The Cheater

by Mendon Fishers

Copyright© 2010 by Mendon Fishers

Romantic Story: A player gets his comeupence.

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Cheating   .

There I was minding my own business, taking a leak, when some guy yells at me and tells me to knock it off. So, I figured I'd better explain to him why I'm pissing on a grave.

It all started with my best sales rep. for the last few years.

Larry Wilson was a 35 year old salesman and had a territory that was about 1000 miles from the home office outside New York City. So he lived with his girlfriend in a small house he had rented when assigned the territory four years ago. He was good at sales for Silver Software Services. He sold custom programming to satisfy manufacturing companies and made a decent income. His customers liked him and there were never any complaints about him to the home office.

To be exact, a few of our customers inquired of me, his boss Arnie Oliver, if they could steal him away from the company. Of course I said I would never let him go that he was just too valuable and way too good a salesman.

He loved the attention and praise. However, this type of praise made him just a little too full of himself for my liking. Normally I would have addressed that attitude, but he was responsible for 40% of my department's company sales. So I did what any good manager would do, I ignored it.

His girlfriend, Sheila Vitale, was 10 years younger than him and beautiful. She was 5' 4" tall with soft blond hair and clear cool blue eyes. She was of northern Italian ancestry. Unfortunately she was also completely enthralled with him. As far as he was concerned, she was just arm candy that was also good in bed. I guess he did feel something for her, but his love of himself was stronger and came first.

And because of that self-love, He was a player and chased women relentlessly.

He didn't "play" around in his little town. That old expression, "You don't shit where you eat" applied to his home area. But he didn't follow that rule if he was over 300 miles from home and no one knew him. Then he'd turn into a snake and try to screw anything available.

Now he wasn't after skanks and sluts, but young, pretty females who appeared to be interested in him. Married or single to him they were just pieces of meat there for the taking.

Yeah, I know, he was stupid. He had a beautiful young female at home, who would do anything he asked and even more. She was totally in love with him, exactly like he was totally in love with himself. The only difference was that she was true to him and was completely faithful. On the other hand he was only faithful to himself.

He had a different woman in his bed every time he traveled. Like I said he was a snake.

It was December, and time to travel to the home office in New York State for our annual sales meeting and Holiday Party. He had taken his girl friend, Sheila, to a couple of these parties early in their relationship. Sheila was young, didn't know anyone he worked with and hadn't developed the social skills to start a conversation with strangers. Most of the people we worked with did not go out of their way to make her comfortable with them as they felt Larry should have extended himself to help her become comfortable in his setting.

The end result was that Sheila stayed in their room most days and only ventured out if he took her somewhere. Since he really didn't want Sheila "hanging around", and cramping his style, he went out of his way to make her feel bored and uncomfortable with the people he worked with.

It was at one these parties I met her. I remember seeing her sitting at an empty table looking lost. I asked her to dance. Sometime that week I lost my heart to her. But I couldn't tell her. Besides she only had eyes for Larry and he was my best salesman. I couldn't risk messing with his girlfriend.

She lasted two years attending these events and then didn't want to accompany him anymore. He was a great actor; he pleaded, cajoled, and begged her to attend. He almost cried, but then realized she might give in if he did and go, so he pretended to give in and let her stay home with the promise to call her everyday (but not at night because he might be getting lucky with another female.) For the next couple of years, he worked his way through all the young unattached females (and some attached ones) at these parties.

Did I tell you before he was a snake?

That's right, a snake with a great big ego and a good line of bullshit.

I was his confident, so he told me, at the five year mark, that Sheila started the "marriage" and "children" talks. No he wasn't anywhere near ready to settle down and do the married man thing. Hell, Sheila was screwing his brains out every time he was home and there were a bunch of one (two?) night stands while was on the road.

"What man in his right mind would want to get married and pass that up?" he said.

Twice a year it was my job to ride along with all the salesman under my supervision. Larry was one of those. I timed my trips to meet him at his home and then stay a couple of days in his town before taking a week to travel with him. I got to know Sheila during these visits and saw the way Larry treated her and how much she loved him. I made a special place for her in my heart and because of these feelings; I began hating Larry a lot more.

Well eventually he gave in to her constant hints about marriage. He bought Sheila a ring. It was a small engagement ring that he said was perfect for the size of her hand. He gave it to her in June and promised that they'd set "the date" in the near future. My heart went out to Sheila. There she was as happy as could be and I was sad for her. I just knew that Larry would someday break her heart, just as mine was suffering now.

She was so happy; she did everything sexual he suggested. They tried anal, bdsm, bondage, and bestiality (no not really the bestiality, she wasn't that thrilled with animals!) He stayed fat and happy, and kept putting off a date for them to marry. He also kept on bedding anything (and everything) available while on the road.

You probably wonder how I knew all about their love life. Well Larry loved to brag. He told all the other salesmen and I was also aware of these stories. The other guys treated him like a hero. I got sick to my stomach concerned about how it would affect Sheila because it would eventually come out to hurt her.

Christmas was rapidly approaching and the company had set the dates for their annual sales meeting and Holiday Party. Larry told Sheila the dates he would be gone with an extra week added on. About two weeks before heading to the main office he took a quick trip around his sales territory. He wanted to visit all his major customers and just touch base with them before the office meeting.

He wanted no surprises caused by unhappy customers.

He also spent part of the time visiting some of his various girlfriends. Hell it was Christmas and he wanted to give them some small gifts as well as getting some of their "gifts." By the time he was done, it was a wonder he could get an erection. When he got back home from his "customer" trip, Sheila was sick with a stomach virus. He slept in the guest bedroom because he didn't want anything to interfere with his headquarters trip.

He had plans for that trip.

He was gone for two weeks, one week of which was actually the head quarters visit and Christmas Party. The next week was pure sex. He had connected with a couple of girls that were roommates. They spent most of that week in bed in the girl's apartment.

He walked around with a smile of satisfaction on his face all that second week. A couple of times, he shared his "girls" with some of the other guys at the headquarters. The girls walked funny afterwards but they were smiling from ear to ear. Finally his extra week was up and he had to return to Sheila.

He sort of hoped she wouldn't be too horny because he was tapped out and needed some extra time to recover as he told the guys.

It was funny, but on the plane ride home, he actually started to picture being married to Sheila and having some little rug rats running around the house. He dreamed of how much he might actually like being married and a Dad.

I guess a guy gets those kinds of thoughts when he's "all fucked out" from a week of pure sex.

Hey, that much sex almost stops being fun and starts resembling work and besides he was getting older.

My boss had hinted to me that I was ready to take the next step up the corporate ladder and they wanted me to begin training Larry as my assistant. It would mean that he could someday be my replacement. It would mean a substantial raise in pay for him, moving closer to the company headquarters, and coming off the road. That would also mean giving up all his little affairs and settling down.

And best of all I would also get a chance to see Sheila more often. So far she had no idea I had fallen in love with her and neither did Larry.

You know I sort of liked the idea.

After the airplane touched down in his home town he called Sheila to tell her he had landed and would be home in about 45 minutes. There was no answer. He assumed she was doing a little last minute shopping. Sheila was always like that. She'd get something in her head and look for hours until she found it.

In his mind's eye, he could see her decorating the house for the holidays and suddenly feeling as if she needed just that one perfect ornament to make everything perfect, out the door she would go, on a mission to find that special something.

Larry's Return

Larry could visualize how their house would look Christmas was one of Sheila's favorite holidays. She cooked, she cleaned, and she decorated, everything was done to perfection. And then there were the presents. She'd spend hours wrapping every single one of them. Hell, the gift wrapping services at the mall were no match for her wrapping talents. Each present was wrapped with love by her for her man.

As Larry got closer and closer to their home, he realized that he maybe did love her after all. Being settled down with one woman didn't seem like such a bad idea. A little chip off the old block running around and calling him dad, He could get used to that.

Rounding the corner on to his street, he noticed his house was dark. "Sheila must still be out shopping," he thought. "She'll really be surprised when she gets home and finds me waiting."

He pulled in the driveway and drove into the now opening garage. None of the outside decorations were up yet. Sheila must have left them for him to put up.

Larry walked in the side door calling out, "I'm home."

There was no answer. He turned on the kitchen lights. There was no sign of any dinner. He opened the refrigerator to get a beer. The refrigerator was empty. He ran through the rest of the downstairs. There were no Christmas decorations, no tree, no nothing. The house looked as if no one had lived in it in months. But that was impossible because he had only been gone three weeks.

He checked upstairs. Again there were no signs that anyone had been living here recently. He opened the bedroom closet to change into some fresh clothes and noticed Sheila's side was empty. He pulled open her dresser drawers, empty. He ran through the upstairs looking for anything that was hers. Nothing. All her belongings were gone.

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