In the Interest of National Security

by StangStar06

Copyright© 2010 by StangStar06

Action/Adventure Sex Story: A government agent catches his wife cheating and deals with it

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Violent   .

Dan's View

Fucking cheap assed binoculars; they were obviously distorting my view! That was the first thought I had last June, when my life as I knew it ended.

I'm Daniel (Dan to my friends) Almond. I'm 5'10" 180 lbs. dark brown hair and, I've been told smoldering brown eyes.

I work for one of those alphabetical government agencies, that protect your rights and freedoms as an American citizen. Naturally, I'm not at liberty to say which one. Of course I could tell you, but then in the interest of national security, I'd have to shoot you.

Anyway, I was crouched between two derelict buildings, in a rundown section of DC, observing two individuals engaging in obviously consensual adult relations. OK, even I'm getting bored with the G-man talk; I was watching a hot chick give a guy a blow job through my binoculars, and I almost lost it. I almost lost it for 2 reasons, one because these were fellow agents of mine, supposedly on a stakeout, and 2nd because the hot chick was my wife.

I picked my cheap binoculars back up and watched; I couldn't look away, no matter how badly it hurt. She was sucking his dick in a workman like fashion, obviously intent on getting back to the job. She didn't seem to be giving him all of the bells and whistles that she gave, or as of that moment, used to give me. She wasn't running her tongue down the underside of his dick, or doing that thing where she shakes her head and hums either. She didn't even tea-bag his balls, but maybe it was because they were pressed for time.

I saw him tap her on the shoulder, obviously they'd done this before, and she quickly, grabbed his dick and finished him off by hand, as he shot his semen into the bushes, near them. Then she leaned back against the side of the building, and pulled up her skirt while he started to eat her pussy.

I couldn't take any more, so seething with anger, I just left the scene.

So much for popping in to see the love of my life while she worked; I'd seen enough to last a lifetime.

Meg (I call the cheating bitch Meg, because that's her fucking name) and I both worked in different units for the same agency. We never (due to agency regulations) worked on the same op. So while we could check the mission logs or boards, and find out where each other was or what they were doing, we tended to avoid doing so, because bringing emotion into the field tends to make you sloppy. And I have to admit that seeing Meg in danger, up until now, would have caused me to pressure her to quit, or take a desk job.

I guess the main difference in this situation between me and a civilian, is probably very little in terms of the emotions coursing through my mind. But in terms of my ability to compartmentalize my feelings and rationally plot my reactions, there were major differences. Also in terms of my resources and methods of dealing out my revenge, the differences had to be measured in light years.

I silently crept away from the scene with my face a mask of calm that belied the emotions I felt. Anyone looking at me, with my slightly bemused expression, would have thought that I had taken the wrong turn while looking for my car. In reality, someone or someone(s), was or were, very close to death or very serious injury.

Meg's View

God! Ray was finally starting to get good at this, after only about 5 or 6 minutes of his tongue on my vagina, I was starting to feel that little tingle that signaled my arousal. I lay back and thought about my husband Dan. Now that man could get me off just by looking at me a certain way. He was the reason I started doing this whole agency thing. I love my husband so much more than he could possibly love me. When I'm in the field (I work as an agent for an unmentionable government agency) it's extremely dangerous to be distracted.

The danger that's all around me and or my partner is almost palpable, adrenalin runs through my system, and I know that any moment could be my last. That usually gets me thinking about what I'd miss the most if I were injured or killed, and I end up horny as hell thinking about never seeing Dan again.

So about a year ago, because I was fucking up royally on an assignment, my partner at the time just pulled me into an abandoned building and asked me "what the fuck was up?" I explained the situation to him, and he just pulled my pants down and ate me until I came. Then he just walked back out of the building and back onto the job. I performed really well for the rest of the op, and then attacked Dan and just fucked him until we were raw when I got home. He loved it and so did I.

Of course I didn't tell him what had led to the performance; I just told him the parts about the adrenalin, and the stress of the job.

After a few months Jose, my partner put in for a transfer, and I was assigned to another partner. I didn't want to mess up the mix so I went after him, to get what I needed. There was never any penetrative sex, I'd never allow that because that would be cheating on Dan, and I couldn't do that. But a little warm up oral, especially when Dan usually reaped the benefits of it were OK in my rule book. Besides there's an unwritten law in the intelligence and law enforcement fields that whatever happens on an op, stays on the op. I was sure that Dan would understand that.

As I lay back under my current partner, Ray's efforts I started to finally relax. Ray was my fifth partner in under a year, and I hoped that he would last longer than the others.

Suddenly, in the back of my mind I got a feeling that something wasn't right. I pushed Ray's head away, and pulled down my skirt. As I looked around I wiggled my butt until my panties moved back into place.

"What's wrong?" asked Ray jumping up. I had to really work hard, not to laugh at him reaching for his gun with my pussy juice all over his face.

"The fucking car is gone," I said, realizing that we were in deep shit. How could we explain that the suspect we were supposed to be watching, just got up, walked out to his car and drove away while we were on the job? We should have at least been able to call for a mobile unit to continue the surveillance from the road.

"Stupid bitch, you were supposed to be watching him," snapped Ray.

"Just like I watched him while you were sucking my dick," he continued.

"If we do get out of this, I'm getting another partner," he snapped.

Ray pulled out his cell phone and called for a mobile unit. He told them that the car had just left, so with any luck, the fault would be placed on the mobile unit for not finding them in time.

Ray and I silently packed up our gear and went back to our car and drove back to the base. We didn't say one word to each other the whole way back.

As I went down into the underground parking structure, to get my personal car for the drive home, I found Ray waiting for me.

"You know Meg, before we worked together, I felt great about my job," said Ray.

"Now I feel like shit all the time," he continued.

"When it comes to sex, I have to admit I'm weak," he said.

"I had heard rumors about you, before we were assigned to work together, but it wasn't my problem," he said.

"Then we hooked up and I found out that it was true," he continued.

"At first I thought it was great, I mean you're hot as hell, and it feels good," he said smiling.

"I keep hoping that someday I'll get a chance at that pussy, or even get to feel those big jugs," he smirked.

"But every time I see Dan, he's a great guy, the kind of guy you want watching your back," he continued

"Every time I see him, I feel shitty, like I've betrayed his trust," he said.

"I feel like I should just tell him that he's married to a fucking 2 bit whore, and ask for forgiveness," he said.

"So when this op is done, we're through," he said seriously

"I can't let another repeat of tonight's fuck up, jeopardize my country's security, my marriage, my career or my life any further," he said and then he walked away without even letting me answer.

I got into my car and drove home. The house was dark and quiet. I turned off the security system and restarted it from the kitchen. Dan hadn't cooked dinner, so he must've been really tired when he came home. He probably had an early call for work tomorrow, so he'd probably just gone to bed. That was unusual, because normally if I was out on an op, Dan worried about me constantly. He normally called me every hour. When I was working I just turned the ringer off on my phone, and let his messages that were usually short things like "I love you" or "just checking" go to voice mail. As soon as I was done I turned my phone back on, listened to all of his messages, and he could talk to me. Why hadn't he called me? I checked my phone and saw that he'd called me almost hourly up until around 8 p.m.

He was probably home and in bed by then, for his early morning trip to work. Another thing that was odd, was the fact that he hadn't waited up for me. Normally, if I was out he waited up until I was home and safe. Normally, we always fucked like it was December 31st, 1999 and the world was ending in 2000. God I loved that man!

I went upstairs to our room and turned on the light. Dan was a very light sleeper, so I expected him to awaken, but he didn't. Oh well I could talk to him in the morning. I just needed to figure out what to tell him and how much. I knew that Dan would support me no matter what. So I went to sleep.

Dan's View

I heard Meg come in, but I pretended to be asleep. The last thing I ever wanted to do was have sex with her ever again. I woke up early the next day and went in. After I passed through the multiple levels of security necessary to gain access to our working level, I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down with my section chief.

"So what have we got on the board for today Arnie," I asked.

"You're still on baby sitting duty for those AD's," he said.

"Meg is in... ," he began.

I broke in interrupting him "Arnie you know I don't want to know what's going on with her on the job,"

"We keep home and work separate," I said.

"Oh, this is different," he said.

"Her and Ray didn't report that their suspect had left the premises for over 8 minutes after he'd left," he said.

"The mobile unit they called was already posted up on the only access road leading from the suspect's home and when he never showed they called for a chopper," he continued.

"We had previously treated the roof of the subject's vehicle with that invisible reflective polymer, so the chopper found him nearly instantly but he was at least 5 miles away," he said.

"So we're going to have to ask them, how the hell they lost him," he said seriously.

"Weird things happen in the field," I told him.

"Yeah I know that, that's why we put two of them out there together on a simple surveillance," he said.

"So if one of them is indisposed, the other catches anything going on," he continued.

"Hell you've been doing the same thing they're doing, with your AD's and you're alone, but every time the guy moves, you're on him like stink on shit," he said.

"There were two of them out there and the guy just got in his fucking car and drove away," he snapped.

"Luckily for us he just went out for a drive, what if he'd washed his fucking car and the chopper couldn't ID him?" he asked.

"After this op is over I've got some serious questions for both your lovely wife and her partner?" he said.

"But just to keep up appearances I'm sending them back out there, and I'm telling them, no harm, no foul," he said

"If they fuck up again however, I'm gonna have to take off my mister nice guy hat, and become Doctor Shitty," he said seriously, "So, I know you keep work and home separate, but tell her to get her pretty head out of her ass."

I was assigned to watch an AD (arms dealer) from a team of them who were suspected of buying weapons from some contacts within our own military. It wasn't unusual for us to lose a weapon or 2 here or there through damage other means, but these guys were responsible for putting large numbers of ordinance in the hands of bad guys worldwide. As part of what I do I generally tape my surveillance sessions so I can analyze what went wrong in the event that something shitty happens.

My handlers in the field can't communicate with me directly, in short they can hear me speaking to them, but I can't respond to them because I can't hear them. This prevents any accidental transmission from them endangering me in an undercover situation. If I use certain code words they know to immediately send in the cavalry.

I noticed that Meg and her partner were scheduled to watch their suspect again, beginning at 4 p.m. this evening. I didn't start my 8 hour relief until 2 p.m. I'd be relieved at 10 p.m. They wouldn't be done until 2 a.m. which was just perfect for what I intended.

I also had plenty of time to start planning my divorce before I went on duty.

Being in the law enforcement/ intelligence field is a good thing because I had constant contact with a steady stream of lawyers. I called a friend and had her give me a referral for the best divorce lawyer she knew.

The woman she mentioned, I'd had dealings with several times before but wasn't aware that she did divorce law.

Bonnie Calletta, short and feisty, a real mean bitch as a criminal defense lawyer, I hoped that she'd bring that same feisty and tenacious spirit to my divorce. If things went according to my plan I probably wouldn't need her much, but then shit happens. My goal was to gather irrefutable evidence, and present it to both Meg and Ray as a threat. Meg would have to give me everything I wanted in the divorce, or risk losing her career and Ray's and also Ray's marriage.

From my locker I got my Billet Hardison model 85.338 sniper rifle. I often took the gun on surveillance mission with me, just in case. I checked it in with the guys in the weapons shack, because regulations demanded that any and all weapons in the field had to be accounted for.

Then I also loaded one of the Browning sniper rifles we'd taken from the perps on the last op, into my trunk as well. That gun was un-registered, and had never been entered into any of the agency's logs. So it was basically untraceable. The Browning was the gun I intended to use.

After loading the car while I was unseen, I went back up to my office and started transferring half of the money out of all of our joint bank accounts into new accounts in my name only. I also cancelled all of the credit cards that were joint accounts. These moves effectively separated our finances, but did it in what I thought was a fair manner. Basically everything that was hers stayed hers, everything that was mine stayed mine, and everything that was ours, was either cancelled or split down the middle.

The only problem would be the house, and since she was the one who cheated, I felt entitled to it. There was also the fact that the house was un-tainted, since it appeared that none of her cheating occurred at home. At least she wasn't that stupid.

We had planned on having kids at the end of, or after our careers in intelligence had ended. Luckily we didn't have any yet; that would make this whole process simpler.

I was surprised at how calm I was taking this whole thing. Over the years I had done some purely evil things to help out colleagues of mine who were going through divorces. Sometimes it was simple surveillance, along the lines of catching the spouse in the act with a camera. Other times it involved planting evidence to aid in bringing about a confession that was later used in court. Both times involved being the buddy for a while, and propping the colleague up emotionally until he was able to stand on his own again,

Meg had to put up with some pretty awkward and depressing dinner guests during those times.

Surprisingly I was very cool about the whole situation, as much as I loved her; I knew that things between us were over. There could be no going back after what I'd seen.

I needed closure, but not the way the average man would. I needed for Meg to feel the kind of emotional pain that I'd felt, and I had a way to do that. Secondly I needed for her to lose something she valued above everything else, the way I lost her. And lastly her partner, a man who had betrayed not only a brother agent, but his marriage, his honor, and his country; he betrayed all so he needed heavy losses as well. His loss would be great and tonight.

Meg's View

I woke up the next morning and reached for Dan and found only empty air; I missed him so much. I knew it was silly because we'd just had one of our morning quickies less than 24 hours ago.

I was alone in bed, then I remembered that he'd been asleep when I came in. He probably had an early call. As I tossed and turned last night, I'd given a lot of thought to both last night's op, and my life in general. I'd decided that I needed to put a leash on my urges and actions, and get control of my life. Sooner or later these things always ended in disaster, and I had too much to lose. I know it sounds dramatic, but I don't think I'd want to live without Dan. So as I dressed for work, I made it a point to wear slacks as opposed to a skirt. First they were more practical if anything happened, and they'd make it more difficult and less likely for me to do anything extracurricular.

As I went through security I could feel the eyes of the guards on me, it was funny that I'd never noticed it before. Did they always stare at my tits like that? Was it only me or was it all of the female staff and agents?

Up ahead I saw Kelly Tamashita, gathering her belongings and entering the main lobby. If I hurried and she waited I could just slip inside the big metal door before it closed and I had to wait for it to cycle through it's sequence again. I was sure she saw me, but just as I got to the door it closed. Bitch, I thought; she could have waited.

Kelly and I had never gotten along, and that was putting it mildly. I hated that bitch with a passion. And I was pretty fucking sure the feeling was mutual.

She had the long silky black hair you'd expect an Asian woman to have, but there the stereotypes ended, she had long legs, huge boobs, and a walk that could stop traffic.

She was the best linguist on the staff, and spoke several languages including, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian fluently.

I went straight to the Situation Room, to see if my husband happened to be there, but no luck. I did check the Operations Board, and found out his op didn't start until 2.

So why the hell hadn't he waited for me? He was probably helping one of his puppy dog friends, through one of their personal problems again.

Damn it I missed him, and I really needed to talk to him. I tried his cell phone and it rang 3 or 4 times, and then went to voice mail.

I dashed down to the armory, hoping to catch him while he loaded up for his op.

The guys in the cage told me that he'd checked out his sniper rifle earlier. Where the hell was he?

I began to think about all of our plans for the future. We wanted to have kids, and a bigger house, and jobs we could actually talk about with our friends and neighbors. I actually wanted to try being a housewife, and just raising Dan's babies. It might happen sooner than we'd planned, if we didn't find a way to bring this op back in line. We'd gotten lucky last night. In the entire time that I'd been doing this, last night had been the first and only problem. I chalked it up to just plain bad luck. I was already starting to feel kind of edgy, just thinking about it. Of course the fact that Dan hadn't taken care of me last night, only added to it. My legs were squirming under my desk as I thought about him. I spent the rest of time before the op, in my office playing phone tag with Dan. He'd left me a couple of messages, but never picked up when I called him back. The messages were also weird, if you knew us. They were very formal and very polite. Almost as if he was talking to a colleague, instead of to his wife. Something was wrong, but I didn't know what. Maybe the trouble that Ray and I had barely dodged last night, had gotten back to him.

He was friends with the section chief, so maybe here at work he was trying to distance himself from me, just in case there was a shit storm brewing. It really wouldn't do to have both of us out of work. Of course he could have been pissed at me for having to vouch for me with Arnie too. He'd had to do that once before during my probationary period as an agent, and had sworn never do to it again. That's probably what got Ray and me out of trouble.

Four hours later Ray and I were back on the op. We'd heard from the agents that had the duty before us that our subject, Mr. Gallascos, was sleeping one off.

"Meg, I'm sorry for all of that shit I said last night," said Ray.

"I was just pissed about us letting that guy get away from us," he said.

"So no hard feelings?" he asked extending his hand.

"Well maybe," I said.

"Look Ray, you know how I get," I said, "When I'm on edge I get sloppy."

"In our business sloppy and nervous can get us killed," I continued.

"But I promise, this will be the last time," I said seriously.

"It doesn't have to be," said Ray, "I told you I was just pissed last night."

"And shit your blow jobs are way better than my wife's," he said.

"I still wish you'd let me hit that pussy just one time," he begged.

"No can do Ray," I said, "Just taking the edge off is one thing, but everything else like my pussy, my ass, my tits; they all belong to Dan alone."


I'd been on my op for about 5 hours. It was 7 p.m. and my relief would be here at 10. My AD was as usual, out for the count. I'd rented a car earlier, and had my Mustang parked where I always did. I couldn't take it for 2 reasons, first because I was sure that in the event of an investigation, they'd look at my tire tracks. Secondly because the car's engine and exhaust system, were so loud that both my handlers and my suspects would hear it. I knew that my watchers, who checked on me every hour or so at random intervals, wouldn't come by while I was gone. Andy Taylor was one of the guys I'd helped through his divorce, and he didn't know what I was going to do, but he'd make sure not to come by until I was back.

After starting my tape that was time stamped at 7:00p.m. 4 nights ago, I forced the window in the back of the shack I was using for cover open, and climbed across to the next building, on a rope I'd strung up just for this purpose. I also didn't want any extra foot prints tipping off an investigator that I was gone. Once I hit the ground, I got into my rental Car and drove the 3 miles to my vantage point above Meg's op. I started my digital camera, and recorded video of Meg and that bastard Ray, then set up my Browning.

I watched through the scope, and found that they'd started without me. I could see Meg, trying to keep her eyes on the subject's house, as Ray swabbed her deck with his tongue. I had them both in the Browning's cross hairs, it would have been so easy, but I didn't want to murder anyone.

Meg's hand tapped Ray's shoulder; I guess they both used that signal. Then Ray stood up, even from this distance I could see the wetness around his mouth, and his smile. Meg didn't look happy, just nervous. She quickly knelt before Ray, who now tried to keep his eyes on the subject as she had. Meg again just started sucking Ray's dick, she could do much better than she was doing, I, knew that from personal experience. She didn't even seem to be enjoying it, but that bastard Ray sure was. I began to wonder if maybe he was blackmailing her or something.

I aimed again, this time for the center of the space between Ray's abdomen, and Meg's mouth. I had to get this just right; if my timing was off, I might accidentally kill my cheating whore of a wife. I breathed out, and gently squeezed the trigger, sending a hyper-velocity round straight to its target in less time than it took to think about it. Through the Browning's scope I could see the shock on Meg's face, as most of Ray's dick was suddenly separated from his body. There was blood all over her face, and Ray was screaming and holding his crotch and jumping up and down. Blood was flowing out at an alarming rate and Meg, after spitting out over half of his dick, was trying to get him to lie down so she could assess the damage. I think old Ray thought at first that Meg had bit his dick off.

I calmly grabbed the Browning and returned to my rental car. I drove the four miles, cut through the alley and ran the last block to the building next to my surveillance point. I climbed back across the rope, and into my surveillance shack. I heard my voice on the tape still making observations about what the subject had been doing 4 nights ago. Between sentences I shut off the tape, and started talking about how the subject was still lying down. I told a corny joke that was so stupid the guys listening to me had to laugh, even though I couldn't hear their response to it.

"How do you get a sweet little 80 year old woman to say the F word?" I asked

"Get another 80 year old woman to yell "Bingo," I said and then laughed. The guys monitoring me, would have a whole tape of the nights op, with me constantly talking from when I started at 2 p.m. until my shift ended in a couple of hours at 10.

Not that anyone would suspect me, of Blowing Ray's dick off, after all we were friends and I had no motive that anyone knew of. Also there was the fact that my gun hadn't been fired. The Browning, which I had disposed, of couldn't be traced, and everyone knew that I loved Meg far too much to risk hitting her.

The last thing I needed, to totally remove me as a suspect was a clean polygraph. I knew how Arnie worked, and I knew he'd probably call me in very soon, and have someone relieve me. Then he'd take me into the conference room that we sometimes used for interrogating important or celebrity witnesses, and he'd tell me about what had happened, and ask me if I knew anything about it. He'd have our polygraph expert Carter Hall there, to gage my honesty and responses. Carter would use one of the newer machines, that the subject didn't have to be hooked up to. They detected lies from, voice stress analysis, and from increases in the heart rate.

Carter, the other colleague that I'd helped, out would guarantee me a clean test. And it all went pretty much as I expected except for the fact that Arnie didn't pull me off of my op. He waited the 2 hours until I was done, and had even listened in on some of my conversation.

Almost as if on cue, he called me into the interrogation room when I checked in. His demeanor was very much off the cuff, as if this was nothing special. Arnie had obviously missed his calling because he should have been an actor.

"Dan," he said, "There's no reason to be alarmed, everything is OK."

"Meg is fine," he said, "Just a little scared."

I immediately jumped to my feet. I was no slouch when it came to acting either.

"What's wrong with Meg?" I nearly screamed.

"Relax Dan," he said, "I told you she's fine."

"But someone took a shot at her and Ray, while they were on their op tonight," he said.

"Meg has been shot," I screamed.

"No," he said sadly, "The bullet hit Ray."

"Didn't you know about this?" he asked

"Fuck no," I shouted, "I'm on one way comm."

"Someone would have had to come out and tell me," I said.

Arnie left the room; I knew he was going to talk to Carter. He came back a few minutes later and told me where I could find Meg. She was being debriefed about the incident, and her story had a few discrepancies with what the investigating officers had found.

I ran straight down to the debriefing rooms. I looked through the glass and saw Frank Caspari talking to Meg. I waved at him and he shook his head no, telling me not to enter the room. I'd expected as much; if I had the task of interviewing an upset woman, I wouldn't want her husband there either.

I left and went back to Arnie. I softly knocked on his door, and went in.

"Arnie, what the hell is going on?" I asked "Meg is downstairs with Frank, and he wouldn't let me sit in."

"You really need to learn some better jokes," he said, motioning for me to take a seat.

"Dan there's something funny going on here, and right now you're one of only a handful of my own agents, that I can actually trust," he said.

"Earlier when you and I spoke, I had Carter go over your answers with the VSA," he said.

"You were telling the truth," he said, "Your heart rate also indicated that though you got upset, when I told you about Meg being at the scene you were still being honest."

"Also I listened to nearly two hours of your op today, especially between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.," he said.

"Except for those stupid jokes, you were thoroughly professional as usual," he continued.

Then screwing up his face he added, "I guess, having to sit there and watch some scumbag for 8 hours a day would make me want something to laugh at too."

"But that wasn't enough, I had the shrinks go over your tape, and they cleared you," he said.

"Your guns, both your sidearm and the sniper rifle you take with you, were unfired and the wrong caliber," he said.

I started to say something but he held up a hand stopping me.

"The guys in the unit checking on you, reported that at 7:30 p.m. only 2 minutes before the incident occurred you were still in the surveillance shack," he said.

"I had an incident team go over your scene as well," he continued.

"There was only one set of tire tracks going in, and one set going out," he said.

"Your car never left the shack," he added.

"There were also only your footprints, going into and out of the shack once, and your handlers' prints in the area," he said.

"Why the hell are you checking up on me," I asked.

"You really have no idea of what's going on, do you?" he said.

"I would, if someone would just fucking tell me, something," I snapped.

"I told you yesterday about Meg and Ray's sloppy handling of their surveillance," he began.

"I also told you I was going to wait until after the op was over, to decide how to handle it," he continued.

"Tonight they were back on the job, and at approximately 7:32 p.m. were fired upon by persons unknown," he said.

"The shooter is believed to have been either extremely lucky, or extremely good," he continued.

"But you said Meg wasn't hurt," I screamed, "I saw her, she's fine."

"She wasn't injured during the shooting," he said.

"Then how was she hurt?" I asked. I just sat down, as if I was near an emotional collapse. In actuality, I was cool and calculating and laughing my ass off. I could tell that Arnie had seen the blood splatter patterns on Meg, and probably at the scene. He was probably trying to avoid telling me, that Meg had blood on her face and upper body, but very but much less blood on her lower body and abdomen. That shouldn't have happened, because if they were standing near each other, their abdomens should be the heaviest areas of blood splatter.

All of that pointed to the fact that Meg's face had to be near Ray's abdomen.

He was also trying to avoid telling me, that they'd found traces of Meg's saliva on the end of Ray's dick. He also avoided telling me, that the forensic guys hadn't detected any traces of cloth on either end of Ray's dick; that meant that Ray probably had his dick out, when he was shot. Why would Ray have his dick out, and Meg's head be near his abdomen, at the same time? To avoid any of that at this point, he was avoiding telling me that Ray got his dick shot off.

"Look Dan, we've known each other for a long time, and I promise to get to the bottom of this, just go home; it's going to be a long night," he said.

"After Meg's debriefing, I'm going to need to talk to her for a while, and I think that you and she need to have a long talk when she gets home," he said.

"Perhaps having the two of you involved in the same agency, isn't a good idea after all," he said.

"I'll stay and wait for Meg," I said stubbornly.

"Look Dan, I'm ordering you to go home and wait for her," he said.

"I'll have her call you, and let you know when she's on her way," he said.

"Have her call me when she's finished, and leaving the building," I said.

"So I can get up and wait for her," I said, "I'm going to try and get some sleep, I have early shift tomorrow."

"I guess you don't want to think about taking a few days off?" Arnie asked.

"No, why would I need to?" I asked in return.

"Well if you decide to, just let me know," he said.

After I left Arnie's office I called to leave a message for Bonnie, to call me at her earliest convenience. To my surprise she was still in her office.

"Hi uh Bonnie, Dan Almond," I said.

"Hi Dan," she said, "Her voice had that scratchy, smoky quality to it that I'd always found incredibly sexy in a woman."

"I didn't expect you to be there, I was just going to leave you a message," I said.

"Well, if it's about your papers, when you use irreconcilable differences as the reason for a divorce, it's probably the easiest thing in the world to do," she said.

"Nothing to prove on either side, in your case no kids, you've already split the finances and you claim she'll give up the house, so done deal I can have her served tomorrow," she said.

"I can also do the other party for alienation of affection if necessary," she said.

"OK, how did you know?" I asked.

"You and I, have run into each other a time or two in court," she said.

"You always have your "I's crossed and your T's" dotted," she continued.

"So I know a little bit about you, enough to know in fact that you love your wife dearly, and would probably never cheat on her," she continued.

"Other attorneys I associate with, have told me that your wife is a lot looser in court, and with the law, so I just figured that if there was someone stepping outside of the rules, it was probably her," she said.

"Thanks Bonnie," I said and hung up after giving her the address and Meg's office number.

I got into my Mustang and drove around for a while, listening to what passes for radio these days and wondering where the hell my life got off track. Less than a week ago, I was probably the happiest guy on the planet, I had my life all planned, a career that I love, a woman who loved me, and everything was swell.

Now I'm slipping into depression, I don't know who I can trust, especially not Meg, I've broken the law and nearly killed a fellow agent, and will be divorced very soon. I don't know what to expect tomorrow, or even later on this evening, let alone the rest of my life. To tell the truth I've been thinking a lot about Meg and the way she does things, especially how many partners she's had in the past year, she seems to go through them rather quickly. Maybe they go through her rather quickly. So I really don't know how many of the men I expect to have my back, have already had my wife's back, and probably her front, mouth and sides as well.

In all likeliness Ray probably wasn't the first, Shit how many bullets was I going to need? After driving for a while, I realized that I hadn't eaten, so I started looking for something that was open. I saw another Mustang parked outside of an old fashioned Coney place. That had to be some kind of sign, so I pulled in next to it and went inside.

There was a greasy and rumpled night cook, who sat behind an even greasier counter and a lone customer at a table away from the windows.

"2 Coneys with everything, and put pickles on them," I said as I sat down near the other customer, "to go."

"The pickles add to the flavor," I said in response to his curious look.

"What year?" he asked.

"08 charcoal gray GT," I said.

"06 "Screaming Yellow GT," He replied.

"I like your paint," I told him

"Sometimes I wish I had yours," he said, "There are times when I'd really like to be un-noticed and a bright Yellow Mustang is pretty fucking hard to hide."

"Hiding sounds good about right now," I said.

"Can't run away from it though," he began, "It's just like our cars."

"How so?" I asked as the cook brought me a bag.

"Well right there on the front you see that horse, the Running Pony," he said.

"That horse is purely an American symbol, it means freedom," he continued.

"But if you look at the horse, it isn't running away from shit," he said looking at me.

"That fucking pony, is running right into the thick of things, and that's the kind of guys we are," he said.

"So whoever they are," and he hesitated here, "be that Mustang, run straight at them and give em hell."

I think my back was a little bit straighter, than it had been when I came in, and I revved my engine a bit louder than necessary as I pulled out of the parking lot.

Fuck this pity-patting around; I went home.

Meg's viewpoint

After my debriefing session, I was told to go immediately to Arnie's office. He had basically reamed me a new asshole, and let me know that there was going to be a very thorough investigation, both internally and externally. He had already cleared a couple of the agents in the unit, including Dan, but would be interviewing everyone. He told me that he'd been having conversations with some of my former partners, and they were acting funny after hearing about Ray. Did I know anything about this?

He asked me if there was anything I wanted to tell him, and then told me not to answer. He told me to take the rest of the night off, and the morning and report to him tomorrow afternoon. Then he'd have the preliminary findings and the site crew's report, and we'd have a serious discussion. If there were things I wanted him to know, and he got them through my confessing or admitting them, it would be better for me in the long run.

So he was giving me time to go home and talk to Dan, and figure out what I wanted to do, and where I wanted to be, when this was all over. He also told me that Dan wanted me to call him on my way home after I'd left the building. Hearing that Dan wanted to talk to me, was the best news I'd heard all day.

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