My Secret

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2011 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: He found out what she was doing, but she doesn't know what he did about it.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Wife Watching   .

All you guys out there who like to watch your women with other guys - do you know why? I have no idea why I like watching mine, I only know that I do and that I'm going to keep doing it as long as I can.

Heather was a twenty-two year old virgin when I married her, but it didn't take her long to learn that she loved sex or take her very long to get very good at it. We had a very good marriage for about six years, but then two things happened that put a lot of pressure on us. First, the company that I had spent twenty-one years with went bankrupt. And then, the only job I could find was as an over the road truck driver. The job kept me away from home for anywhere from three to seven days a week and the absences did not sit well with Heather. We started having arguments and there were times that even when I was home we would go days without speaking to each other. This lack of communication led to other problems. I would come home from a trip and be horny as hell only to be told:

"Not tonight. I have a headache."

I didn't understand it - for someone who loved sex as much as Heather did to say no after going without sex for whatever length trip I was on seemed to me to be like cutting off her nose to spite her face. And then, all of a sudden, she did a complete 180. She would be on me the moment I walked in the door and wouldn't give me a moment's peace as long as I could get it up.

And then one day I overheard a conversation and I suddenly understood only too well. I had just gotten home from a six day run to Seattle and after dropping my rig at the terminal I stopped at a local bar and grill to get a burger and a beer. No need to hurry home since Heather wouldn't be getting off work until five. I was pouring the beer when two guys came in and sat down in the booth next to mine. They were carrying on a conversation as they sat down and I heard:

" ... don't get laid soon the damn thing is going to rot from disuse and fall off."

A different voice said, "Not to worry. I can make a phone call to a girl I know and if her husbands not home she'll do us both."

"No shit?" said the first voice, "Both of us?"

Second voice said, "Yeah, the bitch loves to fuck. She took on four of us once. Her old man is a truck driver and as soon as his taillights pass the city limit sign she is out looking for cock. Give me your cell phone. I've got her work number here in my wallet."

I heard the beeps of a cell phone having its buttons pushed, a pause, and then, "May I please speak with Heather Johnson? Thank you. Yes, I'll hold."

I felt like someone had just hit me in the back of my head with a five-pound sledge.

"Heather? Hi babe. This is Ray. Yeah baby, I'm ok. Hey - you free tonight? My best buddy is here visiting and I told him I'd introduce him to the hottest woman in town. Yeah? Ok. Hey babe, thanks. See you there." And then he said, "We are on dude. Her old man is due back today, but as long as she is home by five-thirty there's no problem. She is going to take the rest of the day off work and meet us at the Motel 6 in half an hour."

I finished my burger and beer and went to the pay phone and called Heather at work. I was told that I'd just missed her and that she had left for the day.

As I drove to the Motel 6 I told myself that there must be several Heather Johnsons in the city and that the one on her way over to the motel was not my Heather. When the red Mustang pulled into the parking lot I went into denial one more time -it was possible that one of the other Heathers had a red Mustang, wasn't it? But it was my Heather who stepped out of the Mustang and who walked over to the two guys in the black Dodge 4X4. The three of them walked to room 106 and disappeared inside. I drove to a liquor store and got a six pack of Bud and drove back to the motel. I sat there drinking the beer and watching the door of room 106. It was ten to five when the door opened and the two guys came out. It was another twenty minutes before Heather came out; she probably took a shower and cleaned herself up so she could be ready for my arrival. I let her leave ahead of me, finished the six pack, and followed her home.

When I walked in the front door Heather ran to me and threw her arms around me, "God baby, I missed you. I'm so glad you are home. You want me now or do you want to wait until after dinner?" I picked her up and headed for the bedroom, "Now" I said.

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