I Love the Mountains

by StangStar06

Copyright© 2011 by StangStar06

Incest Sex Story: a Cheating wife Story

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I love the mountains. After a morning filled with meetings, and meetings about meetings, I left the office to do something I truly enjoyed. When I got onto the freeway heading out of town, my head stopped hurting as I breathed in the clean, clear mountain air. Before leaving I had changed from my stuffy uncomfortable though fashionable suit and tie, into a couple of layered T-shirts under a flannel shirt and jeans. I had on my favorite Asics trainers now, but soon I'd have my feet stuffed into a pair of tight and sticky climbing shoes. Most people don't consider my car, an 08 Mustang GT to be a great outdoor person's car, but I really didn't listen to most people. I had been obsessed with Mustangs since I was too young to drive, and I had owned one ever since I was able to save up enough cash for my first used one. Besides I had nearly 180 miles to drive, most of which was freeway so I could make the trip far faster in my little pony than in any Jeep, Hummer, or other off road vehicle. The V8's potent growl calmed my nerves as I shook off all of my stress from being stuck in the city for 3 days straight. Most of the time I tele-commuted from my home that was less than a mile from the mountains, but there were times when I couldn't avoid going in to the office.

My wife Belinda and I were avid climbers, so naturally we settled in Utah. American Fork Canyon is a climber's dream and only a little bit more than a half hour drive outside of the suburbs of Salt Lake City where we live. I'm Ted Sanderford, I'm a computer programmer. I write control algorithms, and do interface mapping for CNC and robotic control systems. It's a great job and I love it, but not as much as I love the mountains. I'm 5'10 with the usual brown hair and blue eyes that are the statistical norm in the US. I guess I'm the typical everyman type guy. Not too big, not too small. Belinda my wife is a little shorter at 5'6" and is built for climbing with her thin athletic form. She has sandy blond hair and blue eyes. She's the girl next door that we all want to grow up and marry, and I did that literally. Sandy grew up right next door to me. We were friends first and then best friends, then we dated and finally got married right after high school. She's 2 years younger than I am at 42, but is still the sexiest thing I've ever seen. She may not have a huge rack and her legs and arms are kind of muscled up from all of the climbing, but in my eyes she's perfect.

The plan today was supposed to be for me to drive home from Danton, which is just under 200 miles from Salt Lake City. I'd stop off at home, change clothes and vehicles and meet Belinda and our son Greg for a climb together. We wouldn't be able to spend much time together as a family soon, because Greg was getting married in a couple of months. Neither his fiancé, who'd we met a couple of times or her mom, climbed at all. Belinda and Greg would probably start out climbing one of the smaller trails as a warm-up before I joined them. We'd camp there for the night maybe hike a few trails in the morning and then head home for a barbecue that we were having Sunday, so our family and friends could meet Emily and her mother Veronica. My version of the plan was far better; I'd changed clothes at work, and intended to head straight to the rock face to join them for both climbs. It would be a nice surprise for them. We just didn't spend very much time together since Greg had gotten older.

Though Belinda and I were looking forward to a time when we'd be alone, we loved our son very much. He looked almost exactly like I did at his age. Everyone we knew always commented on it. "Well at least you know Belinda didn't cheat on you," they always said. Another one was "At least you'll never have to worry about spending money on a DNA test." He also talked like me, walked like me and liked most of the same things I did. Belinda was unable to have any more children after Greg was born, but it didn't matter because we'd gotten it perfect on our first try. We still kept practicing, but we knew that there were no more children in our future. Belinda had gotten to be pretty randy of late and I could hardly keep up with her, but I wasn't complaining. Lost in my thoughts about the family I love, the Mustang just chewed up the miles until I was in the park.

There were several climbing routes to choose from in the canyon. The one we'd chosen to do together today was called Division Wall. Knowing Belinda as I did, I was sure she'd choose Pimple Tower for their warm-up climb. It was barely above a beginner's level route but it would give her the chance to talk to Greg and find out about Emily, who we knew next to nothing about. There was a small plateau about halfway up the face that she liked to stop and have a snack on. With Belinda being a creature of habit I was pretty sure I might be able to climb up and catch them while they had their snack.

Meanwhile 20 miles away Emily Munoz was talking to her mother as they headed to the mall to buy new outfits for the barbecue that was 2 days away. She really wanted to make a good impression on her future in-laws and have her mother do the same. She also hoped that her mother would meet someone at the barbecue, because with her getting married soon her mom would be left all alone.

"I don't need to get dressed up Emily," said Veronica Munoz to her daughter, "This party is for you. You're the one who needs to make an impression."

"Mom Greg already loves me, and I've met his parents once or twice, they're nice. But they really don't matter, he wants me to marry him, not them. I was hoping that maybe among all of the nice men that will be there, you might meet someone."

"Why would anyone want to meet a fat old girl like me?" asked Veronica.

"Mom, Abuela told me, that when you were younger you had to beat the guys off with a stick. You're still beautiful, and you'd have no problem finding a man if you wanted to. It's been more than 10 years since Dad passed. He'd want you to find someone that you can be happy with."

At that moment, a young man sat on a boulder on a small flat patch of grass. He chewed a piece of dried meat while he stared at the sky. "This place is perfect," he said to his companion as he rolled onto the grass to lie down next to her.

"Perfect for what?" she replied still staring at the sky. In response the man rolled on top of her and began kissing her in a very practiced manner. It was just the way she liked to be kissed, though not the person she wanted to be kissed by. But she got lost in the moment and opened her mouth and began sucking his tongue. She pulled away and he started trailing little kisses down her neck. "Ooh you'd better stop that," she said although she didn't mean it and they both knew it. Her small breasts started heaving as her nipples hardened until they were showing through her thin sports bra and her t-shirt. He pulled the top up and reached under her bra, first he gently rubbed the sensitive outward areas of her nearly non-existent mammary glands. When she started to make whimpering noises he pinched her nipples, nearly hard enough to hurt. In response to the pain in her nipples her legs spread on their own. He reached down and pulled her shorts and harness down. Her shorts stuck at the bottom of her shoes so he pulled off one of her climbing shoes as well. Then he looked down at her while he pulled his own pants down freeing his penis.

The woman reached up and took his engorged member into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on it while alternately covering it with gobs of her own saliva.

"Okay, baby I'm ready for the real thing now," he gasped out breathlessly. "If you don't stop that I'm gonna cum."

"So, you could just work on me for a little while and you'll be ready to go again in no time. That's the great thing about being young," she said. She spread her legs and lay back in the grass, looking at the sky again. Her companion pounced on her and plunged his dick into her vagina to the hilt in one move and started fucking her hard and fast. After a few minutes he lifted her legs onto his shoulders and kept pumping away. She slammed her hips into his abdomen meeting his every thrust. The sensations she felt were pleasant but not really fulfilling for either of them. She pulled her legs closer together to put more pressure on his penis and increase the friction. She looked into his eyes and saw the love for her there.

"Oh baby, this has to be the best pussy ever made," he spat out through clenched teeth.

"You don't wish it was tighter?," she asked.

"Unh uh," he grunted as he sawed away at her, feeling his orgasm nearing, he slowed down and pulled out. He flipped her and pulled her ass cheeks apart. He spat into his hand and rubbed it over his already wet penis, and pushed his member into her ass slowly but forcefully. Then he started slowly fucking her ass, increasing his tempo with each stroke. The woman started to finger her own clit in time to his rhythm. This gave her the stimulation that his penis hadn't and she started to get into it herself. Whereas the previous actions had been done only for her partner's satisfaction, the stimulation of her clit lit her own fires.

"Ooh yeah, fuck me," she said. Then she stripped off her t-shirt and flung it as she ground her ass into her partner harder. She spread her legs further and lowered herself until her belly was resting in the soft mountain grass, and frigged herself harder as the man behind her started to really pound her ass. All at once, nearly too soon he started spurting into her anal cavity and rolled over.

As I got out of my Mustang and made my way around to its trunk, I was happy. I'd parked right next to Belinda's Nissan Pathfinder, so I knew I'd picked the right route. I could see several groups of climbers on the face but it was large enough that they were well apart from each other and probably couldn't see each other. Suddenly a brightly colored flash caught my eye. I lifted my binoculars to my face and looked at the area around where I'd seen the flash. Someone up there might be in trouble. There was trouble alright but not the kind I was expecting. The binoculars had been a Christmas present from my wife. They had one of those fancy digital cameras built in so you could take pictures of whatever beautiful scenery you watched in them. I quickly snapped off several pictures then put the binoculars and my climbing gear back into The Mustang's small trunk. I got back into the car and banged my hands on the steering wheel. Luckily for me the wheel was both tough and leather covered so I didn't damage myself or my car. Then I just sat there for awhile and finally drove off. I had a lot to do, and plans to make. Luckily I wasn't expected back to work for a few days. Hopefully I could be all set up before then.

Back in the clearing the man rolled over to his lover, who was still working on her own orgasm. He pulled her hands away from her vagina and replaced them with his own. First he blew small gusts of cooling air onto her nearly bald outer labia. Then he gently licked them. As she tilted her pelvis up to meet his lips he could see a thin trail of his own semen leaking from her asshole. He quickly inserted two of his fingers into her sopping wet vagina as he shifted his stream of blown air to her now supersensitive clit. This got a rise out of her. He could tell, as she laid her head back and closed her eyes. A third finger was added and he began gently moving the fingers around inside her. Below them a car pulled away kicking up gravel in its wake, but the lovers never registered its coming or going. He added his forth finger, and got heavier breathing and an "aah," sound coming from deep inside her throat.

He eased his hand out and forced all of his fingers and thumb, into a pointed shape and slowly pushed his whole hand inside. Very slowly he moved it curling the fingers as they disappeared inside. He started to fuck her with his fist as he lean over and started licking her clit with his rough tongue.

Her eyes seemed to roll back in her head and her legs splayed outwards as he kept up the licking and fisting until she couldn't control herself and she screamed. The sound rebounded off the nearby cliff faces but neither cared. By this time while she was beginning to come down from her first orgasm, he got back on top of her and started fucking her again, though his dick wasn't nearly big enough for her he leaned forwards until the rough hair around the base of his dick started rubbing her clit. That got her started again. She reached under him and started to rub his balls. "Oh Greg, I'm gonna cum again," she croaked.

"Me too, mom," he whispered. "Me too."

"I'm really going to miss this," she said. "You're almost as good as your father. But I'm glad we won't be doing this anymore because every time it happens I feel guilty about it for a long time."

"Me too, mom but, it just feels so fucking good," said Greg. "Besides it's not like anyone is ever going to find out. I'm not going to tell anyone, and I don't think you are. And the only people that would care, are the people we'd both die before hurting. Speaking of which Dad is supposed to be joining us soon so we'd better head on up to the top."

"Unh unh," said Belinda. "I'm pooped, and I mean that in more ways than one. I'm just going to rest for a minute and then head back down. When your father gets here, maybe we should just camp for the night and climb in the morning. And when it's time to go to bed you should make some kind of excuse to go for a walk or go call Emily, so I can give him some of what you just had."

"Damn mom, aren't you going to be a little sore or tired?"

"Baby you're not anywhere near as big as your father is, yet. And he's been trapped in the city for 3 days. You took the edge off nicely for me, but I'm gonna fuck the shit out of my man when he gets here. And after three days without any he's gonna be expecting it. If he isn't then I'm gonna be pissed because it means he's probably getting it from someone else while he's there," said Belinda. "It would kill me if he ever had an affair. I love him too much to ever share him with anyone."

Back in town, I was packing. I needed to get all of the essentials out of the house. I had no need to rush I had at least a few hours and at best maybe a day. I called Belinda's cell phone knowing she'd probably left it in her Pathfinder. It rang several times and then went to voice mail. I left her a message saying that I had some problems to clear up and that they should go ahead and camp, but to leave me a message telling me which campgrounds they'd be at. It was perfect, it should buy me at least the night and none of it was actually untrue. I could be angry and disgusted later, but for now I had to be smart quick and decisive. I packed up my entire computer system from my home office. Since I worked from home most of the time I'd need to get it set back up as quickly as possible. I had a lot of dedicated and proprietary software on it that I couldn't work without. Next I grabbed clothes, toiletries and my tools. While my jeep wasn't as big as Belinda's Pathfinder I was able to get the computer, clothes and a lot of tools all in the first truck load. I headed into town and found a Self Storage place and rented one of their larger units. While I unloaded I started thinking about what I was doing, but I put the thoughts out of my mind. There'd be plenty of time for thinking about how fucked up my life was later. I still had plenty to do.

As soon as I was done unloading I drove back home and packed another load, I purposefully left all of my climbing gear and everything related to it because I never wanted to think about climbing again. After loading up my second load, I drove around the area near my storage unit and found a motel that wasn't too bad. I booked a week's stay there while I looked for something more permanent. Then I parked my Jeep at the storage unit and called a cab. I got the cabbie to drive me to my house and gave him a nice tip. I sat down at my old desk and wrote a letter to Belinda, telling her not to try to find me and that I needed some time before I'd be ready to speak to her. I told her that she didn't need to worry about finances because I fully intended to take care of the house and the bills until the courts could decide on a settlement. I also told her that I hadn't retained an attorney yet but that she probably should, because when I got ready to make my move it would be quick and hopefully painless. Somehow I forgot to tell her why I was leaving her, but I'm sure she could figure that out eventually. I left the letter, the key to the house, and my wedding ring on the dining room table, where she'd be sure to find it. Then I left the house for the last time, got into my Mustang and drove back to my motel.

Belinda and Greg sat in front of their campfire waiting for Ted to show up. Belinda called him for the 10th time since they'd been there and he didn't pick up any of his lines. He didn't answer his iPhone, or the house phone or the office phone. She was beginning to worry about him. Greg spoke animatedly to Emily on his own cell phone. They talked about their upcoming wedding and the barbecue, and Emily's shopping trip with her mother. As Greg hung up his phone, he looked at his mother. He could tell she was worried about something, but he couldn't really understand what. "What's wrong mom?" he asked.

"I've called all of his numbers but I can't seem to get in touch with your father," she said. Her voice was tight and Greg could tell she was really upset.

"Jeezus mom, he probably just forgot to charge his phone. He's probably on his way up here right now. You know those iPhones are known for shitty battery life. He's probably going to laugh at you when I tell him about how worried you were."

"Greg, I haven't spoken to him since last night, it's been more than twenty four hours," she snapped.

"Mom calm down, he did call you and leave you a message about the problems he was having, give the man a break," said Greg. "Dad's never done anything wrong, or done anything to hurt you, he's not that kind of guy. You worry too much."

"Gregory, I've known your father since he was 6 years old, and I was 4. He was my first and only boyfriend. He moved out of his house when he went to college. His own mother only lived with him for 18 years so I've lived with him for longer than she did," said Belinda.

"Mom, Grandma Sanderford told me all of that, and how on your 18th birthday you showed up at his dorm room and moved in with him. Grandma Mason also told me that she wanted you to wait until you were married to start having sex, but it was all she could do to make you wait until you were 18, and she still isn't sure you made it. Everybody knew that you and Dad would get married from the time you were kids. She also told me how you started fights with every girl who even looked at him from across the room. And he feels the same way about you, so calm down mom," said Greg. As he said this he reached out and started rubbing her leg.

"Greg, stop it," snapped Belinda. "Remember what we said."

"We said that we'd stop this weekend, so we could both move on with our lives, and not hurt the people we love. We said we'd stop before we got caught because sooner or later we'd make a mistake. We said we'd stop because it was wrong to begin with," said Greg. "But Mom just one more time for the road won't hurt anything, it's still the same weekend that we said we'd stop so it's not like we lied, and it'll help you take your mind off Dad until he gets here." He continued to rub her leg and was moving his hand closer to the crotch of her shorts with every stroke.

Belinda's resolve was weakening as her son rubbed his fingers slowly up her leg. She was really worried about her husband, and Greg looked so much like him, that it really wasn't cheating. And they had said that they were going to stop. "Your father will be here any minute," she said.

"So we just go off into woods," said Greg. "If he's here when we get back we just tell him we went to use the camp facilities. And on our way back in, we do go and take a shower. Come on Mom you shouldn't have started this and then just cut me off, that's just wrong," whined Greg. He stood up and held out his hand, and against her better judgment, Belinda got up and followed him.

They quickly walked away from their campsite back into a copse of trees only a few yards away from the face of the rock they'd climbed earlier. Belinda was surprised as her son grabbed her by her shoulder and kissed her pushing his tongue into her mouth. At first she resisted because that wasn't the way things were with them. Greg wasn't just kissing her to get her started, he was trying to build or imply a sense of true intimacy, and what she and her son did was only sport fucking. It was just bodies, no emotion. It had only started by accident. When she hit her forties, she'd noticed that she craved sex far more than her husband did. He gave it to her every day, but he was also getting older and could only keep going for so long and she wanted more. Several of her friends who'd gone through it told her it would only last for a few years and she had a couple of possibilities. One was to have a fling or a series of flings. The other was to get a large supply of V&V (vibrators and Viagra) and use them both in large quantities. The idea of a fling or flings was quickly dismissed because she just wasn't capable of sharing herself with anyone other than Ted. The mere thought of it disgusted her. She tried vibrators but found them unsatisfactory, for the same reason that she didn't really masturbate much. It was just so much better when someone else was doing it to you than anything you could do for yourself.

Then a couple of years ago Ted had started going into the city about once a month. He was gone for 2 or 3 days each time. At first she had gone with him, and having sex in hotel rooms had been fun and different. But after a while it just got boring, not the sex, but being trapped in the city away from the mountains they both loved. So she'd stopped. After all it was only a couple of days that they were apart, and Ted usually fucked her brains out when he came home.

Then she started anticipating his returns, and longing for the bouts of reunion sex. She started masturbating just to warm herself up for her husband because just the thought of him coming into the house and just ramming his huge dick into her while they were still dressed had her just dripping.

That was part of the reason her vagina was so stretched out Ted's dick was huge and very thick. He had stretched out both her pussy and her ass to the point where he was the only person that fit her perfectly. She had seen a few other men's dick's accidentally. Relatives who she'd walked in on in the bathroom or accidental exposures in the lake or the pool. She'd even seen guys in the few porn movies that she and Ted had watched. None of them had an endowment like her husband's. Then when you added the fact that he was the only man she had ever even thought about loving, for her entire life, then sex with him became an obsession for her. But she loved him enough that if they couldn't ever have sex again, she'd still stay with him.

One day while she was extremely horny waiting for Ted to come back from the city, she'd gone into her room and was just flogging herself, when she looked up and saw Ted staring at her wide eyed. She was so close to cumming that her brain was foggy, so she just told him to come and get it. Within seconds he'd shucked off his clothes and was in her. He was fucking hard and fast but for some reason she just wasn't feeling it the way she usually did. Then she looked down and noticed that his dick was considerably smaller than usual, and that it wasn't Ted it was their son Greg. She quickly pushed him off and got up. After a couple of awkward hours of avoiding each other, both knowing that they needed to sort this out before the man they both loved came home, they spoke.

"Greg, I'm sorry for what happened, but you're an adult so I'm sure that you can understand. When your father is away, I just yearn for him so badly that I have to sometimes take care of myself, just thinking about him. And today I just missed him so badly ... And when I saw you, I literally thought you were him. Please don't ever tell anyone about this, it could destroy our family," she said through tear filled eyes.

"Mom I would never tell anyone, but I'm not sorry it happened. I just wish it had gone on long enough for me to finish. You know that Dad and I like all of the same things, so as bizarre as it sounds, it was a dream come true for me. But I love my Dad as much as you do, so I'd never tell him." Greg couldn't even face her as he said it.

It took a couple of months before it happened again, but once it did, it became a regular thing. Like clockwork as soon as Ted was out of town, Greg was in his mother's bed. For her it was only a pale substitute for what she'd get from her husband, but Greg was younger and could keep going longer so it wasn't without its benefits. But on the other hand the guilt and the fact that he had to go to extreme measures like fisting her to satisfy her just made it something that she had always regretted. She was glad that they'd finally decided to stop. She was just going to have to get used to the hotel rooms, because she was never letting Ted out of her reach again.

On Greg's part, Sex with his mom, was far better than anything else he'd experienced. Just the thought of sticking his dick in the channel he'd been birthed from turned him on so much that the lack of friction became a plus. He could last far longer and do far freakier things than any girl his age would ever let him think of. His mom could swallow his dick whole and swallow all of his semen without losing a drop. He didn't have to worry about rubbers or the pill because she couldn't have kids. And like his father he loved her wiry little body. Her breasts weren't big like Emily's but her nipples were as hard as fucking erasers and she loved to have them bitten and squeezed hard. Just the thought of fucking his mother usually resulted in painful and embarrassing erections that were often mistaken as being for someone else. More than once they'd been out with their friends and drove past the park. With the mountains and the rock faces in view, Greg thought of his mother, which cause the painful tenting in his jeans. When someone noticed it they'd say something like "Emily you'd better hurry up and marry him so you can give him some, before you cause him to break his dick."

Greg loved Emily, and he intended to marry her, but most of his erections were the result of thinking about his mother. The fact that Emily intended on abstaining from sex until after she was married didn't faze him at all. After all his parents had done nearly the same thing and look at them now, still happy and horny after all of these years.

The sexual obsession had also been passed down from his parents. Greg might've looked like the spitting image of his Dad, but his obsession when it came to sex was his mother. Over the months that they'd been fucking the obsession, at least for him had grown. Throughout his life he and his dad had shared almost everything. He didn't see why they couldn't share Belinda as well. After all they both loved her and each other, it just seemed natural.

Belinda turned her face away from Greg's kisses and spread her legs. She couldn't figure out what was wrong with her son. Maybe he was imagining that it was Emily he was fucking, and that was why he'd tried to kiss her like a lover instead of a fuck buddy. She felt him tugging her shorts down, and she wasn't wearing any panties under them so Greg quickly backed her up against a tree and rammed his dick home into her vagina. He started thrusting into her harder and harder so she closed her eyes and did some imagining of her own. In her mind it was Ted fucking her and she tried to concentrate on that. Then in the back of her mind she sensed that something was wrong that snapped her out of her thoughts.

"Come on baby, take it," said Greg. "This pussy is mine, all mine. And after I get you knocked up everyone will know it. Oh yeah."

Belinda was horrified. With all of her strength she slapped her son's face and pushed him away and out of her. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" she screamed. "This isn't..." she began. And then at a loss for words she just pulled up her shorts and ran back to their campsite leaving Greg standing there.

Greg had been out of his mind with lust and had just let what he was feeling come out. He pulled up his shorts over his rapidly deflating dick and followed his mother slowly back to camp.

That first night in the motel, I just completely fell apart. I just got into bed while it was still light outside and tried to sleep so I could just move forwards and hopefully begin the process of healing. But every time I closed my eyes, the images came back. I saw Belinda on the face of the mountain in the same place where we used to make love when we'd first started climbing in this state. She was flat on her back like some whore in the grass, while my own son's hips just pumped in and out of her. I had no words for how I felt. Rage, betrayal, anger, disgust, none of them fit what I was feeling. And my reaction to it all also shocked me. I mean I grew up watching John Wayne movies God damn it. I was supposed to go running up there climb the fucking rock face bare handed without a harness or helmet and beat the shit out of both of them. Then using just the might of my brawny arms, I was supposed to throw both of them off the mountain to their deaths, then everyone in town would come up and thank me for saving the world especially our town, from the two evil, incestuous snakes. The Sheriff himself was supposed to come up and tell me how he was glad I had done it because he didn't think he'd have been able to. Lastly some beautiful dancehall girl who worked in the saloon was supposed to come over and tell me she'd always loved me and we'd kiss, and then the credits were supposed to roll as the screen grew dark.

I kept thinking,"roll the fucking credits," as I lay there in that uncomfortable motel bed. It actually started to eat at me, that I hadn't been more forceful, but I guess John Wayne didn't know that I loved both of them, far more than I loved myself. And though I was hurt beyond all reason, I could no more hurt either of them than I could cut my own dick off with a broken beer bottle. I didn't need to know why; I didn't care how long. I just needed this all to be over. I knew that I was in shock and not really thinking clearly so I didn't want to make any rash moves. I was very sure though that my marriage to the girl next door, the only woman I had ever loved was broken beyond repair. I had no intentions of getting any kind of revenge against her, or leaving her destitute. I didn't really want to beat the shit out of my son. He was still the same little boy I'd held on my knee, and taught how to throw a baseball. I just couldn't bring myself to harm or even think badly of either of them. I just knew that our life together as a family was over.

I don't know when I finally drifted off to sleep, but my phone awakened me very early the next morning. Before I even thought about what I was doing, I answered it and quickly hung up as soon as I heard Belinda's voice. She'd sounded upset, but not overly so. I was sure she hadn't gone back to the house and discovered my letter yet, but something else had upset her. It was probably my not showing up at the campsite. I showered and drove the mustang over to the storage unit and parked it inside of the unit. This was a pretty small town and a Mustang would attract far more attention than one of literally hundreds of jeeps. I had breakfast at a mom and pop restaurant that was fairly close to my motel. As I ate I came to the realization that by not getting a lawyer and starting divorce procedures I wasn't helping anyone. I had to realize that as painful as this was, it was my life and I was stuck with it. I wasn't going to suddenly wake up and discover that it had all been a dream. I also would not have the benefit of a do over, or a reset button. My marriage was over that's it. On my way back to the motel I picked up one of those real estate magazines that advertise apartments and condos. I needed to start looking for more permanent housing.

As soon as I got back to the motel I called Ernie Banks, he was the lawyer that the company used and several of my friends had hired him when their marriages broke down. After setting up a meeting with him and telling him what was going on, I felt slightly better. I still felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach by a race horse after having my heart ripped out with a baling hook, but it was a slight improvement.

I looked through my magazine and saw several apartments that I liked or at least wanted to check out. I called a couple of them and set up appointments for later in the day. The thing I noticed most was that everything in the price range I was shooting for was far closer to work than my current home. I realized though that it really didn't matter anymore. As much as I loved the mountains I'd have bad memories of them for the rest of my life.

Before the sun was up Belinda had taken her tent down and packed it away in the back of her pathfinder. She left a lot of the camping gear at the site, Greg could pack it in his car, and return it someday, but she needed to get as far away from her son as she could. He had tried to apologize and talk to her several times during the night but she had simply refused to respond to him in any way. She was angry at him, but far angrier at herself. She was disgusted at the thought of what she'd been doing with him. And it wasn't just because he was her son and it was illegal in every state in the union. It was because last night, she had finally realized that what she'd been doing, really was cheating on Ted. This wasn't just a mother who loved her son letting him secretly borrow his father's car while he was away. This wasn't keeping it a secret from Ted that Greg had borrowed his fishing pole. This was her letting another man use her body. It was cheating plain and simple. She'd fooled herself into thinking that Greg was only helping out his parents while she went through this spurt of abnormal desire, but with the things he'd said last night she realized that Greg clearly wanted more than just sex from her. And son or not, he was not her man, his father always had been, and always would be. She tried calling Ted again and finally got him, she heard his sleepy and obviously tired morning voice and then they were suddenly cut off. Damn those mountains, they often played havoc with cell phone signals. Well at least she knew that he was Okay. She tried calling the house but got no response. She hoped that it didn't mean that Ted was still in the city because she needed him now more than ever before.

This was one big damn mess and she didn't know how to get out of it. First off she could never be alone with her son again. She was glad that he'd moved into his own apartment and had a car of his own. That would make things easier. But the barbecue tomorrow, how could she stand to be around him without remembering last night. And they'd always been a very close family. Ted would know that something was off. She decided to call him later and talk to him over the phone, so they could work this out. They would both just pretend that everything was normal at the barbecue, and after that they would just avoid each other except for public outings. She was suddenly glad that she couldn't have more kids because the things that Greg had said last night still disgusted her. All of that talk about making her pregnant, and her pussy belonging to him, the boy had gone crazy.

As she pulled into her own gate she didn't notice at first, but there was something wrong that if she had just stopped and looked would have been very clear. She unlocked the door and ran upstairs to the bedroom and it was empty. That was why he hadn't answered the house phone; he was still in the city. God damn him, he'd promised her no fucking Saturdays under any circumstances. She didn't look into his closet and see that his clothes were gone, so she still didn't realize that anything was amiss. She went back downstairs into her kitchen and made herself a cup of strong black coffee and some eggs and bacon so she could think of what to say to Greg. She should be firm and probably start out with something positive, like, "Greg I'm your mother, and I love you." Then she should follow that up with a very strong statement that clears up any misunderstandings of their positions. Something like, "My pussy hasn't belonged to you since you came out of it, and even then you were only borrowing it from its true owner, your father. And that's what was going on here again, I let you borrow it. We both know that everything we did was wrong, so from now on there will be no physical contact between us period. Not even so much as a hug."

She was running her planned speech through her mind as she carried her breakfast into the dining room and for the first time noticed the folded sheets of paper on the table. She started absent mindedly reading it and then there was a sound like a powerful river rushing through her ears all at once. As she opened the paper further so she could really look at it his wedding ring fell out of the folds and landed in front of her and she blacked out.

When she regained consciousness a man in a white suit, an EMT tech was telling her to breathe deeply. She had an oxygen mask on and Greg was looking over the man's shoulder. She took a couple of breaths and her head cleared up. She pointed at the mask and the man pulled it away from her face. She focused on his features and recognition was instantaneous. He also worked at the shop where they bought climbing gear. His name was Elliot and he was pretty good friends with Ted.

"What happened mom," asked Greg, he seemed to be genuinely glad that she was okay. But, was it a son's concern for his mother or something else? Elliot started packing his equipment up, and told her to make an appointment to see her doctor. Fainting spells weren't very common in women her age unless there was a reason for it.

Belinda waited for Elliot to leave before she answered Greg. While she got herself together and picked up the still partially folded letter. Greg sat down and started eating her untouched breakfast. The world could be ending and that boy would still be hungry she thought.

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