My Just Rewards

by dejavu again

Copyright© 2010 by dejavu again

Mind Control Sex Story: Our hero finds out about his cheating wife, and turns his life into his wildest dreams.Thanks Just Plain Bob for the inspiration.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Mind Control   Hypnosis   Drunk/Drugged   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Mother   Father   Daughter   MaleDom   Light Bond   Gang Bang   Harem   Black Female   White Male   Hispanic Female   First   Anal Sex   Squirting   .

I was a Captain in Black Ops dealing with amongst other things psych ops, prisoner interrogation and re-education. Once I finished my tour, I started a psychiatric practice with 3 friends from the service and med school. It took a couple of years, but we now have a fairly profitable practice.

When we were first starting our practice, everybody at the office decided that Wednesday nights we would all unwind at Farlows. It was one particularly tough week when we all decided to retreat to Farlows to unwind. The previous 3 days had been rather hectic. Our receptionist had invited a friend and the first time I saw her I was instantly in lust. She was a redhead, bout 5 foot 5 inches tall, Slim hourglass figure of 35Cx23x34 proportions. All the curves ran smoothly from one to the other and there wasn't a male in the building that didn't track her all night. She was a Centerfold wet dream.

I don't know why she came over to me and introduced herself that night, but we clicked and 10 months later we became man and wife. Our life after that was fantastic. We made love several times a day when first married, and after 11 years of marriage she still looked like a brick shit house, and quite frankly, I loved her more then than when we were first married. We don't make love as often as we did, but when we did she would always suck me hard, but she would never swallow and I gave up a long time ago trying to get her ass.

Amy started working at XYZ company just before we were married. With my practice starting well, it wasn't long before we had a nice house in the burbs. Once we had the house we usually banked her check so a tidy nest egg has accumulated over the the past 11 years. During that time, Amy has worked her way to an upper management position. It was after her last promotion that I noticed our sex life take a hit. She had started a weekly girls night out on Tuesday night and a girls card game every other Thursday night that has been going on for years, but lately, she was putting in a lot of time.

My world turned upside down the day I had to go to a week long seminar on the west coast. I don't usually travel for the practice, but this seminar was going to introduce a new procedure that would help tremendously. I would be flying out Monday morning, and Flying back on the red-eye Friday night, getting back to the house Saturday morning.

Sunday night before my trip Amy came out of the bathroom wearing a little green see-through number with pale green thigh highs and 4 inch CFM heels that had my engine revving in nothing flat. We always started a love making session with me going down on her. I usually brought her to a couple of orgasms before she would swap positions and suck me hard. We would then get into either the missionary or cow girl for a slow enjoyable fucking. I came 4 times that night and Amy came so many times I lost count. Though each time she would scream out her patented "GOD YES!!!! OH GOD SO CLOSE PLEASE HONEY AIEEEEEEE" as she came. We both fell asleep afterwards exhausted.

Monday morning my alarm clock was Amy sweet mouth and tongue working on my 8 inches. Again, once she had me hard, she again impaled herself on my cock and started riding me. I started playing roughly with her nipples which ignited her first orgasm of the morning. After about a half hour, Amy had to get ready for work and I had to finish packing for my trip. I kissed Amy good bye and drove off to the airport.

Unfortunately, at the airport, my day started to go down-hill. The plane for the flight was having mechanical difficulties. The airline decided to cancel the flight till the next day, so I decided to head on home. Amy usually eats lunch at home and it was getting close to noon, so I decided to surprise her.

I pulled up to the house and Amy's car was in the driveway, but so was Ted's car, Amy's boss. I parked my car and walked up to the door and let myself in. I was just about to yell out that I was home, when I noticed there were 2 empty wine glasses on the table and clothes strewn up the stairs to the bedrooms.

My heart was in my throat as I walked up the stairs. I stopped just short of the bedroom door and peeked in. Ted had his dick in my loving wife's mouth yelling "Come on FuckToy get me off!! Swallow my cum like the good little slut you are."

I heard him moan as he started creaming in my wifes mouth. I was waiting for her to spit his cum out just as she always does mine with her speil about not being able to stomach the taste of cum. I was totally blown away when she just swallowed, and moaned "Sooo Good".

Ted exclaimed "Come on my fucktoy, suck my cock hard again so I can fuck that tight ass of yours again."

That did it. In 11 years of marriage, Amy wouldn't even let me run a finger near her asshole, let alone enter it. I came very close at that moment to walking in and breaking both of their necks. Fortunately, I kept my cool and backed back down the stairs. I was at the bottom of the stairs when I heard Amy yell out "OH GOD, Yea Baby, fuck my ass again. You know I love it in my ass!" followed by her "AAAIIIIIIIIII" as she came. At that point, I snapped. I walked out the door and got into my car.

I started driving around in a fog and it was during this drive that a plan came to me. I use a lot of hypnosis in my practice. It helps you delve into the minds of your patients, and if the patient is willing, you can almost program the person to do what is necessary to fix that persons problems. The key word being willing. If the patient is not willing, no amount of hypnosis will change their behavior. When I was in the service we used to program the natives of the areas we were in to provide us with intel. The natives didn't last long because the drug we used to make them willing to do what ever you wanted only lasted about a year or so. However, the drug was totally military secret. Getting it was going to be next to impossible. I hoped my friend in the military still had a few connections.

I checked my location and headed towards the nearest pharmacy. As I was driving I pulled out my cell phone and called a buddy of mine that was still in the service. I explained my situation to him and asked if he could get me a couple of doses of that drug we used while I was in the service. He told me he couldn't get me that particular drug, but that he would meet me at a watering hole we use to frequent that was close to the base.

I stopped at the pharmacy and wrote a prescription for some liquid roofies (for you laymen) and picked up a couple of other things. I then went and checked into a local motel and then rented a car from rent-a-wreck. After that I went to a very high end electronics store and bought some surveillance equipment. It was getting close to the time to meet my buddy so I drove over to the bar by the base.

I walked into the bar and he motioned me over to a booth in the back. Once I sat down, we ordered a couple of beers and after the bar maid delivered them, I started to go into my situation with my cheating whore of a wife and my plan to get back at her. My buddy picked up a sack he had sitting next to him and told me he couldn't get what I wanted, but he did get something better. He explained the difference between the drug I asked for and the one he brought and how to administer it to get the results I wanted. The new drug would actually work better for what I had in mind, it was permanent. After a few more beers I thanked him and went back to my motel.

To keep up appearances, I called my "loving wife" at the house. The call went to the answering machine so I had to assume she was out getting her clock cleaned. I left a quick message and told her I would callback tomorrow night after the first day of the conference. I then got in bed and stared at the ceiling most of the night contemplating my life to this point and my plan for the future.

Tuesday morning, I got up early and drove the wreck to within sight of my house. There were 4 cars in my driveway that morning. I sat there through the morning and watched as 4 different guys from Amy's work stagged out, got in their car, and drove off. About 40 minutes later the garage door opened and Amy drove off.

I went into the house and started installing the cameras, mikes, and recorders. By the time I finished, the house was wired for video, sound and phone taps. I then went in and spiked all of the wine and beer and any other drink I could find in the house with the roofies. I made sure that I didn't leave any evidence I was there. I did grab my 45 cal 1911-A1 out of my safe in my home office. I drove down the road a little then turned around and parked so that I had a good line of sight back to the house. I settled down to see what happened next.

About 10 minutes after noon, Amy pulled into the driveway and walked into the house. A couple of minutes behind her was Ted's car again. In addition to Ted, Larry who is another co-worker of Amy's was in the car with him. They pulled into the driveway and walked into the house. No knocking just straight in.

I gave them about 40 minutes, and entered the house. As I was hoping, there were three empty wine glasses on the table. I turned towards the stairs and slowly walked up. All three of them were laying on the bed with that drugged look on their faces. I went and checked the video monitors. Fortunately, there was enough there for the next stage of my plan. I went back into the bedroom and then zip tied their hands behind their back. and then zip tied their ankles together and gagged them. I drug Ted into the spare bedroom making sure I dropped him a couple of times. I made sure the video was capturing everything in the spare room and then injected the willingness drug into him. I waited for the correct time, and began to hypnotize him. While he was under, I found out that he first took my wife 8 years ago at a company picnic where he had gotten her drunk. That he had been using her since as the company whore. I also found out what his most prized possession was (his two daughters plus what he hoped to be able to do to his daughters when the time came). He also loved his wife but considered her to be cold and un-inventive in the sack. I gave him his programming that would would soon (I hoped) be his just deserts. I walked him to his car while he was still semi under, suggested that he had a good time during his nooner with his fucktoy whore, and he was waiting for Larry to finish before driving back to work.

I went upstairs grabbed Larry, duplicated my programming on him and escorted him to the car with the sane instructions as Ted.

Then it was Amy's turn. As I walked into the bedroom, she had apparently come out of her drugged state. Her eyes went huge and she started shaking her head. I couldn't resist the moment, so I told her. "Whats the matter fucktoy, didn't you get enough from Ted and Larry? Did something interrupt your daily fucking from your pimp?" She was still shaking her head and making noises behind her gag. Since I don't aparently please you in bed, the divorce should be fairly quick.and that It was a good thing we didn't have kids because it would probably take a while to hunt down the real fathers. She busted into tears and I injected her and started to put her under. Once under, I gave her her programing, part of which was she would never be able to lie to me ever. I then started questioning her about her infidelities. It seems that Amy had gotten a good buzz on from one of the guys there, and Ted and a couple of her co-workers had taken advantage of it. Unfortunately for our marriage, Amy liked the thrills and orgasms from the gang bang and cheating so much shes kept gang bangs going.

I told Amy to invite all of her posse over tonight. I needed more video proof of all of them if I was going to be able to pull off my scheme. I then had her forget she saw me today and to wake up 10 minutes after I left with the memory of having a good session with Ted an Larry.

I drove back to my motel where I called Ted and Larry's wives told them who I was and made arrangements to meet them Wednesday afternoon at my home. From there I drove over to a bar and had a few beers and a burger. Killed a little time, then drove over to the house, parked down the road, and waited for the festivities to begin.

Once everybody arrived, I gave them about 60 minutes and came into the house. Everybody was upstairs, so the first thing I did was check the recordings to verify if every guy was able to get their rocks off in the whore. Unfortunately not every on had, so I was going to have to stage some action for the camera after I finished programming everybody.

I went upstairs, and everyone was out on the roofies. I programmed everyone that hadn't been, and then orchestrated the remaining fucking. I went back to my motel afterwards, and called it quits for the night.

Wednesday morning I waited until everybody was gone, went into the house and started editing the video captured over the last couple of days. Once I had what I wanted, I burned 7 DVD's and then called the wives of the other men involved and made appointments with them later in the afternoon. I closed up the house and went and got some wine for my afternoon appointments since all the wine I'd spiked was consumed in last nights gang bang.

Ted's wife Debbie was the first to show that afternoon. She wanted to know what was going on. I showed her the DVD of Ted fucking my wife. Needless to say she was livid and went ballistic, especially after she found out how long it had been going on. I had never met Debbie before, but I was instantly smitten. She was about 5'6" tall, 35DX32X34. Black hair with a Smokey Latino complexion and bright green eyes. Knowing that her marriage was already over, I figured I had nothing to lose, so I handed her a drugged glass of wine. I told her I had already contacted a lawyer and that if she wanted to use the same one, we could probably get a discount since it looked like several other women would be joining her. Once she went under, I programed her to cut Ted off, and make sure the divorce was pushed through. She was also to get a restraining order against Ted over his comments about and her daughters. I added that I was now her love interest. She will give herself to me totally and willingly. She will come when I command her at the intensity I command her. no matter what she's doing or where she's at, and that my cum was manna from heaven for her. Since Larry's wife was due soon, I took Debbie upstairs and had her strip down and wait for me in the master bedroom. I told her to be quiet and to masterbate but not cum until I was finished with Larry's wife.

Larry's wife Megan was pulling into the driveway as I was coming downstairs from Debbie. She wasn't the ultra fox that Debbie was, but she was on par with Amy. Megan was 5'3" blond she was not too big up top, probably a large B, Small C cup. Though she was what I would consider a hard body with a small 6 pack. All the parts fit into a very nice package. Again, I liked what I saw and figured in for a penny, in for a pound. I showed her the DVD of her husband, she got pissed, I gave her a glass of drugged wine, and programmed her exactly like Debbie. I sent her off to the lawyer to start the divorce proceedings.

Once Megan left, I went up to the master bedroom to check on Debbie, When I looked in, she was on her back with her legs spread wide. Her hairy twat was glistening with her wetness. She saw me peak my head into the bedroom, she pleaded for me to fuck her. I told her that I would grant her wish once she swallowed a load of my cum. She made a bee-line towards my dick and darn near ripped off my pants trying to get my cock out. Once she got it out, she was very enthusiastic about the blow job, but you could tell she had no experience. I wasn't worried about it, I figured that with a body like hers, I would spend some time to train her to give excellent blow jobs as well as deep throat, and anal. It still didn't take long looking at that beautiful face and body before I started pumping my load into her mouth. Once she tasted my cum, she swallowed and started cumming herself. I rested a bit, but it didn't take long before I was hard again. I positioned myself between her legs and started pushing into Debbie. My dick when hard is a little over 9 inches. Ted's when hard was about 6 inches but a little thicker than mine. Once I had sunk totally into her she came hard. As she was cumming her internal pussy muscles were rippling up and down my length. It was a totally fantastic feeling. Once she started to relax, I ordered her to cum hard again, which started the rippling effect again which caused me to blow my wad for the second time. After a couple of minutes, she collapsed. I gave her a couple of minutes to collect herself, and then told her to take a shower and come downstairs between wives for further instructions.

I went down stairs to meet the next wife. By the end of the day, all six wives were under my control. Of the remaining 4 wives, two I would have no problem leaving alone. I gave them instructions to join a health spa and loose about 60 pounds apiece. Once that was accomplished, they were to look me back up. I sent them off to the lawyers. The other two Lisa, and Claudia were cute in their own ways. Claudia surprisingly was black and I looked forward to playing with her. They would make nice diversions, so I programmed them the same as Debbie and Megan, and then sent them off to the lawyers.

Since Larry and Ted were going to be busy tonight fucking my wife, I saw no point in sleeping alone. I called Debbie and Megan and had them meet me at my motel. Once there, I had them strip down and stand in front of me with their feet spread apart and their hands locked behind their necks. I stood up and started to inspect them. I started caressing a shoulder here, a nipple there, the bottom of a breast there. As I continued, the women started breathing heavy and became very aroused. I noticed that both of them had a slight flush spreading across their faces and down their chests.

I stood in front of Megan and started fingering her pussy. She started to moan. I ordered her to cum hard. She immediately started with a scream and a long stream of cum squirted out of her. She collapsed to her knees still in the throws of her orgasm. Megan continued to gasp and shudder as she fell forward. With her face on the floor and her ass sticking up in the air, her orgasm finally falling off.

I told Megan to lie on the bed with her head towards the foot of the bed. I placed some pillows under her head. I ordered Debbie to craw up over Megan and start eating her out. Debbie was hesitant at first. never having had a lesbian affair before, but once I positioned Debbie the way I wanted, and had he take a tentative taste, it didn't take her long. I placed another pillow under Megan's head which placed her in perfect position to start eating Debbie. Fortunately for me, Debbie's cunt was at the perfect height. I walked up to the foot of the bed, took my dick and started pushing it into Debbie's pussy. She was very wet but It still took three strokes to get my 9 inches all the way into her. When I finally hit bottom, she exploded. Her pussy clamped down on my dick and It felt like she was going to squeeze my dick off. After a couple of minutes I was able to start stroking into her again. I lightly smacked Debbie on her lovely ass and told her to get her tongue busy on Megan and that if Megan didn't cum before Debbie did, that her ass would get a lot redder. Debbie's hed went down and Megan groaned. I started pumping into Debbie again. God, was she tight, and with Megan's tongue licking my shaft and Debbie's clit as we pounded each other, it wasn't long before I was ready to cum.

I was just about there when Megan screamed and came. Debbie shot off again causing her pussy clamp down on my dick. That was enough to cause me to start cumming which caused Debbie's voice to raise another octave.

Debbie collapsed in a heap beside Megan. She was totally out.

I moved my dick down to Megan's mouth and she started sucking and cleaning my dick with her tongue and lips. Where Debbie was inexperienced at giving head, Megan was a pro. It didn't take long before I was hard again. I swung Megan around, placed her legs on my shoulders, lined myself up and pushed in. She wasn't as tight as Debbie, but she was definitely tighter than Amy. Once I reached bottom in Megan, she had a small orgasm where her pussy got a little tighter. Since I had already cum earlier, I was able to stroke into Megan for a while. She had several small orgasms while I was building to my next big O. When I was ready, I pinched Megan's nipples, and started to pump my sperm into her. Megan screamed and came very hard, as she locked up and trembled.

As I pulled out of Megan, Debbie was just coming awake. I had her crawl over to me and lick me clean. I told the girls to lick each other clean. which they jumped to. After watching them for a moment, I crawled into bed and gestured for them to crawl into bed and cuddle with me. I told them they were to make appointments tomorrow morning to have their pubic hair permanently removed.

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