Dominated Wives

by Fast Eddy

Copyright© 2011 by Fast Eddy

Sex Story: Two unappreciated sisters stolen from their husbands.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Rape   Drunk/Drugged   Slavery   Cheating   BDSM   Swinging   Interracial   White Male   Oriental Female   Anal Sex   Petting   Leg Fetish   .

As Fred was tongue kissing the struggling young petite housewife, I was feasting on the large nipples of her heaving chest, while firmly kneading the large mammary. My iron hard cock was straining in my pants, seeking the wonderful pussy that promised so much pleasure to anyone lucky enough to present himself into that moist cavern. As I sucked, rubbing my massive hard-on into her smooth thigh. I could feel her increase the struggling against her two would be invaders.

I continued to tear at her cotton housedress in order to expose even more of that flawless skin. But our purpose was to enhance her feeling of helplessness as we dominated her. We were having fun with this young beauty, watching her try to fight us off as if she had the strength or mass to move us in any way that we did not want to go. I was sliding my hands over her creamy thighs, from her knees to her panty clad pussy, demonstrating my mastery of her petite body, when she finally gave up her exhausted squirming and laid submissively as we continued to fondle her. Fred was working his kisses down to her tits and I was concentrating on her smooth thighs and her little pussy. We took our time as we simultaneously progressed towards her major erogenous zones.

It was a month before that I noticed this petite Asian beauty. She was less than five feet tall, but had a perfectly proportioned body, except that her tits made her appear a bit top heavy. Shoulder length black hair and a dazzling smile that made me desire her at first site. Her name is Lori. She worked in the next building, with her sister and I would see them every day at the lunch wagon. I decided that I would get to know them better and solicited my friend, Fred to help me with this endeavor.

Fred and I had double teamed girls before, so it was no big deal to capture this pair and dominate them for our purposes. It would be especially exciting to enter them into our servitude. And I knew just how to go about it.

It was spring time and the mild weather drew us outside to bask in the sun that was deprived to us all winter. A group of us would meet for lunch at the park, across the street, and eat while we watched the animals. There were ducks in the pond and squirrels that begged treats from the visitors there. Feeding the squirrels was what attracted Lori to us. She would eat lunch with her sister there when the weather was mild. Soon the girls would come over to discuss with us what we were feeding the little beggars. We acted pretty reserved with them not really paying them much attention. I could tell that they were used to being noticed by the guys around them. They seemed to like wrapping the members of the male sex around their little fingers. The more we dismissed them the more they tried to insinuate themselves into our little group. We were always brief with them only engaging in minimal conversation. But we were effective with them, little by little we found out their life stories, things about their family lifestyle and the comings and goings of their husbands their kids, and other relatives. Soon we knew all about them and set our plan into effect. The idea was to capture and enslave the young beauties, using them to our hearts content. With their looks, I was sure that we could rake in a sizable bundle on the two sisters if we wanted to sell them. Our biggest problem would be doing this under the watchful eyes of their husbands. But they were macho, and arrogant, mostly ignored their wives in favor of "manly activities". The guys had perfect attitudes, in my opinion, for the wives' entrance into our servitude.

Fred and I decided to make our move over a three day weekend, affording us ample opportunity to make a substantial inclusion into the wives defilement. The husbands were planning a fishing trip that would take them away for a week. They planned to take their vacation in Canada to catch some trophy walleyes for mounting on the walls of their family room. Little did they know that we would be mounting their wives over the same time period. So this is where we came in. Natalie dropped Lori off at the house while she went to the store to get some fresh vegetables for their dinner. The kids were with their grandmother for the week and the young mothers planned to visit them every few days while they were staying over with grandma. The girls contemplated virtual freedom from household chores for a week. They thought that this plan is as much of a vacation as their husbands had.

We grabbed Lori as she walked through the garage entrance into the house as the overhead door was closing. Her startled scream was drowned out by the movement of the garage door. The travel time of the door afforded the duo time to effectively cover her head and gag her into silence, as they began their assault on her helpless body. Having her mostly stripped, they took some time to molest her, illustrating their mastery of her own body. They then tied her hand and foot to await the return of her sister.

The wait wasn't long when Natalie walked into the house only to meet the same fate as her sister. The women were isolated from each other and Fred took his liberty with a helpless Natalie as he molested and fucked her mercilessly, Although she had a her own look,, she was a younger clone of her big sister, very attractive and petite with legs that looked long for her size. Fred was impressively hung and reamed Natalie deeper than she had ever been done in her life. Her husband was her first boyfriend and she had no knowledge of other men. Fred was filled with stamina also as continued to bring Natalie to countless orgasms as he molested her. She was comatose when he finally withdrew his manhood from her satiated cunt.

Joe's approach with Lori was somewhat different as he stabbed her in her thigh with a drugged needle and injected her with her first dose of a drug cocktail. He then un-hooded her and proceeded to use their camera to make a video of him inserting his greased up nine inch cock into her quivering body. He then proceeded to fuck in and out of her baby tight little pussy in a methodic rhythm. Of course, she could not help reacting to his battering pussy destroyer as he pummeled her and squeezed her soft tits. Lori had orgasm after orgasm as Joe took possession of her defenseless pussy. He tongue kissed her and sucked her nipples as he kneaded her ripe tits. Having ingested Viagra, he was able to stroke her for hours, until she was near exhaustion. Having finished, He gave Lori a different shot and left her naked, unconscious body on her bed as he went to look in on Natalie and Fred.

Fred was teaching Natalie how to suck him off. She was reluctant initially but soon learned how to accommodate his massive cock as he forced it down her throat. He firmly gripped her head as he face fucked Natalie to his second orgasm. As he approached his climax, he then withdrew his man meat so that the bulb of his glands resided in her mouth. He then spurted string after string of his potent cum into her waiting mouth. She swallowed as much as she could manage, but excess cum leaked from the corners of her mouth. Fred slapped her and instructed her to clean up the mess and to never lose his seed again. Natalie, tethered to the bed, Fred went off to check out the rest of the house.

Joe entered Natalie's bedroom and crawled between her spread thighs as he inserted his hard cock into her petite body. Natalie squirmed, trying to evade his massive man meat. It was for naught as he found his goal and pressed into her soft folds. Joe pressed and withdrew, each time gaining more depth on every stroke. Natalie tried to get free but her movements only aided Joe's insertion until he was bottomed out in her clasping pussy. Natalie drew in a breath and Joe began pounding in and out of the young woman's pussy. Soon they had obtained a rhythm that steadily brought Natalie up to that higher plain that was nirvana.

Joe rolled over taking Natalie with him so that she straddled him on top. Joe stroked her creamy, smooth thighs as she drove her frenzied body up and down in his monstrous cock. She was growing addicted to the large cocks that were invading her hot body, stretching her insides in ways that she had never experienced before. Joe pulled Natalie to his chest and Fred, upon his return, slid a couple of his greased up fingers in to her clenching anus. Fred stroked into her as he slapped her exposed butt cheek getting a gasp from his unsuspecting captive. He continued on until he was able to slide in three fingers, then he proceeded to grease his massive baby maker then insert it into Natalie's rectum eliciting a loud moan from Natalie as Fred proceeded to bottoming his tool deep in her clasping asshole. Before long, Fred had completely filled Natalie's ass with his hard tool and began stroking in opposing direction to Joe's invading cock, in her pussy. Her sobs turned into moans of pleasure as the duo ravaged her young body, bringing her to continuous orgasms. The duo stroked into the young wife for over an hour until she could no longer keep up with their manipulation and passed out again.

Joe and Fred went to look in on Lori who was beginning to come down from her drug induced nap. They both crawled into bed with the confused Lori and began to fondle and kiss her into arousal. Fred, from behind, entered Lori's pussy with his large dong as he grasped her firm tits. Joe losing no time, entered Lori's pussy from the front, causing little pain in her semi-drugged state, creating her first PDP (Pussy Double Penetration) They spent another hour abusing her body with their massive baby makers. Giving Lori still another shot and leaving her naked on her bed, they left her to sleep off another drug induced nap.

The boys cuffed the unconscious women to their beds and went home for the evening.

The next morning the women were awake and eager to relieve themselves in the bathroom. The guys released them from their bonds and one at a time led them to the bathroom. There, they stood in front of the women as they tried to relieve themselves. into the toilet bowl, much to their embarrassment. After their duties, they were herded, naked to the kitchen to make breakfast for their captors as the guys took turns fondling them.

Joe, his arm around Lori told Natalie to show her sister what she learned yesterday. Reluctantly, Natalie knelt in front of Joe and pulled down his zipper, reaching inside of his trousers, pulled his soft cock to freedom and began kissing his prick to hardness. Soon, she was sucking the rubbery head of his growing meat pole. The more she sucked the harder he got. Lori stood there, next to Joe and watched in amazement as her little sister took more and more of Joe's hardened tool into her hot mouth. Soon Joe was pulling himself into Natalie's mouth, choking her as he thrust into her throat. Natalie was gasping, trying to breathe as the man meat was working its way down her throat. She tried swallowing as he entered deeply, and Joe groaned as she did so. With Natalie's nose pressed into Joe's pubic hair, he instructed Lori to take over for her sister as he pushed her to her knees. Joe withdrew his hardened member and pushed himself into Lori's unprepared mouth, telling her that he better not feel any teeth on his man meat.

Lori struggled as Joe forced himself into her mouth, grasping her head and burying his shaft to the root in the hapless girl's mouth. He began deep stroking his massive tool in and out of her mouth, increasing his pace as he approached his orgasm. At last he spewed his hot seed into her sucking cavity, brutally face fucking the struggling woman. She choked on his spend and sperm flew from her mouth and nose as she coughed up the rich cream. Joe was pissed to say the least and forced Lori to suck up the mess, promising her that she would learn to become a master cock sucker today. Joe took another Viagra and proceeded to teach Lori how he liked his cock sucked. She sucked him all day, slowly improving under Joe's tutelage.

Joe and Fred continually raped the two women over the weekend all the time photographing them as they displayed their servitude. They made sure that the women knew the exact content of the duo's collection of their sexual debauchery. By the end of the holiday, the guys took the women to a clothing store and picked out short dresses for them and thigh high stockings with shoes to match. They took them to a night club and fed them drinks and dinner while waiting for the band to set up and begin playing. Joe sent Lori and Natalie to the restroom to remove their stockings and panties. Moments later, they returned and they both gave Joe their underwear and as directed, sat on the duo's laps. They could feel the familiar cocks grow under them as though they were trapping a snake. The guys felt the bare legs of their newly acquired girlfriends as the slid their hands up and down their, smooth, soft thighs.

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