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Sex Story: A married man, owner of a construction company, finds out his wife and best friend are lovers. He gets his revenge and finds a new lover at the same time.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang   Anal Sex   .

I escorted the man that had been my last appointment of the day to the office door. I made the effort and smiled when I shook his hand. "Thanks for coming in," I said. "I'll let you know if I need anything else." When I turned to go back into my office I caught a glimpse of my office manager's face. I really had to do something about her title I thought to myself. She was my secretary, office manager, receptionist, file clerk and general girl Friday. She was almost the first person I had hired twenty years ago when I decided to strike out on my own and open my own construction company. My darling wife had refused to work in the business with me and I rapidly found I needed office help because I spent so much time out with my crew. Maude was ten years older than I was but she treated me like her son much of the time. I would be lost without her.

I snorted to myself when I realized what I was thinking. All the problems I was facing and I had to spend time thinking about that little 'problem'. I knew my face was set in an angry grimace and I needed to get control of myself. I saw the worried look on Maude's face when I walked past her desk. Sure enough, she followed me into my office and I hadn't even managed to seat myself before she asked, "OK Tim. What's the matter? You have been a bear for the last three weeks and you looked like you were going to kill that man when he left."

I trusted Maude with my life, with my business. Hell, I trusted her more than I did my skank of a wife but I just couldn't tell her the problem. I sat a moment then stood and walked toward the door to my office. I said, "Maude I ... I can't talk about it right now but it's some serious shit. I'm gone for the day. Why don't you take off early and I'll see you Monday."

I almost ran from my office and got into my almost new F150 SuperCrew. I headed home. I knew my wife would not be there. She was supposedly out on one of her charity functions so I knew I would not see her until later that evening. That is if I even came back home this evening. I needed time to process the information I had received in my last meeting and to decide what I was going to do about it. When I got home I went into my detached garage. I moved to the lounge area and donned my leathers then moved my almost new GoldWing out onto the driveway. For some reason, I moved my truck into this garage instead of leaving it sit outside or putting it into the garage attached to the house as I would normally do. I closed the garage door and went into the house for a drink and some beer and other necessities to pack into my bags on the Wing. I was gone again in less than fifteen minutes.

I had no idea where I was going but I always relaxed and thought better on my Wing when I had a personal problem. Admittedly I normally did not have as serious a personal problem as I did this day. I was almost angry enough I could not ride safely. My jaws were clenched and I was grinding my teeth. I could tell I had that angry, focused tunnel vision I and a lot of other super angry people get. When you ride, this is not a good thing, as I at least, tend to miss things I should see.

As I rode I felt myself relaxing, becoming more focused on the ride and what I should be doing as I rode. I heard a Hog coming up behind me and as he pulled up beside me I saw it was one of the guys I rode with occasionally. We nodded and rode together for a while. We were nearing one of our hangouts when he pulled slightly ahead and motioned for me to pull in with him. What the hell, I thought, just as well.

We stopped and went inside with no conversation. After we got our beer and seated ourselves he asked, "Yo Timmer. Where you off to without tha Babe? Don't see you ridin' much with her lately."

"Been havin' problems. I cut out to figure out what to do 'bout em. Got no idea where tha Bitch is today."

"Crap man. Sorry 'bout that. I'm on my way to tha rally tha boys're havin out at Jakes. You got nothin' better ta do why don't you come along?"

"Hell, why not. I don't see much of those guys since I moved back home here. Be good to get back in touch. Jake still provide entertainment out there?"

Jimmy smiled and said, "Ohhh Yeah! Hear he's got a new act this weekend. It's a Mother, Daughter team. Talked to one of the guys that was there yesterday and said they were damn good too. Thought I might tap both of em if I have time. Don't know what tha admission is but it's usually pretty reasonable."

I drained my beer and stood. "Hell, let's get back on the road then. I just might check out the new talent myself tonight."

Jimmy looked at me in shock and licked his lips. "Damn Tim," he said. You aint done that since you married tha Babe. This must be some serious shit comin' down. You sure you wantta do that?"

"Oh, yeah. Bitch's been steppin' out on me with one of my best buds. I'm riding trying to decide how to handle that little prob and since she started it I got no problem taking care of my needs without her now."

"Shit Man. I never woulda thought that. Hell, I've seen her deck one of the guys for just touchin' her. Man, you need help takin' care of tha asshole that done her just let me and some of tha other guys know."

We motored up to the gate to Jake's little retreat and paid our admittance fee. Jake was an OK guy but he didn't miss a chance to make a buck. Mostly he did it legally but he was into some shady stuff. The fee we paid here at the gate was for the entire length of the rally and included access, booze and food. I thought it was sort of high but hell, if a guy stayed the entire weekend he could eat and drink his $100 fee up pretty fast.

Jimmy and I moved to the parking area and dropped our bikes. As we walked toward the center of the area and the beer and food we met and talked to several people we knew. Jake was center stage as I suspected he would be so we visited a while. When I finished my first beer and started for another Jake said, "Yo Timmer. Jimmy said you might like to see the entertainment I have this weekend. Got a mother and daughter team this time. Hundred bucks for both or fifty for one. Your choice, one tap per fee, your choice-cunt, brown eye or mouth."

"Yeah, I heard. Might just take you up on it this time. Sounds interesting and I been a little short on pussy the last few weeks."

"Great. They're both damn good and hotter than hell. I got a manager for them this time so you pay him. He's over there beside the door to the rec room when you're ready. Only six at a time allowed into the room. You wanta be tha only one with a bitch you gotta pay $25 extra for us to hold tha other two what could have been with her off until you're done."

I looked over at the line already and decided to wait for a while before I checked out the talent. I wandered around the gathering renewing old friendships and flirting with some of the babes. I didn't get too serious with any of them because I didn't know which ones were truly available and which ones weren't. In the group I ran with at home I knew this but I had been away from these guys long enough I didn't. some men would share their woman, some wouldn't and some of the women were surely there alone but I didn't want to find out the hard way I had made a bad choice. I had pretty much decided to rent some of the talent in the rec room.

I grabbed a couple of beers and got into line with Jimmy. We talked and visited until we were to the head of the line. From time to time I could hear feminine moaning and screaming as the talent inside reached what seemed to be thunderous orgasms. The young man taking the cash said, "What'll it be. $100 for one time with each of them or $50 for once with one." He raised his head to me as he said that and I saw his face turn white as a sheet.

The man taking the money was Seth, the son of my best friend and the man that was fucking my wife. He stood looking at me with a sick expression on his face then said, "Uh, Tim. Uh, where's Doreen? Uh, you sure you wantta go in there? Man, she'll flat kill you if she catches you in with tha entertainment."

"Hey Seth. She's not here and what she doesn't know won't hurt her or me now will it?" I glared at him and continued, "And she WON'T KNOW about this will she?"

Seth licked his lips and looked even more sick if that was possible and a little scared. "Uh, no Tim. She'll never know but ... I really don't think you wantta go in there man."

I stepped closer to him and looked deeply into his eyes. I was getting angry again and it showed. I was almost shaking with my anger and it shook Seth up. He knew how I lost it when I really got ticked off and I was getting close to that point. Of course he thought I was angry with him and to a degree he was right. Little bastard had no right questioning me about my choices of recreation but I was being reminded of Doreen's cheating every time he mentioned her and the fact she wouldn't like me to go into the rec room. I grabbed his shirt and snarled, "Listen you little punk. The entertainment is open to all comers if they come up with the fee. I got tha fee and you damn well better collect it now or Jake's gonna have to find a replacement for you. Got me?"

Seth licked his lips and whispered, "Yeah. Look man. I'm sorry you know. Just ... well, uh, when you get in there I don't want you to go off half-cocked you know? I mean, well ... just be cool and remember you don't want tha Babe to know what you've been doin' and there's others that feel tha same way. Now, Jerry's inside to keep things straight. Tell him what you're there for and give him the ticket. One ride, one bitch for fifty. You choose tha hole. If you choose a hole that's busy you wait for it to come free then take it. If another hole is empty before yours you can either take it or we'll let someone in that wants that hole. Got it?"

I said, "Yeah." And walked into the room. The 'entertainment' were both on their knees and were airtight. I heard moaning and groaning. The two men slamming into the ass holes were ramming the women HARD. I heard the distinctive slap, slap, slap. I felt myself becoming harder than steel if that was possible. There was one man ahead of me and the inside guard told me I would have to wait as he had requested the younger one in a one on one pussy fuck. I hadn't been there long when the men and women began cumming again. I guess the young one was tighter or they had been going at it longer because she and her men finished first.

As the men pulled from her the man waiting on her began grinning and started to walk toward her. Jerry moved up beside her as she started to rise from the man under her. He said, 'Hey Sal, you got a singleton next. He wants your cunt so you need to roll over honey."

I felt myself start and was beginning to realize why I thought the entertainment looked so familiar. Sal was Asshole Stu's daughter and since this was billed as a mother daughter team that made the mother his wife. This was great! I began moving back toward the door as Sal rose from her stud and began to roll over. Jerry stopped me as I started out and asked, "Yo Man. You're next. If you leave you have to stand in line again."

I said as quietly as I could, "Yeah man. I got it but it must have been something I ate or something. Man I got tha shits comin' on it feels like. Gotta get outta here."

Jerry let my arm go and stepped back real fast. "Ok man. I dig it. Be cool." I was glad now they had given out tickets for the action we had paid for. At least now I didn't loose my money I had paid Seth. I knew now why he had tried so hard to talk me out of taking in the 'entertainment' too.

When Seth saw me leaving the building as fast as I did he looked worried. I walked up to him and said, "Listen Asshole. I got tha shits real bad and I gotta go a while. When I come back here if I don't find tha pussy I paid for the shits gonna hit the fan big time you got it? In case you don't, I mean there better not be anyone different in there than there is now and I damn sure don't expect to find my best friend hunting me. You got that?"

Seth looked sick again and nodded his head. "Yeah Tim. I got it. Uh ... Look man uhhh well uhhh I owed Jake for fixin' my bike and, uhhhh well I was behind and uhhh well, this's tha penalty man. I had to get them to do this or..."

I grinned and said, "Oh, that's great. You fuck up and your mother and sister have to pay for it huh? You asshole. I'm sure glad I don't have a piece of shit for a son like Stu does. I can't believe a son, a brother would set his mother and sister up for something like this. You're really a piece of work aren't you? Well, you turned them into whore's and you damn well better make sure I get my piece of them or you'll all be sorry. I've been wanting to tap that ass of your sister's for a couple of years but I held off because she was Stu's daughter. Now since she's giving it to everyone I'm gonna get mine and if I don't you don't need to worry about Jake. Get That?" Seth just nodded and looked sick again. I walked off and found my bike.

As I left the gate I made sure I got a ticket so I could get back in without paying again. The guard said, " Be cool dude. You been drinkin' I can tell and tha law's been coming around a lot. They know we're here and they've been checkin' out tha brothers man. Just show tha pass when you want back in."

I took it easy until I got away from the area then opened it up. I got to Stuart's place about eight in the evening and drove right into his back yard. He came out of the kitchen carrying a beer and said, "Hey Timmer. Sup? I figured you'd be home with tha ole lady slamming it to her. You said Wednesday you wasn't getting' enuff and planned to nail her ass all weekend."

I forced my anger down and replied, "Yeah, wanted to but she had another one of her damn affairs to go to. Decided to ride and met one of the old gang I knew when I lived in Centerton. Jake's having a do out at his place and we decided to go. I remembered Patty and the kids were going to her parent's house this week so decided to see if you wanted to go with."

"Naw, I dunno man. Not been ridin' much lately. Been keepin' pretty busy with other stuff you know?"

"Oh, hell, come on Stu," I said. "Heard he's got a great entertainment act set up this weekend. Supposed to be a Mother Daughter team and they're supposed to be damn hot. I'm so damn horny I just might tap one of em myself. Come on man. You said you're getting' tired of the same stuff with Patty. I know you tap some on tha side now and then. come with and I'll pay the entertainment fee for you. You gotta pay the entrance fee for tha event yourself though. Only a C note to get in for all you wanna eat and drink for the weekend."

"Crap, why not. Let me get my stuff." As Stu turned back into his house and I took a seat on his patio. I really liked it and wanted it to enjoy it for the last time. I was sure he would not be having me back after we did the rally this weekend.

Stu came back out pretty fast and we jumped on our bikes and took off. We made good time and got back to the rally a little after nine p.m. I moved out of line and drove into the rally after I told Stu I had purchased an advanced ticket so could just go on in. I made arrangements to meet him at the keg and took off. I showed my pass as I went through the gate and rushed to find Big Jake.

When I found Jake he was where he had been earlier. I walked up to him and said, "Hey Jake. I need to take in the entertainment but I can't get into the room with your cashier there. Can you have one of the other guys trade places with him for a while?"

Jake started looking angry and said, "What the hell ya mean he won't let you in? Did you pay the entry fee?"

I looked as guilty as I could and said, "Uhhh, well that's the problem Jake. I bought a ticket at the office but when I started in I saw a kid that knows my wife guarding the door. Man I don't wantta go in if he's there in case he recognizes me and tells her or someone that knows her. She'd castrate me and take me for everything I have if she found out I sampled some strange. I'll slip ya another hundred if you can take care of that for me."

Jake's eyes lit up and he held out his hand. He said, "Yeah man. I understand. We can handle that. Give me a couple minutes. I'll move him to the gate for an hour or so. That long enough for you?"

"Yeah, thanks," I said. "Appreciate it."

I rushed over to the office and bought a single one-hole one-woman ticket for Stu. I already had the ticket for myself I had purchased earlier but I purchased the single option to go with mine so we would both be there alone when the shit hit the fan. I couldn't wait for us to be alone when we saw the women face-to-face. I intended to nail Stu's daughter in front of him. I was pretty sure Jerry would keep him off me while I was doing it but I rushed to the rec room on my way to the Keg to slip him another C note to make sure.

I went to the head of the line and the cashier tried to keep me out of the building. The men waiting were getting angry at me as they thought I was cutting line. I slipped the cashier a fifty and said loudly enough everyone around could hear, "Be cool. I just need to tell Jerry something then I'll be outta here. I'm not cuttin' line."

When I came through the door I motioned Jerry to me. I whispered to him, "Hey Man. I bought me and my friend a one on one with each of them. I get the young one. I know her and been wanting to tap her sweet cunt for a couple of years. The dude I'm bringing in may not want me to do it because he wants her for himself. He has a ticket for a one on one with either of them too but if he wants the young one he needs to wait. If he gets nasty I need you to be sure and keep him off me until I'm done. I got a C note for you if you have to hold him off OK?

Jerry smiled and said, "Yeah man. You give me an extra C note for just doing my job? Hell yeah it's cool."

I smiled and walked out of the rec room to meet my good buddy at the keg. We loaded up on a burger and quart of beer each then stood in line. We were just finishing our beer when our turn came to go into the rec room. As we entered I turned to Stu and said, "Yo man. We each get a one time one on one with our choice of the whores but since I paid, I get to go first. I'm gonna nail the young one. I know her and been wanting a piece of her for a couple of years. I knew her old man and held off but he just recently fucked up and pissed me off so the deal's off now. If you want her instead of her mother you will have to wait. If you want to do the old whore just climb on. If not they'll bring in the next people in line. You cool with that?"

Good ole Stu smiled and said, "Hell yeah man. Think I'll wait on the young one too. I been wanting to nail some young stuff lately."

When Jerry heard that he opened the door and made arrangements for the next customers. Before I walked up to Sally one of the new men was on his back and Patty had mounted him. She had never turned around and for some reason Stu hadn't noticed her when she rolled and moved over her new John. He was watching her with a very noticeable hard on when the other two men moved to her other holes. Patty let out a soft moan as she was filled once more.

I moved to Sally and Jerry just hollered out to her, "On your back now Sal. Next one is a one on one pussy hound."

Sally was smiling as she rolled over. Her knees drew up and splayed wide as her arms came up to pull me to her. I could see the jism draining from her deep red puffy little pussy. As I was nudging up to her sloppy cunt her eyes opened wide and she screamed out, "Oh, my GOD! Uncle Tim." She started crying and tried to roll away from me but I had expected that. I lay on her and slammed my cock into her. I began thrusting as I said to her, "Shut up Sal. I paid for this and since you're a whore you have to take it. Besides, I should get to fuck you or your mother one since your asshole dad has been fucking Doreen for the last several months." I was slamming into her as hard as I could as I said that and it came out in grunts.

I was watching Patty while Sal and I were having our discussion. She got stiff and quit moving with her men when what we had said sank in. She began trying to get away from her John's when she heard me and Sal and really began trying to get away when she heard Stu. Stu saw her as she rolled. I could just see him from the corner of my eye. His eyes got large, he turned white then his face got deep red as his anger surged when he saw his wife with three men and me slamming my cock into his daughter.

I heard my buddy Stu yell in anger and saw him start toward me. When he began moving Jerry stepped in front of him and then I heard Stu say, "You son of a bitch. Get your ass off my daughter you mother fucker." I heard a scuffle behind me and Jerry forced poor Stu out of the room. I guess poor Seth had returned to his job as cashier because the next thing I heard was the sound of a fist hitting flesh and Stu yelling once more, "You little shit. Your mother and sister are inside getting fucked and you're out here collecting money for it? I'm gonna beat your ass to death you little mother fucker."

I kept on pounding on little Sally and felt the sperm rising in my cock. Finally I was there and slammed as deeply into her as I could. I felt my balls draw up to the base of my cock and then felt the sizzle as my little soldiers spewed out of my cock and into the still tight little pussy I had dreamed about for so long.

I smiled as I rose from Sally's crotch. Both women were laying there crying and glaring at me. I looked down and said, "I have a PI report that shows Asshole Stu fucking Doreen. They are trashing me every time they do it. I'm sorry you both got in the middle of this but now at least your Asshole got some of what he had coming to him."

I turned to Jerry and handed him his hundred. I could hear fighting coming from outside as more of Jake's people subdued Stu. Jerry looked at me and I wasn't sure if he was going to go for me or not. He finally said, "Tim I think you better get out of here. I know this wasn't all your fault but you did bring her husband in here. I aint been told yet but I'm pretty sure Jake'll be pissed at you. You probably better get out before he tells us to do something to you."

Jerry pushed me out the door and said, "Next."

Six more men rushed into the room and I heard Sally and Patty complaining about having to go back to work. Jerry said, "Hey. You two agreed to be the entertainment every night from six to midnight. It's not midnight yet so get back to work. You can leave when the next shift starts but you damn well better be back tomorrow for your shift."

Instead of leaving I went and looked Jake up. Jerry was right. He was pissed. When I walked into his sight he began cursing me and motioned two of his guards toward me. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my pistol. Both men stopped and looked at Jake. I was pretty sure they were packing too. Mine was legal. I had a concealed carry permit. I was betting they didn't but it didn't make any difference. If shooting started Jake could loose a lot of money.

I looked over at Jake and said, "Jake I suppose you're pissed at me. I need a few minutes of your time and I think I can make things right with you. We need to talk some business too."

Jake looked at me then pursed his lips. His eyes glared and he clenched his teeth then he said, "Follow me." He turned and walked back in the woods. He sat in a lawn chair in front of his tent and motioned me to the other one. I noticed the guards took up a stance off to the side where Jake wouldn't be in the line of fire if they had to shoot (assuming they were carrying).

Jake glared at me and I began talking. "Jake, I'm sorry I caused the disturbance. You know I did pay you an extra hundred. That probably isn't as much as you would want but let me tell you a little story. "You know how bikers normally don't mess with friends women right?" Jake nodded his head and I could see him start to say something about Sally and me.

I kept on talking. I said, "Yeah, I know you were about to remind me about Sally and Patty. Well, when I left work this afternoon I was pissed. I had been having trouble with Doreen for about the last three months. She had been dissing me some at home, hadn't been as attentive and has turned me down for sex way more than usual. I hired some help to follow her and see if there was anything wrong. They found out my good buddy, my biker brother Stuart had been fucking my woman. I was trying to get my head around it when I was invited to your do."

"When I got here I heard about your entertainment and decided since the bitch was giving my pussy away I would just get some from someone else while I tried to decide what I wanted to do to get back at her and Stu. I'm sorry but when I went into the tent the first time and saw Sally and Patty I knew how I would take care of Stu. I made sure Patty knew he had been nailing Doreen and I made sure he not only had to watch me fuck his precious daughter but he also found out his wife was a whore. That's a lot worse than knowing my wife was a cheating skank."

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