Fall Cross Country: Fall of a Marriage

by StangStar06

Copyright© 2010 by StangStar06

Sex Story: While a man coaches a highschool cross country runner, the cross country coah runs the man's cheating wife.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Extra Sensory Perception   Cheating   .

My name is Mike Cosby. I'm about 5'9" 170lbs relatively fit and trim and my sandy blond hair and green eyes kind of stand out. When I was in college and in high school, I was never the biggest guy around so I went into some of the peripheral sports. Instead of basketball or football I ran track and cross country. Running cross got me respect in school if not star status. Even for cross country and track, I was never the star on the team, but also never the dog. I was a solid middle of the pack guy, but as I got older and the herd thinned out my efforts became more appreciated. I just seemed to outlast all of the previously fast guys.

After college life happened to me, I got married, got into IT, raised a family and now find myself starting all over again when I should be looking forward to retirement.

I married Kathy just after college, she wasn't the most gorgeous woman on the planet, but I loved her like she was. When we met Kathy had beautiful Auburn hair, and green eyes to match mine. She had an absolutely incredible rack, and most of my friends were guilty of talking to it instead of to her. I think that was one of the things that gave me the edge early on. I actually tried to get to know her before trying to get my hands on those tits.

Once we did start messing around though, we came on like gang busters and right after we both graduated, Kathy was pregnant. It didn't matter to us because we were sure that were together forever any way so it was just a matter of adjusting our schedule.

Robby our son was born 7 months after we got married. His sister Candace came along two years later, and Jeff, named after Kathy's father completed our brood a year after that.

While our children were growing up, we were the proverbial block parents, we volunteered, for everything and there was usually something going on at our house or in our yard all the time. Our pool was popular in the summer, and our den and basement were popular the rest of the year. While Jeff was in school he became a runner like his dad, so Kathy and I morphed into track club parents. Our duties involved me serving as an assistant coach and Kathy as a judge/course-Marshall at track and cross country events.

I thought that everything was going great with our lives, but as the cliché goes the husband is usually the last to know.

We didn't seem like all of the couples you read about where the guy lets himself go and becomes fat and un-attractive, so the wife decides to spice up their marriage with some young guy with a foot long dick.

We were almost directly the opposite of that, I was still running and in fact could beat nearly all of the runners on our team, even though I was dragging forty. My hair had still not gone to gray yet though there were a few strands here and there that were closer to white than blond. And I was still trim, and garnered more than my share of attention from women in the neighborhood. But none of that mattered because I still loved my wife like she was still the 20 year old girl I fell in love with. Over the years I'd gotten more comfortable with her and the changes as they occurred. I believe now that comfort, is what signals danger in a marriage.

Kathy had changed a bit over the years, due probably to childbirth and just the passage of time. Her chest was still Titanic, but like that once great vessel it had sank. Where once those puppies stood up proudly proclaiming their presence for all to see; they now settled closer to her stomach, secure in the knowledge that they were still awesome and didn't have to work so hard to get their point across. With the right bra and a cleavage baring dress, my Kathy could still stop traffic. Of course she required a little help to cinch her waist in but that's what girdles were made for. A few other minor changes had occurred as well, her ass got fatter and her tongue got sharper to complement gravity's successful assault on her boobage. But to me she was and so I thought always would be "The woman I loved"

Kathy on the other hand had noticed the changes and did not like them. If we went shopping, and some woman commented on her "ability to snare a younger man" she was livid.

"He's a year older than I am," she'd snap.

All the way home I'd suffer for it.

"Why can't you dress your age," she snapped at me.

"Are you trying to replace me with some young bitch?" she'd ask.

"If I catch you fucking around on me, I'll take you to the cleaners," she said.

"I love you Kathy, I'd never cheat on you," I said.

"You'd better not," she snapped viciously.

This year the coach had decided that some of the assistants should serve as mentors for some of the more promising runners. I was given Tommy Anders to work with. Tommy had phenomenal talent but hadn't won any races. Part of it was his race plan, and the way he ran. Tommy would typically take off like a house on fire. Over a 3 mile cross country course he'd lead the race for the first 2 miles and then start to falter. By the 2 ½ mile mark the rest of the runners would begin to eat away at his lead, and by the end of the race he was 4th or 5th.

Tommy had no idea about race planning, race management, no endurance and no kick.

I started taking Tommy out for longer runs, and then having him do sprint 200's after the run.

The first day out he thought he'd die.

"If I'm training to run a 3 mile cross country even why are we running 5 miles?" he asked.

"Because you tire out at 2 miles every time," I told him.

We talked about everything during our runs, his classes, his dream of winning races, his family or lack thereof, anything that went though our minds was fair game.

Eventually we got around to his deepest secret; Tommy was crazy about Sarah Donaldson. OK that's normal I thought, shit half the guys in the school were crazy about Sarah, and the other half just wanted to fuck the shit out of her. And that was only the teachers and coaches. Sarah was incredible.

"She'd never notice me," said Tommy

"Tommy if you win some races, maybe the cheerleaders would start cheering at the meets and she'd have to notice you then," I said.

After that our training got more intense. He wanted to start doing weights for real.

He started paying more attention to everything we did.

The next cross country meet marked the beginning of the change. Tommy took off as usual but kept his pace more like the pace we used when we ran our five and six mile runs. When we passed us at the 2 mile mark he looked comfortable. As he went by everyone looked at me when I shouted "Not yet," to him.

I ran across the field to where they'd pass us at 2 ½ miles. That was the station where Kathy was supposed to be. I was there a little bit before the runners got there, but Kathy was nowhere in sight. There were line judges from the other teams but no Kathy.

I didn't have time to dwell on it as the runners approached. Tommy looked at me as he went by in 3rd place.

"Now," I shouted, "Go now"

Tommy started to quicken his pace and was soon in 2nd place.

I ran back across the field to be at the line, when they crossed it.

All of our sessions with 200 meter sprints after the distance runs paid off.

With about 30 meters left to go Tommy took the lead and held it. He got first place overall in his event and one of his dreams had been accomplished.

A lot of people came out of the crowd to congratulate Tommy, all of the assistant coaches and most of the parents too. There were 2 surprising things though, first, our head coach, Bert Peters was nowhere around; and secondly, the girl or woman who came up and gave Tommy a big hug and tried to kiss him.

Tommy shrugged and moved away from her.

"I'll see you after the meet," she said to him.

"Do you want to go somewhere to celebrate?" she asked him.

Tommy the idiot, just shrugged again, and in that way teenagers have said "I don't know, maybe."

I just stood there with my eyes nearly bugging out. I came back to earth as she waved at me.

"Tommy why are you crazy about Sarah, when you have her?" I asked.

"That woman makes Sarah look plain," I said

He looked at me strangely and said "Uhm coach, that's just my mom."

Later on at the awards ceremony when Tommy got his trophy and his medal he offered up thanks to his coach for going beyond the call of duty and helping him. He also talked about how he and his team needed to train even harder and get better.

The funny thing was that I missed most of what he said because I was so busy staring at his mother. She politely nodded at me and I decided I needed to stop looking at her before she thought I was a stalker or something.

When Tommy thanked his coach Bert bowed and started waving and nodding his head at the acknowledgement.

"He wasn't talking about that horse's ass," said a voice from beside me "I'm sure he was talking about you."

I looked down, and I knew that I was in danger. Have you ever stood on top of a really tall building or bridge and looked down. That scared feeling you get, when you know that if you fall it's over forever, and there's no hope of survival. That feeling that makes you back up and reach for something to hold onto.

That was the feeling I got when I first looked into those blue eyes. She looked up at me and I lost track of time, place, everything. Up close I could see that she was older than I'd thought she was, maybe thirty five or so. But she was still devastatingly beautiful. Tommy's father had to have been a fool to run away from a woman like this.

"Tommy must have been wrong, you don't talk much do you?" she asked.

"Uhm, the head coach usually gets all the credit when runners do well," I said.

"Credit for what, running off into a shack with some fat old woman with a huge chest in the middle of the meet," she said.

"That guy'll try to mount anything that moves," she snapped.

"A couple of weeks ago he was trying to get his hooks into me," she said.

"I told him he wasn't my type," she continued "But he kept pushing."

"Just would not take, "no," for an answer" she sighed.

"Then finally, out of the blue, he was gone," she said "now I know why."

"I thought his absence was like a breath of fresh air after being in the sewer," she continued.

"But then I noticed that with him not sniffing around me anymore, he had totally abandoned my son," she said

"And Tommy loves to run," she continued.

"And that old hound dog had been making all of that noise about getting Tommy a scholarship to go to college," she said.

"I was actually thinking about giving him a little bit of pussy, just to get him interested in Tommy again," she said.

"Of course I really didn't like him, but it's been so long since I've had sex that, I'm not sure I remember how to do it," she smiled.

She paused for about a half of a second and then started right back in talking again. She had the most beautiful southern accent I had ever heard. I didn't want to talk and spoil it. And she smelled like flowers and honey and fresh air, and just all of the things that are good about nature. I don't think it was perfume, I really believe it was just her.

"But I guess that there's just no way that little old me could compete with a set of titties that are that big," she said.

"You sure don't talk much," she said holding out her hand" I'm Angela, Tommy's mom."

I was afraid to take her hand so it took me a moment. I wiped my hand on my pants leg and grabbed her tiny hand. It was just as I feared, when we touched it almost as if a spark of electricity flowed between us. I knew she'd felt it too.

"Heavens to Betsy," she said, and smiled at me.

"It's going to happen don't fight it," she said.

"But I'm married," I sputtered.

"For now," she said "See ya."

And she turned and walked away from me. I was intrigued, and repulsed, and a host of other feelings and emotions all at the same time.

Good Lord that woman was beautiful. She was tiny compared to my Kathy, but where Kathy had short thick legs, Angela had long gazelle like legs that were just incredible. The only thing that stopped those legs, because obviously God meant for them to continue forever, was her pert jiggly, heart shaped ass. That ass simply defied physics, it could make the crappiest shorts or jeans look good. She had a slim waist despite having already borne a child. (So much for Kathy's excuses) Her breasts while not nearly in a class with Kathy's size wise; were still firm and because of her small frame seemed larger than they were. I've already talked about her eyes but her lips seemed to be wet, although she wasn't wearing lip gloss or even lipstick. And they just seemed to say kiss me, no matter what expression her mouth made. Her hair was coal black but glossy and just cascaded down her back in curls that somehow still managed to move when she swung her head around. To tell the truth, I actually don't remember half of the things she said, because I was just so overwhelmed by her presence. Her soft southern accent and the things she said made me feel so privileged to hear her say them that I didn't actually listen to what she was saying. I did notice that by city standards she wasn't very lady-like in her language. Every other word was "pussy," or "titties," or something that if a man said it, I wouldn't think twice about but hearing it come from such a tiny and beautiful woman seemingly gave the words more impact, when after all they were only words.

If I had been paying more attention though, I probably would have realized that Kathy was cheating on me even earlier; and not wasted so much time.

Angela had kept on mentioning that Bert had been hitting on her and had replaced her with some old fat woman with a huge chest. Could that be my Kathy? Could that be why both she and Bert were nowhere to be found during the meet?

I had a really sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I looked around and saw Kathy heading my way. When she got to me her clothes were still out of place, as if she'd put them on in the dark. She looked at me suspiciously and then smiled. When she smiled at me I knew, and surprisingly it really didn't hurt as much as I'd always thought it would.

"Kathy I'll drop you off at home," I said "I have some errands to run."

"Whatever you want Mike," she said "I think I need a nap."

All the way home, Kathy looked at her feet. She was nicer to me than she'd been in a while. She didn't even ask me where I was going. I dropped her off at our house and headed straight back to the cross country course. I walked the course and near the 2 1/2 mile mark a little bit back from the course, I found an abandoned shack. It looked like the door had recently been opened and there was a blanket, one from my house on the floor.

I called Ed Bradley, a local lawyer who handled all of my family's business. I told him I needed divorce papers drawn up quickly and I'd probably need them served by one week from that day. We talked for a while and I told him about my suspicions and he told me that Bert had been mentioned in a couple of divorces in our city that he knew of. He told me that he'd have the papers and I could arrange how and where, within reason, I wanted them served.

I went back into the shopping district in town and bought 2 remote controlled video cameras. They were the type that could be hidden easily because of their small size. They could also wireless broadcast their content to a nearby video recorder with a large hard drive. The recorder could also be downloaded to SD cards, thumb drives or anything with a USB input.

I positioned both Cameras so they'd get me pretty good coverage of the entire interior of the cabin. Then I left, and drove home. Kathy had showered and was asleep when I walked in.

I went out to the garage and started to wash my car. The Honda that Kathy and I shared was the family car. My car the 04 Mustang GT anniversary edition; I'd made lots and lots of modifications on the car in the 6 years that I'd had it. Everything from the Magnaflow exhaust system and twin cold air kits to the chrome bumper letters and 18" triple chrome Helo Tease wheels.

Kathy hated the car because she said it was too loud, too flashy and just not practical. She said it was the kind of car that guys drove when they were trying to pick up chicks, not something for and older married man to drive. It just sends the wrong message she said.

I washed and waxed the car and decided to go out for a drive. I found myself driving aimlessly or at least I didn't know where I was going, but apparently someone else did, because I soon found myself behind a beaten down old pickup truck that for some reason seemed familiar.

I pulled into the local mall and saw the truck pull in behind me.

When she jumped down from the truck it happened again, my brain just stopped functioning. I am not an expert by any means on women's fashions but what she was wearing just made absolutely no sense. She had on shorts and cowboy boots. OK if it was hot enough to wear shorts, you probably didn't need boots. If you were going riding, you probably didn't want to do it wearing shorts. But common sense be damned, Angela just radiated sex appeal and femininity no matter what she wore. Even this outlandish Ellie Mae costume just looked hot on her. She had of course put on the stereotypical plaid shirt to complete her costume and yep, it was tied under her breasts. And hell yes, I lost my breath completely when she came right over and leaned in my window.

"You know what, I am so embarrassed about all of the things, I told you before," she said.

I just loved that fucking accent. "I told you before," came out "Ah toll ja beefo ah,"

This woman was incredible. I was getting a hard-on just listening to the sound of her voice.

She had already proven that she could excite four of my five senses without even trying.

Sight, smell, touch and now hearing were hers to command and I was suddenly looking forward to tasting her.

"Pay no never mind to what I said," she said.

"I feel like such a fool," she continued "It was too much too fast."

"You don't even know me yet," she said.

"Honey do you ever talk?" she asked, and then there was just dead air.

"This is one beautiful automobile," she said and it sounded like "Bee you tee full awt ta moh beel."

"Why don't you take me for a ride and we can talk," she said.

I just nodded my head and she came around to the passenger side and snuggled into the leather.

If she rolls down the window and sticks her leg out, I'm going to ruin these pants, I thought.

"Where are you from?" I asked.

"Oh my God, he can talk," she said, but of course it sounded like, "Oh mah gawd he kin tawk."

"Louisiana," she said, which came out Lou's Anna.

Then she launched into another lightning fast conversation, which apparently required no input from my side, and was nearly too fast for me to keep up with.

"Of course ya know all that stuff I told ya wus true," she said.

"I know it's hard for you to understand but I see things and feel things," she said.

"That's why they think I'm crazy, but I'm really just a witch," she said.

"So when I told you to just relax and let it happen, I really meant it but that was before I knew that the fat old woman the scumbag coach was sneaking off to boink in the woods was your missus," she said.

"That not your fault that you married a cheating whore and it's probably not her fault either, but you and me are fated to be together so something had to happen to get her out of my way, you see," she said.

"Now I know that you felt the magic when our hands just brushed together, so even though you don't believe me yet, you may as well start because it's gonna happen, don't you want to kiss me yet?" she asked.

"Do you ever have to breathe?" I asked

"Are you going to answer my question?" she asked in return, smiling.

"What question?" I asked

"I," she said very slowly.

"Asked," which came out Axed.

"You," in her language was Ye ooh

"If," which sounded like "F"

"You," which she changed the pronunciation of to Ya

"Wanted," I'm sure you've got the idea.

"Ta kiss me," she said. And when she said she batted her eyes several times, and believe me there was nothing on earth I wanted more at that moment than to kiss her.

It felt like the stars were aligning for some kind of magical conjunction. I could actually feel the attraction between us like fucking magnets.

"Yes," I choked out, "but I can't."

"Course you can," she said.

"That skanky whore you married was off in that shack fucking that horse thief for at least 15 minutes, so why is it wrong for you just to kiss me once?" she asked.

"I know," she said "I can feel it too."

"A couple of kisses and were gonna be screwing all night," she said batting those eyes again.

"So I'll tell you what, you go ahead and do what you're gonna do," she said.

"But don't take too long, cause I've been waiting for you for a long time," she said.

I don't know how we got there but we were back at the mall. She got out of my car, planted a kiss on the hood and sashayed (sorry but there's no other word for it) back to her truck.

Just the sight of those hips swaying from side to side would be etched on my mind forever. I was sure my dick was going to rip through my pants if I continued to watch her walk. I already knew the story about Icarus flying too close to the sun and falling as his wings melted. So I was doubly hesitant to, but I found myself reaching out to catch it as she blew me a kiss before she drove off. Damn I thought.

It's been said that after a long relationship, one can't just turn off feelings of love like a light switch. There is no possibility of yesterday I was madly in love with my wife; today it's fuck that bitch. But that's exactly how I felt.

On my slow ride home I stopped to get gas and saw Hilda Johnson filling up her Subaru.

Hilda used to work food service at the same high school I volunteered at. We got to talking and she brought up the subject of the principal at the high school. It seems that Bert had been suspected of having an ongoing affair with the principal, as well as with my cheating wife.

I didn't know whether or not he was still doing Mrs. Ingham but if so maybe this could help my cause. Realistically, I didn't care where Bert stuck his dick, as long as I got free from Kathy.

When I got home I put the taps on the phone line in the house and on Kathy's cell phone.

The house phone was easier all I had to do was plug the phone's base into a small box that wasn't even noticeable and then into the wall. The cell phone required me logging in to the phone company as the primary account holder and putting in Kathy's cell phone number. Both lines would be recorded and I could log in to a website and review every call made. The recordings could then be edited and recorded.

During the upcoming week we had 2 meets scheduled, one on Tuesday was an away meet and I didn't think that Bert and Kathy could find a spot for that one, but I was sure that my next opportunity would be Saturday's tri-meet on our home course. I was sure the shack would get some action and I'd get my evidence.

As I climbed the stairs to take a shower Kathy was emerging from the bathroom. She dropped her towel as I got to the top of the stairs and looked at me as she stood there naked.

"What does this make you think of?" she asked as I got there.

Several things went through my mind as a reply "Bert's pussy," I thought but I didn't say it.

"Something I used to want," was another.

But what I actually said was "I'm not in the mood for any fucking puzzles right now," and I walked past her and into the bathroom to take a shower. I don't know how long Kathy stood there with her mouth open, but I didn't care.

All I wanted to do was get into the shower and jack off to the memory of Angela's ass swaying from side to side in front of me.

Kathy walked into the bathroom and opened the shower door and asked me "What was wrong with me?"

"You've never, in all the time we've been married talked to me like that," she said.

"I'm worried I might be catching ... I mean coming down with something," I said.

"That's never stopped you before," she said "are you tired?"

Actually I was bursting with energy and I just wanted her ass out of there so I could use it.

She stood there naked in front of me and it was like the blinders had come off. I now understood why she got angry at me for staying in shape while she had faded. Up until that moment I had always seen her through love colored glasses. Now that I was falling out of love with her, her appearance seemed to have changed.

She had asked if I was tired. When in reality she was the one who looked tired. Those huge sagging bags of flesh attached to her chest seemed too tired to lift themselves above the rolls of fat around her middle. Her short stubby legs had so many varicose veins that they looked like a routing map for an international logistics company. The crow's feet in the corners of her eyes looked more like dinosaur feet, and she was a bitch to boot. It's funny how a little thing like your wife fucking someone else changes the way you see them.

"Yep honey I'm tired," I said. "Tired of your cheating ass," I thought.

As I got out of the shower and into the bed Kathy reached for me as soon as I got next to her.

I rolled over as far as the dimensions of the bed would allow away from her and told her I was still tired. I guess one of the techniques they teach in the "Cheating Whores Handbook," must tell them to give the husband some pity sex to keep him happy so he doesn't have a clue as to what you're really doing.

Tonight I wasn't buying it.

"Mike did I do something wrong?" she asked quietly

"Let's just go to sleep," I said

"We've been married for a long time," she said "and I know you Mike."

"Something is wrong," she said firmly.

She draped her self over me and placed my hand on one of her breasts, then felt my erection through the boxers I wore.

"Hmm," she said, "part of you wants me even if the rest of you doesn't, so at least whatever it is, isn't physical."

"Let me know when you want to act like an adult, I can hold out a lot longer than you can," she said.

"But if it takes too long, I might have to find someone else," she smirked.

I know I should have kept my mouth shut but I couldn't help it, I was pissed and it just popped out.

"Or maybe you already did," I snapped.

"What did you say?" she asked loudly.

"Let's just go to sleep," I said.

Kathy sat there for a long time looking at me then finally rolled over next to me. I rolled over again to put more space between us and fell out of the fucking bed. I just lay there on the floor and pulled one of the blankets down on top of me.

The next Morning I got up and went out for my morning run. I usually just jogged in the morning to get the blood flowing back through my legs. My run later on would either be a track session for me or the team practice which was totally dedicated to the kids. These early morning runs also were my primary thinking and cogitating sessions. But it wasn't going to be that easy today.

"Hi coach," said Tommy locking into pace with me, almost as soon as I started.

"Hey Tommy, you're up early," I said.

"Yeah My legs were still stiff from the race yesterday and I needed some time to think," he said.

"So I put 2 and 2 together, and here I am," he continued.

We ran in silence for a while, he appeared to be thinking nearly as hard as I was.

"Coach, I have a lot of fucking problems," he blurted out.

"Well let's talk about them," I said

"The first one is that Coach Peters is interested in me again since I won yesterday," he said

"But I like the workouts and the things we've been doing," he said "It seems to be working so I don't see any reason to change now."

"At first I didn't understand what we were doing, but I went along with it simply because you were the first person to actually take a real interest in me and what I need," he said.

"So even if it hadn't worked, at the very least I'd made a friend," he continued.

"Even when Coach Peters was interested in me," he said "which really meant he was interested in my mom, he didn't do anything with me or for me."

"He'd just say Tommy you've got to work harder and you'll get better," Tommy said.

"Once my mom shut him down, I never heard a word out of his mouth, until I won yesterday," he said.

"Now all of a sudden he's talking about the training we were doing, and the special program he had me on and it's all bullshit," said Tommy.

"Don't worry about Bert," I said "I'll talk to him, as long as he gets the credit, I don't think he cares how you train."

"What's problem number 2," I asked.

Tommy looked at me and smiled sheepishly.

"Oh, the Sarah situation," I said.

"OK here's what we do about that," I said.

Tommy and I spent about 20 minutes planning strategy. Our approach was not to go after Sarah, to make Sarah come after Tommy. The first thing we had to do was to pump up Tommy and the track team. Everyone wants to be part of a winning team, and our football team sucked, so that would make our goal easier. A couple of articles in the school paper about the success of the track team, coupled with the continued losing of the football team would have the varsity cheerleaders begging to cheer for the track team instead. We also had to make sure that Tommy stood out as a reason for the success of the track team. That meant that the pressure would be on Tommy because he had to continue to do well in meets. He needed to score big points for the team. We couldn't expect him to win every race because that was too much like TV. But we needed solid second or third place finishes every week. It had to be Tommy that was linked conclusively with the success of the team. We wanted Sarah to see the track team as being successful, and when you looked at the track team, you saw Tommy.

Secondly besides having her see him, it had to look like he didn't even notice her. He needed to walk right past her as if he hadn't seen her to talk to other girls. The combination of her seeing him everywhere she looked and his not noticing her at all would literally drive her straight to him.

"Is that it?" I asked him

Tommy looked at his feet as we ran so I could tell this was going to be bad.

"Coach, have you ever loved someone but not wanted them around you?" he asked me.

"Well, I can't actually say I've done that," I said.

"Who are we talking about?" I asked, puzzled.

"Well on one hand I really want things to work out, and me to get a scholarship to a good college, so I can get away," he said

"On the other hand," he said slowly" I'm wondering what would happen to my mom if I leave."

"She'd be fine," I said.

"What's the real issue Tommy?" I asked

"My mom is weird," he said "she just doesn't fit in."

I stopped running and Tommy didn't notice for a few seconds then he looked at me standing in the road with my mouth open.

"What's wrong coach?" he asked

"Your mom is not weird," I snapped.

"Oh shit, you've got it too," he said

"Got what?" I asked

"Last night at dinner all she did was asked me questions about you," he began.

"Everybody in the town we came from thought my mom was some kind of witch," he said.

"She was always telling people what was going to happen before it did, and she made potions and stuff," he said as if he was embarrassed.

"I'm not knocking it because my dad, that asshole ran out on her while she was pregnant and we had to do whatever it took to live," he said.

"Then all of a sudden we had to leave Louisiana because she got a feeling," he said.

"And being here has been great for me, but she said that we moved here for her to find something," he said.

"But Coach she doesn't really fit in around here," he said.

"At first I thought that maybe she and Coach Peters were going to hit it off even though I don't like him," he said.

"But now," he said smiling "Once I saw that look on your face when I told you she was weird."

"I feel a lot better," he said.

Kathy answered the phone on its second ring.

"Hello," she said sharply into the phone.

At first she heard only breathing.

Then "Hey Baby," she heard.

"What the fuck do you want?" she asked "Why are you calling me at home?"

"What if Mike had answered the phone?" she asked in a shrill voice.

Kathy's temper was rising with each sentence.

"I couldn't stop thinking about you," said Bert.

"You mean you couldn't stop thinking about my tits," she said.

"You, can't fucking call me at home, ever," she snapped.

"Don't worry if your hubby was the one who answered, I'd just talk to him about the team," said Bert.

"So what are you so pissed about?" he asked.

"I'm not a spring chicken anymore she said, after traipsing through the woods to meet you in that God damned shack, and then having to run back, I was tired as hell," she said.

"Then I get home and take a nap and Mike doesn't want to have sex with me," she continued almost in tears.

"Ooh next time I'll have to give you more, baby," he said.

"What next time?" She said, "this was a one time thing; I wanted to see how it was to be with someone else, but I love my husband."

"Now I know, and I have something to smile about in the back of my mind when some young bitch tries to hit on my husband," she said.

"Now I can just think, yep, I could have someone else too if I wanted," she said.

"Mike is getting older," said Bert, " maybe he's slowing down, women do have higher sex drives in their middle aged period."

"So if that's the case you might want to keep me around for a while," he said "just so you get what you deserve."

"Well, maybe," said Kathy.

"At least give me one more Saturday," whined Bert "It was so good."

"Maybe," said Kathy as she hung up the phone.

Kathy smiled as she thought about the conversation.

She'd had Bert begging her, and whining. She'd originally had no intention of sleeping with the man again, but he sounded so desperate. And he did make sense about Mike slowing down. Maybe Mike was showing his age. She'd been worried for years about how Mike still looked young and she was aging at an alarming rate. Maybe all of her changes were on the outside and all of Mike's were on the inside.

Maybe she'd have to get him some Viagra or something. And she'd thought that Mike was angry at her. For a second she'd even thought that she'd been caught. She was really afraid then because she'd have to go through hell if Mike ever caught her. She'd have to kiss his ass for a while before he forgave her, which she knew he would, because they'd been together for most of their lives.

She hadn't really made up her mind yet though so it would depend on Mike. If he kept up his shitty attitude and didn't want to make love to her, then it was her constitutional right to find someone who did.

The funny thing was that Bert didn't get her off at all. She was turned on by how much he wanted her and the sneakiness and dirtiness of it, but the actual sex sucked. Bert had spent most of his time playing with and rubbing his dick between her breasts. He'd sucked them and rubbed them and played with them and by the time he'd stuck his dick in her she was dry again and he was ready to cum almost immediately and he wanted to do it all over her tits. He like most of the men she knew was obsessed with her big boobs.

In fact there were very few men she'd ever known who hadn't given all of their attention to her boobs. One of the few was Mike. Her poor hubby fucked all of her; he spent a lot of time kissing her all over not just on her boobs. He also ate her pussy with gusto. His dick was the perfect size to fill her without hurting her. And until last night, she was afraid of him. Mike had a habit of just taking her, whenever and wherever he wanted. She started rubbing her pussy when she remembered last week they'd been out shopping. Mike had noticed that she was feeling bad and he'd asked her why she was down. She'd told him that most of the boys on the cross country team didn't pay her any attention.

Mike told her it was because they were intimidated by her but he'd seen them staring at her tits often, and it made him get angry. The sun had started going down as they drove home so she thought about going to bed a little early so they could make love.

She'd been really happy that he got jealous so she'd started walking in front of him and swaying her hips a little bit as she walked up their driveway. He'd told her to stop it if she knew what was good for her. She walked all the way back out to the curb as the sunlight faded behind her.

Then Kathy exaggerated her ass swinging even more as she walked by him. Mike had snatched her by the arm, then turned her around and bent her over the hood of the Honda right in their driveway. He'd reached between her legs and just ripped her panties off, and started fucking her hard, right in plain sight of their neighbors houses. He'd have had a lot to explain if anyone had seen them, but she didn't care.

That had been really good, and only 2 weeks ago; Kathy thought as she worked her finger faster across her clit. And she really did love Mike; she sometimes wondered herself why she treated him so badly. Kathy knew that it was probably her own insecurity. As she had aged and let herself go, Mike had kept himself in good shape and now looked years younger. She had to be the stronger one in the relationship or she might lose him. When they were younger it hadn't made a difference because she could have gotten another man in an instant just by opening a button or 2 and leaning forward. But now she was barely noticed by most men, and her only attraction seemed to be her chest. on the other hand Mike still loved her but she didn't need his charity. She needed to prove to herself and maybe to him as well that she could still get another man. So maybe Saturday might happen after all; but it would definitely be the last time.

When Tommy and I finished our run we walked over to a stand of trees to stretch and there she was. I was flabbergasted how she seemed to become even more beautiful every time I saw her.

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