asshole for throwing Kathy out. I just couldn't understand how you could so suddenly turn on someone you had lived with for as long as you had. Now I know how you were feeling at the time."

"He didn't."

"Yes he did and with my best friend."

"I'm sorry Mary."

"So am I. Eleven years flushed down the drain. At least you didn't have kids."

After bowling Mary and I hit the bar for a drink and while we were talking she said:

"I don't know if this will make you feel good or piss you off, but I heard from Kathy last month. I said nothing and she went on, "She is miserable and she knows that it is her own damned fault."


"She told me that her life hasn't been worth a shit since she lost you. She said it was a case of not realizing what she had until it was gone."

I shrugged and ordered us another round.

A month later when we hit the bar for a beer after bowling she asked, "Can you do a girl a favor?"

"I suppose."

"I need to get out of the house. Care to take me out to dinner?"

"I guess I can do that."

I took her out to dinner on Saturday and then she wanted to go to The Black Mushroom for a drink and then of course she wanted to dance and we ended up closing the place. As I pulled out of the Mushroom's parking lot Mary said:

"You know what would be a perfect ending for this night?"


"A guided tour of your bedroom."

I didn't say anything, but my face must have read "You can't be serious."

"I'm nowhere near ready for a serious relationship Frank, but I really, really do need to get laid."

"Your wish is my command."

Mary and I fell into a friends with benefits relationship that lasted for almost six months. While pursuing our FWB relationship Mary would occasionally bring up Kathy and tell me that Kathy had asked about me and how I was doing every time she called.

"She knows she fucked up Frank. You should give her a call."

"No thanks Mary; once burned twice shy. Besides, I don't even have a number for her and I have no idea where she is."

"I have her number."

"Thanks, but no thanks."

And then one night Mary said that it would be our last time.

"I feel guilty as hell messing around with you after talking with Kathy and finding out how she feels about you."

A month later her company opened a new office in Dallas and she moved there to be the office manager.

I was having lunch with Dave one day and he asked me if I had ever been to a gangbang.

"No. Why do you ask?"

"I just wondered what one would be like."

"I saw a porn film once where a girl did three guys, but that probably doesn't count since they were all faking it."

"How do you fake a hard on?"

"The guys weren't. A hard cock and a warm hole and they could do what needed to be done, but I got the feeling from watching the woman that the only reason she didn't just lay there and chew gum while they did her was because she didn't have any. Why the wondering? Going to one?"

"I'd like to, but I don't dare. My wife can read me like a book. If I did something like that she'd see a change in me and she would badger me until I spilled the beans. I don't think that finding out what a gangbang would be like would be worth ruining my marriage over. You're single. You could do it."

"I wouldn't know how to find out where one would be."

"A friend of mine is setting one up for a girl he knows who wants to celebrate her birthday with a gangbang. If you are interested I could tell my friend. Okay to give him your number?"

I thought about it for maybe a second or two before telling him to go ahead.

Two days later I got a call from Dave's friend Norm. He asked me if I had a real interest in joining in. I asked if he could tell me a little more about it.

"Not much to tell. She wants a gangbang on her birthday which is next Thursday. We will be doing it at my place. She wants five guys. She isn't a skank. She's a damned fine looking woman who is curious about sex with more than one or two guys. She prefers bareback, but doesn't care if the guys want to use condoms. All three holes are available and she will go until none of the guys can get it up again."

The part about all three holes being available interested me since I'd never had anal even though I'd often tried to get it. I used to ask Kathy for it once a week, but she would never let me touch her there. I told him to count me in.

"Not that easy. Dave vouches for you, but she was very specific in the kind of guys she wants. I need you to email me a couple of pictures. I need one of your face and a full body shot showing your equipment. She won't see the photos and won't have any idea of what the guys look like until the night of the party. I'll also need something from a clinic or a doctor telling that you are drug and disease free."

I did what he wanted and two days later I got a phone call telling me that I'd made the cut.

"Funny thing. You are almost exactly what she described as wanting."

He gave me his address and told me that the party would start at seven. I had something going the day of the party so I told him I'd be a half hour late.

"One other thing" he said. "It is her birthday and we will have a cake. Bring her a birthday present of some kind. She doesn't know about that part so it will be a surprise."

I got there at seven-twenty and rang the bell. A naked man answered the door, introduced himself as Norm and then said to follow him down to the basement where the party was going on. We were almost to the bottom of the stairs to the basement when I heard:

"Okay. Who wants to go next?"

I stopped dead in my tracks absolutely stunned. I grabbed Norm's arm stopping him. Keeping my voice low I said:

"I have a problem here."


"I recognized the voice when she asked who was next. That's my ex-wife Kathy in there. My problem is that I don't want to ruin your party, but I don't want to pass up this chance either. She would never let me have her ass. I've never had anal and the reason I wanted to be here was that you said all three holes would be available so I would be able to try it. Now, knowing that it is Kathy, I want it more than ever. I'm just afraid that when I walk in there and she sees me she will freak out and that will kill things for everybody."

He looked at me for several seconds and then he asked, "Did you love her?"

"Yeah; I did."

"See the flashing light bulb over my head?"


"It just dawned on me why she was so specific in describing the kind of man she wanted here and why you are a perfect fit for that description. She isn't over you."

"Bullshit. We've been divorced for over four years and I haven't seen her in over three."

"Then explain to me why the men she wanted here had to be like you?"

"I can't."

"Okay, here is what we are going to do. I'm going to get her on her hands and knees facing away from the stairs. You come into the room, move in behind her and then tap the ass she would never let you have. I'm betting that when she sees it is you she will go nuts, but not freaky nuts. I'm betting she won't leave you alone for as long as you are here. I don't think you will ruin the party at all. I think that you are going to make the party for her. Give me five minutes."

I gave him six and went I went into the basement Kathy's head was in Norm's lap and some guy was fucking her doggie. Norm put both hands on Kathy's head and said:

"That's it baby, suck it. Deep throat me baby; take it all."

That must have been a signal because the guy fucking Kathy moved out of the way and waved me forward. I moved up behind her and slid my cock in her pussy to get it wet. I noticed that I wasn't going to be the first one in her ass, but that was okay because it meant I wasn't going to have to spend a lot of time trying to work myself in. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and placed it against her butt hole. Kathy felt it and knew what was coming and she pushed back at me. An inch of my cock popped into her ass and I grabbed her hips and started slowly fucking.

Norm took his hands off of her head and Kathy took her mouth off his cock to moan, "Oh yes, oh yes, fuck my ass honey, fuck my ass" and she went back to sucking Norm while pushing her ass back on my dick. I fucked her until ready to blow and then I said:

"Damn it Kathy. Why wouldn't you ever give me this when I did everything but beg you for it."

Her head shot up from Norm's dick and she looked back over her shoulder. There was shock on her face as she exclaimed "You!!"

"Yes Kathy, me. It is me in your tight little ass."

"Shut up and fuck me damn you, fuck me!"

I went back to pounding her and in less than a minute I blew my load deep in her ass. I held my cock there for a bit as it softened and started to pull it out.

"No!" she cried, "You can't stop. Don't you fucking dare stop!"

"Sorry, but you need a stiff cock to keep going."

Kathy surprised me and probably everyone else in that basement when she pulled off my soft cock, spun around and took my cock in her mouth. Straight from her ass and coated with my cum, the cum of whoever had gone before me and whatever else was in there and she took it in her mouth with no hesitation.

"Whoa dude" one of the guys said, "She must really want what you got."

I noticed that Norm was smiling and had an "I told you so" look on his face. All I could do was shrug. A guy moved in behind her and slipped his cock into her – ass or pussy, I couldn't tell – and she pushed back at him as she reached up, gripped my ass cheeks and held on as if her life depended on it. Her mouth had predictable results and when I was hard she kept blowing me until the guy fucking her pulled out. Before anyone else could take his place she pulled her mouth off of me and turned around so she was on her hands and knees and facing away from me. She looked back at me over her shoulder and moaned:


I only hesitated a moment and then I took her ass again. Everyone watched as she slammed herself back at me and kept begging me to do her harder and faster and to never stop, but of course I had to after pumping my second donation of the night into her. I pulled my soft cock out of her ass and was immediately replaced by someone else. A guy stepped in front of her and fed his cock into her mouth while I went over and sat down on a chair and watched. Kathy squirmed around to where she could look toward me and her eyes never left me as she sucked and was fucked.

The guy fucking her finished and backed out of the way and the guy in her mouth moved to take his place, but Norm stopped him and asked:

"Pussy or ass?"

The guy said ass so Norm lay down and pulled Kathy over him and shoved his cock up into her pussy and the other guy moved behind her and eased his cock into her ass. Her eyes never left me as the two men fucked her. I would have never thought it possible, but watching Kathy's double penetration caused my cock to rise and Kathy saw it.

The guy in her ass finished first and pulled out. Norm rolled her over on her back and fucked her hard until she came and when he was soft Kathy got off him and came over to me. She straddled me and my cock slid up into her pussy and then she fucked me. She rode me up and down and had at least two orgasms while she moaned "Yes, yes, yes, yes." I just sat there and let her do all the work until she got me close to where I just had to get off. I lifted her off me and as I stood up she cried:

"No, no, please don't stop, please."

I pulled her down on the floor and moved between her legs and as my cock sank into the hot, wet swamp that was her pussy she moaned, "Love me baby, love me" and her legs came up and clamped around me. I pounded her hard and got myself off and when I tried to get off of her she wouldn't let loose of me.

"Don't leave me; please don't leave me" she cried.

"I'm not going anywhere" I said and I wasn't. Her face softened and I had no idea how she had taken what I'd just said, but I wasn't going anywhere until I felt what it was like to double penetrate her. I'd already cum three times and I knew that at best I only had one more in me, but it was going to take some time before I could get it up again.

I watched as Norm and the other three guys double and triple teamed Kathy and the entire time Kathy kept her eyes on me. I was sitting on a chair watching as three guys finished in her. My cock was half hard and Kathy crawled over to me on her hands and knees and her head went toward my lap. Her mouth went around my semi-erect cock and she went to work on it. While she was sucking on me Norm came up behind her and I felt her body shudder as he slid into her. She pushed back at him and I was amazed that she still wanted to be fucked after all the cock I'd seen her take.

She finally got me hard and I asked Norm where he was.

"In her ass."

"I want her cunt while you fuck her ass."

"Consider it done" he said as he pulled out of her and pulled her away from me. Kathy started to protest until she saw where things were going. I got down on the floor and pulled her on top of me. I slid into her cunt and Norm moved back into place behind her and pushed back into her ass. I don't think I have ever felt anything as weird as our two cocks rubbing against each other as we plowed her. Kathy was bent forward and her face was buried in my neck. I was so into fucking her with Norm that it didn't register on me that Kathy was kissing my neck and moaning:

"Love me Frank; love me, please love me."

Norm came and another guy came over and took his place. Then a third guy came up, put his hands on Kathy's head and lifted it so he could push his cock into her mouth.

There I was. Engaged in three holing my ex-wife. It was an incredible rush. She left me because she didn't love me and here she was riding my cock while taking on two more – one in her ass and one in her mouth.

Norm came over and said, "When you guys finish up we will break for the cake and ice cream."

The guy in her ass came first and the guy in her mouth moved to her ass. I wasn't being all that active. I was letting Kathy do all of the work so the guy in her ass came next and when he pulled out I rolled Kathy over onto her back and pounded her until I came. As before, she clutched me and tried to keep me from getting up, but I managed to break away. Norm helped her up and started to lead her upstairs. I looked for my clothes and as they moved away from me Kathy looked over her shoulder to see if I was following and when she saw I wasn't she tried to pull away from Norm and come back. Not wanting to ruin the party I started to follow along.

As we entered the room from the top of the stairs the guys started singing Happy Birthday and Norm led Kathy over to the table where there was a cake with several lit candles. Kathy blew out the candles and cut the cake. She looked over at me as she made the cut and then put the first piece on a paper plate and brought it over to me. She looked into my eyes as she handed me the plate and when I took it she bent her head and kissed my hand. She went back and finished cutting the cake and handed out the pieces, but she didn't kiss anyone else's hand. Once the cake was distributed she socialized with the others while all the time keeping her eyes on me.

Talk about weird. Five naked guys and one naked woman standing around eating birthday cake. Can you picture it?

Norm said it was time to open the gifts and he had Kathy sit on a chair and we stood in front of her in a semi-circle. One guy gave her a panty and bra set from Victoria's Secret and another gave her a bottle of some expensive perfume. Norm gave her a full day of special treatment at a spa and the fourth guy gave her a gift certificate to the most expensive restaurant in town. When it was my turn I was embarrassed because what I'd gotten her was totally out of step with what the others had given her. I almost went for my wallet to take out a hundred dollar bill to give to her, but of course I couldn't really do that. It would make it look like I was paying a hooker for sex. I sucked it up and said:

"I spent a long time thinking of what to get for a woman I didn't even know and finally decided that maybe what I needed to get was something in keeping with the birthday and also in keeping with the kind of birthday party it was."

I handed Kathy the gift wrapped box and she opened it, looked at me and then back at what was in the box and said:

"It's perfect. It is just so perfect."

She got up and came over to me and said, "Put it on me." I took the silver chain with a silver number 5 pendant hanging from it and put it around her neck. "Now the other" she said as she walked back to her chair and sat. She lifted her right leg and stretched it out in front of her and I knelt, took the silver ankle bracelet out of the box and put it on her. The bracelet had five little charms and four letters hanging from it. The charms were little cocks and balls and the silver letters SLUT. As I stood up Kathy leaned forward and captured my soft cock with her mouth and Norm laughed and said:

"I guess the party isn't over yet."

I honestly did not think I could get it up again, but Kathy proved me wrong even if it did take her ten minutes to do it. When she got it up she looked up at me and asked:

"Where do you want to put it?"

"Where do you want it?"

"Where I can hold onto it forever."

I said nothing and she looked away.

"My ass baby; I want you in my ass."

It took me a long time to get off and while I worked at making it happen she sucked off whoever stepped in front of her. When I finally did get off I doubt that anything other than dust came out. As I pulled out she cried:

"Don't leave me baby, please don't leave me."

I moved away from her and two guys moved in and one took her pussy and the other her ass. I sat down and watched as they finished and another guy rolled her on her back and pushed into her pussy. Her legs were on his shoulders and I saw the charms on her ankle bracelet dance as the man fucked her.

Norm came over and stood next to me and watched. After a bit he said:

"I'm going to miss her."

"Miss her?"

"After tonight I doubt that she will want to stay with me."

"She your wife or girlfriend?"

"No. She lives with me. Sort of a friends with benefits thing."

"You tossing her out because of what she is doing tonight?"

"No, of course not. She has never done anything like this before and I sincerely doubt that she will ever do it again. It was a fantasy that she wanted to live out. She just isn't the type to want to do this more than once."

"So why are you going to miss her?"

"You really don't know? You honestly don't know?"

"Afraid not."

"She's yours Frank. Everyone here tonight knows it. From the moment she saw you he rest of us didn't exist for her. She knew we were here on the physical plane, but mentally no one else was here but you."

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