Gioving Marcy a Ride

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2010 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: Just a short cheating story.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

Several years ago I worked as a salesman for a large electronics company. As one of the five highest grossing producers I was invited to attend a company cocktail party being held at a local Ramada Inn for several of our biggest customers. It was attended by the president of the company, several of our VPs and general managers and of course their wives and girl friends. Since I was unmarried and between girl friends and Mark, another salesman, was in the same boat I was, we went to the party together. It didn't take long for the affair to become a drunk out and many of the men were too sloshed to dance with their wives and girl friends so the women were more than happy to dance with Mark and I.

During band breaks Mark and I compared notes on the women we were dancing with and their behavior and bemoaned the fact that there were several that we would have liked to separate from the herd, but that they were all married and here with their husbands. One in particular had us drooling. Marcy was the wife of our general manager and she was pissed at her drunken husband and she was showing her anger by flirting with Mark and me. When we danced with her she would press her ample breasts into our chests and press her leg into our hard ons and then smile wickedly at us. Even though I didn't think I could get her away from the party and her husband I decided to dance her into a dark corner and see if I couldn't set up something for another time.

When the band started the next set I maneuvered Marcy into the darkest corner I could find with my hard cock poking her leg all the way. I decided that the best way to play it with a woman who pressed her tits into you as hard as she could and who also pressed her leg into your hard on as hard as she could, was to be bold. I leaned forward and nibbled on her ear lobe and said, "You have some great tits baby, can I play with them?"

She moaned and said, "You can't. People will see."

I spun her around so that her back was to every body and said, "They can't see now" and I put my right hand on her tits.

She gave another low moan and said, "We shouldn't be doing this." I chuckled,

"We? I'm the only one being bad" and I took her hand and placed it on my bulge. "Now you can say we."

She giggled, "You are a bad person making me do this" but her hand stayed on my bulge and she gave it a squeeze. I grinned and said, "Can we get together some time this coming week and get a little more involved?"

She said, "No, I'm afraid not" and she gave my cock another squeeze. Then she gave a low laugh and said, "I'm thinking more along the lines of tonight."

"And just how do we accomplish that?"

"Easy. My hubby and me are too drunk to drive so you will volunteer to see that we get home safely. My darling hubby will be passed out by then and you will have to carry him into the house. Once in the house ... well, you are a clever boy, you'll think of something."

I didn't tell her Mark was driving and I wondered how she would react to that.

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