By Any Other Name

by Patricia51

Copyright© 2010 by Patricia51

Sex Story: A wife worries when her husband calls out another woman's name during the most passionate sex they have had in a long time. Is he cheating? She can't place it, but why does that name ring a bell?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Humor   Cheating   Oral Sex   .

I reached over my head, grasping the headboard with both hands as my husband Bill worked his way down my body. His weight pinned me to the bed, deliciously helpless as his tongue flicked back and forth from one breast to the other, teasing my already stiff nipples till they were so hard they would have hurt had they not felt so good.

Then his lips began their march down and all I could do was twist and turn under their assault. He showered kisses over my belly, the swell of my mound and then his face was between my legs and his tongue parted my labia and slipped into me. I bucked so hard I nearly threw his satisfying heavy body off me as he found my clit and brought me to my first orgasm.

And my orgasms didn't stop there. While I was still quivering from the first one Bill gave out a war whoop and sprang up, covering me completely once more. With a near feral growl he plunged his cock into my soaking wet and slippery pussy, burying himself into me with one long thrust. Then he fucked me.

You would think after twenty two years of the same man making love to me it would get pretty routine. Well, tonight it was anything but routine. He pounded me like we were newlyweds going at it for the first time after a three year no sex engagement. He was going wild and I loved it and was doing everything I could to aid and abet him. I wrapped my legs around him and punched up with my hips to meet every down stroke of his.

I felt him shake and then he was shooting his cum into me. And he didn't slow down. He stayed hard and kept on going. I didn't know when Bill had started to channel the Energizer Bunny but I was not going to complain at all as I had my second orgasm and then a third when he raised himself onto his hands and slammed so deep inside of me I thought he was going to split me in two as he screamed.

"Oh Jennifer!"

Bill barely managed to roll onto his side after he collapsed on top of me, letting me spoon with him. Well, and let me breathe too. He's put on some weight over the years but I'm not the college softball player he first met either so that's not important. What was important though was what made me slip out of the bed after his long slow breathing and occasional snores and snorts let me know he was sound asleep so I could go downstairs and do some serious thinking.

No, what was important, you see, is that my name is Alice. Not Jennifer.

So who is Jennifer? The name seems to ring a bell but I'm switched if I can place it. It's not his secretary; or rather one of the several women in the pool who handle the correspondence and reports from Bill and the group of account executives that he works with. I had to sit down and think about it but I'm pretty sure it's not any of the female account execs in his group either.

Bill doesn't travel for his job, out of town that is. All his clients are here. I suppose this Jennifer could be one of them. He does visit them occasionally although most communications after the initial sales calls are done via phone or electronic means. He could be sneaking off to see someone at their office or home I guess. But how would I find out?

I pull myself up short. Okay, before I do anything silly I need to reason this out. Bill is suddenly more passionate about making love than he has been in a long time. And he calls out another woman's name as he does. So is he cheating on me with some woman named Jennifer? And what am I going to do about it?

Well for sure I'm not going to go off half-cocked about this. I'm not going to run out and hire a Private investigator. I'm definitely not going to confide this in my friends and ask them what to do. And for absolute certainty this is NOT going to make me run out and have an affair of my own. I mean really, I'm not completely stupid.

First and foremost of course is the fact that I love Bill. Twenty two years and three now grown children and all we've made it through would bind us together as a couple even if that weren't true. Even if he is having an affair I don't want to lose him. He's my other half no matter what happens, the man I have always planned to grow old with.

Second, and this makes me wonder if there is something seriously wrong with me, if having an affair is going to make him act as he did tonight, should my biggest concern be stopping it? I mean golly, he hasn't hammered me like that in ages and ages. Maybe I should just be grateful for her starting this spark in him.

I know that it's at least as much my fault as his that our love life has got this boring. Before tonight I mean. Like so many other couples we were so passionate when we first got married. Then the kids started coming and I got so busy with them, as did Bill I reminded myself. No one could ever say he wasn't a good Father who spent as much time as he could with his kids. And he worked so hard to provide for us, especially after we decided I would be a stay-at-home mom.

So time just for us seemed to fall to the bottom of the priority list. Oh we've tried. We made sure we had date nights and a weekend apart from the kids but those seemed to get farther and farther apart. Plus you're just not romantic when the major thought on both your minds is bed but it's because you desperately would like a nap.

Third, suppose I DID decide to have an affair. Who would I have it with? I study myself in the mirror. Often enough to know that if Bill isn't that Track Team Captain he was when we met that I've slipped too. I never could quite lose those last five, okay ten, pounds I put on during the last pregnancy. My tummy is soft, not the firm one of days gone by and don't even start me on my ass. So who would want a middle-aged woman suffering from middle-aged woman spread and especially one who can't keep her own husband happy at home? Slime balls and womanizers and why would I want such a person. I just want my Bill back.

I decided the best thing to do was nothing at all. Nothing that would make Bill think that I suspect something is going on. Maybe I WILL put more effort into him starting with breakfast in the morning.

When morning came I had coffee ready and I thrust a mug in front of Bill as he plops down in his usual chair. I had waited until I heard him moving before starting the eggs but I had got up early and had his absolute favorite home-made biscuits still warm in the oven.

"What brought this on?" he asked me with a smile. "Not that I'm complaining mind you."

I raised my eyebrow and grinned back at him. "Have you forgotten last night hon? A performance like that deserves this at the very least."

I watched Bill carefully out of the corner of my eye. He was happy. Pleased. He seemed a bit embarrassed but one thing he was not showing was guilt. And now I have to start all over. Because I know my husband. I never thought he would cheat on me but definitely if he had he would be guilty about it. He always wears his emotions on his sleeve.

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