The Lie

by Jenny Anderson

Copyright© 2010 by Jenny Anderson

Erotica Sex Story: There was no reason to lie to Shannon about my affair with Verne, but for reasons that to this day still baffle me, I did. Shannon and I had a good relationship, one that allowed me to indulge my lusty nature, just so long as he was with me. I liked two men using me, but I chose not to say anything the following morning about the fun I had with Verne. This story has two endings, one of which is true.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Cheating   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

Why did I lie to him?

Our relationship was good, and he understood my lusty nature. Wasn't it he who had noticed my desires to take a lover before we actually lived together? Wasn't it he who understood, and early in our relationship encouraged me to be honest with him? Even though I'd said nothing, he knew, but wanted me to tell him of those encounters. I was hesitant, unsure of his reaction.

My husband had thrown me out when he discovered what I'd done behind his back. Would Shannon do the same once I told him?

After we'd been living together for three months, I knew if I didn't tell him, our affair would come to an end. All he wanted from me was honesty.

We were in bed, naked, his arm around me, my head on his shoulder. "If you can't be honest with me, then there isn't any hope for our relationship. You know that as well as I do."

Those were words I didn't want to hear, but with his ultimatum, I had nothing to loose. So after crying on his shoulder for ten minutes, I plucked up the courage to tell him.

"Do you really want to know"? I asked with the vague hope he didn't.

"How many while you were married?"

I shuddered when I thought about them. In the four years of marriage I'd had ten lovers, some only the once, but there were others I'd had many times. One even lived with us for a while. I thought about lying, but I knew under his careful interrogation, eventually I would make a mistake and it would come out.


"Do I know any of them?"



"Greg and Kyle."

Shannon's hands had begun to wander over my body, and if I wasn't mistaken his breathing had quickened. Surely me telling him what a slut I'd been wasn't turning him on? With that in mind I became more confident.

"And since we've been together?"

"Just two. Before you ask, it was Greg and Kyle. Greg mostly, he use to call in when I stayed with my mother. But that was before I moved in with you."

"I bet there were times I had you soon after one of them had finished with you."

I thought back. There had been times when Greg had called in late in the day, and we'd gone to bed for a quickie, and with him no sooner finished, Shannon was there to pick me up. It was on those occasions he screwed me just how I liked it. Even back then, he'd known what I'd done.

"Are you mad at me?" I asked.

"No, I like sluts. Always have for some reason. If there are others you must tell me. I hate lies."

Over the next year, with some prompting from Shannon, we relived all the juicy details of the lovers I'd had. It was a turn on for both of us. Some nights, we were satisfied with short versions of what went on. Other nights, he would encourage me to go into great detail. What they did to me, what I did to them, where we did it, and how it felt when I did some of the things.

I was at ease with my past behaviour now, as was Shannon. I had mentioned Greg and his wife Karen on a couple of occasions, and one night Shannon asked if I'd like to visit them.

Even though Greg and I had been lovers, we had been friends long before things became sexual between us. Karen had been a school friend, and it was through her that I met him. When my husband and I visited, I never felt any guilt, they were a couple, and we were friends. Things changed quickly whenever Greg and I were alone though.

"It might be nice. I haven't seen either of them since we've been together. Are you sure you're okay meeting him?"

"Why shouldn't I be. You're not going to fuck him, are you?"

That comment hurt. Of course I had no intentions of doing anything with him. This was just a visit to catch up, and to introduce Shannon.

The following Friday night we did visit. We were well met, and Shannon got on well with them. He was astute enough to notice the attention Greg gave me, and although I tried not to, I found it exciting to be in the same room with him again. Shannon went outside for a smoke, and I followed.

"You two still have the hots for each other." The first words Shannon said.

The words shocked me, had he noticed what we'd tried to hide?

With our now candid approach to life, I answered honestly. "You noticed did you?"

"I noticed, and I don't mind. In fact it stirred me. Like your stories."

That came as a surprise.

"I might take Karen for a drive to the bottle shop, give you two some time alone. Would you like that?"

My head spun with those words. "Are you saying that it's okay for me to have Greg while you're gone?"

"You don't have to, but I saw the way he looked at you, and your response. If you do, we'll leave when I get back so you can tell me all the juicy details."

This was a new side to Shannon, and one I didn't expect. He had accepted that I'd had lovers in the past, and it had excited him with the telling. This though was a big step, I didn't want to do anything that would jeopardise our relationship. Was he testing me and my fidelity? Or was he giving me permission to take a lover?

I looked up at him as he stubbed out his cigarette. "Are you testing me? Or do you really want me to have him?"

"I told you ages ago, I like what you did, but I might like it more if I could have you straight after. Think of the fun we could have with you still wet from a lover."

With the stories, often we would make love for hours. Now I was curious how long he would be at me after I'd given myself to another, with him aware of what I'd done.

"You really mean it, don't you."

"Only if it's what you want."

I did want, Shannon had always been a great lover, and with my stories, he'd become insatiable. Now I could only imagine the loving I'd get once Greg had finished with me.

"Okay, take Karen to the pub, but I'm not promising anything. I'm not even sure he still wants me that way."

Shannon looked at me and smiled. "Oh he still wants you. That you can be sure of."

We went back inside and sat at the table with my friends, and the conversation picked up where we'd left off. Half an hour later and I saw Shannon look at his watch.

"I need to pick up some booze. Karen would you like to show me the nearest pub?"

She glanced to Greg, and I saw him nod his approval, not minding she was about to go off into the night with Shannon.

I watched them drive away, then looked to Greg. "How long do you think they'll be away?"

"The nearest one is fifteen minutes away. They'll be gone for over half an hour."

"Any ideas how we could spend the time?" I asked.

With that he stood and dropped his trousers, his erection at the ready. I went to him and dropped to my knees then took it in my mouth.

"Do you want to fuck or suck," he asked.


We went into his bedroom, and he did as I asked. It was a thrill to have him again, but more so when I knew Shannon would have me when he'd finished, and we were home in bed. Greg kept an eye on the time as we enjoyed each other. With five minutes to spare, he worked towards his finale. I felt him go off, and he took me with him, my legs wrapped around his waist, urging him on. As he left me to clean himself in the bathroom, I felt the mess he'd left with me. If that didn't do something for Shannon, then I didn't know what would.

Greg and I had only just sat back at the table when I heard the car pull into the driveway. I had to get Shannon on his own as quick as I could, already most of what Greg had put in me had come out, and my panties were soggy.

On the pretext of showing him something, I ushered my lover away from prying eyes.

"Did you do it?" the first thing he said, his breathing already rapid.

I took his hand and guided it inside my panties. "How does that feel?"

"Great. Pity I can't stand you on your head until we get home, so it stays in you. Did he take any persuading?"

"None. The moment you were out of sight he was on me."

Then came the words that stunned me. "Do you think he'd like to come out home, and we both do you?"

"What, both of you at me at the same time?"

"Would you like that?"

"You've been inside my fantasies. It's one of the things I often dream about."

"Ask him before we leave. Tell him I know what you've done, and I'm okay with it."

It was time to leave. Karen came out to see us off while Greg needed the loo. As we were about to get in the car, I remembered something I'd left inside. I dashed back in, and caught Greg as he left the loo.

"Shannon knows what we did tonight, in fact he encouraged it. Now he wants to know if you'd like to come out and join us for some fun."

"Shit, I don't know. I've never had a threesome before. You reckon you can look after the two of us?"

"I'll think of something. Do you want to do it?"


"The moment you can get away. Could you get away tomorrow?"

"Have to work in the morning. Karen's going to her parents for the day, and won't be home until late. I guess I could. You sure Shannon's okay with it?"

"It was his idea. He likes my slutty side."

"Okay then. See you tomorrow, mid afternoon."

Shannon had the motor running when I went back to him, and Karen about to walk in the front door. Good job she didn't come in any earlier, that would have made things awkward.

"He'll be with us tomorrow," I said as we pulled away.

Shannon drove home faster than he usually did, anxious to get me into bed. The brief time with Greg, then asking him to join us for more fun, had my heart rate doubled. I wanted to stop and have Shannon ravish me, but held my desire in check. Bed was the only place we would be able to give and receive the loving we both wanted.

What a night it turned out to be. Stories were one thing, but to have Shannon while I still had another mans sperm in me, added something unexpected. After two hours, for some reason even after Shannon had ejaculated, he kept hard, and fucked me in every way imaginable. It was sunrise when after one final orgasm, his cock finally subsided, and we slept.

It was late when we awoke, just enough time to clean our sweaty, spunk covered bodies before our guest arrived. A quick change of the sheets and something to eat, and we were ready for our first threesome.

Greg arrived still covered in grime, and somewhat nervously asked if he could shower. I got him a towel and showed him where everything was, then left him to it. It was then the deviate in Shannon showed itself.

"Take your clothes off and go in and join him. That way he'll know everything is okay."

I did as he asked and hurried to join the still nervous Greg. The sight of me joining him naked was a shock, more so when I got in with him and began to wash his still slack appendage. Which I might add didn't stay slack for long. With a little coaxing, I got him to finger me, that got his interest. I broke away and turned my back to him, then bent forward. Greg knew what to do, and he did. In one hard thrust he buried is cock in me. That was the time a naked Shannon walked in, cock at the ready. Greg went to pull out, but I followed him, and as Shannon got in with us, I took him in my mouth.

Greg wasn't too sure about this, and still tried to back away, it was then Shannon tried to relieve his anxiety. "This is her fantasy, she wants us to treat her like a slut, nothing is taboo."

With those words Greg became more active between my legs, and his thrusts became more insistent. "It's just I've never done this before," he said.

"Do you think we have," Shannon replied.

"A few times I've asked Karen if she'd like something like this, but she's too much of a prude to even think about it."

With the boys talk over, Shannon turned me around and took Greg's place between my legs, as I eagerly took Greg into my mouth. Five minutes like that and it was time for a change. I stood slowly so the things they had in me came out at a leisurely pace, and I could savour the feeling.

We stepped out of the shower, and for a moment looked at each other, then hurriedly dried ourselves. Once that was done, I led the two of them to the bedroom. My body tingling in anticipation of what would come next.

What an afternoon. The two men used me in everyway I had fantasised about. First one would think of something different, then the other. When they ran out of ideas, I guided them on an even kinkier path. I was having a ball, but as the day faded, so did they.

"I'm for something to eat," Shannon said as he got off the bed.

"What time do you have to be home," I asked Greg.

"Karen won't be home until late, so I'm in no hurry." With that said, he buried his face in the mess between my legs.

Ten minutes later and Shannon called out. "Food is on the table."

On somewhat rubbery legs, Greg and I went to see what my man had scrapped together for us. It proved to be a more than substantial meal, accompanied by a large pot of coffee. Both were appreciated, the afternoons sex had me famished, and thirsty. Had our first threesome finished there, I would have been more than happy, but the way the men looked at me, I knew it wasn't over.

Another two hours in bed, and I was done, and so were Shannon and Greg. For the last half an hour we were satisfied just doodling with each other, we'd had enough.

We showered, and Greg dressed, prepared to spend the night with his wife. "I hope Karen doesn't want sex tonight, I'm fucked." He said with a grin. "Can I visit again sometime?"

I sidled up to him as he got to the door. "Of course you can if you'd like. Give us a ring to make sure we're home."

Greg did like, and he called in whenever he could. At times he only had an hour to spare, other times he stayed longer, and a couple of times managed to stay the night. It was on those nights none of us slept, and I got an unbelievable working over.

Unexpectedly Kyle came back into my life. I hadn't seen or heard from him or his wife Dianne since I'd been with Shannon. He'd gone to my mother's, and she'd given him our phone number. A week later we called in to visit. Kyle was still his old bubbly self, but Dianne looked older, I guessed three young kids would drag anyone down. Shannon watched the interaction between Kyle and I. To Shannon, Kyle was keen to have me again, but I wasn't sure if I wanted him. Sex with him had always been rough and quick, leaving me tender and unfulfilled.

During the course of the evening, I was in the kitchen when Kyle came in. "Do you still fuck around now you're with Shannon?" he asked as he felt between my legs.

I did nothing to stop him, and he became more forceful as his fingers went under my skirt. His audacity thrilled me. How to answer to his question. "Sometimes." I replied. "When I'm in the mood."

"You use to always be in the mood. What's changed?"

I wriggled on his fingers. "Shannon keeps that bit you've got your fingers in happy, so there's no need for any extra." I moved away from his probing digits before he turned me on more than I was. "And if I do, Shannon's with me."

"What, a threesome?"

"Yep, two at me at the same time."

I could see he was excited by the thought. Time to terminate this discussion, but before we joined the others, he asked if he could visit one evening.

"You can visit, but I'm not promising anything. It could be a wasted trip." With that I left him in the kitchen, and sat with Shannon and Dianne. When Kyle did join us he'd refilled our glasses, something neither Shannon or I needed, but to be polite, we drank them.

"Best we be heading home," Shannon said to me as he looked at his watch.

The goodbyes were said, along with how nice it was to catch up again, but from Dianne there was little warmth in her words. Kyle I would see again, but I doubted we'd see her.

"You and Kyle were in the kitchen a long time," Shannon said as we drove away.

"I know. He wanted to know if I still fucked around."

"What did you say."

"I said I did, but only when you were with me."

"Did he touch you?"

"He fingered me, and I let him, but only to see if he still turned me on."

"And did it?"

"If he'd done it much longer it would have. He asked if he could visit, and I said he could, but no promises."

Shannon was quiet for several minutes. "What was he like in bed?"

"Don't know. We never did it in bed."

"Where did you do it then?"

"Car sometimes. Other times out in the open, doggy. Or me standing and bent forward, him up me from behind."

"Doesn't sound like much fun. What was he like?"

"Like an animal in rut. It was never for me, I was just somewhere to empty his load."

Two weeks after our visit, I got a phone call from Kyle. He wanted to know if he could visit, and emphasised without Dianne. I told him he could, but still no promise anything would happen between us.

The following Friday evening he arrived. He was well met by Shannon and me, and invited to eat with us. The food, a few drinks and everyone relaxed. I knew why he'd called in, and so did Shannon, and I wondered if I wanted to share myself with him. After two more drinks I felt my lusty nature take hold. Shannon was quick to notice the change in my demeanour. I left the boys and went into the kitchen to do the dishes.

"I hear you two have embraced a different life style," I heard Kyle say.

"Yes it suits us. You should know her lusty nature."

"Did she say anything about the time you visited?"

"She said she let you finger her, and ask if she still fucked around. We don't have any secrets. Is this visit to check out if you can have her?"

There was a silence as I guessed Kyle thought about how he should answer. "I have to be honest, yes and no. The yes part is of course I'd like to have her again. The no part is it's just that I always liked being around her, she's sexy even without the sex."

"Okay, if she wants you, then we'll both have her. At the moment I have no idea what she'll do."

Having heard all that, I still didn't know what I wanted to do. Kyle's presence had stirred me, but did I want him to fuck me?

Shannon came into the kitchen just as I finished the dishes. "I have to go to the shed for a while, there's something I need to do."

"You know he'll be at me the moment you're gone."

"I know. Either let him, or tell him to fuck off."

Shannon excused himself and left Kyle and I alone. As I walked into the lounge, Kyle call me to him. I stood beside his chair, and as I did, his hand went under my skirt and he fingered me. When I did nothing to stop him, he asked me to sit on his knee. I did, and with one hand he fingered me, while the other busied itself with my breasts. That was it for me, now I knew I'd let him have me. To be honest, I guessed I always knew he'd get what he wanted. As things were getting interesting, Shannon came in, and was quick to notice our progress. By now my legs were well spread, with Kyle finger fucking me, his other hand inside my blouse, squeezing my nipples.

Instead of joining us as I expected, Shannon sat close and watched, content for the moment to see what Kyle would do. I looked to him and saw where his gaze was, then obligingly lifted my skirt to give him a better view. He smiled his appreciation. I soon found this new approach was thrilling. Had it been Greg with us, then I'd already have the two of them at me, but with Shannon as the voyeur, it took our dalliance to a new level.

As my blood came up, I encouraged Kyle to take things further. "Uncover my tits and play with them properly." I asked.

One by one he undid the buttons, and when done, pulled my top out of the waist band of my skirt. He quickly cover one with his mouth, his tongue and teeth added a new dimension to what his fingers were doing.

Shannon knew I needed more. "Why don't you take her to bed, and fuck her properly."

"Would you mind?" Kyle asked.

"If I'd minded, I wouldn't have let you touch her. She knew why you wanted to visit, and so did I. From the look of things, she wants it as much as you do."

I stood, but made sure Kyle's fingers came out of me slowly. "Are you going to come in with us." I asked Shannon.

"I'll just watch. I'll have you once he's finished."

I took Kyle into the bedroom and we stripped. He had nothing of the physique Shannon had, and I wondered what it was about him that made me want him. He was one of the lousiest fucks I'd ever had, one of those wham bam thank you ma'am types. Good while it lasted, but left me wanting more. Why was it then that I always made myself available to him? For now though, that was the least of my concerns, he'd made me horny, and had an erection a stud bull would have been proud of, something I knew would sooth my incessant itch.

"Doggy." He said as I got on the bed.

I should have known this would be the way he'd want me. In all the times I'd had him, it was always 'doggy'. Here we were for the first time on a bed, with all the possible positions it offered, and he wanted me from behind. Didn't he want to look at me while he fucked me? Didn't he have the imagination to do something different? Was this the way he fucked his wife? In our past meetings, we'd always had to hurry. Whenever we had five minutes alone, he was at me, and to be fair, from behind was the quickest and easiest way to take him. These crazy thought soon disappeared when he mounted me. One rough penetrating thrust and he was in me. Nothing had changed, he fucked me in the same, almost brutal way as he always had. His cock rammed in me, his fingers biting into my shoulders as he lifted my knees off the bed with each inward thrust. Fuck him, I didn't need to be treated like this, it was then I used a trick I'd learnt years ago that never failed to bring a man off quickly. A minute later and Kyle unloaded, and at the point of ejaculation he became even rougher as his spunk flowed from him. I glanced to the doorway and saw Shannon standing there shaking his head. I knew what he meant, the man that had just used me would never get between my legs again. In fact, I didn't want to see him again.

True to form, the moment Kyle pulled his useless cock out of me, he began to look for his clothes. "I really have to go, " he said as he finished dressing.

I was glad to see the last of him, and had no intention of getting up to see him off. Once he'd left, I knew Shannon would come to me and make everything right.

With my ever-increasing libido, some of Shannon's friends began to take my eye. It wasn't as though Shannon didn't keep me sexually and emotionally happy, because he did. Each time I was with Greg, strange as it may seem to others, Shannon and I became closer. We were in love, with each other, and our lifestyle.

We were on the front veranda one evening, enjoying the sounds of the night creatures, when I broached the subject of Shannon's friends. They were a good lot, from all walks of life, but rarely met socially. This was good, if Shannon said it was okay to seduce one or two of them, there was little chance of them talking together about it.

"Do you think any of your friends might like to join us one night?" I asked to open the subject.

"What, in bed?"

"Do you think they would?"

"I'm sure they would. Got any one in mind?"

"Geoff. He's always ogling me."

"Yeah, I've noticed. Do you think any of them might like a threesome, or are you thinking of one on one."

"I don't like one on one. Unless it's you of course."

"Geoff is definitely deviate enough for a threesome. So is John. Not sure about Peter, he might be worth a try to start with. The others are too prudish to think about it."

Shannon was right. Geoff and John were willing, and Peter did require a little coaxing, but once he knew what I had to offer, he became a willing participant.

Geoff and John were like Greg, no hang-ups and willing to share, but it was Peter who became my favourite.

The next two years were sheer bliss. An unexpected visit from any one of them, and our life was perfect.

Then came my indiscretion.

Shannon and I had been to the local hotel, and had fallen into a conversation with a chap we knew. Verne was on his own, and had consumed a little more than he should have. Out of the goodness of our hearts, we offered him somewhere to sleep for the night. Nothing untoward, just a kindly offer.

We made sure his car was safe, then drove him back to our place. The night had been fun and we saw no reason to finish it so early. Shannon poured us another drink, and we settled in for more of the same.

I have no idea how the subject became sexual, but it did, and the more we drank the more sexual it became. Eventually, Verne said he'd have to do something with himself, before he'd be able to sleep. I glanced to his crutch and noticed the bulge in his trousers. Had it been a friend I knew, Shannon would have offered me to relieve his frustrations, and be pleased to reap the benefits of my used body after. But while we knew Verne, he wasn't a friend, and I could see Shannon was wary.

"If it's that bad, I have something you could use if you want to." Shannon said as he left the table.

He returned with something that resembled the part of the female body most men want. "You can use this if you'd like," he said as he passed it to him. "And some slippery stuff to make it better."

Verne took the offered device as though it was an every day thing, not in the least embarrassed by the offer. "Thanks for that. Much better than my hand."

I didn't even know Shannon had such a thing, or how long he'd had it. Since I'd been with him, he'd never had to use it.

The sexy talk. Shannon giving Verne the plastic cunt to masturbate in. The booze, all contributed to make me horny. Shannon had a job to do once we were in bed, and I hoped he'd take his time with it.

We settled Verne in a makeshift bed in the lounge, then made our way to our own bed. As I wanted, Shannon worked me over to perfection, but as he did, I had pictures of what I knew our guest was doing. To think of his cock as it slid in an artificial vagina, when there was a perfectly good one only a few feet away, made me go off in a way that surprised me.

Shannon was done, and was soon asleep. Where as, I was wide awake, knowing what was going on in the next room. The more I thought about it, the sexier I became. I had visions of Verne's cock thrusting in a piece of plastic, his juices making it sloppy as he worked his way to his finale. What a waste. I checked Shannon to make sure he was asleep, then quietly left our bed and covered my nakedness with a robe, then closed the door as I went out.

I went into the lounge on the pretext of getting another drink in case any one asked. The bottle touching the glass got a response from the semi lit room. "Whoever it is, I'll have one as well." Verne said.

"I thought you'd be to busy fucking that artificial cunt to bother." I replied.

"Well I am, but I can drink while I do it."

I poured a drink and took it to him, and noticed the thrusting of his hips didn't stop.

"You really are fucking it aren't you."

"Of course."

I was curious. "How does it feel."

"When you're in the mood I am, it feels good."

My blood was up now. "Can I watch?"

I was surprised to see he was naked when he pulled back the covers, my gaze going straight to where the action was. While I knew what he was doing, to actually see it happening turned me on. "You really are fucking it." I said surprised to see it. With that he withdrew most of his cock before pushing it back in.

I was surprised at the size of him, young Verne was a big boy. "Do you fuck girls the same way you're fucking that thing."

"I fuck girls anyway they want. Gentle, firm, rough, slow, fast, their wish is my command."

I was curious. "Do you ever have trouble getting that thing of yours in a girl."


"Would you like me to hold it for you, while you fuck it?"

"That would be nice." He said as my hand replaced his.

He didn't stop what he was doing. I could feel the heat radiating from him, and the power of the thing almost in my hand, as he kept up his steady thrusts.

By now he knew he'd get to have me, all my questions and sitting closer so I could hold the plastic fanny confirmed it, he just didn't know when. He took the initiative, on one outward stroke, he came out of the sleeve, and when he pushed forward again, he pushed it into my hand. I threw the sleeve away and masturbated him. "There, is that better?"

"Much, but I bet your cunt would be even better."

"What, you want to fuck me?" I teased. "I'm not even sure that thing will fit inside me." In the state I was in, I could have taken a horse.

"Get in here with me and we'll find out if it will."

I did as he asked, my hand still milking him. Verne moved between my legs, and as he did, I put the head to my opening. "I'm going to be a bit squishy down there, Shannon filled me when we went to bed."

"Good, there's nothing I like better than to fuck in a spunky cunt."

His rough words were like and aphrodisiac, and I urged him to get his cock in me. "Well mister, if you like to fuck in cummy cunts, then get it in me."

He pushed against my opening, then with one thrust, buried it in me. If I'd had doubts about being able to take him, they quickly vanished as he pushed further inside me than any man had been.

"Oh yes," he said. "You do feel better than that plastic thing Shannon gave me, and I can feel how wet you are."

I was panting with lust now, and wanted more. "Shut up and fuck me," I said as I pushed against him. "I told you I'd be wet in there."

For the next ten minutes Verne fucked me in the missionary position, my legs wrapped around him. Then suddenly he stopped and pulled out, to roll on his back. "You on top now," he demanded.

For me it was exactly what I wanted. With me on top, I was in control of how much cock he put in me, and could use him to pleasure myself. From that point on, I lost control, and let him have me in any way he wanted. The next two hours were sheer bliss as I went from one orgasm to another, Verne always managing to hold back. Then it was his time and he drove his cock into me hard and fast, then at the point of ejaculation, he became rough between my legs, ramming his oversize cock deep in me as his sperm gushed from him.

I was done. As he slowly subside inside me, he asked if I'd get him another drink. I needed one as much as he did, we'd both worked up quite a thirst. Propped up on the pillow, we sipped out drinks.

"Will you tell Shannon what we did." He eventually asked.

"Probably, we do this kind of thing often, although he's usually with me when I do."

"What? He shares you with other men?"

"That's our thing. Usually I take both at the same time."

We talked for the next hour. Me explaining the way we did things with others. And he went into lengthy details of how he and his partner did something similar, although they were more into foursomes. It seemed she didn't have the imagination of how to satisfy two men at the same time. I then went into detail of how I did it, and how much fun it was.

The talking had aroused us both, but as I'd managed to fuck away most of the night, we were surprised to see it was daylight. I wanted Verne in me again, but at the same time I didn't want Shannon to catch us at it.

"Get dressed, Shannon is an early riser." I said as I left our makeshift love nest.

Verne looked disappointed. "But I want to fuck you again."

"So do I, but we'll do it dressed on a chair."

He got up and dressed, but didn't bother to put his cock away. I put my dressing gown on and led him to one of the dining room chairs. Once he was comfortable, I sat on his knee and took him inside me. Again I could set the pace. At times I was content just to sit quietly while he played with my breasts and tickled my clit. Other times I used him how my body wanted. For an hour we used each other, me almost in one constant state of orgasm, while he managed to hold back. Then with one final flourish, he was finished with me. I kept at the shrinking thing until it didn't have the strength to stay in me any longer.

"I'd best get to the loo before Shannon gets up," I said as I stood.

"Bathroom for me," Verne said. "It looks as though I'm wearing some of the nights fun."

We attended to our various ablutions, fortunately, with me in the toilet, and him in the bathroom. I needed the bathroom as much as he did, but didn't get the chance. With Verne back at the table and me about to wash myself, Shannon came out of the bedroom.

"You two are up early," he said as he went to the loo.

The three of us sat and had a leisurely breakfast, then it was time for Verne to leave. Shannon took him to his car, then returned to me. While he'd been away I'd had a chance to wash away most of my nights fun, and felt a little better for it.

"How long had you and Verne been up?" Shannon's first question when he came in.

"Not long," I lied.

"Why was the bedroom door shut?"

"I didn't want to wake you." At least that was true.

"Did you have him?"

"No. What makes you think that." Now the real lies began.

"Just wondered."

I had lied, and he knew I had. All he had to do was feel between my legs, and it would have confirmed what he knew. I expected him to do it, as he had on previous occasions when I'd told him what I'd done. It turned him on knowing I'd been fucked. Not this time though, he knew I'd lied, and wanted me to tell him what I'd done. It was too late now, or so I thought at the time. But as the days passed, and I continued to lie about what we'd done, the lie became entrenched, and the more I did, the less Shannon wanted me.

A month later, and Shannon had been out. "Ran into Verne today," his first comment as he came in and sat at the table. "He'd like to have a foursome with us. I said I'd ask you what you thought of the idea."

"Not much. I don't think I want to see him again." That was the truth. I knew if we got together something would come out to confirm what I'd done. I knew it wasn't the actual act of sex that pissed Shannon off, it was me lying about it when there was no need.

Gradually, things between us deteriorated. Shannon no longer instigated any sexual activities, and I felt too ashamed to do anything. The atmosphere in the house was, to say the least, cool. It was another six months before any sort of normality returned. Then it was as though it had never happened. Or was it? Friends that called in, left frustrated. I was too scared to start anything with them, and Shannon sure as hell didn't. At least out activities in bed were more to my liking now.

Over a period of time, Shannon began to drink more. Fortunately always at home, these nights left me frustrated. When he was drunk he showed no interest sexually, no matter what I did to encourage him. My once idyllic life now sucked.

On many occasions, Shannon gave me the opportunity to come clean with what Verne and I did, but the lie was so deep-rooted, to me it was as though it never happened. My mind had conveniently blocked out the event.

We were alone, Shannon drinking steadily. A knock on the door broke into my sombre mood and I went to answer it. It was our friend Peter. I had to admit, although he had been reluctant to do anything to me in the beginning, he'd become my favourite.

The boys talked and I listened. Each time I looked at Peter, he smiled to me, and my lust for him grew. Shannon had slowed his drinking, and he and Peter were engaged in a sensible conversation. I was pleased, I didn't like to see Shannon drunk.

I hadn't had anything to drink, thinking one of us should remain sober, when Shannon turned to me and said, "why don't you have a drink with us. I'm sure Peter doesn't want to drink alone."

"I will if you slow down."

"I will," he promised.

True to his word Shannon didn't have another drink, other than coffee. With him sobering up I indulged a little more, now joining in with their conversation. Soon it was like old times. Shannon seemed happier than I'd seen him in ages, and I hoped this was a turning point in our lives.

Slowly the conversation turned sexual, with Shannon leading the way. I could see Peter was interested in the way things were going. Like me, it was obvious he hoped Shannon would allow him to fuck me. Earlier in our relationship, it had been me that had begun to fool around with our guest, but as things were, I was reluctant to start anything.

Shannon was sober now, and in a jovial mood, which was great to see. Yet I still wondered what his thoughts were.

After refilling our glasses, mine for the third time, he sat by me, then looked at Peter.

"Would you like to fuck her," he asked his friend.

I was hurt at the way he'd offered me, it was as though I was nothing more than a piece of meat. I didn't say anything, it was me that had wronged my man, and if being offered like that was the price I had to pay, then so be it. Besides I hadn't had a good working over since my night with Verne. The thought of the two of them at me at the same time was a thrill.

"If she'd like me to," Peter replied.

"Of course she does, just like old times."

I didn't quite know what to do, at any other time it would have been a natural progression to what we wanted, but this was different. Shannon took the lead, and took my top off. Peter watched as he did, his erection gaining strength as he did. With my breasts on show, Shannon got up and sat away from us, then indicated to Peter to join me.

As he made himself comfortable, Shannon said. "You start on her. I'll watch for a while."

Peter was quick to take advantage of the offer. The moment he'd sat, he kissed me, a hand under my skirt as he began to fingered me. The kiss was enough to release the pent up emotions I'd kept in check all these months, and I rummaged in his crutch to release his erection. With the kiss over for the moment, his mouth covered a breast and sucked in a nipple. He always did have a nice way of doing that. He'd suck it in deep, then rolled it between his tongue and palate. As he did, my legs opened further to allow his fingers inside me.

I was theirs now, they could do with me as they pleased.

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