Jill's Story

by Paris Waterman

Copyright© 2011 by Paris Waterman

Erotica Sex Story: When husband's trip is extended, wife is coaxed into going out with girlfriend and meets a guy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Cheating   Rough   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Jill loved to watch Evan come.

She had a particular fascination with watching his face as it scrunched up as he clenched his teeth. It was almost a ritual; the cheeks of his ass would clamp together, his eyes would roll up in his head and he would emit the longest groan as he ejaculated. Because of this she would ask him to cum on her abundantly sized breasts or her face, if she were particularly aroused. But now that they had been married four months the latter was rarer and rarer.

He favored the Missionary position. Actually it was the only position he'd used with Jill, and as always, when he was finished, he fell onto her, gulping air. His heaving chest pressed onto her breasts and she felt his heart pounding against hers.

She knew he loved her, for he never failed to gently nibble at her ear causing her to shiver as his semen streamed from her chest to her navel, eventually forming a small pool in her belly-button. And he never failed to ask if she had come; to which she always replied, "Yes, dear. It was wonderful."

Actually, Jill had never experienced a real orgasm. Evan did make her feel good; at times he made her fell very good, but he'd never gotten her off.

Every night, after they made love, Jill said a silent prayer of thanks to God for bringing Evan into her life. He was different from any guy she had dated. He was smart, funny and he doted on her. He also made a good deal of money, and life was good.

Evan kissed her neck. "Well," he whispered into her ear, "when do we stop practicing and really start making a baby?"

"Soon," Jill breathed, stroking his head. "It's not that I don't want to start right now, but I start my period tomorrow. The doctor said that the best time is a little more than a week after I finish, after that it could happen anytime."

"I can't wait to make you pregnant," Evan said nuzzling the hollow of her neck.

"Neither can I," she replied, caressing his back. "The doctor told me that I'd be real fertile just coming off the pill, so by this time next month I'll have your baby inside me."

"I love you," he whispered, staring into her eyes.

"I love you, too," Jill, and they kissed each other deeply and lovingly.

The day after Jill started her period, Evan gave her the bad news.

"I have to go out of town."

Jill pulled back from their welcome-home hug and asked, "When?"

He looked at her with sad puppy dog eyes, "Tomorrow."

"Tomorrow? For how long?"

Evan looked as if he was going to cry. "Almost a month."

Jill was heartbroken. He had told her his job might send him to other sites for brief periods of time, but this was the first time it had happened since they'd started going out together.

"But the baby," she whimpered.

"It's going to have to wait. I'm so sorry, Jill, but I'm the only one in the entire company who can fix the problem. I did tell you this could happen."

"Evan, can't you take me with you?"

"I'm sorry, baby, Company rules. Spouses can't come on business trips. I don't like it either. In fact, I've been talking to a couple headhunters; this won't happen again. I mean, over night or a couple days are one thing, but a Goddamn month! But there's nothing I can do about this. I've got to go. I'm so sorry."

"Oh, honey!" Jill said hugging him tight. "I'm going to miss you so."

That night, wanting to please him and wanting to give him something to remember her by, Jill blew him. It was her first time attempting a blowjob and she even swallowed most of his semen. Then she ran into the bathroom and gargled fearing he wouldn't kiss her after doing the Nasty deed as several of her girlfriends had told her they did.

On returning to the bedroom, Jill noticed Evan was still fairly hard, and brimming with hope, she padded off to the bathroom quickly returning with a towel that she placed under her.

Somewhat confused, Evan said, "Jill, what are... ?"

"You're still hard honey, put it inside me."

"But you're..." he said with a puzzled expression. "Are you sure?"

Jill, almost desperate to have him inside her, grabbed him and inserted him into her vagina. Evan took it from there. She was tighter than usual from her menstrual flow and that seemed to add to the usual turn on for him.

It wasn't long before he started snorting and coming. When he was finished draining himself into Jill, he lay gasping at her breast and panted, "Do ... do you think..."

"No," Jill sighed, "it's much too soon. And even if it wasn't, the sperm will just spill out with my flow."

"Jill, I..."

"I know," she answered for him. "We'll make our baby next month. A beautiful golden-haired baby with beautiful light blue eyes, just like ours."

"Just like ours," Evan sighed. "Next month."

"Next month," Jill whispered, "an eternity away." Moments later they were both sleeping wrapped in each other's arms.

Jill had thought that the first few days without Evan would be the worst, and they were pretty bad. But as time went on it became worse for her and she found that she was talking on the phone to her friend Cassie for hours at a time mostly complaining about how much she missed Evan.

The first ten days Evan called promptly at eight PM and talked for about an hour. On the eleventh night he failed to call and Jill went ballistic, thinking he'd been in an accident, or worse. She had the desk clerk at his hotel call his room repeatedly; she even tried coaxing him to go to Evans room to see if he was hurt and unable to call for help. But the clerk was trained in discretion and while sympathetic, would not tell Jill that Evan had left for the evening with several others including two women.

Cassie came to Jill's apartment at one in the morning after Jill's repeated calls convinced her that Jill was about to crack up. On arriving she made them both drinks, with Jill's being much stronger than her own. After the third potent highball, Jill stopped crying long enough to tell her friend how much she missed Evan's arms around her; how his snoring helped her sleep more deeply than usual, and that she was certain that he was hurt, possibly dead. After which she drifted off to a calm, alcohol induced sleep.

Jill reached Evan the following morning while Cassie, who had stayed over, was in the shower. She was greatly relieved to learn that he was perfectly all right. He told her that his phone had been covered by a pillow and that he hadn't heard it ringing until the clerk called a few minutes earlier to inform him of her calls and concerns the previous evening.

Jill was so glad to hear from Evan that she accepted his porous excuse without question. When Cassie learned that he was fine and heard the excuse he'd given Jill, she became suspicious, but kept it to herself.

Before leaving her friend to go to work, Cassie left her vibrator on Jill's pillow with a lipstick scrawled note to make use of it in Evan's absence.

That night Jill dozed off while watching television only to wake up to find the classic erotic film, Emanuelle on the screen. She stared at the screen as scene after scene rolled past, each one seemingly transporting her into a deeper state of horniness. Her fingers wandered into her lap and began to play with the folds of her pussy lips. Several minutes passed, and then when Jill could stand it no longer, she leapt up and searched for the vibrator Cassie had left for her. She slid out of her panties, lay spread-eagled on the bed and poked the tip of the quivering plastic between her legs. Moaning softly, Jill rubbed it up and down against here clit, imagining it was Evan's tongue, and felt the flutter of her orgasm beginning.

As the spark of pleasure ebbed, she moved the vibrator lower, letting it slip between the folds of her pussy and groaned louder as she pushed the vibrator inside her. It was thicker than Evan's cock and Jill felt herself stretching to take in all in. In her mind's eye, Evan was grunting and thrusting above her, but then suddenly the image of an old boyfriend flashed through her mind, followed immediately by an explosive orgasm. Wave after wave of intense rapture buffeted her senses, seemingly going on forever. Finally it waned and she dropped off into a deep contented sleep. It was the first decent night's sleep she had had since Evan left.

In the morning Jill awoke with the vibrator tight between her thighs, its tip still poking into her vagina. The picture of the same old boyfriend she'd thought about the night before again came to mind. It was strange because she hadn't thought about him in years.

He was the second boy she'd ever had sex with. It was only the one time, but the memory sent shivers up and down her spine. She recalled that that night she had come and come and come. Even so, he turned out to be a real jerk, having failed to use a condom after promising he would. If her period hadn't come the following night he probably would have made her pregnant.

Jill got up, showered and made herself breakfast. As she was pouring her second cup of coffee, Cassie called. Hearing the lilt in Jill's voice told Cassie all she needed to know about how her night had gone.

"Jill, we're going out tonight," she said, and Jill knew her girlfriend would not take no for an answer.

"Where?" was all Jill offered in response.

"I don't know, and I certainly don't care. It'll be someplace fantastic with gorgeous hunks of male testosterone parading back and forth, like a ... cock-filled smorgasbord."

Jill couldn't help but laugh as she imagined a line of well-built men parading by the table they would be sitting at.

"That's better!" Cassie chirped. "I haven't heard you laugh in ages."

"What'll I wear?" Jill asked.

"Something black. Something that shows off your tits. Something tight around that ass of yours."

Jill was giggling non-stop as they decided on the time and means of transport, and after Cassie ended the conversation, Jill pulled on a pair of old sweats and went jogging for the first time in a week.

Evan called around five. Jill jumped to pick it up. "Oh, Evan," she sighed into the phone, "I really miss you. Please, can't you come home this weekend?"

"You know I can't baby," he said placatingly. "It's only another ... what, twelve days?"

"That's an eternity!"

"Its how I make our money, honey," he said pleased with himself at making the words rhyme. "Why not have some girlfriends over? Maybe watch a tearjerker on the TV?"

"I wish I was going to watch it with you," she said then sniffled.

"Now don't go crying on me, you know how it creeps me out," Evan said. What Jill didn't know was that he was glancing at his watch, hoping his date didn't barge in on him while on the phone with his wife.

They chatted for another three minutes and Jill sensed he wanted to end the conversation. And after coaxing him into telling her that he loved her, she repeated the words back to him only to realize that she didn't really mean them. She hung up and just stood there, aghast at herself for not meaning what she'd said to him, and then after a moment's reflection, wondered if Evan had felt the same way.

No, it was an aberration, that's all it was. We love each other and always will. She told herself just as the phone rang again.

"I love you, Evan, I really, really do!" she said.

You're really losing it, aren't you?" Cassie's laugh came from the receiver.

"Oh," Jill whined, "I thought it was Evan calling back!"

"Miracles do happen, Jill. Want me to hang up so you can sit by the phone and wait for him?"

"No, Cassie, it's just that..."

"I know," Cassie teased, "you really, really miss him."

"I really do miss Evan!" Jill whined.

"You know, girl, you really got to get out of that house. As wonderful as it might be, life isn't all just cleaning and sewing and Oprah. Have you found THE dress for tonight?"

"I don't know..."

"Better get with it woman, we're going clubbing if I have to tie you to the front bumper of my Taurus."

"Where are we going?"

"The Opium Den."

"Evan and I tried to go there a couple weeks ago and there was a line around the block. We'll never get in."

"We can if you wear something hot."

He had hair the color of wet sand and cloudy blue-green eyes, and a breathtaking smile. It was his best asset, brilliant and shining in a face made up of otherwise regular features. He sat next to Jill and Cassie at the bar. For some reason Jill's stool wobbled and she thought for a second that it was her heart flipping for this stranger.

"Allow me to order for you ladies if I may," he said. His hot breath gusted along Jill's skin, causing her to shiver. He ordered three shots of Jamison Irish Whiskey and took his down in one gulp. Jill mimicked him and paid the price as the fiery fluid cascaded down her throat leaving her coughing and sputtering apologies that he waved off, while Cassie, a more experienced drinker, looked on and laughed.

"Happens to the best of us," he said as if it was true. Jill's eyes watered as she reached for the glass of water the bartender placed in front of her.

Cassie, having downed her Jamison's was finding it difficult not to sputter and cough as Jill had, but she had had the good sense not to take the entire shot of the Irish whiskey in one gigantic gulp and the total effect was not as brutal to her as it had been to Jill.

He nudged Jill's arm and said, "I liked the way you put that down the back of your throat."

The double meaning behind his words eluded Jill, but even so she was aroused by the very sound of his voice. He ordered another round, and when several minutes passed without her reaching for the Jamison's, he asked softly, "Aren't you going to drink that?"

"Um, I think I've reached my limit," Jill answered.

His hand slid down her arm to rest on the curve of her waist. A touch so blatant it made her breath catch.

"I see. So you're one of the good girls," he said.

"I'm a happily married woman," Jill responded, and felt the flush of guilt spread through her body.

His fingers splayed against her side, his thumb drifting back and forth along the smooth fabric of her shirt.

"Your hands are starting to annoy me," she piped and saw a quizzical expression cross Cassie's face.

Jill realized they were aligned thigh to thigh, belly to belly. If she turned her head their mouths would be within kissing range. A form of panic swept over Jill, "Maybe I will have that drink," she murmured.

She took this shot in one gulp as well and felt it burn its way into her belly, sending liquid fire through every vein. He hadn't moved anything but his hand, which now lingered at her lower back.

"Dance with me," he said staring into her eyes.

She nodded and carefully got off the barstool and walked gingerly onto the crowded dance floor. Most of the dancers were bouncing up and down in time to the rhythm, but not really dancing.

He brought her to the center of the dance floor. One step and he drew her close to him. Another, and his hands fit her waist like they'd been made to match her curves. Three steps and his thigh slid between hers, keeping her tethered to him.

The bass in the music thumped its pulse in the pit of her stomach, the hollow of her throat, and between her thighs. The crowd surged around them, pressing in on them as the song changed and brought more dancers to the floor.

Jill was startled when he put his other hand on her side, up high, just under her breast, until she looked into his blue-green eyes and lost herself in them. The heat of his hand left a brand on her through her blouse, and the heat in her belly flared with a lust she hadn't known she had. She had never felt quite this licentious with Evan, ever. His hand slid up to cup her breast and she blinked, feeling nothing, seeing only the colors pulsing in time to the incessant beat of the music blaring from the speakers on the walls.

The couple next to them kissed, their tongues tangling as their hands stroked and kneaded one another. The dance floor segued into an orgy of lust and Jill succumbed to it. Vaguely, Jill realized that the woman kissing the guy next to them was Cassie and it didn't seem odd at all.

Everything had become heat with a beat. His cock pressed hard against Jill's belly. The sensation caused her lips to part in silent reaction, and her mouth hung open in surprise when his tongue found her ear and entered it. Things moved quickly after that. His hand on her ass splayed then stroked upward to reach the small of her back, then down again to caress and press her against his erection.

He looked at her as though he didn't care if the music ever ended, or if he never looked at another woman again. Jill was so lost in her desire for this man, whose name she didn't know, or care to know that when the heel of his hand pressed against her clit she moaned her approval instead of pushing him away.

The hand on her ass kept her close to him as his fingers moved adroitly to dip inside the lacy edge of her thong and found her slick heat. Jill's body jerked and a loud groan was torn from her throat but went unnoticed in the swirl of lusty minded dancers around them.

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