The Mask

by DG Hear

Copyright© 2010 by DG Hear

Romantic Sex Story: My best friend was in an accident and it changed my life. I sure missed her.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   .

A big Thank You to WanderingScot for his editing of this story.

Chapter 1

Life is fickle if I may call it that. When we're young we have all these hopes and dreams and are told we can be anything as long as we try hard. I guess sometimes it's true but at other times we just don't have control over how things turn out.

My best friend while growing up was Kerry. We were both from families with higher incomes. In grade school we considered ourselves boyfriend and girlfriend. We loved being together and even talked about how when we got older we would get married and how many kids we would have.

Our parents would always laugh when Kerry said she wanted two kids and I said I wanted three. So I told her she could go ahead and have two and I would have three. I think we were about six years old at the time.

Time went on and we even spent our junior high school years together. Then my life as well as Kerry's was turned upside down. One day when Kerry was thirteen she was on her bike and was hit by a truck.

She was life-flighted to the hospital in critical condition. I couldn't help crying when I heard about it. I wanted to go see her but my parents said it wouldn't be a good idea, besides she was having major surgery and would more than likely be in a coma.

It turned out she broke both legs and had major head injuries. I felt so bad knowing that there was nothing I could do. It was summer time and I spent my whole vacation worrying about Kerry.

As she was getting better I was later told that after the accident she had only a seventy-thirty chance of surviving the accident but now they thought her chances were very good. It was over a month later before they told me I could go see her but they still advised against it.

"Why, Mom? Why don't you want me to see her?" I asked.

"John, Kerry has undergone a number of surgeries. Her head and face are completely wrapped except for her eyes and mouth. I know it's going to be hard on you as well as Kerry."

"I have to go see her Mom, she's my friend" I responded.

When I walked into her room she was conscious. The moment I saw her I had tears running down my face. I couldn't believe what I saw. Her head and face was wrapped in a mask like a mummy. There was no way anyone would even know who she was.

"Hi Kerry," I said under tearful eyes.

"John, I guess I blew it this time. The plans for our future will have to be put on hold. I'm being transferred to the Mayo clinic and won't be home for some time. You'll have to learn to study by yourself." She was trying to be funny but I knew she was scared.

It was Kerry that kept me on the straight and narrow. She helped me study which helped improve my grades. I couldn't picture my day to day life without her. God I was going to miss her.

I honestly didn't know what to say. I just blurted out whatever I could think of. "Let me know how things are going from time to time. You're still my best friend." I squeezed her hand and quickly walked out of her room. I didn't want her to see me crying.

In the hallway my parents told me that she would have to go through a number of surgeries and skin grafts. It would take a few years before she would be done with all the medical work and they still weren't sure how she would look.

I knew I still had to go back in and say goodbye. I wiped the tears from my eyes as I walked back in the room to say goodbye to my best friend. I know she could see that I had been crying. She was always such a smart girl. She had both the looks and the brains. I had to ask "Why God? Why Kerry?"

I could tell she was looking at me. "John, don't worry about me and I want you to go out there and be the best football player ever. If you don't want to do it for yourself, then do it for me. I don't know how I will look after all the operations, but just remember that beauty is only skin deep and I will still be the same person on the inside."

I had always talked with Kerry telling her how I wanted to play pro football and make lots of money and she could spend it on herself and our kids. I was basing all my future plans on us being together. Now the only plan I had was to be the best football player I could be. I was going to do it for Kerry.

All that took place seventeen years ago. I never heard from Kerry again but I can't say that I never thought about her. I guess it's called 'alone time' when you sit there all by yourself and think about your past and the good and the bad times. My best times were when I was a kid and being with Kerry. My worst time was seeing Kerry in the hospital. I often wondered what happened to her.

I will explain more about my life throughout this story. I was now a thirty-one year old man who owned a car dealership. I've had a number of ups and downs throughout my life.

Tonight I was to go to a Halloween party with everyone in my dealership. I had over twenty-five employees and we decided to go to a party at the Hilton Inn.

I had my secretary pick me up a costume, and I ended up with a cowboy outfit. She told me I was Roy Rogers. Actually I kind of liked the outfit except for the guns. I told her I could do without them.

The party was a lot of fun; I had a lot of good people who worked for me and I supplied the drinks for them during the evening. There were a lot of other people there also and we mingled with them. I was intrigued with a woman who was dressed as Cat Woman from the Batman series.

Her outfit was all black and very tight. It showed all her curves; she was lean and the suit fit her like a glove. The only thing that bothered me was she wore a full head mask. I could only see her eyes and the opening for her mouth. It brought back thoughts of Kerry.

The first time she walked by me she said, "Hi John, good to see you again," and walked away.

I have to admit this grabbed my attention. I walked over to her and asked her if she would like to dance and maybe have a drink.

"The drink would be nice but I'm not in the mood for dancing," she replied.

She had me intrigued. "How about a little conversation instead?" I asked.

"That would be nice. My name is Kat, as in Cat Woman," she said as she laughed. "My husband is meeting me here, so I have a few minutes."

I sat down and waited for our drinks to come. "So Kat, how is it we know each other."

"I've know you most of my life John. We even went to the same High school."

At first when she said we've know each other I thought about Kerry again. I didn't want to blurt out her name so I just asked questions. "Did we ever date?"

"Not hardly! When I was a freshman, you were a senior. All the girls had a crush on you."

"So what else do you know about me?" I asked.

"I know everything about you John. Don't forget you're a celebrity. Everyone knows about you. You were 'All State' in high school. Then you went to State college where you were a tight end. After that you were picked in the second round of the Pro Draft and played for two years before that horrible knee injury that ended your career."

"I can't believe you know so much about me. Why don't you take off your mask to I can see who you are?"

"I don't think so John. I prefer to keep it on. Don't want to scare you or anything," she replied.

At that moment a chill ran up my spine. I thought about Kerry's covered face and of course I had to wonder what it must have looked like under the bandages. I tried to recover but I know Kat noticed my reaction.

"What's the matter John? Did I say something to upset you? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to."

I know she said we were in the same school and that she said she was younger but I had to wonder if it just might be Kerry. "Are you sure that we never dated?" I asked.

"John, not to be disrespectful but you dated a lot of bimbo's and groupies. Also a few celebrities; you were also married and divorced twice. I'm sorry but I don't exactly fall into any of those categories."

"I'm sorry. I know I screwed up my life pretty good. I really am trying to change it now. It's just that you remind me so much of a childhood friend; even though it's been quite a few years, I think about her often."

"Not to pry but I'm a good listener, a shoulder to lean on, what's your friends' name?"

"You wouldn't know her, it was a long time ago. Her name was Kerry Underwood." I know I had tears in my eyes when I said her name.

"John, I know a Kerry Underwood. She was hurt in a car accident when she was just a teenager."

"What? You know Kerry? What can you tell me about her?"

"Oh, here comes my husband," said Kat. "Jim this is John Taylor, the pro football player from our town."

"Good to meet you John. I followed your career, too bad about the knee injury," replied Jim.

"Nice to meet you too Jim. Kat, I'm sorry, you are with your friends at a party and I'm taking up your time, but I would like to talk to you more about Kerry later." I replied.

"That would be nice. Maybe we can set up a lunch date if Jim doesn't mind," said Kat.

"Honey, you know I trust you," replied Jim.

"So, John, I'll see you later," said Kat as she walked away.

I sure wish I could have talked to her longer. Now she has me thinking about Kerry again.

I had ignored my friends and had to get back with them for the evening. I knew I had to get back to Kat eventually and learn more about Kerry. I just hoped she would get back to me. Hell, I didn't even get her last name.

A couple of weeks had gone by and I didn't hear from Kat. Then one day while I was at the dealership my secretary came in and told me a woman wanted to speak with me in private.

"Who is it?" I asked Thelma.

"She said to tell you she's Cat Woman," said Thelma with a smile. "She's a good looking woman John but she has a wedding ring on her finger."

I've know Thelma all of my life. She was my dad's sister and of course my aunt. She was married with three grown kids. She has always been my closest relative outside of my parents. When I bought this dealership she came in for her job interview. I had to laugh because I couldn't run the dealership without her. My mom even said I needed her to keep me straight. She was one of the few women that I knew I could trust.

"Send her in Thelma. I've been wanting to see her. She knows about an old friend of mine. Please hold all my calls and I might even be going to lunch."

When Kat walked in I stood up to meet her. She was a beautiful woman but I did not remember ever seeing her. The only downside was I thought there was a chance that she might have been Kerry, but she wasn't.

"Please come in, I was so wanting to talk to you. Please sit down," I asked.

"Thank you, I know you are wondering who I am. I know that you had a slight hope that I was Kerry, but I'm not.

"No ... I was just..."

"It's ok John, I could see it on your face. To be honest with you I'm Kathy, Kerry's little sister. The little girl you use to chase away so you and Kerry could be alone. Remember me now? My mom always sent me along with you and Kerry so you two wouldn't get in trouble." She was smiling, and it put a smile on my face too.

"My God, you have grown up to be a very pretty woman. I'm not hitting on you, I know you're married. I'm just speaking the truth."

"So, are you taking me to lunch?" asked Kathy.

"Of course, anywhere in particular you would like to go?" I asked.

"Kerry told me to tell you to take me to the Red Lobster," she said with a smile.

"You talked to Kerry? How is she? Where is she?" I asked.

"We'll get to all that over lunch," said Kathy with a smile.

We went to the Red Lobster and ordered lunch. Kathy looked up at me and asked, "So, what do you want to know about her?"

"Everything, how is she? Did she recover from the accident? What did she do with her life? She was always so ... so beautiful, smart and happy before ... I might have only been a teenager but I loved her and miss her so much." I knew I had tears in my eyes.

"John, I know how you feel. I felt bad when she got hurt but I remember her telling me that beauty is only skin deep and that she would recover."

"My God, she told me the same thing. I wanted to keep in touch with her but I was so afraid and then I had no idea where she moved to. I just didn't have the nerve to see her again. Please tell me she's alright!"

"She spent six months in the hospital following all her surgeries. She had so many operations and skin grafts that I lost count. She lived with our aunt so she could be close to the hospital. She was still a happy girl growing up and kept a positive attitude, and told everyone she met that she would someday be a plastic surgeon so she could help people like she was being helped.

"We would go up to see her about every weekend. Mom couldn't stand being away from her and moved in with my aunt so she could be with Kerry. It was a real strain on my parents' marriage and they eventually divorced. I stayed here and lived with dad and went to the local schools. We still visited Kerry at least once a month.

"She was home schooled and then went to a medical college until she got her medical degrees and finished her internship. She now works in a hospital in Pittsburgh. It's only a three hour drive from here.

"I talked to mom and she said that Kerry mentioned moving back here for her residency. I should tell you that she never dated a lot due to her facial surgeries and spending all her time studying for her degrees."

"Thank you Kat, I feel so much better. I wasted most of my life feeling sorry for myself. I tried hard at football because I promised Kerry I would. If she had been by my side I know I would have been on the straight and narrow instead of going to bed with anyone who was willing."

My sexual history has been in all the gossip papers for years. Only recently since I got the dealership have they left me alone. I'm no longer the playboy of the day. Just a hard working business man going on with his life.

"You should stop by her office or the hospital and see her. I'm sure she would like to see you again," mentioned Kathy.

"No, I don't think I can do that. I was a coward not to keep in touch with her and I was supposed to be her best friend. I missed her so much."

"John, after I ran into you at the Halloween party I called Kerry and talked to her. I told her I had seen and talked to you and asked if it was ok to answer your questions. She was happy to hear that you still remember her."

"Remember her! I can't tell you how much I have thought about her over the years. You might not believe this but she was the only girl I ever loved. I know it now."

"I will say that she has talked about you and was sad to read where you had a career ending injury," replied Kathy

"That's what I mean. She went to hell and back and she worries about others. Thank you for telling me about her. Not to change the subject, but how is your dad doing?"

"He died two years ago. He never remarried after he and mom got divorced. I guess it was hard on him. One day shortly after Jim and I got married, we got a call that dad had a heart attack."

After she told me about her father she told me it was time for her to leave.

"It really was nice talking with you, John. Maybe I'll see you again sometime. You really ought to think about going to see Kerry. I know she'd love to see you," said Kathy.

I was happy to hear about Kerry but yet sad that I was such a coward. Besides, after two failed marriages I was trying to get my act together. Luckily I saved enough money while I played pro ball to buy my car dealership.

I spent the rest of the day thinking about Kerry. Just maybe I could get up the nerve to go see her.

It was nearing Thanksgiving and as usual, I'd be eating at mom's along with other relatives. It's was mom's big thing to have Thanksgiving dinner at her place every year. I couldn't complain, the food was always great. I really missed it the years I was away playing ball.

The day before Thanksgiving I always closed the dealership early. My employees had time to be with their families. We always closed for Thanksgiving but opened up on Black Friday. Believe it or not business was usually pretty good. Some people did buy the big ticket items, like vehicles for Christmas presents.

As we closed the door for the day and I wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving I got the crazy idea to drive to Pittsburgh to see Kerry. I had to do it. I just had to go see her as hard as it was for me. I rushed home and packed a light suitcase and headed off to Pennsylvania. I figured it would be about a three hour drive according to Kathy.

I had her office address and the name of the hospital she worked at. When I got to her office there was a sign in the door that said, "Closed till Monday. For emergencies please go to the hospital."

Damn, I hope she would be there at the hospital after getting up the courage and driving this far. I walked up to the reception desk and asked for Dr. Kerry Underwood. It sounded strange calling her doctor.

The receptionist replied that Dr. Underwood would not be available till Monday. If I had an emergency I could see Dr. Morehouse.

Needless to say I wasn't the happiest person. "Can you give me a number that I might reach her? I'm an old friend."

"I'm sorry sir, we can't give out personal information on our doctors. I'm sure you understand."

I know I shouldn't have but I was now agitated. "Look, Kerry is an old friend of mine and I haven't seen her for years. I just drove over three hours to see here. All I need is a number to contact her." I said in a rather loud voice.

The receptionist must have called security because a man in uniform appeared behind me.

"Is there a problem Mrs. Cully?" asked the man from security.

"This gentleman wants personal information on Dr. Underwood and won't accept that I'm not permitted to give it to him."

"Look, I apologize, I didn't mean to raise my voice or cause trouble. I was just hoping to see Kerry, Dr. Underwood," I replied.

The security guard stared at me for a moment. "You're John Taylor, the running back aren't you?"

"Yes, former running back - career ending knee surgery. Listen, I'm sorry for any trouble I caused. If you would, could you leave a message for Dr. Underwood and tell her I was here?

"Sure, no problem," said the security guard. I thanked them both and left.

I could hear them talking about me as I was leaving. One thing about your past, once you've been a celebrity, it always comes back to bite you in the ass.

Well, I guess my trip was for naught. I was wondering if Kerry would call me back after she received my message? I sure wanted to talk to her in person and apologize for my past.

It was late when I got home so I took a shower and hit the hay. I was tired from all the driving but had to be at mom's for Thanksgiving dinner the next day.

When I arrived, even though I wasn't in the mood, I promised my mom I would attend. Not seeing Kerry really bugged me.

As I entered the hall my mom came up to me and told me she had a surprise for me; she had someone she wanted me to meet. Ever since my last divorce, (my wife left me when I could no longer play ball), my mom tries to fix me up with dates she approves of. Usually it makes me laugh but today my thoughts were elsewhere.

"Mom, I know you mean well but I'm not looking for a woman to date right now. I'm actually trying to get my act together." I was an only child and I guess I had hurt my family enough with two failed marriages and no grandchildren.

"This isn't a date, it's an old friend I invited to dinner. She said she talked to you last week."

I immediately thought of Kathy. My mom pointed toward a man and woman. Kathy and her husband Jim came over and we greeted each other. She said she remembered where my parents lived and stopped by to find out where my dealership was and to say hi to them again. While they were talking, mom had invited them over for Thanksgiving dinner.

"We didn't want to impose on your parents but your mom insisted. It saved me from having to cook for everyone. We did bring some pies," said Kathy as she laughed.

"Who is everyone?" I asked Kathy.

From the doorway in the kitchen I saw a woman walk in. "That would be mom and I," said the woman. "Hi John, it's so good to see you again."

"Kerry, is it really you?" I asked with joyful tears in my eyes.

We met and I gave her the biggest hug possible. I held her and didn't want to let her go. But I knew I had to.

"Kerry, I'm so sorry. I should have been there for you and I wasn't. God, can you ever forgive me?"

She leaned over and took me in her arms again. "It's ok John, you're still my best friend outside of my little sister."

"How did you know about Thanksgiving at mom's house?" I asked.

"I didn't until I arrived with mom at Kathy's house yesterday. She mentioned that your mom invited all of us over and we talked it over and decided to come," replied Kerry.

About that time Claire, Kerry and Kathy's mom came in the room. Kerry and I separated and I said hello to Claire and gave her a hug.

"It's so nice to see you again Mrs. Underwood. It's been a long time since I've seen you and Kerry."

"My, you are one handsome guy," said Claire. "No wonder the women chased after you." She smiled and even though a bit embarrassed I did feel good about the complement."

"So, John, I called the hospital and they said a man was there causing trouble and asking for me." Kerry was smiling. "By any chance you didn't come to see me yesterday, did you?"

"You did go after all," said Kathy with a smile on her face.

"Yeah, I finally got up the courage to go see you but they said you wouldn't be back until Monday and wouldn't even give me your number."

"Thank you for at least trying John. I can't tell you how good it made me feel when I heard you had come to see me," said Kerry.

"God, I can't believe it's you. You are the most amazing woman I have ever met. I'm so proud of you I could kiss you."

"What's stopping you?" asked Kerry.

I took her in my arms and kissed her very gently. Tears were rolling down my face as well as hers as I hugged the first love of my life.

We all talked for awhile and then sat down to Thanksgiving dinner. Of course mom made sure that Kerry and I sat next to each other. For some reason the food tasted better than ever this year.

Kerry told us about her studying to become a plastic surgeon. She said she was so impressed with her doctors that she wanted to be able to help other people.

Mom asked her if she had a man in her life and I held my breath waiting for the answer.

Claire spoke up and said, "Kerry has dated a number of doctors and other professional people but for some reason never got serious about them."

"Mom," said Kerry. "I'm just waiting for the right man to come along. I just haven't run across him yet." She looked over at me when she said it. It made me wonder if I might still have a chance.

Kathy asked Kerry and I if we would like to take in a movie that evening with her and Jim. I happily accepted and was happy to see that Kerry thought it might be fun also.

Jim drove and Kerry and I sat in the back seat and talked. Kathy would smile at us. I think she was hoping things might just work out between us.

I held her hand during the movie. I don't even remember what we saw. All the time we were there I thought about Kerry and wondered what she might be thinking. After all I had a reputation as a playboy and have spent the last couple of years trying to get my act together.

It just felt so right being with her. I didn't want to lose her again and was trying to figure out what to do next. I felt like a kid on his first date. I didn't want to push it but I wanted Kerry to know I wanted to be more than just friends.

Kerry and I talked on the way back to my mom's. I had left my car there and they had to pick up Claire. We all got out of the car and went into the house. We talked about the movie for a little bit and Claire said it was about time to leave. Claire gave me a hug and said it was nice to see me again.

Jim shook my hand and we said we hoped to see each other again. It was then Kathy pulled me aside. She gave me a hug and said she was glad that her sister and I were back together.

I was a bit surprised when she told me a secret. Kathy did whisper in my ear

"By the way John, I did have a crush on you back in school but Kerry told me to keep my hands off you. She said someday she would be back. I guess this is that someday," said Kathy as she smiled at me.

It was then I hugged Kerry and asked her. "I want to see you again tomorrow. Would you like to go somewhere? Anywhere, I don't care, I just want to be with you."

"John, I promised mom and Kathy that the three of us would go shopping tomorrow."

"Can I go along?" I asked. I really hated shopping but I wanted to be with Kerry.

"No, I would never put you through that on Black Friday. Besides you told me earlier that you expected to have a good day at the dealership. I'll tell you what. After we get through shopping you and I can go out to dinner. I'll call you when we get done shopping."

"I'd love that." I hugged her again and gave her a light kiss. Damn, I felt good.

Chapter 2

I should tell you a little about my life after Kerry's accident. I was only a kid but seeing how quick life can change I decided to live life to the fullest. In my school years I was somewhat of a daredevil. Anything to do with sports I put my all into.

When I first went out for football my coach told me I needed to build myself up. I was fast but I needed more upper body strength. I started lifting weights and exercising regularly. I ran three to five miles a day. I wanted to be in top notch shape when playing ball.

I was somewhat tall but not real big. I tried out for quarterback, that's what all the girls seemed to like but my coach said I was more fitted for tight end. That's when I found out the girls didn't care what position you played as long as you were good.

I played on both offence and defense for our high school. I took chances and played hard. I know it's not right to brag about yourself, but I was good. I made all state and got a number of college offers.

It was then that I really got into the playboy life. I chose a college in California because of the girls there. Besides the college was top notch and I wanted to make it to the pros.

I was chosen for my offensive abilities. I was able to catch the ball in a crowd and I wasn't afraid to use by body to block when necessary. I gave it a hundred and ten percent if there is such a thing.

I became very popular with the ladies. After every game there was a party and I had my share of women. I couldn't believe how easy it was to get laid at these parties. I couldn't keep track of how many women I had bedded down and even shared. To me sex was sex, nothing more.

In my junior year the newspapers and gossip magazines were keeping an eye on me. They were saying that I would probably make it to the pros, which was my goal. Of course that brought more women out of the woodwork.

Practicing, exercise and having sex was pretty much my life. I was lucky I was smart enough to pass my classes. I didn't study anywhere near as hard as I should have.

In my senior year I kind of hooked up with a good looking cheerleader. My hormones took over most of my brain cells and I was half believing that I was almost untouchable when it came to getting in trouble. After all I was a star player on the football team and I knew I had an athletic body.

Sally and I became a regular thing. Everyone was saying we made a great couple. All I knew was if I wanted sex, Sally was always willing and waiting. In fact she told me she was on the pill so I didn't need a condom with her.

We had been going together for a few months and just before the football draft, she told me she was pregnant. She even showed me the test stick that said it was positive. I did like her as a sex partner but I really didn't love her.

I wanted to do what was right and we eloped and went to Las Vegas and got married. I moved out of the dorm and we shared a small apartment. I only had a few months of school left and then hopefully I would be picked in the draft and become a professional football player.

I called my parents and I have to say they were none too happy. I explained about the pregnancy and that I wanted to do right by Sally. I knew it hurt my parents but I told them I did what I felt was morally right.

For the next two months Sally and I lived together. I told her I would take her to meet my parents after graduation. She mentioned I could go with her to meet her parents after the draft. It would be easier to explain the baby and marriage if they knew she would be taken care of.

One evening after coming back from exercising I walked into the apartment. Sally must have been in the bedroom and I heard the phone ring. I reached over to pick it up when Sally must have picked it up at the same time. I heard Sally say hello before I spoke and then heard a man's voice on the other end.

"Are you alone Sally?" he asked.

"Paul, I told you not to call here. Being with you last night was a mistake. I'm a married woman now."

"Are you alone? Can we talk for a few minutes?" Paul asked. I just held onto the phone and listened.

"Yes, I'm alone, John isn't back yet. I just got out of the shower when I heard the phone ring."

"So, I take it you're naked right now?"

"Paul, please, I can't see you anymore. I married John."

"Do you love him?" asked Paul. "You told me yesterday that you still love me while we were doing it."

"John has a future Paul. He'll be making a lot of money and I can have all the things I want. He's good to me. I can learn to love him."

I was surprise at what I was listening to. In the next few minutes I was even more surprised.

"What about you lying to him and telling him you're pregnant? Isn't he going to be a bit surprised that you aren't even showing. How are you going to get around that?"

"I'm going to tell him I had a miscarriage, probably this weekend. Paul I do love you but it just isn't in the cards for us. With John I'll have all the luxuries life has to offer. I'm sorry it didn't work out between us. I have to go now, please don't call me again."

Sally hung up the phone and walked into the living room in her bathrobe. When she saw me holding the phone she became very nervous.

"John, how long have you been home?"

"Long enough to answer the phone and listen to your conversation with Paul."

"John it was a mistake, I don't love Paul. It's you I love." She started to come to me.

"Forget it Sally! I married you to do right by you and you're not even pregnant. You played me for a fool. I'm going tomorrow and get an annulment. You can't tell me that you didn't coerce me to marry you under false pretenses, saying you were pregnant with my child."

"I'm sorry John, can't we at least try?"

"Try what? You lie to me then you turn around and sleep with your old boyfriend and try lying to me again. Sally, you have some real problems and ought to seek some professional help. As for me, I want nothing to do with you. I would like to know who the pregnancy test did belong to. You owe me that much."

"It was Mary Lucas. She went and had an abortion after she found out. I just took her test strip after she left the ladies room. I really didn't mean to hurt you John."

"Well you did. I'm moving back to my old dorm. You can have the apartment. The rent is paid till the end of the month."

"What am I supposed to tell my friends?"

"Try telling the truth if you have it in you. You're a conniving bitch and all you want is to use people. Maybe you should call your boyfriend Paul and tell him your ass is back on the market. By the way; tell him if I ever see him I going to kick his ass. He fucked with the wrong guy."

I walked out of the apartment a very bitter person. I didn't like being used. I was able to get the annulment and moved back in with my buddies. I only had a couple of months of college remaining.

Sally just told her friends that it didn't work out between us. Rumor has it she went back with Paul. What a wimp fucker. I did see him one time on campus but he ran as soon as he saw me. If he stayed with a bitch like Sally, he would have more problems than me to worry about.

I called home and told my mom the whole story. She was happy that it was over. I remember her telling me that the right woman was out there and I would meet her someday. I really loved my mom but she had no idea the kind of life I lead.

I'll tell you a little about my second marriage and then tell you more about Kerry and me. Maybe someday I'll write a story about my sexual encounters, even those that didn't make the gossip magazines.

I did get drafted as a tight end on a west coast team. It was kind of my dream come true to make the pros. I was to be a back up offensive end until the starting end at my position got hurt in the first game. I was thrust into my first game. I was all jitters and ran into the huddle.

We've practiced these plays a thousand times but being in the game was a whole lot different. I looked at the defensive end and he had a mean grin on his face as to say, "Boy, I'm going to take you out."

I stared back and sidestepped him on the first play and the quarterback threw me the ball. I caught it and held on to it as I got tackled after a huge gain. I was now a pro ball player who made his first play. Two downs later I ran into the end zone as a decoy. The play got messed up and the quarterback threw me the ball. "Touchdown!" was all I could hear.

When I went to the sidelines I had to go behind the bench and throw-up. The other players laughed at me but my nerves got the better part of me.

I was now running with a whole new crowd. Models, movie starlets and other entertainers. The gossip magazines called me the playboy and eligible bachelor. There was something that I began to notice. Movie and television stars loved to be with athletes.

I dated a number of women in the entertainment field. I can say the sex was easier to get then it was in college. They say a sailor has a woman in every port. I can assure you that an athlete can have a woman in every state and city he visits.

I have to say that I had all the sex I could want. I was actually at a point where I wished I could find someone I could love. Sex is always good but I always felt like something was missing. The cuddling and aftermath of sex wasn't there. I hate to say it but after the sex, I wanted to leave.

I was becoming more and more of a known athlete. The sports magazines talked about me as well as the newspapers. My mom was always calling me and telling me how happy she was for me and kept a scrapbook of my athletic achievements. I will say she never kept articles on my sexual escapades. I was really happy about that.

I went to a Hollywood party and met Laura. She was an up and coming star. She was doing a lot of bit parts at the time. We hit it off pretty good and became somewhat of a couple. I liked the idea of being with just one woman. I really didn't trust women anymore and I figured they all wanted something. I guess guys are pretty much the same. Everyone seems to have an ulterior motive for their actions.

Our relationship was really working out well. Whenever both of us were in town we hooked up. One day she asked me if I wanted to get married. I was a bit surprised and did wonder why. We both were making decent bucks and of course if we got married there would be a pre nuptial agreement.

"You're not pregnant are you?" I asked thinking about the trick Sally pulled on me years before.

"No, it's just that we're good together and I like being with you. I feel I love you and believe you love me too, but the word 'love' is so overused. Besides, I'm not getting any younger," she smiled at me.

She was twenty five at the time so I thought that was quite funny. "Ok, let's do it. You go ahead and set it up and I'll help with the expenses."

I called my parents and told them about the wedding. They said they would fly out to California to attend. My parents were the only family members to attend. The wedding was huge. We had hundreds of people attend and most were either athletes or in the entertainment field. It was way more than I wanted but I told Laura to do her thing. Her parents ended up paying for most of it.

We did get married in the off season so we had time for a honeymoon. Of course the gossip magazines and the paparazzi were having a field day.

As I mentioned most everyone had an ulterior motive for their actions. I did find out that Laura did care for me but her agent said that marrying me would be great for her image. Every time I did something good on the playing field it would make the papers and she got more screen time.

She never said much about it but she loved the parties and being in the magazines. As for me I was at a point where I would prefer a much more private life.

Our life didn't change much after being married. One of us was usually gone - me having a game or her on location for an acting part. We got together as often as we could but it wasn't much of a family life.

Another problem I was having was trust issues. Probably because the gossip papers were always writing about Laura and her parts in shows with different leading men. I was true to her since the day we got married and she told me she was also true to me.

It's just hard being away from her and watching her supposedly making love on the TV or big screen to other men. She always told me it was acting and she would never cheat on me.

Then one day my world fell apart. I had just caught a pass and was running down field when I was hit by two defenders coming from different directions. They both hit my leg and down I went. I was in total pain. I saw my leg was bent in a direction it shouldn't have been.

I was carried off the field and taken to the hospital. I was given drugs for the pain and was out for two days. The last thing I remember hearing was that my leg and kneecap were shattered.

When I did awaken the doctor told me that I had three sets of pins holding my leg together. He also replaced my kneecap.

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