Pam's Sexy Neighbor

by Tom Land

Copyright© 2010 by Tom Land

Erotica Sex Story: Pam, a very sexy twenty-something MILF, has a well-hung neighbor who is always hot to fuck her. And, he gets his chance to nail Molly bigtime.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   .

Pam went out into her backyard in one of her sexier and more flesh-revealing bikinis. She planned to get some sun, but she wanted most of the sunning to take place after she removed her top and bottom to get a nice all-over tan.

Pam was wearing the sexy thin blue bikini that allowed her perky nipples to poke out clearly whenever they got hard. She'd been lying there for several minutes, when Pam sat up, reached behind her back and unfastened her top and then shrugged it off, totally uncovering her sexy full lactating breasts and semi-aroused nipples. Pam had given birth to her first baby just a few months earlier and she planned to nurse her little boy for quite awhile. Pam began thinking about the sexy "party" she had the night before with her randy neighbor Eddie and how well he had fucked her while he'd rutted in and out of her tight clasping pussy. As she felt herself getting turned on again, she wanted Eddie to "accidentally" come over and end up fucking her the same way this afternoon. Pam slid her hand down under the waistband of her bikini bottom and she soon had two fingers stroking her horny pussy and then stroking in and out as she muttered Eddie 's name and exploded in a strong orgasm that almost caused her to pass out.

Eddie was a totally nice and sexy man, and she wanted him to fuck her every day if possible. Pam knew Eddie was a safe man to have sex with; he wouldn't hurt her physically or emotionally. He was very hot when he was with her, and she knew that he had one objective only – to get his cock inside her and fuck her good. What more could a girl ask for than that? Some of Pam's admirers weren't that nice to be with; some wanted to vent their own desires to humiliate her or even subject her to pain and discomfort. Pam always went along with their particular desires, but she enjoyed being with Eddie more than any older man that she had sex with. Eddie was well-endowed, and he knew how to use his cock and his lips to really make her hot and get her into multiple orgasms. Pamwas physically and sexually worn out when Eddie got finished having her.

As Pam was lying there masturbating on the chair in her backyard, Eddie had entered the yard without her hearing him and he stood, watching Pam finger-fucking her pussy and moaning his name. He wanted to pull his hardon out and stroke off as he watched his sexy young neighbor satisfying herself, but he had a better use in mind for his hard cock – he'd fuck this sexy young MILF's pussy with it and give her another of his big cumloads.

"Pam, you're the randiest young woman I've ever known," Eddie said as he'd watched her climax and then lie there in the afterglow of her orgasm with her eyes closed, enjoying the mental fantasy of him having brought her off.

Pam's eyes jerked open and she smiled half-guiltily, and half-satisfied that she'd just given Eddie quite a lusty little sex show.

"Aren't you glad, too, Eddie?" Pamasked as she sat up, opening her arms to welcome him to come over and join her.

"I sure am glad, Pam. I knew the day you and Brian moved in, that the future was looking good for me."

"Don't you know better than to sneak up on a lady half-naked in her own backyard, Eddie?"

"Lady, Pam?" Eddie asked. "Are you serious? Lady?"

"Yes, Eddie, I'm a lady," Pam said with a touch of sharpness in her voice.

"Pam," Eddie said, as he paused for effect. "You're one gorgeous, sexy, sweetheart of a young woman, but, baby, you're no lady," Eddie said. "I'm thrilled to be one of the lucky older men that you share your sexual favors with, but a lady you are not, girl."

"Fuck you, Eddie, " Pamsaid, "yes, I'll fuck you and I'll show you if I'm a lady or not."

"OK, go ahead, Pam. Fuck me to death, but that will never prove if you are a lady or not."

"Maybe you can just go jack yourself off instead of getting some of my pussy then, Eddie" Pamsaid.

"Maybe, Pam. Don't take yourself so seriously, baby. You're one hot sexy MILF, Pam, but you're nowhere near being the only game in town, OK? Put it this way—did you enjoy our little fuck session yesterday or was it boring? Huh? Deal with it, Pam. You know I'm a horndog stud and I clearly remember exactly how many times you fucking got off yesterday. OK? So, get the rest of that itty-bitty little blue bikini off of your sexy bottom half, Pam, and spread your legs. I'm horny for a piece of your fine ass, and you're also wetter than imaginable from playing with your horny cock-needy pussy," Eddie said, as he pulled his pants and briefs off, letting Pam see the large thick cock he had now fully jutting from his crotch.

"Eddie, you really know how to charm a girl," Pam laughed as she pulled her bikini bottom off, and spread her legs wide apart. Her pussy was shaved baby smooth, and Eddie 's mouth watered as he wanted to lick and eat her pussy out. With her just finishing an orgasm generated by her fingers, Eddie knew her pussy was already aroused and well lubed. He sat down on the side of Pam's pool chair and reached over between Pam's legs, stroking his finger up and down over her pussy slit. His finger slid up and down over the smooth flesh and quickly became slippery from her pussy juices.

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