The Elusive Jenna Aftermath

by Mikey

Copyright© 2011 by Mikey

Erotica Sex Story: The Elusive Jenna wants a replay. This is the continuation of the earlier Elusive Jenna story. The difference this time is that Jenna Shoes has added her point of view to the story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Rough   White Couple   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Size   Leg Fetish   2nd POV   .

Jenna's Story

I laid there on the bed in my room at the resort. I was naked except for my wedge platform espadrilles that were still laced to my feet. I was face down on the bed, spread eagled, my mind was blurry. I remembered how it all started.

I had come to this resort on a girls' only trip. The only problem was that my two friends were coming from another town. The tropical storm that had gone over their area made sure they would not be able to travel but I learned that too late. I was there already. I remembered just hanging out at the beach and pool taking in some relaxing "me time". Spa plus beach equals stress lifting up.

I had played a little game with this guy jogging on the resort's beach.

At first it was a smile, then a little flashing. Oh my what did I get myself into?!?!

Now it was clear. We had met at the resort restaurant. He seemed to be alone as well. We had a few ... many drinks and nice conversation. There also was some intense flirting. That is not me. I flirt or am pleasant with men all the time but never did it lead to anything. It was just fun to get a little attention.

One thing with Mike led to another and then...

I remembered now as the wetness between my legs reminded me. God, what I done, what did he do to me? He had sex with me twice in two different positions. His member was so large, so long, so thick ... He had torn me apart. I had come several times. He had filled me furiously. I remember screaming for him to stop as he was too big for me but he had not stopped. I had never felt such pain and pleasure at the same time.

I looked at the clock on the nightstand. "oh no. I had to leave. I rushed to remove my shoes and went to the shower. I washed off all our juices from my womanhood. I was sore down there as my tight little hole had been so stretched. I went to my room, packed quickly and headed for the front desk to check out.

In the shuttle to the airport it hit me. "what will I tell my husband? Will I see Mike again? Did I want to?" All those questions kept going in my mind as I sat on the plane back to the US and I played with the piece of paper inscribed with Mike's email

Mike's Story The buzzing of my phone brought me back to the real world as I slowly came out of a deep sleep. My surroundings, unfamiliar for the moment, came into perspective as I recalled the events of the previous evening.

Shaking out the cobwebs, I looked at the message on my phone; "Get back to the office now. Emergency!" stared me in the eyes. Stella, my EA, wouldn't send a message like that unless the shit had really hit the fan. Looking around for my clothes, I felt myself getting hard again as I gazed at Jenna sprawled out on the bed.

She really was attractive! Tall, around 5' 7 she obviously took care of herself. She had a full, brunette bush, trimmed enough for a bikini but sufficient to leave an attractive outline behind transparent panties. She had one long leg out straight while the other was bent at the knee revealing two red, very swollen lips peeking out of her brown bush. It appeared as if the lips were still wet from the previous night's activities while the surrounding area was encrusted with the juices from our previous coupling. Her large breasts were partially concealed but I could make out one erect nipple poking out from its soft mound beneath her arm Both heads were working overtime trying to reach some sort of decision. I grabbed my trousers, reaching for my phone. It was 4:30am as I quickly scanned the airline schedules on my Blackberry. Damn, I could just make a flight back to the mainland if I hauled ass out of there.

I affectionately looked again at Jenna and knew that she would not object if I climbed between her legs and filled that sweet pussy one more time. God, I enjoyed the sex with her last night. Shaking my head to further clear the air, I reminded myself that she was married. Just some piece who was looking for a quick fuck and a lost weekend! There definitely wasn't any future here. I didn't even know where she lived.

Coming to a quick decision, I booked the flight and finished dressing. Almost against my better judgement, I pulled out a business card and left it on the night table bedside the bed. What the hell, I'll leave it up to Jenna to decide. She's the one with everything to lose.

I quickly packed up my clothes and headed out the door of my room to catch the flight back to the states.

Jenna's Story After my return home and to work, I kept secret my night with Mike. I would surprise myself dreaming about the way he had dominated me, ravaged me, and gave me pleasure. The guilt would come back and I would go through another cycle. Finally I sent him an email. Just to see how he was. Something "innocent" He replied right away. We kept emailing back and forth for a few days. As time went by, the emails were getting me hotter and more turned on. We joked about how I may have problems forgetting his cock. It went on for a couple weeks. I did not want to go further at first but then it dawned on me that I craved to let him have his way with me again. I told Mike that I was leaving the next week for a business trip to Dallas. He responded that, what a coincidence, he would be in the area.

My heart was beating, would we meet, would I go through with it again without so much alcohol? Would I be able to let go of my inhibitions and enjoy the time spent with him. Certainly this was not a deep relationship and it was solely based on our one sex adventure.

We arranged for a place to meet for drinks after one of my meetings. I was excited and scared at the same time. I packed my clothes thinking about what I would wear for that evening. It had to go from day to evening without getting any undue attention from my colleagues.

I flew there and could only think of one thing during the meeting. The same questions came coming back. We talked on the phone that first night and he suggested that I come to his hotel's bar the next night. Since it was a block down the road, It would be easier. I would feel safe and we did not have to drive around.

After my meeting I took a cab for the quick ride instead of heading for my room. I had had a few glasses of wine already to calm my nerves.

I was wearing a black narrow skirt that came below my knees, a tan button down sweater. I had on black leather knee high boots with 4 inch stacked heels. A bit audacious for work but not too obvious. No one could see that I had on black stockings with a bra, panties and matching garter belt set underneath.

Mike's Story Wow! Receiving an email from Jenna was a major surprise. I had returned home in time to put out a major fire and save my Company thousands of dollars as well as some potential considerable embarrassment.

Trading emails with Jenna proved to be quite a distraction. On one hand she was fascinated with the idea of having her pussy stretched to the extreme by a stiff cock but insisted that she didn't want to jeopardize her marriage! My general policy is to stay away from married women because they are nothing more than a disaster waiting to happen. It's not a matter of if an affair gets discovered; it's just a matter of when.

I work in the security industry and I've had a lot of experience and exposure to secret rendezvous'. So why did I respond to her? Why was I so damned attracted to her?

Looking back, it was probably ego as much as anything else. Her husband must have had a small dick because I had never considered mine to be overly large. Maybe she just had a very small, tight pussy. Who knows? I have known one woman who felt like an open door. Just like jacking off into the air! Jenna, on the other hand, could clench your dick as tight as if she had it in her fist.

We traded emails for a period of time and it became pretty obvious that she was more than interested in getting together for another session. As circumstances would have it, she mentioned that she had business in Dallas in a couple of weeks. I checked my schedule and, with a couple of minor changes, freed up some time so that I could join her. Don't ask me what I was thinking! With every email my mind raced back to the DR and the night that we spent together. Funny thing about imagination! The sex just got hotter and better the more that I thought about it. The worst thing about it was that I was starting to fantasize about what I would like to do if we got together again. Such a hot body! So much to explore! So much to do! I'm a very oral person and we hadn't even scratched that surface yet. What if she gave terrible blowjobs? After all, no woman can be perfect at everything ... can she?

I arranged to stay in a hotel a short distance from where she said that she would be in order to avoid any potential problems. After I had checked in and freshened up, I rang her hotel and we arranged to meet in the bar of my hotel to avoid any of her associates.

I had some time to spare before she arrived so I wandered down to the bar to check the place out and hopefully find a dark corner for when Jenna arrived.

I had just entered the Lounge when I recognized a woman sitting at the far end of the bar. It was Gloria who I had spent some time with while working on a job in Ohio. She was a 30's something tall blond who really enjoyed a good time. I hoped to avoid her but was too far into the bar when I recognized her. She looked up at me and I could see the hint of recognition which changed to a big smile as she recognized who it was.

"Mikeeey! How did you discover that I was here? It's been a long time, baby." She gushed with that infectious smile and twinkle in her eye.

"Gloria, you're a sight for sore eyes. If I had of known that you were here I would have made the trip a long time ago. What brings you to Dallas? Don't tell me that you live here now?"

"Dallas? Mike, you have to be crazy if you think that I would live in this part of the country. I'm here attending a conference."

She said as she started to rise from her seat at my arrival. She knew what she was doing, sticking her chest out, cocking her hip and giving me the opportunity to again appreciate what a full figured beauty she really was. Gathering her up in my arms I gave her a generous full body hug and breathed into her ear.

"Baby, it's been way to long! I had almost forgotten how good you feel."

She pushed her crotch back against me as her characteristic response was very predictable.

"Hey tiger, I might be inclined to believe you if I didn't know that you're just trying to get into my pants."

"Gloria." I said with a laugh. "Always with the jokes! How could you think that I'm that shallow or that kind of guy? I could never fool you but you missed the boat today! In fact, I'm just waiting for someone to drop by and brighten up my evening."

Her smile faded a little as she flipped back her long blond hair, climbed back onto her bar stool and indicated that I should take the one next to her.

"Actually, Mike" she started, raising her hand. "I just got engaged two weeks ago. See" She said flashing her ring hand in my face.

The disappointment must have showed in my face. I had always liked Gloria. She was a lot of fun to be with and a very sensual woman in bed. I don't think that there was anything that we hadn't attempted to do at one time or another. Whoever she was going to marry was going to be a very happy guy.

"Well, baby! I guess congratulations are in order! As much as I wish you every happiness, it makes me sad knowing that I can't look forward to anymore of those fantastic evenings together." I said looking properly downtrodden while taking her hands in mine and looking into her gorgeous blue eyes.

"Mikey!" she breathed at me, "I'm going to be here for a couple of days for meetings in the hotel down the street. I would love to spend some time with you and reminisce. Do you get my drift?"

You don't have to drop a ton of bricks on my head! How do I get into these predicaments? My mind was racing as I weighed the options. Jenna was a married unknown on her way over to the hotel to get laid. Sure the sex was great but ... I didn't even know if she would show up. What if she got cold feet at the last minute?

Gloria, on the other hand, had made her position perfectly clear. The downside is that this would be her swan song. After she left here I couldn't imagine her straying again. I'm sure that the only reason that she was even suggesting it now was because of our past history. What to do? What to do?

I was watching the foyer as all of these thoughts are running through my mind and I looked up just in time to see a tall brunette turn away from the bar and run right into some guy heading inside. Although her back was to me, I knew that it was Jenna. Her high heel boots and tight skirt were a dead giveaway. I felt a tightening in my groin as I fondly remembered those luscious curves and tight ass.

Jenna's Story I step out of the cab, high heel boot first. I am a bit chilly, the weather or the nerves?

I walk into the hotel lobby and head to the bar. Suddenly I notice Mike at the bar. I walk closer, nervous and excited. Still the ambivalence of my feelings, lust and guilt conflicting. As I walk closer I notice he is talking to another woman. I recognize her as someone who works in my industry and is there for the conferences.

What the hell is she doing here talking to Mike? What if she recognizes me? I think she is single so she could tell on me without care.

What do I do now? I am there standing in the middle of the lobby staring at the bar. Suddenly Mike notices me. I walk away before he can gesture in my direction.

In my rush, I run into a man coming the other way. The collision is not violent but startling. He apologizes and starts talking to me. I am happy to find this distraction and accept his offer for a drink. I insist on sitting far from the bar where Mike can see me but his "partner" can't. He sees me talking or more listening to this other guy. I text him quickly "I know her"

I make sure that I sit in a spot where he can see me. I sit straight and use the tight skirt and boots to show off my long legs without showing them. Just to tease him. I let the other man flirt with me, laugh at his jokes etc. I give a look over at Mike and notice he is staring at me. I laid it out on the line, risking my marriage to meet him and now he is talking to some bitch. I am not cold anymore, I am boiling.

Mike's Story

Well this was an interesting turn of events. Just as I'm about to excuse myself and go to greet Jenna, the guy she runs into starts to play Sir Galahad. Before I know it, the two of them have sashayed into the bar and squeezed into a booth in the corner. Although Jenna is facing me she appears to be very intent on her conversation with the guy and my attempts to catch her eye go unheeded.

"Hey Mikey! Are you ignoring me?" brings me back from my thoughts as Gloria blows into my ear for attention. Although only seconds have passed since her invitation, my mind is still in a conundrum as I'm trying to formulate some sort of game plan. Gloria's hand is on my thigh and her fingers are playing there own game as she moves dangerously close to my crotch.

Jenna, whom I'm supposed to meet here, is snuggled into a corner with some dude while my hot blond is giving me a hardon with her seductive innuendos and soft touch.

"Eh, sorry Gloria. I was just thinking back to the last time that we got together and I guess my mind started to wander." Was the best that I could come up with at such short notice?

"Emmm", she purred into my ear. "Is that the reason for the lump in your trousers or are you just glad to see me?" she asked with a giggle as she continued to caress my thigh.

"You know I'm always glad to see you" I responded as I watched Jenna across the room smile towards me as her newly acquired acquaintance was familiarizing himself with her thighs in a fashion similar to what Gloria was pursuing.

Suddenly, it hit me. "She's fucking with me!" screamed across my brain as my cell phone starting vibrating on my hip.

"Gloria, baby. Just hang on for a sec. I have to take this call."

Jenna and I had exchanged numbers earlier in case we didn't hook-up but I was quite surprised when her name popped up on call display.

"Jez, Mike. I didn't even hear it ring. Don't you ever take a break?" was Gloria's immediate irritated comment as I read the text message and hit reply to sent a quick response to Jenna.

"Gloria, you of anyone, should know about vibrate I teased as I held the back of my phone against her crotch."

"A girl can't have any secrets with you can she Mike?" was her comeback as I felt the phone vibrate in my hand. Gloria responded to the sensation of the phone's vibration in my hand and against her crotch.

"Ohhh, that was nice." She breathed as she pushed herself against my hand.

Looking over at Jenna's table I couldn't help but smile to myself as I saw the grin on her face brighten when she saw the expression on mine as her friends hand slipped between her thighs.

Jenna's text back to me was just another tease and I wondered how high the stakes would go with the guy that she was playing with. He was obviously enjoying himself and from his expression I had no doubt that he figured he would be balls deep in Jenna before the night was over.

Inasmuch as Jenna's message had been reassuring I was beginning to feel greedy and started to wonder how I might be able to play both of these girls off against each other. The way that I saw it, one was married and the other was engaged so either relationship was going to be short-lived with no future regardless of what I decided to do.

I figured that it was about time to find out if Jenna had had a change of heart and wanted to fuck this guy or if she was just stringing him along.

I turned to Gloria and excused myself to make a call. "Just give me a minute baby, I have to look after this if I'm going to be able to look after you" I explained as I punched in Jenna's number and held the phone to my ear. I had already decided that I wanted Jenna. After all of the teasing with emails and verbal exchanges I really wanted to fuck this woman more so than I had wanted any other Jenna was responsive on the phone and our cryptic conversation ended quickly.

I turned to Gloria and she immediately read my expression knowing that our little game was going to take a twist.

"Sweetheart" I started. "I have to go and clean up a mess before it becomes a disaster."

"But Mike! Let me come with you. I can help!" she exclaimed with a smirk from ear to ear that made my cock harden even more.

"Gloria, in this case, there is nothing that you can help me with and you would be a bigger distraction than I could handle. The only thing that I would get done would be you." I responded trying to sound upbeat while inwardly hating myself.

"Pleeeeasse Mikeeey! Is that such a bad thing?" she breathed into my ear as she moved right into me pressing her groin tightly against mine.

"Miiiikeeey; I'm soaked and I really need you right now" she sighed into my neck as she took my earlobe into her mouth and sucked on it.

"Jez, Gloria. You're sure making things hard" I retorted knowing that would bring a smile to the little vixen's face.

"But I really have to go and take care of this problem" I said as I watched Jenna untangle herself from her "friend" and shake her ass as she moved away from the table.

Man, I was in some kind of trouble! How often did this happen to a guy? There was no way that I was going to cut Gloria off when I didn't know what the hell Jenna was up to. I would be pretty stupid to expect Gloria to sit on her hot, wet ass waiting for me to make up my mind. On the other hand, should I flatter myself by thinking that Gloria's engagement would prevent her from running off with someone else to get fucked? Was her offer to me alone? I just didn't know.

Finally, I said, fuck it! I asked Gloria where she was staying. "The conference is in the hotel on the next block but this is the only place where I could get a room. Isn't that a coincidence? I'm in room 812."

"Look baby", I interrupted before she could go any further. "I'll break away from this as soon as I can and give you a call. If it's not too late, we'll do a late dinner; have a few drinks and maybe a dance or two. How does that sound?" I said using the best "disappointed" voice that I could muster.

"Well it doesn't look like I have much choice do I? Hang on here just a second. I'll be right back." She said as she walked away from me.

The swing in her hips told every male in the place that this was some hot blond in heat. I just stared at her in wonder and admiration as she walked past Jenna.

It was then that I realized that Jenna had taken the whole thing in and I couldn't read the expression on her face.

Assuming can get you into a lot of trouble and here I was assuming that I was going to get laid tonight. Good luck with that.

Gloria sashayed back up to me moments later and the look on her face was that of the cat that had just caught the mouse. God, she was gorgeous! She walked right into me; leg to leg, groin to groin and pressed her hot mouth against my ear.

"Here Mikey. This is a little present to remind you that I'm waiting." She breathed into my ear while pressing something silky, soft and very wet into my hand.

"Sweetheart you kill me" I said as I brought my tightly clenched fist to my face. I was pretty sure that she had given me her panties and I couldn't resist the temptation to confirm it as I breathed deeply and became even harder as her feminine fragrance totally overwhelmed my senses.

"I'll get back to you as soon as I can." I repeated as I hobbled away towards the elevator and to whatever adventure lay before me. I'm sure that every guy in the place knew why I was walking funny.

Jenna's Story The more I saw Mike flirting with that blonde, the more I let that other guy (Tim) flirt with me).

He had a hand on my knee then on my thigh. He must have felt the top of the stocking through the skirt as he looked surprised.

I looked at Mike and smiled while Tim's hand was on me. Maybe I should let Tim go further. Go to his room or something.

I got a text from Mike "R U trying to turn me on" I replied "working?"

I uncrossed and crossed my legs again trapping Tim's hand between my thighs "by accident" He did not move his hand and smiled at me.

He thought he would get lucky. I looked down and saw a slight bulge in his pants. Nothing to write home about and not really the type that turned me on.

My phone rang. I saw Mike was on the phone too. I picked up. He walked away from his "friend" and said "You really need to check that project don't you?" I replied "I have been working out the numbers for weeks" and winked at him.

He said "I have to go get that file if you want to meet me" He hung up. I saw him talk to the blonde and move towards the elevators I told Tim that I was sorry but had to go as I had a work emergency.

He seemed really sad. I walked the long way around the bar to get to the elevators from a different path.

I walked right by Mike making sure I was swaying my hips to get him to notice and get more turned on.

We stood there waiting for the elevator.

As the elevator opened another woman walked up and entered the cab. Mike pressed 7. I saw the woman press 5. I pressed 8.

It was tense and quiet in the elevator.

Mike's Story Standing beside Jenna waiting for the elevator was almost an out of body experience. What the hell was I doing? Both of these women were hot and I would be lucky to land in bed with either of them. Somehow Jenna seemed to be more of a challenge.

Gloria was a pretty easy read. She was a sweet, gorgeous woman who loved sex and I had no doubt that her offer to jump into bed with me was a result of our previous relationship. I somehow sensed that this would probably be her last fling and "strange" piece before getting married and settling down.

Jenna, on the other hand, was somewhat of an enigma. She's been married for a while and doesn't appear to have a problem jumping into bed with anyone that she takes a fancy to. Last time that I fucked her I neglected to use a rubber. I would have to make sure that I didn't make the same mistake this time. There was no doubt in my mind that I would be inside this woman within the hour. One hole or another!

Jenna's Story We walk out of the elevator without a word. I have knots in my stomach. Is it because I am about to cheat on my husband and not "by accident"? Is it because, I am upset about Mike talking to another woman? Is it because I am feeling a bit slutty meeting a man in a hotel for the sole purpose of getting "fucked"?

I walk in the hallway Mike indicates. He says "814". I walk in front of him, swinging and swaying my hips as the tall heels of my boots and my narrow skirt force me to do. I also want to make sure he gets turned on. I arrive at the 814 door. I lean against the wall as Mike opens the door while giving me one look. I detect lust in his eyes, like an animal about to jump on his prey. He walks in and I hesitantly follow.

I walk into the suite. Nice and roomy I walk towards the window, tittering on my 4 inch heels. I feel a bit dizzy and sit in a chair in a corner. Mike smiles at me and says "make yourself comfortable, would you like something to drink?" I nod and he opens the fridge and opens a bottle of Champagne. I take off my jacket and lay it with my purse on the back of the chair and take the glass of Champagne. I drink it fast which is unusual for me.

Mike sits on the small couch and says "come here darling and relax" I stand up and walk over. I am not sure if I want to but I stand up straight to put my breasts forward and walk slowly with my steps all in a line. That helps me strut in as sexy as can be.

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