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Sex Story: A slut wife story.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   .

When I married Helen I had no idea she was a slut. Not that it would have mattered - I'd of married her anyway. She was, absolutely and without a doubt, the best piece of ass I ever had. We met at a wedding reception, fell in heat with each other, and before the night was over we were in bed together. Six weeks later she moved in with me and six months after that we were standing in front of a justice of the peace. Now Helen was no great beauty. She did not have a magnificent body, but she was nice looking in a plain sort of way and if you passed her on the street you probably would not have given her a second glance. But if you stopped to talk with her you would immediately be hit between the eyes with the power of her sex appeal - it charged the air between you. Five minutes in her company and you would want to fuck her until you died.

I don't know when Helen started stepping out on me, my best guess is that she was faithful to me for the first six months of the marriage, but to be honest about it, she could have been fucking around on me from day one and I just didn't catch on. The thing that most people won't understand is my attitude toward her once I found out she was fucking other guys. I found out something about myself that I hadn't known before - I was just a little bit kinky! I found out that watching her fuck other men was a major turn on for me. Once I accepted the fact that she was a sperm bank for other guys and I was going hang on to her anyway, I discovered how exciting it was for me to fuck her after she had been fucked. Sloppy seconds might not appeal to some, or maybe even most guys, but I loved it.

It all started on one Thursday night when I had to work late. I work swing shift and the company I work for sends a truck every Thursday night to make a pick-up and delivery at a city 260 miles away. There were four of us who had been rotating the trip between us, but the other three guys really did not want to take the trip and be away from home over night. So, because I like the overtime I get from the trip I had been making the run for the last six weeks. On this particular night I was only five miles down the road when the truck broke down. Our other truck was in the shop for a transmission change so the trip was cancelled. I called home to let Helen know what was going on, but got no answer. Driving home I decided to stop at Mike's Place, a little neighborhood bar, for a beer. Pulling into the parking lot I was surprised to see Helen's car - I knew it was her car because our plate numbers are only one digit apart. I was getting out of my car when I saw Helen come out of the side door of the bar and I was just getting ready to holler at her when a guy came out right behind her patting her on the ass.

"What the hell?" I thought, "Why does he have his hand on her ass, and why is she letting him do it?"

The guy took her by the hand and led her toward the back of the parking lot where there was a pickup truck with a slide -in camper on the back. The guy opened the door to the camper and they both climbed in. More curious than angry I got out of my car and walked toward the camper and as I drew close I heard what I thought was a low moan. I reached the right corner of the camper and though I could not see anything I could hear what was going on.

"That's it baby. Suck my tits. You like them, don't you? Ooh, look what I found. Damn, look at it grow. Can I have it?"

I heard some people coming out of the bar so I moved over to the left side of the vehicle so I couldn't be seen from the bar. The window curtains on the left side had a gap so I was able to catch a glimpse of what was going on. The guy was busy playing with Helen's tits and she was slowly stroking his cock. Helen let go of the cock and swung herself around into a sixty-nine position; she pushed her cunt down on the guy's face as she took hold of his cock and started licking it. Her tongue slowly worked up and down the shaft then circled the head and finally she swallowed him to the balls. Helen can suck with the best of them and she loves to do it so I know exactly how the guy was feeling, but it was obvious to me that he did not like eating pussy; either that or he wasn't very good at it. Helen is very responsive to a tongue touching her clit and she was showing no response at all to whatever he was doing. After several minutes she swung around and lowered herself onto his rigid pole and began to ride him like a bronc buster would ride a horse.

Helen is a silent fuck; she does not make any noise until she has her orgasm and then all you hear is a series of low groans and grunts so you never know when she is going to come until it is almost over. It didn't take her long this time; she had her first orgasm within minutes and then she had two more before the guy announced that he was going to cum. Helen quickly got off him and took his cock in her mouth. The guy must have dumped his load immediately because I saw white stuff start coming out of the corner of Helen's mouth. After she had milked him dry and licked him clean he asked when he could see her again and Helen told him that I bowled in a morning league on Tuesday and to give her a call around nine.

"If the coast is clear you can come right over and we will have at least until eleven."

I wondered about that - I usually don't get home until two-thirty.

I quietly went back to my car where I pondered the situation. My wife had just fucked another man. I had watched. I felt neither rage or jealousy. I had a raging hardon - not what some would consider a normal response given the situation. I watched as Helen headed for her car and the pickup drove out of the lot. As soon as the pickup was out of sight Helen detoured from her car and headed back into Mike's. To use the bathroom? To have a beer to wash down her lovers salty cum? I sat in my car for about a half an hour trying to talk myself in to going into the bar and I finally decided that this would not be the best time to confront Helen and discuss what had just happened. I started to turn the key in the ignition when the side door opened and Helen came out. She got in her car, started it up and drove over to the side door. A guy came out and got in the car and Helen drove to the back of the lot where the pickup had been. I saw them slide toward each other and begin to neck; after several minutes Helen's head went down into the guy's lap. A couple of minutes later they shifted their bodies around, two white legs came up - one over the seat back and one to rest on the dash - and then the guy's back began moving up and down. You didn't need to be Dick Tracy to figure out what was going on.

I started my car and left. I had a lot to think about on the way home. How many guys had she been fucking? Christ! She had just done two in less than an hour. How many did she do before I got there? How many would she do before she came home? How long had this been going on? She had shown no signs of being disenchanted with our marriage or with me. In bed I stared up at the ceiling and thought about our relationship and wondered if it could survive. I fell asleep with visions of Helen and other men dancing in my head.

I awoke with a start. I heard a soft voice say "Easy big fella - easy now. Helen's just trying to wake you up nice and easy."

I settled back and let her work her magic. After a while she stopped sucking me and lay down by my side. "I'm so glad you are home. I am so horny tonight that it's driving me crazy. Here - feel how wet I am."

She moved my hand to her cunt and I felt the wetness. Knowing that it was the juices of her lovers did not put me off at all. I rolled over on top of her and my cock slid right in. We fucked until I came and after a short breather she sucked me hard and we fucked again.

In the morning I woke up to Helen's sucking my cock and we fucked again before breakfast. Why she wasn't home when I got there was never mentioned. I started doing something I had never done before - I started calling home during the middle of my shift. The phone was never answered and I had to spend the remainder of my shift wondering if she was out getting laid, by whom, and by how many. She was always home when I got there and she was always ready to get laid. Monday night, after a rather strenuous love making session, I made the comment that "I don't know if I can stay with you much longer. I might have to bring in some help."

Helen giggled. "You would like that, wouldn't you? Bring home some young stud and watch me do him." She looked at me with a thoughtful expression and said, "I'd do it. For you I'd do it."

I just looked at her not having a clue as to what to say.

Tuesday dawned with Helen's lips on my cock. My first thought was, "Jesus Christ - not again!" (This from a guy who once told a buddy that I could never get enough). My second thought was to hurry up and get it over with so I could put my plan into action - I intended to be in a position to see what happened while I was supposed to be bowling. Monday after noon I had called John, the captain of my bowling team, and told him he would have to find a sub for me on Tuesday since I would be out of town. That evening, while Helen cooked dinner, I arranged the clothes in the bedroom closet so I'd have a hiding space and couldn't be seen if the door was left ajar. After breakfast I gathered up my ball and bag, Helen kissed me and told me to hurry home, "We might be able to get in a quickie before you have to leave for work." I drove my car one block over and parked and then made my way back to my house. I approached from the north side, because that side had no windows, and entered the attached garage. Moving to the door that led into the house I waited.

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