Circling the Drain

by StangStar06

Copyright© 2010 by StangStar06

Sex Story: The end of a marriage told from the cheating wife's viewpoint

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Cheating   .

I felt a sense of relief as I pulled into my driveway and noticed that Brian's Mustang wasn't there. He loved that car so much that I was jealous of it sometimes. If it wasn't there then neither was he. I hurried into the house and ran straight into our bedroom and the attached bathroom. I didn't wait to lay out any clothes I just stripped off my skirt, blouse and bra, leaving me naked. I really didn't know where my panties were, but that was a matter for later consideration.

I turned the shower on full blast and felt even more relief as the pulsating nozzles washed away all the traces of semen from my face and body. I grabbed shower gel and a bath puff and tried as hard as I could to scrub my skin raw. The outside of my body was actually the easy part. Scrubbing my soul was much harder, and would take far longer if ever.

Beating my husband home, and washing away the fact that another man's sperm was all over my face and hair was one thing. Washing away the fact that not only had it happened, but that this wasn't the first time from my face as I looked into my husband's loving eyes would be the hard one. I leaned back in the shower as the water fell on me and cried. Why did I start this? How had I let it go this far?

Three months ago I was Laura Bell, loving and faithful wife to Brian Bell for the past 11 years. We had, or have a great family. We have a daughter named Janet, who is 10 years old. She was named after my mother, and is a very smart little girl. Timmy our son is the younger child and he was named after my dad. Brian's parents were killed in an auto accident years before we met and he didn't want the painful memories so we'd named the kids after their surviving grandparents.

Our house is nearly paid off and we both have great jobs. In terms of our marriage, things really could use a little sprucing up in the bedroom but the rest of the house is fine. It wasn't that Brian didn't try, or that he didn't turn me on anymore, but let's face it you can't eat steak every day, made the same way every time, without wanting some chicken or fish every once in a while. But maybe that's just my excuse for what I've become.

The worst part about it is that I truly love my husband and I would do anything for that man. If it came down to it, I'd lay down my own life so he could live. But then 3 months ago Donald Zimmerman invaded my department at the accounting firm I worked at and everything changed.

Donald or DZ as he wanted everyone to call him was hired in as a manager. In less than 2 weeks he became an assistant director. 2 weeks later he was a full director and would probably become the senior director very soon. Donald was a force of nature. He was like the light you couldn't stare at for too long without going blind. He wasn't classically handsome, in fact my husband is actually better looking and in better shape.But Donald just had this way of looking at people that made women horny and men afraid. He is a predator, short and simple. If you cross his path, you get fucked, one way or another.

I can still remember the first time he came into my office to drop off some files for some accounts he wanted me to take over. He had recently simply fired several of our account reps to make the department more streamlined and save revenue. He was now in the process of handing out their work to other account reps to take up the slack.

"Bell, huh?" he growled at me in that deep voice. He looked me over as if he was looking at a piece of meat. He dropped off three thick folders on my desk, and before I could protest about my workload, he started growling again. "I'm glad that I didn't fire you," he said walking around my desk and continuing to stare at me. "Do you prefer miss, or are you one of those Mizz girls?" he asked.

"Actually it's Mrs." I croaked nervously as I held up my hand and displayed my wedding ring.

"Too bad," he said as he started to leave, "See ya later."

Too bad, why; I wondered as I started looking at the large pile of work he'd left me. For some reason I couldn't get his image out of my mind. His suit was wrinkled and the top of his shirt was open a couple of buttons. His tie didn't match either his shirt or his suit and was just dangling around his neck. His shoes were scuffed and old fashioned. He obviously didn't take much time with his personal grooming, but he probably didn't have to. His whole aura just gave off some kind of weird animal magnetism that I couldn't explain. As I thought about him just barging into my office without even knocking and then leaving with that "Too bad," comment just hanging in the air, I noticed that my panties were already wet from just thinking about it.

An hour later, just before lunch, my door slammed open and then closed again, before I could even register it. He rushed into the room and came around my desk grabbing me by my shoulders and standing me up.

"Unh, no tits," he said as he looked me over again. "I guess it doesn't matter though for this."

Before I could even react he pushed me down to my knees and started unbuckling his pants. I wasn't even shocked. I was just numb as he pulled out his penis and thrust it towards my face. Almost on auto pilot, I started to gently lick the head of his dick, giving no thought to my husband or our marriage. My vows of fidelity and my children were forgotten as well.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" he growled at me. "Suck it you whore." Then he just grabbed the back of my head and started literally fucking my face. While his dick wasn't any bigger, or thicker than Brian's, he was slamming it into my mouth with almost no regard for me. Several times it just forced its way down my throat and I couldn't breathe. Then mercifully he picked me up and bent me over my desk. He snatched my panties down and tried to rip them off. He couldn't though so he just cut them in half with my desk scissors.

I knew it was coming. I knew what he wanted to do to me, but somehow I didn't scream out. In fact I think I really wanted it. I was waiting for it. I was so wet, that I was sure my pussy was dripping. Brian hadn't gotten me this excited in a long time. When his penis finally entered me I just surrendered to it. My legs spread apart so far that I had trouble walking for the next few hours. There was no foreplay, no gentle stroking or licking, he just rammed it in and took me. In the first few strokes I was already starting to cum, and my pussy belonged to him. He just kept slamming me over and over and then he started to cum as well. He just grunted and smacked me on my ass, and started pulling his clothes together. I slid down off the desk still dazed. My legs were still spread and his semen was running out of my vagina. I wasn't on the pill, what if he'd gotten me pregnant?

"Married huh?" he smirked at me. "Why would anyone marry a whore like you?"

Then he left slamming the door, as hard as he had when he came in. For the next few days I was racked with guilt. DZ came into my office whenever he felt like it and just used me however he felt like, and left. In the back of my mind I knew what I was doing was wrong, and I knew that it would probably end in disaster, but I was powerless to do anything about it. He came in one morning and bent me over the table, he said he liked it better that way because he didn't have to look at me, and I didn't have any tits anyway. That morning he noticed that I wasn't as wet as he expected, and he claimed my pussy wasn't as tight.

"Who have you been fucking?" he asked me through clenched teeth.

"Brian," I said in a nervous voice.

"Who the fuck is Brian?" he demanded.

"My husband," I sniveled, but I actually turned to look at him.

"I have no intentions of taking seconds from anybody, so you're going to have to stop fucking him."

That was the only time I displayed any kind of backbone. "Never," I snarled back at him.

"Then you'll have to pay the consequences," he growled even louder. He bent me back over the desk and rubbed his rough hands through my vagina. This is a switch I was thinking, he doesn't usually go in for foreplay of any kind. I was of course, wrong. He rubbed my vagina and then smeared my juices on his dick and my ass and just forced himself into my other hole. I wasn't a virgin there either but no one had ever been so rough with me and I screamed out.

"Shut up, ya stupid bitch," he said. "You really don't want anyone to find out about this, do you?"

Things started to go downhill from that point. With DZ being anything but subtle it soon became known around the office that he was fucking nearly half of the female staff members there. A couple of them had complained and were soon free of his advances, but I seemed to be unable to get myself free. This inability, and the fact that most of my coworkers liked my husband, made me the office whore. Several former friends of mine, who worked there, had made it known that they couldn't wait for the next company party so Brian could find out. They all agreed that Brian didn't deserve the way I was treating him, but surprisingly no one told him. People I had worked with for years no longer respected me or even spoke to me. My only solace was that my family didn't know, or so I thought.

My behavior had been affected over the last month or so, and Brian had noticed, but I didn't know it at the time. True to form he started to gently ask me what was wrong, and whether he had unknowingly done something to displease me. Of course I angrily denied it and told him I was just over-loaded with work at the office and would probably have to work more late nights.

"Laura, are you having an affair?" he'd asked me. He'd just come straight out and asked me, face to face. The man I love was asking me if I was having sex with someone else. I did the only thing I could do. I lied my ass off. I looked into his beautiful eyes and laughed. "Are you crazy?" I asked him. "I'd never risk what we have, I love you too much. I love our kids and our life too much. That would never happen Doofus. I told you already I'm just loaded down at the office. You know they recently fired a lot of account reps and they divided all of the remaining work among the rest of us. I just have to get used to a new manager and a new caseload. I swear that's all it is." Then I pulled him to me and kissed him as if my life depended on it. I really believed that he'd bought it. I foolishly thought that his suspicion was over. I now know that it wasn't. In fact that was probably when he hired his PI to get the evidence.

Two weeks later things had come to a head without me knowing it. My son had a play at school, and I missed it. I was supposedly called to stay after work at the last minute. In reality I was at a motel with DZ. I missed my son's first holiday play to let a married man, who didn't give a shit about me, practically rape me for an hour and a half at a cheap motel.

Needless to say when I got home that night, my family was very disappointed in me. My daughter made several sharp cracks at me and neither, my husband or my son would speak to me. The biggest dagger in my heart came when my husband got into bed and rolled away from me, and actually pushed my hands away when I tried to touch him.

Brian was always a man of few words and this time he said only "no!" but his meaning was clear.

The next day we had a staff meeting where DZ was in his element going over all of the accounts, and berating the account reps that he thought mishandled them. He looked at Ira Bennington's account with Caldwell Machining. They were a company we'd handled for nearly twenty years.

"Look at their bottom line, we need to get a bigger payment from them immediately," said DZ.

"But we've done business with them for years," replied Ira. Their business sector is down across the country right now but it's cyclical. They'll come back."

"Who fucking cares," snapped DZ. "They may or they may not. You said it yourself. We're in business with them. We're not fucking dating them. You need to get our money. Their business is circling the drain, they may come out of it, or they may not. We need to get what's ours, or we'll be circling that same drain soon."

"Circling the drain," was DZ's catch phrase, he used it to describe any and all negative or neutral situations.

I was really stressed out at work, and at home my husband and son, barely spoke to me. Brian had actually started sleeping in the guest room. And my daughter Janet was always talking back to me or making wisecracks. My family and my marriage were circling the drain and I needed to break DZ's hold on me before it was too late. I knew I needed to stop, but I couldn't. As I sat at the dinner table alone, Janet came into the kitchen. I asked her about her day, trying to start a conversation.

"Why are you asking about me, isn't there someone else you'd rather be spending your time with," she sneered at me. My first thought was that she knew about DZ, but how? I wondered. I later realized that it was only a pre-teen's typical jealousy because her mom was spending so much extra time at work. But, before my mind realized that, my body reacted. I had never before struck either of my children, but my hand reached back and I slapped her across the face far harder than I'd intended.

Even before I could say I was sorry and it was just stress, Brian was between me and Janet. He looked at her face and hugged her and then he looked at me. From the expression on his face, for the first time in my marriage I was afraid of my gentle husband. He calmed himself down and just said, "Straw."

I didn't know what the fuck he meant by that then. He threw my car keys to me and said, "Go out for a drive and clear your head. Don't come back until you've calmed down and gotten yourself together. I'm serious Laura."

When I came back I wanted so badly to hold my baby and apologize to her, but she was already asleep, with her dad sitting by her bed. When I opened the door and stepped into the room he simply shook his head at me, pointed to the door and nodded for me to leave.

Before I left for work the next morning, Brian told me that he was going to take the kids on a vacation for a week or so, since they'd gotten out of school for Christmas anyway. He wanted to visit my parents and go to a couple of other places.

"A family vacation is just what we need," I said. Do you want to wait a couple of days and I'll go as well. Or should I just join you, later?"

"Laura, right now you're going through something, that you need to get over before you're ready to be with us," he said. "Maybe at this point in your life we're not what you need. You really do need to figure out what you want though because you can't have both." And he looked me straight in the eye when he said that.

"You're schedule to work until Christmas Eve anyway. That's only a week away. Why don't you take some time to yourself and handle your problems and we'll see what happens then. I really hope you've solved this, because you won't get another chance."

For the next week, which was last week, the house was lonely as hell. I got a chance to see what my life would be like without my kids, and without my husband. I cried every night. It felt like a part of my soul had been ripped out. I had given up the people who cared for me just for the excitement of being used and humiliated by a man who could care less about me. It wasn't even good sex it was just the thrill, of possibly getting caught, and the roughness and dirtiness of it. I had to break this off now before it cost me everything.

At work for the past few days I've avoided DZ, like he was the plague. I began to realize that he really had no hold over me and he had as much to lose as I did. His wife could take him to the cleaners or I could report him to personnel. I left for work this morning, on Christmas Eve knowing that my family will be home this evening. I was happy I'd missed them so much. Just after lunch time DZ barged in.

"Get out of my office," I snapped at him, finally growing a spine.

"Come on whore, this is going to be our last time anyway, I'm getting tired of you," he sneered. "I'm tired of this whole fucking loony bin."

Then he picked me up, pulled up my skirt and just started ramming me. It hurt like hell because I wasn't the slightest bit wet and he just didn't care.

"This is the last time, seriously," I said and I meant it. I silently endured the pain thinking of it as penance for the past few weeks. I deserved to be hurt for what I'd done to Brian and my family. I realized that I'd always loved steak and I'd sought chicken and fish when I could have just spiced up the steak myself. I also realized that instead of complaining about my steak, I should have been glad just to have something to eat. DZ had noticed that I wasn't reacting to him slamming me at all. I just took it passively, which probably took all of the fun out of it for him. He pulled his dick out of my vagina and spun me around.Then he stuck his dick in my face and I went ahead and gave him what he wanted. I was struck with a mixture of relief, and revulsion. "After this we were done." He came quicker than normal and I wasn't ready when he just pulled it out and let his semen fly all over my face and hair.

"Show that to your fucking husband," he snapped and then started laughing. "The thrill is definitely gone, babe," he said. "It looks like our relationship is circling the drain. Too bad, I was thinking of taking you with me. See ya." And then he left. He didn't even close the door.

A few minutes later one of the assistant directors came into my office and handed me a slip of paper. I was called to a meeting the day after Christmas with the owner of the company.

"But I was going to go out of town with my family then," I said.

"The meeting won't take very long, probably no more than a half an hour," he said and left the room. "You can go home now though, everyone is leaving early today."

I looked at my clock and noticed that I had just enough time to beat Brian and the kids getting home.

As I stepped out of the shower and into our bedroom I slipped into a silk camisole that drove Brian wild. Under it I had only my tiniest panties and just put on a robe over it. For the past few weeks another man had owned my body, and taken it whenever it pleased him. My head was clear now, I was finally over him and I intended to spend the rest of my life taking my husband whenever it pleased me, starting with tonight. As soon as the kids were asleep he was mine, he would have no choice in the matter.

I sat down on the couch in the living room and noticed for the first time that the house was decorated for Christmas. Oh my God I didn't buy them anything. How fucked up was I that I hadn't even bought presents for my own family. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I noticed several big boxes under the tree with my name on them. And of course Brian had put both of our names on all of the presents for the kids. On top of my stack of presents there it was, just as if nothing had happened.

Every year Brian always gave me a big fancy card that told me how much he loved me. Only I knew what it meant. It was a reminder of where we'd come from.

Our first Christmas together neither of us had a job or any money. The one thing we did have though was a dream of sharing our lives together and a bright future together. So that first Christmas Brian gave me a wonderful Christmas card with a very long hand written note inside. In that note he'd outlined our future together, how we'd get married, buy a great house, have kids, retire, travel the world and grow old together. Finally we'd be buried side by side so we'd be together in the next life as we had in this one; no matter what.

I know that some women get angry if they don't get a diamond bracelet, or some fancy present that cost a lot of money for Christmas. Some even get upset when they don't get the right diamond bracelet, or the correct fancy present. Those cards meant more to me than any present you could give me because they were Brian's way of giving me something much more valuable. In his words he was promising me, his heart, his soul, his love, and his life, and they were far more precious than any hunk of crystallized minerals or trips. In fact the only time I'd been disappointed at a Christmas with Brian, was the first year that our income was at a level we considered decent. Brian had bought me a new car, and a diamond necklace. My parents and all of my relatives kept telling me how lucky I was. I think it was my mom who noticed it first.

She was asking me why I kept looking around under the tree. Finally when the kids were off playing with their toys and there was only Brian and I left, he asked me what was wrong. Besides my mom, only he had noticed that something wasn't quite right with me.

"Don't you love me anymore?" I asked brushing back my tears.

"Of course," he'd said wrapping his arms around me. "I love you more than ever."

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