Betrayed by Her Best Girlfriend

by Tom Land

Copyright© 2010 by Tom Land

Erotica Sex Story: LeeAnn and Harry were best friends with Linda and Lloyd. Both couples were in their thirties, with kids, and they spent a lot of time together. And then the unthinkable happened.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   .

LeeAnn, Linda, and their husbands, Harry and Lloyd, were the best of friends and had been for several years. They visited in each others' homes and their kids played together a lot. They even took trips together, and it seemed the two families were the best friends that could be imagined. LeeAnn really liked Linda and after a period of months, it was obvious they had become best friends. LeeAnn thought Linda was an attractive woman, and there probably couldn't have been more difference in their body types and looks. LeeAnn was an attractive young wife and mother, but she was somewhat petite and had rather small A/B-cup breasts. Her husband, Harry, always seemed to like LeeAnn's body and they'd had a pretty healthy sexual life, and they had two children already. LeeAnn was interested in more babies, but they hadn't decided yet when to try for another one.

Linda was built quite differently from LeeAnn. She had dark hair and was a slightly bigger woman in body frame. What really set her apart from LeeAnn was Linda's large prominent breasts that were D or DD-cup, depending on the bra she was wearing. Linda had obviously been endowed with a large chest, and while LeeAnn thought Linda's choice of clothes was fine, Linda's large tits were very noticeable and several times LeeAnn had noticed Harry's eyes locked on Linda's bust.

One evening, LeeAnn and her husband invited Linda and her husband and their children to come over and stay with them. There had been some severe weather in the area, and Linda and Lloyd's electicity had been knocked out. Harry and LeeAnn thought the least they could do was give their good friends someplace to sleep that night. As the evening wore on, the kids eventually went to bed, and the four adults sat in the downstairs family room, enjoying a few drinks together. LeeAnn and Lloyd had been drinking a little bit, but neither of them was that much into the alcohol. Linda and Harry, however, had been drinking more steadily, and eventually LeeAnn and Lloyd both felt tired and excused themselves, going upstairs to their separate bedrooms upstairs.

The kids were already in bed, and LeeAnn went to her master bedroom to get ready for sleep. She took her clothes off, and then went into the bathroom and went through her steps for preparing for bed. After nearly thirty minutes, LeeAnn had put her nightgown on, had brushed her teeth, and was ready to go to bed and read for a little while before she turned out the lights. That was often her routine and she didn't care if Harry stayed up after she'd tired of reading and decided to go ahead and call it quits. LeeAnn had climbed into the bed, and was getting her book out to read, when the thought came to her that it had been quite awhile since she and Lloyd had said goodnight to their separate spouses and come to bed. LeeAnn began to think about Harry and Linda still being downstairs alone, and then an insistent thought began to weigh on her that she should go see if everything was all right.

LeeAnn put her robe on over her nightgown and she walked down the hallway and then down the stairs to the family room where she'd last seen Harry and Linda enjoying their drinks on the cold winter night. The entire house was quiet, she noticed that the light on Harry's room was already off, and all of the kids sounded like they had gone to bed, too. She quietly walked downstairs, and as she got to the door leading to the family room, LeeAnn realized that she was hearing sounds, and an uneasy feeling started to come over her as she listened more closely. LeeAnn stopped walking and listened again, this time it was clear that the sounds she was hearing were coming from the family room and then as she inched forward, she knew exactly what she was hearing—it was the distinct sounds of people fucking. LeeAnn could hear both female and male voices, and she walked closer to the family room and stopped before she rounded the corner where she could see inside the room.

As LeeAnn stood there, it was clear that her husband, Harry, and her best girlfriend, Linda, were obviously alone there in the room fucking each other quite hotly. She could hear moans and gasps of lusty pleasure from Linda as it was clear Harry must have his cock inside her pussy and was vigorously fucking her. She would moan every time it sounded like Harry had made an inward thrust and was drilling his hard cock deep inside Linda's horny cunt. She could also distinguish a male voice and sounds that she could tell were Harry's from having been married to him for several years. LeeAnn didn't know what to do; here she and her husband had brought Linda and her family into their own home and given them a place to sleep for the night where there was warmth and electricity and Linda was thanking her for her hospitality and generosity by fucking her husband there under her own roof.

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