All Is Fair in Love and War

by Sirdar

Copyright© 2011 by Sirdar

Sex Story: A story of teenage love and betrayal with sone horny mothers

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   .

Tony was a normal healthy 15 year old student at Hazlehurst Grammar. He was the school heartthrob for most of the senior girls. He excelled at sports, and he was captain of the school football team, which played in the local school league. He was tall for his age and very fit with a quite muscular body. But Tony unknown to him, was also blessed with a larger than normal cock for his age, and the first he knew about it was when some of his team mates took notice, and started teasing him after games in the changing room, when he was given the nickname "donkey dick" by the rest of the lads. He was, he soon found by a quick visual comparison with his team mates, quite a bit larger cock than most lads his age.

His girlfriend Tracy was quite amused at the nick name, and he asked her one day if she was not embarrassed by hearing him called "Donk" by the rest of the lads in his year.

"Don't be daft." she said. "Why do you think I am your girlfriend - it's that lovely large cock of yours that keeps me faithful." Tony was a little put out be her response, and he said in a bit of a huff "I thought you loved me for who I am?"

She replied with a giggle "I do but I also love your lovely big cock as well."

He had to admit that Tracy really liked her sex, in fact she insisted on being regularly serviced, and on the rare occasion he did not perform to her satisfaction (which was rare) he knew all about it in quite lurid terms.

Tracy was the kind of girl every guy at school dreamed about being able to date. She was about 5'6" with blonde hair, which when allowed to flow free, hung to the middle of her back, and she had lovely blue smiling eyes beneath sweet blonde bangs. When she smiled, her cute dimples enhanced an incredibly cute face with a clear complexion. Tracy also had slender, attractive legs, with slightly knobby knees that only accented her schoolgirl cuteness. However, Tony had noted from time to time that she showed distinct signs of jealousy if other girls showed too much interest in him. She was particularly jealous of her cousin Helen her mothers sisters daughter, who was not unlike her in appearance...

Tracy was nearly a year younger than he was, and a miniature in looks of her very glamorous mother Allison herself an ex model. Allison French Tracy's mother was a 5ft 8"tall blonde bombshell, and all the time that Tony had been going out with Tracy, he had been made very welcome in the French household. Allison was a widow, and she certainly came into the category of a merry widow, in fact Tony thought at times, that she was more fun to be with socially, and much better company than her daughter Tracy, who seemed to have a one track mind despite her tender age. Her mother knew that she and Tony were having regular sex, but like many modern mums seemed quite happy to let it continue ... She had however insisted that Tracy went on the pill, and counseled her on being responsible...

Every time that Tracy and he went out together, Tracy usually demanded sex at some time before parting. Some evenings she just wanted sex, and did not want to do anything else ... Some occasions Tony would be too tired or just not in the mood and then Tracy would be really poison to be with for the rest of the evening.

While Tony was and always had been faithful with Tracy, she however, tended to go out on other dates on occasion with other boys, unknown to Tony. However, she soon found that none of her dates could match Tony in providing her with the satisfaction that he always seemed to be able to give her. Nevertheless Tracy was never completely faithful and was always looking out for further conquests.

Her mother Allison had never been attracted to young boys, but increasingly she began to get the 'hots' for Tony, and in some ways became jealous of her own daughter. She always made a fuss of Tony every time he went to the house, and on reflection, he realised that on occasion her attentions and her jokes were at times a little on the risqué side. He enjoyed her attentions though as he really liked Allison., Tracy, strangely could at times be a bit of a prude, and frequently got embarrassed by her mothers behaviour and her jokes. On a couple of occasions Allison had got Tony into quite a tight hug and she even kissed him on the lips a couple of times, when Tracy was not there. Tony didn't mind at all, although at fifteen he was not very sure what her motives were, but after reading a couple of porno mags he began to have his suspicions.

One day during the summer school holidays Tracy had gone on a day trip with her cousin Helen and her mother. Allison called him and asked whether he would like to come and use the pool. Tony was quite happy to do so, and when he arrived Allison was waiting for him.

She had laid out a mattress by the pool, a sun umbrella, some snacks and a table with drinks. After a swim they both relaxed on the mattress by the pool.

They had a drink and started talking as they enjoyed the warmth of the sun. Eventually Allison turned to Tony and asked

. "Do you think I am pretty"

Tony was a little embarrassed but then he said."Yes. I think that you are lovely."

Allison looked at him long and hard and said "Thank you. I rather like you Tony"

When Tony awoke, he found Allison apparently asleep totally naked, and somehow his right hand was resting on her naked breast.

As he moved his hand Allison awoke with a smile. She leaned over and kissed him on the mouth "I was dreaming about you Tony dear." Noticing his embarrassment she said "I hope you don't mind me sunbathing like this, I do it all the time, and I did not think you would mind, and I did so enjoy having you fondle my breast." Allison had hoped to seduce Tony that afternoon and had made her attempt at seduction.

Tony pretended that he was not embarrassed. But quite shortly after that incident his mother rang to see if he was there, to remind him they were going out for the evening, which gave him all the excuse he needed to leave. But that night he had some very erotic dreams about Allison.

His parents liked Tracy, but they did not seem to have cottoned on to the fact that Tracy and Tony were having a sexual relationship. If they had, they did not mention it. One week end came when they had promised to go and visit friends some distance away to go to a wedding, and Tony was not very keen on going. His parents reluctantly agreed to let him stay at home but, although he had been prepared to look after himself quite happily for the three days they were away, Allison had somehow found out that he would be alone, and offered to look after him for that weekend. Telling his mother on the phone, that he would be company for her with Tracy away. Tony's parents were more than happy to let Tony stop there, and went away with a much easier mind...

Tony well remembering his erotic afternoon alone with Allison, was more than happy to stay with Allison. He was not sure quite what to expect and he was not entirely sure whether Allison had been coming on to him, or how he would react if she did. Tracy was coincidently away from Friday mid day, she had told her mother that she was with the schools netball team for the week end until the Sunday. So for Tony that meant that he would be alone with Allison from after school on Friday, all day Saturday until Sunday evening...

On his arrival Allison had wasted no time in welcoming him with a long French kiss engulfing his body, and drawing him close to her, as she pulled him down on the settee in the lounge. Allison was a master of seduction, and for weeks she had fantasized on getting Tony to herself. She had planned his seduction so carefully, that one afternoon by the swimming pool, but he had left earlier than she had foreseen But she had been encouraged by his response. This weekend she had determined to have Tony no matter the cost.

She was only wearing a thin housecoat, and no bra, which revealed almost as much as it covered, and her closeness had the desired effect of triggering off Tony's latent sexual desires for Allison. Although Tracy her daughter was his girl, the previous occasion when Allison had indicated a sexual interest in him, had now triggered the latent desire in Tony to spend more time with her. His cock was soon as hard as a rock as he sat close to her.

Allison was a happy woman and she quickly grabbed his hand and placed it inside her housecoat on to her naked breast as she kissed him. Her roving hands quickly found his hardness and started playing with it.

She made no bones at all about how much she had been looking forward to having him as a guest in the house, and having him all to herself for a couple of days. However, she had not told Tracy that she was entertaining Tony, so Tracy was not aware of Tony her lover, being her mothers house guest in her absence...

When she broke the kiss and pulled away, still keeping his hand playing with her now very hard nipple. She looked into his eyes and said. "Do we both want the same thing Tony?" He just nodded, his shyness now a thing of the past,.

Being embraced by her had made him more than ready for anything Allison wished. Allison being the skilled seducer that she was, knew Tony would now be putty in her hands, as she took him by the hand And led him to her bedroom, by that time Tony was more than ready for anything that Allison had planned.

He was with Allison's help, quickly undressed, and his clothes quickly lay in a bundle on the floor, as she pushed Tony back on to the bed. Her naked legs opened as she pulled him close to her naked body and ground her now very highly lubricated pussy against his now very naked hard cock. Her hands were gently fondled his hardness, and after about a thirty second suck of his cock Allison wasted no time in straddling him pulling his cock against her waiting and very wet pussy lips, for just a brief moment looking down, and giving him a lovely smile of contentment, before sliding down on to him and letting his larger than average cock penetrate her waiting pussy.

Allison took control, as she fucked Tony enthusiastically taking his cock even deeper than he thought was ever possible, she was using all her years of acquired bedroom skills, as she moved ever closer to her own orgasm. She bent down and kissed him passionately on the lips, being very careful to keep Tony locked inside her. Then she continued to fuck him, her body writhing with passion against him until she exploded in a frenzy of lust clinging on to him, and kissing him wildly again, as her orgasm's came one after another and her juices poured from her quivering pussy.

She wanted more, much more and she kept her long legs wrapped around him.- this time she pulled Tony on top of her. Her hands pulled him even closer and he was enjoying the erotic feeling of his naked body against her lovely slim body, and the erotic smell of her perfume, her moans of passion kept him on a high, and it was not long before Tony came in a long surging burst as he shot his warm jets of seed inside her. As he continued to spasm - he felt her pussy muscles contracting and relaxing against his cock as she milked every drop of sperm from him.

Tony reflected that sex with Allison was much more re warding than with Tracy, and he lay there enjoying her closeness in her arms as he got his strength back, thinking happily about what a lovely few hours lay ahead of him. Over the next two hours or so, she devoured his body in every way possible - teaching him so much, and improving his sexual abilities like a lover dedicated only to her own pleasure.

Later as they sat and talked over a very special dinner Allison said. "I hope you did not mind me fucking you, but I have heard so much from Tracy bragging about the size of your massive cock, that I began to want you so badly myself. Now I feel a little bit guilty about stealing my daughters boyfriend. I must admit however, that your cock is bigger and much better than some grown men I have known."

Tony said. "I don't feel so guilty as I know that sex is really the only thing that Tracy wants from me. I know that if she found someone better than me, she would drop me like a hot brick. I think that you are so much better as a lover than Tracy. I hope that that was only the first time we made love this week-end Allison. You taught me such a lot today, and I want more."

Within seconds she was in his arms and kissing him and saying "Oh thank you Tony dear, Tracy is such a foolish girl if she loses you to someone else, she will only have herself to blame.

"But how if about she loses me to her mother?"

Allison said "Ouch we must be very careful if that happens that she does not find out about us..."

The Next Morning

They had just finished a late Breakfast when the door bell rang, and when Allison answered it she came back into the dining room with her twin sister a Mrs. Sally Good. Sally like Allison was a ravishing blonde, and very like Allison in both looks and personality. Her daughter Helen was Tracy's best friend, and Tony suspected that Tracy and Helen had very few secrets between them. He had met Sally on a couple of occasion before when he had visited her with Tracy.

Tony quite liked Helen Sally's daughter and Tracy's cousin, she was a pretty girl and very like her mother in looks. Tony had often thought that if Tracy and he ever fell out, then he would probably make a play for Helen. The two mothers being sisters were very close, and they went into the kitchen to have a chat while Tony read the morning paper. But he heard Sally say. "But I did not know Tony would be here."

A few minutes the ladies came back, and it seemed they had been having a serious talk, from what Tony could gather Helen had told her mother that Tracy was not in the Net Ball team as she had pulled out through injury, and Helen had told her mother, that Tracy had gone away with another boy from the school. A chap called Billy Bordesley a boy whose father was a local builder and quite well off.

Allison was livid, and she looked at Tony to see his reaction. Tony sat there a bit stunned for the moment, but he had also been worrying a little bit about how he was to continue his affair with Allison. She had made it clear that she desperately wanted to carry on having sex with him, but the thought crossed his mind that he now had a good reason to break it off with Tracy if he really wanted to, but then he realised that he had to be very careful because he had to keep his affair with Allison a very close secret.

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