Basketball Weekend With Daddy

by Tom Land

Copyright© 2010 by Tom Land

Erotica Sex Story: Pam and her father, Steve, are avid college basketball fans. And they love being in each other's company -- a lot.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Cheating   Slut Wife   .

Pam and her father, Steve, had been lusty lovers since her early teen years. Their relationship would have amazed many who knew them, but who did not realize the intimacy of their lives together. For those who participated with them in the sex swap group, nothing would have surprised them. Those who only knew Pam and Steve on the surface, saw a loving father and daughter like you'd see in any family. Those who participated in the swap group knew what they'd seen during Pam's cherry busting and sexual initiation and in many of the sex parties that had taken place over her teenage years and early twenties, but very few people knew what went on at home, behind closed doors. The only people who might have suspected were a few of her father's men friends who had gotten to enjoy Pam's sexual favors in response to a request from Steve to Molly.

What went on behind the closed doors of Steve's or Pam's house was as unbridled and unhibited sex as anyone could ever imagine. What happened was a very horny and well-endowed 40-something year old father fucking and sucking and playing with his 24-year old daughter in every way possible. And, Steve never wanted for pussy or a hot blowjob whenever Pam was around. Pam was always either totally responsive to her father's sexual requests or many times she initiated sex play with him because she was so horny and needed sexual release, too.

After Pam's deflowering and public sexual initiation when she was only a young teenager, Steve and his wife marvelled that Steve hadn't busted her cherry a lot earlier. Steve had actually wanted to take Pam's cherry when she'd first entered puberty so he could fuck his sexy young daughter whenever she was horny and whenever he wanted some young tight pussy. But, his wife had reminded him that if he did that, she would automatically be disqualified for the large sex swap group that Steve and his wife were already a part of. If you had a daughter who joined, she had to be certified as a virgin before her deflowering so Steve had to hold off and allow Pam to become a high school cheerleader and then to be selected and brought into the group for the initiation and all of the sexual events that followed.

The rest was history after Pam was deflowered in front of the entire sex group and then fucked by her own father after her mom had eaten her creampie out that the black football player had left inside her cunt. Pam became a regular participant in all the playtimes of the sex group, but that night after Pam had been taken from the category of "virgin," Steve had then fucked her twice before he finally took her in the shower and washed her good, and then got down between her legs and sucked her pussy, too.

Almost ten years later, Pam and Steve had shared sex with each other so many times and in so many different settings that it was as much a part of their regular lives as any man and woman who were intimate lovers. Pam and Steve frequently fucked in public at the gatherings, but what they did at home was never advertised. Steve didn't seem to realize that many folks knew if he was fucking Pam at parties, he was doing her at home, too. Oh, yeah, he was sure doing her at home all right.

After Pam's mother died, Steve no longer had that normal source of sexual intercourse, so he turned to Pam even more for sexual release. Before Pam married, she'd sometimes spend the night in Steve's bed or he'd come to her place and spend all night. Not much sleeping would take place in either setting. Steve was quite well-endowed and very virile. And, Pam was the natural complement to Steve's male horniness and need for lots of sex play. Steve could never have imagined that his own sexy daughter would become such a lusty and hotly sexy ysoung woman. Sometimes Steve made an initial approach for Pam's sexual favors and often she would approach him, and Steve was always willing to drop his pants and help his daughter get naked and spread her thighs for him whenever one of them wanted to fuck.

Pam's husband, Brad, had gone off for the weekend with some of the male members of his family to go hunting and she and her father were going to Lexington to watch a basketball game on Friday night—just the two of them, of course. They would check into their hotel room, go to the game at Stall Arena nearby, and then spend the night together, making love. And, then they'd go home the next day and spend all day Saturday at Pam's house, fucking their horny brains out. Pam had left her little boy with her mother-in-law so she and her father could have their time alone for just each other.

Steve and Pam had checked in and there was just enough time for them to put their bags away and get something to eat before they had to go to the arena and locate their prime seats. Steve had noticed all the way from their hometown that Pam was looking especially hot that day in her sexy-fitting pants and sweater. Pam had always been quite hot in sweaters since her breasts had started growing and now that she'd had her baby, Pam's tits looked even hotter since she was breastfeeding and her tits were a size or two larger in her bras.

Steve walked over to Pam and pulled her close into his arms, as he kissed her and starting feeling her bra-cupped breasts through her sweater.

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