Back on the Block: Conclusion

by StangStar06

Copyright© 2011 by StangStar06

Sex Story: Can Jason Be happy with a hooker? or will Dana ruin it all?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   .

The Mustang's aggressive growl responded to every twitch of my foot on the accelerator, as if the pony car was signaling its readiness to launch. I looked around and saw a boney waif like woman in a hoodie, waving at me from the shadows. Not a fucking chance babe. There was a woman across the street who didn't look too bad, but she was a blonde. Been there, done that, got the claw marks all over my heart to prove it. A couple of fat women, looked like they were ready to eat me, or at least my car. Sorry ladies, not my cup of tea. Then I heard it, a shrill scream from further up the avenue. There was something about the timber of the voice that got my attention. On a whim, I jerked the wheel to the left as I punched the pedal and the car veered into the turn lane. I shot ahead of the cars nearest me until I got a closer look. The redhead with the fowl mouth was in trouble. Two guys who looked like they were late for a frat party were trying to pull her into their Subaru.

"Hey," I shouted at them, gaining their attention. They saw me getting out of my car. I wasn't big or menacing in any way, but the seriousness of my approach made me seem, not worth the trouble I could bring them, so they bolted.

As they let go of her arms, she was still trying to pull away from them and the sudden release sent her sprawling on the ground. I stepped over to her, to help her to her feet. She just looked at my outstretched hand as if it was a snake.

"What the fuck do you want?" she asked in a pure no nonsense tone. "I was fine, I didn't need your help. I don't know why you bothered because you're not getting shit outta me."

"Why are you out here?" I asked her. "Your attitude is so shitty, you aren't going to make any fucking money. It's like you're trying to drive people away from you." I turned to walk away and noticed a line of cars coming over the bridge, heading our way fast. They were unmarked, but from their appearance and the way they were moving, I was sure they were cop cars. Without saying anything I abruptly started for my Mustang. She got up and came after me. It was like one of those jungle movies where one antelope bolts because it senses a predator, and without knowing why suddenly the whole herd is moving. As I closed my door, I looked at her and then opened the passenger door. She got in and we zoomed away from the curb spraying dust and dirt in our trail. I kept one eye on the road ahead of us and one on my rear view mirror. As I expected we were less than three blocks away when the scene behind us erupted in a spectacle of blue lights and sirens.

"How did you know? Are you a cop?" she asked looking at me suspiciously. "I didn't proposition you. No money was exchanged or offered."

"I'm not a cop," I said, hopefully ending the conversation.

"Then what the hell are you doing cruising around in this neighborhood?" she asked looking at me. "You don't look like you need to pick up hookers. So that means..." she pulled her jacket closer around her body and subtly moved a bit further away from me.

"So that means what?" I asked intrigued, by her.

"That means that you're looking for something that a normal girl can't do or won't do," she began. "I should have known; the nice looking ones are always the biggest fucking freaks out there. I don't do any of that weird shit, so you may as well just let me out, right here."

"So what do you do?" I asked, "What have you done? Probably not much because you still look relatively fresh. Except for your shitty attitude, you still seem like you don't belong down here either."

"Why are you asking me all of these fucking questions? Are you a reporter or something? Just pull this fucking car over and let me out or else." She said.

"Or else what," I snapped.

The silence inside the car was only mitigated by the satiated growl of the Mustang's engine. I sped up as I went down the ramp onto the freeway. Within seconds we were closing on a hundred miles an hour. I obviously wouldn't have to worry very much about cops since probably half of the department was back there arresting whores, pimps, johns and whatever else they could find.

I could tell that she was terrified by this new turn of events, so I decided to play up the fear factor.

"If you're a good girl, you might survive this," I told her. The look in those incredible green eyes was one of pure terror. Serves her right, I thought. Anyone who's attitude is that shitty deserves a little bit of ribbing every once in a while. Then as we drove, I felt guilty. Her attitude was probably just a defense mechanism that she'd developed in order to survive. Life on the streets and on the block in particular couldn't have been easy.

20 minutes later I reached into the glove box and pulled out my remote control. She winced as my hand got near her legs. What kind of a prostitute is afraid to be touched by a man? Something wasn't right here.

As we got near my building I pushed a button on the remote and the garage door on the side opened up. We drove inside and the door started to close and the interior lights came on. I parked between my red Jeep Cherokee and my Black Mustang GT. I got out of the car and opened her door so she could too.

There was a whooshing sound as the big heating fans came back on to reheat the interior of my loft. They automatically did this every time the garage door opened. I had another door that opened from the inside of the building, but I hardly ever used it. It was much more fun to simply drive straight into my living room. I stepped off of the plastic coated garage flooring and onto the plush carpeting of the living room area and took her hand and pulled her with me.

She looked around the loft, intrigued by what she saw.

"Okay mister, what do you want from me," she said quietly.

"A simple business proposition is all I need," I said. "Isn't that why you were out there? What I want might not be what you're used to. But I'll pay you a price that's beyond fair. And who knows you might like it." I watched her reaction as I spoke. She was sitting on the edge of one of my leather sofas, as if she was afraid to even sit back. Something that I had just said got a reaction from her but I didn't know what.

Suddenly she was crying and begging.

"Oh please mister, please just let me go. I'm not really a whore. I didn't even want to be out there. I just figured that I could just give some guy a blow job to get enough money to eat, and then go find a shelter. I'll never go back out there again. Please let me go!" she whined.

I just started laughing and almost fell off of my couch. Then I looked over at her again. The way all of that beautiful red hair fell in soft waves around her shoulders was incredible. Her eyes, even now when she was terrified, simply defied description. The smattering of freckles on her cheeks, that cupid's bow mouth, I couldn't help it, I just wanted to reach out and hug her and tell her everything was going to be fine. But I couldn't. I didn't know how she'd react.

"So much for the tough streetwise prostitute," I smirked. "Hello to the frightened little girl."

"I'm not a little girl," she snapped, "I'm twenty three God damned years old and I've been on my own for a while. And I am a prostitute." She pouted, as if it was a mark of pride or shame I couldn't quite tell which. She reached into her pocket and pulled out two small documents, one was a faded and now expired Drivers license from Muskegon, Michigan. It verified her age as 23 years old 2 days ago. The other was a copy of a ticket for solicitation. Also from 2 days ago, it must have been a hell of a birthday, I thought.

"So how'd you get popped, Miss Prostitute?" I asked her. I was really interested in hearing this. Maybe it was the warmth of my loft but before she could answer I heard a loud growling sound. It wasn't coming from me, those coneys weren't that bad.

"Come on into the kitchen Miss P," I said gently reaching for her. She was still afraid but maybe something in my manner or tone told her that I wasn't going to hurt her right then, because she accepted my hand and let me lead her into my kitchen area.

I unfortunately didn't cook much, although I had been known to grill a mean steak, and even toss a salad occasionally. In this case my lack of culinary expertise could be overlooked. I opened a cabinet full of Campbell's Chunky soup. I looked at her and then back at the cabinet and pulled out a can of my favorite, Sirloin Burger. I popped the top and then poured it into a bowl, While it cooked in the microwave, I got a Pepsi from the fridge and put it in front of her. Then when the timer went off I gave her the soup and a spoon.

"Sorry, it's all I can come up with on short notice," I said. She just nodded at me and continued eating. She finished the entire bowl, and looked really satisfied. But she didn't say anything, she just looked at me. Obviously the next move was mine.

"I don't have any clothes here for you, but If you want to take a bath or shower, I can give you some of my things to wear while you do. Then maybe we can have a talk and you can tell me about yourself." I said quietly.

"Ooh, I see where this is going," she snapped. "It's the old bath and talk routine. Huh. You figure I'm a girl so I just want to be clean. So you offer me a bath so you can check me out naked on your hidden cameras before you rape me. Then the talking part; for some sick twisted reasons you want me to tell you my fucking life story before you rape me. You are really one disgusting fucker. But I'm going to let you know. This isn't going to be easy on you. I'm going to fight you with everything I have. You might win in the end but it's going to be the worst pussy you ever had. And I'm going to take a plug out of you while you're getting it. Just because I'm a prostitute doesn't give you the right to keep me a prisoner and rape me."

I didn't say anything I just laughed. I got up and ran back over to my car and got the remote. There was a switch on the wall that opened the doors too, but I didn't want her to know that yet. I put the remote in her hand. "Okay Miss P. you have the remote in your hand just push the button and be on your way. I have no intention of raping you. I told you, I have a business proposition for you. That means that I tell you what I want, and we negotiate the price until we come to an agreement that works for both of us. Either we both agree or we can both walk."

I took the remote out of her hand and pushed the button myself. The door started to open and I looked at her and said, "You know the way out." As the night air started to filter into the room the temperature dropped and the big heating fans came on. She looked out into the darkness, and I could tell she was conflicted.

"Get to stepping," I said, "You're letting all of the cold in." she shivered in her jacket and started for the door.

"You're just going to let me go?" she asked.

"Can you hurry up," I said, "It takes longer to heat this place up when the door stays open." She quickly walked over to the door and looked back at me. I had fired up my 60" flat screen and was watching the beginning of a movie. I saw her looking at me, out of the corner of my eye as the door started to close. Well it had been an interesting evening, and to tell you the truth, I'd had worse times.

Five minutes later, I was watching the 3-D blue ray disc of Avatar and really enjoying it. I had the surround sound on and was wondering why I didn't do things for pure enjoyment more often. No wonder everyone thought that I was about to snap, I didn't have a life. I'd been so busy trying to get Dana out of my life that I'd neglected to find something to fill that void with. I heard a booming sound. At first I thought there was something wrong with either my speakers or the audio processor. I hit the pause button and noticed that the sound continued. Someone or something was pounding on my garage door.

I walked slowly over to the door and looked out through the small smoked glass peephole in the center of it. It was the redhead. She was shivering in the night air. I pushed the button and the door started to open again. When the door got about halfway up she ducked under it and I close it again.

"S S S so I get to turn you down if it's too weird or kinky for me?" she asked stuttering.

"What are you talking about?" I asked her.

"Your proposal, or proposition or whatever it was," she snapped. I just nodded.

"Can I still have that bath first, and can it be a warm one," she chattered. "Eating all of that warm food and going out into the cold made it worse. Since we're going to be having sex anyway, I guess it's alright for you to watch me on the cameras while I'm in the tub."

"Victoria, I don't have any cameras in the bathroom," I said. All of a sudden she was back on her guard.

"How the hell did you know my name," she snapped looking at me warily.

"You showed me your driver's license earlier," I said quietly.

"Sorry," she said equally quietly. I noticed that I liked the timber of her voice when she wasn't screeching about something. I took her hand again and led her up the stairs to the loft's sleeping area. There was a small bathroom on the main floor, it even had a walk in shower, but I wanted the chance to give her something better. So I took her to the bathroom in the main sleeping area.

"Holy shit that's a big fucking bed," she exclaimed. "You must love heights too."

My loft's raised sleeping area was accessed by a large wrought iron spiral staircase. The walls around the sleeping area had been removed and only a waist high glass barricade marked the edge and a steep fall. The only places in the loft where a person couldn't be seen were the two bathrooms. I took her into the master bathroom and started the tub.

"Sorry Victoria, I don't have any feminine smelling bath salts or any type of bubble bath," I said. She opened her jacket and I looked at her. I could see now why there had been so much movement from her breasts when I nearly ran her down earlier. She wasn't wearing a bra, and those puppies definitely needed some restraining.

At first she started to raise her jacket to cover them even though her shirt was still on, but then she changed her mind. "You're going to see them anyway," she said and dropped her jacket as she started to take off her clothes.

"Probably not, "I said gently. "Why don't you wait until the tubs fills to get undressed. That way I can bring you a robe and some slippers, so I don't have to invade your privacy if I bring them later."

"You probably just need time to focus the camera," she said under her breath.

Five minutes later I knocked gently on the door opened it a sliver and put a thick terry cloth robe on the hook just inside the door. I dropped a pair of slippers on the floor and closed the door back, without entering.

I made a couple of phone calls and left a message at the office that I'd be in late, then sat back to watch my movie. About thirty minutes later, I was watching the scene where Jake first gets into the jungle in his Avatar, when I noticed that Victoria was standing at the end of my couch.

"Now that's a fucking TV," she said loudly. I took off my 3-D glasses and threw them to her. She stepped back a little from the screen and then put them on. She immediately started trying to touch things that weren't actually there. I knew what she was seeing, there were all kinds of lifelike 3-D effects in the scene that made it seem like you were actually in the jungle. Unfortunately her gyrations were almost more than the robe could handle.

"Victoria," I said sharply causing her to stop moving and look at me. "Uhm you robe is about to come open."

She quickly grabbed the front of the robe and closed it, looking back at me with animosity.

"So all of a sudden you don't want to see my titties huh? You must have gotten all the pictures you need already." She sneered.

I turned off the TV and went back upstairs into the bathroom and got her clothes. As I came back downstairs, I stopped near her. "I was going to wash these but maybe I should wait until after we have our talk." I said. "That way if you decide not to go for my idea, you won't have to wait for them to get dry."

"Does your idea have anything to do with me spending the night?" she asked. I slowly nodded.

"Then go ahead and wash them," she said. "I've decided to accept your deal."

"Victoria, you don't even know what my deal is," I said.

"I've had a lot of time to think about it, while I was in your tub," she said. "Whatever you want me to do; I'm probably going to end up doing with some other guy eventually anyway. And since I got here you've been nothing but nice to me. So you probably won't hurt me too badly, and it looks like you can afford to give me some money too. Those are the things I needed the most tonight. Food, a place to stay, both of which you've already given me. Washing my clothes and some money would be a bonus. So I'll try to do whatever you want but please don't hurt me. And I need to be honest with you, I'm not very good at sex, but I really will try and do whatever you want." As she said this I could see really big tears falling down her face. Then she dropped the robe and my world changed.

It was as if I'd been living in the dark and suddenly someone turned on a light. Everything about this woman was perfect. Her breasts were large, and real, because of their own size and weight they sagged a bit which only added to the effect. Their slight imperfection only added to their beauty. A few of her ribs were visible, she obviously needed to eat more. Her slim wasp like waist exploded into a very generous ass that jiggle a bit with every movement. Her legs weren't those thin coltish supermodel legs. I was glad because with that ass thin legs would have been very disproportionate on her. She had nice sized well rounded thighs and tapering calves.

The past few months had been too hard on me because she had already accused me of planning to rape her several times this evening and she really didn't know how close she was to that happening.

I rushed over to her and as she winced and turned her head, I reached down and picked up the robe and covered her. I gently hugged her and used the sleeve of the robe to wipe her tears. I sat her back down on the couch and went and put her clothes in the laundry.

"Victoria, no matter what you decided about my proposition, you can stay here tonight. If you say no, I won't try to force you or influence you in any way. I f you say no, then no is the answer. But first could you tell me how you came to be where you are now?" I asked.

"You mean how I got to be a whore," she said. "Well I grew up in Muskegon, which isn't really that big a town. It's not like Detroit, which also isn't a big city anymore. My dad died and my mom is a really pretty woman, so it didn't take too long before there were lots of guys sniffing around after her. Almost before my Daddy's grave was cold she was getting offers for dates and marriage. The guy she finally picked was just a fucking snake. He started trying to catch glimpses of me in the shower almost as soon as he moved in. I couldn't stay there with him, and my mom pretended not to know how bad he was. So I ran away and went to stay with my grandparents on their farm just outside of DC." As she told me this she tucked her legs up under her robe on the couch. I got up and went to the cabinet and got her a blanket.

"I was happy there even though it was kind of secluded. I was over sixteen and in Michigan you can legally drop out of school then. I thought that I'd just live there on the farm and help them until I was ready to get married or whatever. I really didn't think very far ahead. My grandpa had a heart attack about 3 years ago and he died. Grandma didn't live for very much longer, I guess it's like they say when you find the person you're meant to be with you become of part of them and they you. Anyway without him, as much as I tried she just wasted away. I survived on the money they had in the bank for as long as I could, but I couldn't run the whole farm by myself. The county finally took it over for back taxes and a year ago I was on the road moving from shelter to shelter. I met some really nasty people, and because I was so trusting and so innocent, I got taken advantage of. So finally I just decided about a week ago to become a prostitute, because that was what every man I ran into seems to want from me so they may as well pay for it." She said.

"Even the nice men I met when I lived on the farm. If they took me out to eat or to a movie, the next thing I knew their hands were on my titties or under my skirt. Now I understand what my mama meant when she told me that men like my Daddy were too rare to replace, so she may as well find a son of a bitch who could take care of us. Last week when I made my decision, I went out to find my first customer. I was only going to do blowjobs, because both of the two times that I've been fucked were against my will, and it hurt both times. Anyway before I actually got a customer, I got arrested. So I now have an arrest record for solicitation and no way to pay the fine. But also in the eyes of the law I am now a prostitute." She looked up at me then. "Okay you've heard the short version of my tragic saga, so let's get to talking about your deal, because I'm starting to get sleepy. I don't think you want to fuck me while I'm asleep, but if that's your kink, it could probably happen. I've been fed bathed and I'm warm. You don't know how relaxed I am right now."

"Victoria, I think you have the wrong idea about me and what I want," I told her. "I guess I led you to that conclusion because I was trying to scare you when you first got here. But that was partly your fault, because you were being such an asshole. My name is Jason, I'm a normal guy. I don't think I'm weird or kinky at all. I have a good job, I really try to be nice to people, but I'm just really lonely.

I got divorced a while back. It was rough, it was long and it took a lot out of me. My ex wife is beautiful, rich, spoiled, conniving and a cast iron bitch. We got divorced because from the time we were dating, she's been cheating on me. I was stupid at first, so when I caught her before we were married, I believed her when she told me that it wasn't what I thought. But a little over a year ago I came home early from work and caught her doing it in our own bed. Even when I caught her she schemed and planned and did everything she could to avoid divorcing me. She even tried to get pregnant and lock me into staying married to her. So I haven't dated or had sex with anyone other than a porno movie and my right hand in nearly a year. I guess I have trust issues now when it comes to women because Dana really hurt me bad." She was shaking her head as I said this.

"So tonight I'd decided that I just didn't want to be alone anymore. I've never even spoken to a prostitute before you." I laughed as I said that part. "Anyway here's my deal, I want to hire you, but not the way you think. I'll pay you 30,000 dollars to live with me for a year. At the end of the year we can both go our separate ways. I think it'll be good for both of us. For you it'll mean you have a place to stay and be safe, food of course, and you'll end up with more than enough money to get yourself an apartment or go to school or do whatever you want." I noticed that she was sitting straight up on the couch now."

"We can iron out all of the details in the morning if you're really sleepy," I said.

"Hell no, let's talk now," she said. "You'll pay me Thirty thousand dollars, to live with you for a year? Are you serious?"

"Yes," I said. "Isn't that enough?"

"Okay what do I have to do for you," she asked suspiciously.

"You know the usual stuff," I said. "Talking to me, oh and the cooking, you have to do the cooking too. And the shopping."

"Nuh unh, we do the shopping together," she said, "What about the cleaning? Do I have to do the cleaning too?"

"Nope, we have a cleaning lady. She comes in twice a week," I added. "But you will have to go out with me sometimes. We do have a bunch of company events where I'd need you to be charming and pretend to like me. But if you did a good enough job at them I could see giving you a bonus." I said.

"What about personal time off," she asked. "What if I need time to do something?"

"Well as long as you're discreet, It would be Okay," I said, noticing that she looked at me funny.

"What the hell are you talking about, Jason?" she asked pointedly.

"Well if someone that I know or work with, saw you out on a date, it would make them think I'd found another woman who was cheating on me." I said.

"When I said time off, I meant to like go and visit my mom, idiot," she laughed. "I don't have a boyfriend or anyone to date, I'm a prostitute remember.

"Okay what about clothes and stuff," she began. She seemed to be excited about the idea.

"Well, when it comes to parties or special events I'll pay for your clothes, but other than that I'll advance you as much money as you want for expenses but your personal items come out of your salary." I said. She appeared to be thinking about it.

"You're a cheap fake boyfriend," she laughed. "I..." she began.

"Okay I'll pay for your clothes too and you can drive the Jeep," I said. I was losing this negotiation far faster then I'd expected.

"Okay that's better," she smiled, "But that wasn't even what I was asking about. The way I see it, there are four things we still need to discuss. Number one, what happens at the end of a year and why did you pick a year?"

"I figured at the end of a year you'll have thirty grand, and be ready to do something with your life. I'd also possibly be ready to try for a real relationship again. At thirty two I'm still young enough to get married and have some kids." I said.

"What if you're not ready to try a real relationship yet or I want more money?" she asked.

"Then I guess we could re-negotiate and I'm sure you'd expect more money," I said, "But a year is a long time, let's see what happens."

"Number 2, we're going to all of your company events, what about non company events or if I want to do something?" she asked. "I'm from a small town, and an even smaller more isolated farming community, I might like to go out and do some things, so in order to preserve our fake relationship and not have people see me out alone or with some other guy, Will there be times when my fake boyfriend takes me out on dates and lets me pick? She asked.

"We can do that, but for every one that you get, I get a non company date too," I said.

"Number 3," she said. "How often do I have to have sex with you?" she asked.

"I already told you I had and still no intentions of raping you," I said seriously.

She stuck out her hand and I grabbed it and we shook on the deal. "What about number 4?" I asked.

"Where do I sleep?" she asked.

"Uhm you did say the bed was huge." I grinned. We separated the bed into two halves by placing a line of pillows down its center. Victoria fell asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow. I awoke early as I always did and found myself lying in bed staring at her for a while. I wondered whether or not I'd made a huge mistake. I went out by the interior door. There was a coffee shop in the building's main lobby, I stopped in and got three French vanilla blends, and 2 big sugary glazed donuts. I gave one of the coffees and a giant donut to the building's doorman Pete.

"Hey Pete later on I've got someone I want you to meet," I told him. I dashed back inside the loft and tried to figure out what I'd be doing in a few weeks when the snow came down. I had pretty much given my jeep to my new fake girlfriend and my Stangs didn't really like the snow, and I wasn't going to subject them to it.

I ran up the stairs and jotted down a quick note telling Victoria that it wasn't too late to back out of our deal, but if she wanted to, there was $500 dollars on the kitchen counter, and to have a nice life.

I also mentioned that we'd be shopping all afternoon so she should be dressed and ready to go when I got back at noon. I left her my cell phone number as well. She was rolled up in a tight little ball with the blankets all over her lightly snoring. She had the covers pulled tightly up to her chin, and that hair was all over the place. If it was the last thing I did I was getting those fucking blonde streaks taken out of her hair. On impulse I leaned over and kissed her lightly on her forehead. Then I threw another blanket over her because it would be a little bit colder in here for a few minutes.

I got into the Black Mustang mostly because it was slightly quieter and I was really trying not to wake her. But I didn't see any movement from her as the garage door opened.

Half of my office staff stared at me as I got off the elevator. I was sipping my coffee as I walked towards my office. Less than 5 minutes after I sat down in front of my computer, I heard the sounds of high heels clicking angrily down the hall. They barely paused as they hit my outer office, I heard a brief exchange of angry words starting with, "You can't go in there without permission, you're not married to him anymore," and ending in a different voice saying, "Fuck you." I didn't bother to look up as my door was opened and then slammed loudly and hard enough that the frame shook and the sound echoed throughout the building.

"Good Morning Ms. Navarro," I said Sarcastically.

"That's not my God damned name," she shrieked."My last name is Burton, just like yours. Who the fuck is she?" she screamed at me. "I've been nice enough to let you play your little game, and have your little divorce. But you're going too Damned far with this shit. I will not put up with you cheating on me. I'm your wife for fuck's sake. What do you think you're doing. You need to get rid of that bitch today. Or I will."

She stood there in a long fur coat. Glaring at me as I refused to even look up from my screen. Actually I did find it interesting that Dana already knew about Victoria. She always seemed to know things about me. But this was something more. I'd assumed for a while that someone in my building had been feeding her information, but no one in the building knew.

"Dana are you intending to just stand there glaring at me all day," I asked. she didn't say anything. I pushed a button on my desk and Myrna my secretary came in.

"Myrna, can you turn down the heat in the office a couple of degrees? Ms. Navarro is making it really hot in here with all of the steam coming out of her ears. And maybe you should bring her a chair and some coffee, it looks like she's going to be there for awhile."

"Yes sir," she said. "Do you think Ms. Navarro would like cream and sugar?"

"My fucking name is not Navarro, any fucking more," screamed Dana. "We're still fucking married whether you like it or not. So you may as well get used to the idea and start acting like it, before we're too old to have any babies. And stop bringing other women home with you." Dana turned on one spike heel and stalked out of the office slamming the door just as loudly on her way out as she did on the way in.

Myrna smiled up at me after Dana left, "Is what she said true? did you really go out and meet someone finally?"

"Yes Myrna," I smiled, "I went out and met someone."

"No wonder you're so damned happy, but why'd you tell the wicked witch of the west?"

"That's just it Myrna, I haven't told anyone. I need you to find me a very good PI firm. I'm going to go ahead and go to my morning meeting, then I'm off for the day. I'll probably be home at about five. Bring a couple, maybe three in, and interview them. Have whoever you pick at my loft at 6.

The morning meeting was usually great for me, today I found it boring. I just couldn't wait to get out of there, and get home. I hadn't been this excited about leaving work since before I'd discovered that Dana was cheating on me.

An Hour later after a shortened meeting the garage door opened and I saw her sitting there on my sofa. With her arms crossed over those incredible breasts. I closed the car door and walked over to her. I was slightly taken aback by the fire in those green eyes. She was pissed about something. I wondered what it was about me that made every woman I knew just get pissed at me.

"Hi," I said softly. She erupted in a flurry of babbling and tears. I didn't know what to do so I pulled her over to me and hugged her. She tried to get away but I wouldn't let her so finally she calmed down.

"What's wrong Victoria?" I asked.

"I thought we had a deal," she said.

"We do," I replied looking at her.

"Then why did you leave money on the counter, like I was still a whore?" she screamed. "I had a nice dream, I dreamed that I was all warm and happy, lying in a nice bed, and that you..." she started sniffling. "Then I went down stairs this morning and found your note and the money. And then that evil bitch was outside yelling for me to come out. so I pretended not to be here." she cried.

"What evil bitch?" I asked already knowing the answer.

"She had on a long fur coat and she was screaming that you didn't need me because you had her. And she's really pretty looking so I thought that maybe you'd found someone else. and that was why you left me the money." she said wiping a tear.

"Victoria, that was Dana, my crazy ex-wife," I said. "I only left the money in case you had changed your mind, about our deal. I haven't, so can we go shopping now? You need some clothes badly, every time you breathe I think your breasts are going to come out of that shirt."

She looked at me warily and followed me to the car. "I was a little confused about what was real and what I had just dreamed," she said. "Sorry I doubted you." she said as she sat down next to me. She settled down into the Mustang's soft leather interior. "Did you kiss me goodbye, this morning, or was that part of the dream?"

"Sorry, I did do that," I said.

"Non-public kisses cost extra," she said smirking. "I'll start a tab for you."

I've always hated shopping, and expected today to be more of the same. I was pleasantly surprised though because shopping with Victoria was a different experience. She was frugal, she insisted on trying on every single piece of clothing and modeling it for me. Before we'd found the first outfit, getting her a couple of good bras to hold those breasts in was a priority. We bought her skirts, dresses, pants jeans, blouses, sweaters, shoes, boots and of course under wear. She was too embarrassed to go into a lingerie store, so we bought her panties and bras from the regular clothing store. I kept all of the receipts and presented them to her when we were done. The total was just slightly north of 4 thousand dollars. Her eyes bugged out when she saw the bill.

"This one is on me," I told her. "But the rest of your clothes, except for the ones bought specifically for company functions, are on you."

"I was going to give it back to over the next week," she said.

"How?" I asked her, looking at her suspiciously.

"Well those morning kisses of yours are five hundred dollars each," she laughed. "I figured that by the end of the week, we'd be even."

That left us with 2 problems, the first being that we had to arrange to have all of her clothing except for the most essential items delivered because there was no way to fit most of the stuff in my car. We'd left most of the items in the stores and made a list of which stores we had to go back to. Most of the stores also didn't deliver. So I called Myrna explained the situation and told her to handle it.

Armed with the few packages that we could fit into the Mustang's tiny backseat and tinier trunk, we headed for home. Our second problem was that we didn't have time to food shop, because we had to be home by six. We decided to go to a restaurant for dinner, which made Victoria smile.

"Do you always drive this fast," she asked me as we flew down the freeway.

"Pretty much," I replied.

We got to the loft only a few minutes before the phone rang. Victoria answered it and explained to Pete who she was.

"Hello," I heard her say into the phone. "Hi Pete, I'm Victoria, his new fa ... I mean his new girlfriend. Yep he's here. We just got back." She looked at me and I nodded.

"Yes Pete he's expecting them send them back." She put the phone down and smiled at me. "I charge extra for answering the phone too." Then she ran upstairs.

There was a brief knock on the interior door a few minutes later. I opened it and ushered in two men and an attractive brunette. The men were not what I expected. When you think of Private investigators you think of some wrinkled old gumshoe. Maybe you see a Humphrey Bogart type who's lived too much of life, and seen it from all sides. These people were not like that. One of the men looked as if he'd just stepped out of a college class. The other looked like a business man, and the brunette, she was too beautiful to just sit in an office listening to tapes of people cheating on their wives.

When she smiled at me, I smiled back at her. "Okay Mr. Burton, we have some preliminary information from your assistant Mrs. Stevenson, but we'd like to start out if you don't mind by hearing more of the specifics from you."

"Well," I began. "This morning I had a visit from my ex wife. She seems to know more about me and my personal business than I'm comfortable with and I'd like to find out how she knows." They looked at each other, in that manner that people who have worked together for a long time have. The nerdy guy looked at the brunette and she nodded. He excused himself and left the loft.

A few minutes later he came back carrying several cases. He opened them and took out various pieces of equipment and he and the larger man started walking slowly around the loft. The larger man began in the garage area and checked inside and under all of my cars. The smaller nerdy guy started in the kitchen area and worked his way around. The brunette seemed happy to just sit there on my sofa and explain to me what they were doing. When the men were done with their sweeps, they came back and announced that my loft and cars were clean.

"That presents another possible scenario," explained the brunette. "You seem certain that your ex doesn't have a person in the building watching you and reporting on you, which since as you claimed, you came in through your private entrance, seems true. That means that there is the possibility that your ex has a PI firm watching you. That way she'd get reports on where you go, whom you go there with, and when."

"What can you do about that?" I asked.

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