The Reporter

by Baphemetis

Copyright© 2011 by Baphemetis

Erotica Sex Story: When a reporter digs up dirt on a cheating wife, he extorts her into having sex with him to keep it from being published. While she is no stranger to sex, she finds herself unprepared for the endurance and brutality of her new sex partner.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   Cheating   MaleDom   Rough   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

When you're growing up, being a journalist sounds like a respectable job. The movies always have that intrepid reporter who stops at nothing to uncover the hidden conspiracy or reveal some secret government cover up.

In real life, hell, it's just another factory, except instead of lawn mower engines or 747s, reporters churn out paragraphs. The bosses don't care about how in-depth or how important the stories are, just how many.

Such is the way my life ended up. In a small city with a population struggling to break 20,000, career choices were pretty limited. Most everybody works at "The Plant", slaving away 80 hours a week at that sweat shop, doing the same repetitive tasks day in and day out.

I went to school with the goal of avoiding that fate, only to come to the realization that print journalism wasn't much different, except for that fact that we were expected to be able to read and write.

I ended up with the courts and cops beat. It sounds exciting, except that there's not much in the way of crime around here. All in all, life sucks.

The day started off like any other. I strolled into work to check the court schedule. The day editor, Sue, flagged me over.

Sue was a short redhead with a petite body and legs to die for. She was an older woman, but she hid her age well. I still find it hard to believe she has a teenage son.

"This woman keeps calling for you," she said. "She won't leave her name or number, she just keeps asking for 'the guy who does the police reports.'

"I got so sick of her calling that I finally told her, 'Look, if you got in trouble and you're trying to keep it out of the paper you can forget it.' I think I came off bitchy enough to get her to leave me alone for a while," she laughed at herself. She was the easiest boss in the world to work for, but she knew how to sound bitchy over the phone to get her way.

"Thanks, Sue. I'll take care of her if she calls again."

Sure enough, ten minutes later, my phone rang.

"Are you the fellow who does the police reports?" The voice on the other end was low and heavy and just a bit sexy. She sounded a bit nervous too.

"Yes, ma'am, what can I do for you?"

"Oh, it's so foolish!" she began. Her voice started to break up. It sounded like she was holding back tears.

"We were parked off the side of the road when we just lost control. I should have just went straight home, but I ... I didn't.

"Then that police officer caught us. He scared the daylights out of me. If my husband ever finds out ... You ... you won't put it in the paper, will you?"

What the hell was she talking about?

"Well, I'm not sure I understand what you're talking about. What were you pulled over for?"

"We weren't pulled over ... we were parked. This fellow from work I've been ... I've been ... seeing. I know I shouldn't have. I have two kids! But we were, you know ... fooling around ... and..."

"Okay, I think I understand now. Were you ticketed?"

"No, no he just told us we were on private property."

"Well, in that case it just depends on whether or not he made a report. I'll go to the police station and take a look. If there's no report, then you should be okay," I reassured her.

"Oh thank you!" Her voice changed and she sounded a hundred times happier. "That woman I spoke with earlier was so mean. She said she'd make darn sure that whatever I did made it in the paper."

"Right, well, if there's no report there's nothing for me to write about," I said. "Give me your name and I'll look for it."

"Do you really need to know that?" She hesitated.

"Well, I have to know which report you're talking about. If I'm going to help you, I'll need your name and the name of the fellow you were with."

Silence. I decided to try another tactic.

"Otherwise, we'll just print everything, there's no way for me to help you if I don't know who you are."

She relented and gave me her name and the name of her paramour. "Gloria Stockholm" music to my ears.

"Is there a number where I can reach you?"

"No," she said. "I'm at work. I'll call you back."

"Call me at about 10, I'll be in meetings all day."

And that was that. I rushed out the door, I had to get to the courthouse before 4 p.m. to pick up the reports and I was running late.

"Gloria Stockholm" I got a slight hardon just thinking about her and that sexy voice, imagining what she looked like ... and what I could do with this information.

At the police station, I thumbed through the reports. The usual petty thefts and harassment complaints. I don't think there's a man or woman left in this town who hasn't been charged with second degree harassment.

My heart jumped with I saw it. The name of Gloria's paramour jumped out at me. The cop had made out an incident report. There was no charge filed, it was just a record he responded to a call about a suspicious looking truck pulled over on the side of the road. They were on private property so he told them to move along without incident.

That was it. That and the truck's registration information.

I photocopied the report. It totally wasn't something we'd bother to report, not even in a small town rag like the one I worked for, but I had plans...

Gloria called at 10 p.m. sharp.

"I've got bad news for you Gloria. The police officer did file a report. It's pretty graphic. It says the two of you were 'engaged in heated sexual relations' when he found you," I lied.

"Oh no! I can't believe it! Why?" she sobbed. "Why would he write that?"

"Don't be to hard on the cop. He's just doing his job," I said. "If something ever happened to you, let's say your boyfriend beat you up later in the night, there's a report filed that documents the two of you were together. He's just doing it for your protection."

"But this could ruin everything," she protested. "If my husband finds out ... my children! You've got to keep it out of the paper!"

"Well, I'm afraid it isn't up to me, you called my editor so many times she's going to be looking for that report now. In fact, she told me to make sure whatever happened gets into the paper," I said. Sue's bitchy act was paying off in my favor. I could paint her as the bad guy in this and Gloria would find it all quite believable.

Gloria began to sob.

"Listen, maybe I can help," I said. "But I can't talk about it here, can you meet me somewhere?"

"I get off of work at 11," she said.

"That's good. Do you know Benji's?" I asked. Benji's was the first bar you came to from the plant exit. Of course, she knew it. "Meet me there after work."

I quickly filed my stories, then I did a little research and made a few printouts in the graphics department. I gave the night editor an excuse as to why I was leaving. I told him the desk sergeant asked me to come back because one of the detectives still had a couple of reports on his desk. Then I headed off to Benji's.

I waited outside my car for about five minutes. It was a cool night, but warm enough to be comfortable without a jacket or sweater.

A woman pulled into the lot and approached me. She was gorgeous. She was older, in her 40s -- maybe late 30s, short, petite and flaming red hair. I felt my cock swell in my pants as I prayed that this was her. She was wearing denim short shorts, a tight white top and white tennis shoes.

"Gloria?" I asked.

"Yes, that's me," She said. I recognized the voice immediately.

"Let's talk," I said as I opened the door of my car for her.

"Here's the report," I said. I showed her a doctored version of the report that I had made using the real report as a model. It was a steamier version of the original, and I added her name, address and phone number instead of "Person Number 1" as she was called in the original. It used all the police jargon that I was used to from reading these things, so it sounded perfectly authentic.

"I ... I can't believe this is happening," she said. "You've got to keep this out."

"I could keep it out," I said. "But my editor will be looking for it. If she goes to the police station herself and finds this, she'll be mad at me for lying to her and for concealing the report. I could lose my job."

"Please," Gloria begged. "You've got to help me. I know I made a mistake. I should have thought about my children. It was stupid. Please, help me."

"I'm afraid it's just not worth the risk to me," I said coldly. "I would have to be getting something worthwhile in order to take a big risk like that."

Gloria's face turned cold.

"Worthwhile," she said tersely. "You mean money." Her tone of voice changed completely. She was cold and almost angry.

"No, Gloria, I don't want your money," I said, almost laughing.

"What then?"

I put my hand on the bare flesh of her leg. Her muscles were tight and firm. "You're very lovely you know."

My legs were shaking, but my cock was as stiff as a pipe. I was nervous as hell, but I gathered up my nerve and leaned over. I gave her a soft kiss on the jaw.

"N ... no!" she said. "That's how I got into this mess. I already made one mistake." She pushed my hand off her leg.

"Are you sure about that decision?" I said, sternly. "I have the power to keep this story out of the paper, but I can make damn sure it gets in."

"What do you mean," she asked? Her voice was unsure. I could hear the fear and trepidation again.

I handed her a mock story I wrote. The headline read "Cops stop roadside adulteress" and the story went on to describe her and her family, her two boys, the school they went to and how the police caught her with a married man. I even found year book pictures of her sons to include in the story.

It was all very sleazy. I'm thankful to say that the paper I work for isn't such a rag that they would actually print such a thing, but people tend to think the worst of us. We've printed a few questionable stories in the past.

Gloria was shaking. Tears streamed down her face. I felt bad for her, especially since the story was a lie. We would never print such a thing, but she was so gorgeous. She was the perfect woman to me. The perfect age, the perfect height, the perfect body. I even had a fetish for redheads. If she were wearing a french maid uniform the fantasy would be complete!

I was too horny to resist the temptation.

"Convinced yet?" I said.

"W ... what do you want me to do?" she said, sobbing.

"I get off of work at midnight," I said. "I want you to check out a hotel room for us, then meet me there."

"Oh, please ... no!" she protested.

"It's nothing you haven't done before," I said coldly. "Don't pretend that you're some sort of saint. And I only want you for one night. I don't intend to keep on blackmailing you."

"No," she protested. "I can't do this. I can't make the same mistake twice. I won't!"

"I was afraid you'd be difficult," I said. I handed her another paper. This one had all the names and addresses of her relatives and neighbors. I had looked them up in the city directory before leaving the office. "I'm going to mail a copy of the story to every person on this list. Recognize the names? I'm also going to St. Joseph's Middle School, where your boys attend, and drop off a stack of copies there, just to be sure all their friends know what their Mommy's been up to."

She started crying uncontrollably.

"Convinced, Gloria?"

She nodded her head 'yes.'

I put the car in gear and drove to a nearby hotel. Gloria rented a room and returned with the key. I dropped her off. I still had another hour of work to kill.

Back at the office I told my editor that the desk sergeant didn't have anything new for me, just an old report I'd seen the night before. He had me make a few changes to the stories I turned in, then before I knew it, midnight was here.

I raced to the motel at a dangerous speed. I opened the door and there was Gloria, in the dark, sitting on the bed, sniffling. Light from the parking lot shone in and bounced off her smooth shapely legs. She was frightened, isolated, and suffering, yet all I could think about was how I wanted to fuck her. Her tits were so petite and firm. I could fit those beautiful globes in my mouth. Her waist was tight, her body came to a perfect hour glass shape as her hips flared out ever so slightly.

I closed the door and flipped the light switch. I set the room's clock radio to an easy listening station for some mood music. Then I went to the bathroom and took some towels and tossed them on the ground.

I sat in chair and looked at my prize. She had composed herself, her tears were cleared away.

"Take off your shoes and stand over there," I said and gestured to a spot in front of me where I could direct the show. She wasn't wearing any socks.

She stood before me, this older woman in her late 30s with flaming red hair and a beautiful bronze tan. Time to see how far that tan went.

"Take off your shirt," I commanded. She grasped the bottom of her shirt and slowly lifted. My cock grew harder with every inch of skin she exposed.

Her belly was flat and firm, even a tad muscular. Her belly button danced in the middle, a shallow little speck. The shirt rose and exposed the bottom of her rib cage, then the white round globes of beautiful breasts, cupped in a white, lacy bra.

She pulled the shirt over her head and deposited it on the ground.

"Now the shorts," I ordered.

She unfastened her shorts and gave them a downward tug. My cock threatened to tear a hole through my pants when she bent over to ease her Daisy Dukes below her knees. Those beautifully tanned globes seemed weightless as they hung before me, offering a perfect view of the cleavage of a goddess.

"Now ... the bra," I spoke slowly. I saw her wince at the words, she knew what was coming, but she continued to hang on the tiny thread of hope that this was all some sort of bad dream.

She pulled one strap off her shoulder, then the next. She turned her head to avoid looking at me as she eased her arms out then pulled the lacy fabric down to her waist. I didn't pay attention to her as she spun it around and unsnapped it. My eyes were fixed at those two gorgeous mounds of flesh. They were perfectly tan, as though she spends all day laying naked in the sun. I could see a faint tan line where she would sometimes where a bikini, but she was still perfect.

"God, you're beautiful," I said. I had my shirt open at this point, but my pants were still fastened. I stroked my cock through the fabric, but I was saving the honor of unsheathing my sword for her.

"You have the perfect body," I told her. "I think you may be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

She didn't care for my compliments. She continued to avoid looking at me.

"On your knees," I told her. She swallowed hard, but obeyed. She knelt on the towels I had thrown down. I walked up to her and stopped with my crotch just inches from her face.

"Undo my pants," I ordered. She paused for a second, letting the command soak into her brain. Then, without a word she obeyed. She unfastened my pants pulled them down. I stepped out of them.

"Now, the briefs," I said. By this time, my cock was ready to tear through the fabric. She pulled the elastic waist band down and my cock popped out, brushing against her cheek, bouncing up and down.

Her eyes widened and she let out an audible gasp. Now, I won't make the record books, but I have a decent-size cock. I won't flatter myself, I'm sure she wasn't gasping at my size, rather, the sight of my phallus triggered in her mind the reality of what was about to happen to her.

"I'll make you a deal," I said. "Look at the clock." It read 12:17.

"If you can get me off in the next fifteen minutes, you can go and we'll call it even," I began. "But ... if you can't then we fuck. And I mean, I will fuck you in any way, in every way I want in any hole I want as many times as I want for the rest of the night tonight."

"What do you think? Deal?" I asked.

Gloria paused for moment, thinking. "Twenty-five minutes," was all she said, still not looking at me. Her southern accent was thick and sweet sounding.

I laughed. "So you think you can suck me off in twenty-five minutes? You're welcome to try," I said. "It's a deal."

She took my shaft in her hand and wrapped her fingers around me. She opened her mouth and eagerly swallowed my cockhead. Her hand jerked up and down on my shaft while she sucked on my glans.

She closed her mouth and pressed her lips tightly against the top of my dick as she sucked and pulled back. She continued to bob her head up and down in short, deliberate strokes as her tongue teased my cock.

I groaned out loud and enjoyed the blow job I had blackmailed her into giving me. She continued to suck eagerly. It was clear, I was dealing with an expert.

Soon, she began to change her tactics. She took her hand off my shaft and took more and more of my cock into her mouth. She pulled her head back and then worked her way down my shaft, taking a tiny bit more with each down thrust.

Her hands, meanwhile, began gently stroking my thighs, my balls, my ass. Her gentle touches sent shivers up my body, while her mouth worked miracles on my cock.

Gloria continued to try to deep throat me. She was over halfway down my cock. Then, each time she pulled back, she gently let her teeth grate across my length. Her fingers reached into the crack of my ass and began pushing on my shithole.

The combination of sensations was wonderful and I groaned loudly.

"Oh Gloria, you're a fantastic cock sucker," I said. It was clear she was trying to win our bet and she was using every trick she knew.

She took a break from deep throating and starting licking my shaft. She slid her lips up and down the tender underside, then wrapped her tongue around my dick and slid her face up and down its length.

She took a hold of my cock and began stroking me again. Her lips encircled one of my balls and she sucked it into her mouth. She sucked on it and let it pop out of her lips. She took the other ball into her mouth and sucked on that one some more.

Then, Gloria returned to my cock. She took it in her mouth and began sucking again. She slid up and down three quarters of the length of my manhood. She let the head of my cock poke against the inside of her cheek and began sliding her head back and forth, almost as though she were using my pole as a toothbrush.

I watched her work, sucking and slurping away, trying desperately to get me off. I admit, I came close a couple times and I had to get control of my breathing and concentrate to keep from orgasming out of control.

The minutes ticked by and she sucked and sucked. She tried deepthroating again, taking me in little by little. She slid down past the halfway point and then pulled back. She took a breath and tried again, she took small little "bites" and sort of ate her way down to about three quarters. She pulled back and sucked up and down.

Then she forced her self down past the three quarter mark and very nearly up to the hilt. She began to gag wildly and pulled back, coughing.

But she tried it again, and this time the full length of my cock was inside her, twisting its way down her gullet. I began fucking her face in short little thrusts, her nose, pressed against my stomach, blowing down my pubic hair.

I pounded my cock against the back of her throat, until she started to panic. She pushed her hands against my stomach and tried to push away. I held her head against me, but finally let her go. She pulled off and began coughing.

She grabbed my cock and continued stroking. She licked my balls again.

"Cum for me baby," she pleaded.

She dipped her head between my legs and darted her tongue up the crack of my ass. I gasp at the feeling of her hot, wet tongue licking between my cheeks.

She found my asshole and forced her tongue into it. I almost shot my load right there as her fist stroked me roughly. She shot her tongue in and out of my asshole giving me the most sensational rim job.

She pulled her head out and pushed my dick straight up against my stomach. She licked my balls and then licked up the length of my cock. She bobbed her head up and down licking the underside of my cock.

Gloria took my manhood into her mouth again sucking down half way, then pulling back slowly, grating her teeth against my tender flesh. Then she plunged down once more taking in my full length.

I slowly began gyrating my hips back and forth, fucking her mouth in short steady thrusts. Gloria reached around slipped her fingers up my ass. She stuck a single finger up my asshole and began to work her way in.

The sensation was fucking wonderful. We got into a rhythm, as I thrust forward she would plunge her finger deeper up my ass. Back and forth in short steady strokes I fucked her mouth while she fingered my ass.

She switched to two fingers and as they plunged inward, I thrust forward, sending my cockhead butting against her throat.

We found a rhythm and I continued to plow her throat until I could hold back no longer. As I felt the flood gates begining to open I pulled my cock back, out of her throat and into her mouth.

"Ooaagh!" I groaned loudly. "I'm cumming," I warned her. At the last second I yelled, "Swallow, or the deal's off."

Then I came, glob after gob of hot, thick semen spewed into Gloria's mouth. She tried to swallow and I watched as she swallowed obediently. But my spasms were too intense and I knew I was shooting cum straight into the back of her throat. She began to gag and cough violently.

She collapsed on all fours, coughing and hacking as cum dribbled out of her mouth. She tried desperately to catch her breath between coughing fits. Raised her arm and wiped the cum from her face.

She looked up, still coughing and glanced at the clock next to the bed. I could see the color drain out of her face as a look of shock and horror overcame her.


"no..." she said meekly, almost to herself.

"Oh, that," I said smugly. "Yeah, you lost the bet a long time ago."

I'm sure her head was reeling as she recalled the terms of the deal. "Every way I want, every hole I want, as many times as I want."

"Get up," I ordered. I grabbed her by the arm and lifted her to her feet.

I held her body close to me, rubbing my hardening cock against the sheer fabric of her panties, smashing her breasts against my chest. She turned her head away as I tried to kiss her. I kissed her cheek and her neck. I kissed the side of her jaw, then I forced my self on to her lips.

"Kiss me," I told her.

"Please, no. Not that," she begged in her thick southern drawl.

"I get anything I want, remember? Besides, you took my cock in your mouth, now you won't take my tongue?"

"Please," she pleaded. "Let me save something for myself. For my own dignity. Let me have something that still belongs to me and my husband."

"Fine," I said. It wasn't worth the effort. If she was going to give the rest of her body over to me willingly, I was satisfied. I went back to groping her ass and kissing her neck. I licked her neck and let my tongue run across the side of her cheek. Then I tongued her ear.

I knew this intimate violation made her feel helpless. I was marking my territory. For tonight, I owned her.

I turned my attention to her breasts. They were perfect -- full, round, firm and beautiful. There was only a hint of a tan line and in the gloomy dark motel room, it was barely noticeable.

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