Toy-boy Forced to Act as Adult

by Winterfrog

Copyright© 2010 by Winterfrog

Erotica Sex Story: Young unemployed handsome man has an affair with ten years older rich spoiled upper class woman with a top job. He has to accept some crap before taking action.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Romantic   Cheating   .

Many thanks to Kirk2004 for editing this story.

Easter is a booming time at North Scandinavian ski resorts. The weather is usually above zero and very pleasant and sunny. Everybody is at least four days off the job. I was at one of the larger more popular hotels in our North together with three friends.

A gorgeous brunette gave me a bright smile and some kind comments during breakfast and now at the "after ski" I saw her sitting only a few tables away from my gang. Once again I got a bright smile from her when our eyes met. I smiled back and went to her table, introduced myself, and invited her for dinner.

Of course, my invitation was a game with low odds but an old saying says who dares wins! I dared, and I won because she accepted my invitation.

Before dinner we met at the bar for a drink. My dream-girl with the bright smile introduced herself as Amanda Nilsson and told me that she was at the hotel with a gang of her colleagues who worked at a multinational company's main office in our capital city.

The dinner went much better than expected. Amanda was a very easygoing girl, and we had no problems keeping our chat on a pleasant level. After the dinner she gave me a real surprise when she asked, "Would you prefer the noisy crowded bar or my room for a drink in a little more comfortable atmosphere?"

"Your room will be fine." I replied, but on the way to her room I couldn't resist thinking, "It is far too easy 'bingo' for happen to me in the real life. Is it a really a wonderful dream or is it a trap?"

It was a wonderful dream. Nobody was waiting in her single room, and once inside I attached the safety chain.

"It keeps jealous boyfriends on the right side of the door," I said.

Amanda laughed. Then she placed two glasses and a bottle of whisky on the table and poured us a drink.

"Cheers, my friend," she smiled as she lifted her glass.

"Cheers, beautiful," I replied, accidentally laying my hand on her knee.

She didn't make any attempt to remove my hand. Instead she whispered in my ear, "I really like you."

She went over and dimmed the lights, and, before she sat down again, I took off her short skirt and tenderly caressed her legs.

"Nice legs, my dear."

In less than a minute we were both necking, naked in her bed and as soon as I felt that she was wet, I mounted her in the missionary position. I got the feeling that the size of my tool was a positive surprise for her because she moaned and groaned rather loudly as I entered her.

Amanda had a great body with nice shaped breasts, a tight pussy, and long beautiful legs.

"Do it again, my love, do it again."

I did. Even this time we did it missionary position. Now it lasted longer, but she began groaning again when it was close to her. We relaxed much longer and talked about ourselves. I was surprised to hear that she was nine and a half years older than me, and she sounded pleased to hear that I was so much younger. However we agreed that our ages was of little importance.

After a whisky and some further small talk I persuaded her to suck me for the first time and after she had succeeded in getting me stone hard again, she climbed up on me for an intensive ride which got her totally exhausted. After she climaxed she was asleep within a couple of minutes.

That was really a night to remember and it was after eight o'clock when we woke up for a quick morning fuck before I left her room for a shower and for dressing in ski clothes in my own room. Amanda and I had agreed to have dinner together that evening. It was a great day for me!

Throughout the day I couldn't help thinking about Amanda, although I understood that it could never be anything but two great nights to remember. Amanda was 35and very well off with a good paying job and an expensive house just outside our capital city. I was 25 and only had a temporary job in town. The job paid fairly well, but it would only last for a couple of months. I was sure that back home Amanda would brag to her friends that she met a "toy-boy" with a big cock who gave her a great Easter fuck. Why should I care? After all I got great sex.

That evening was memorable with only a slight difference. After dinner we went to the bar for some dancing and mingling before we went to Amanda's room for four fucks.

Before parting we made the usual promises to keep in touch, but I didn't believe I would ever see her again. However that same evening I received a long text message from her. She confessed her love for me and how much she missed me that evening.

I sent her a kind reply and we soon began keeping in touch via e-mail. A month later she invited me over for the weekend. I accepted and was surprised that she had such an expensive looking home in one of the best areas outside the city.

Amanda asked me if I was impressed. I agreed that it was tastefully furnished, but she was a little disappointed when I told her that I sold all kinds of houses equal in value to hers in my town for less that half the price.

We had a good time and one month later Amanda invited me again. That night after a pleasant dinner at a local restaurant, she told me that she had a very important matter to discuss with me.

"I'm pregnant and 100 percent sure that you are the father. It is our responsibility to find the best possible solution. Of course, the baby will be DNA tested as soon as possible. How do you feel about this?"

Amanda had taken me by surprise.

"Amanda, I don't know what to say. Frankly, I'm shocked. I need time to think about this. How do you feel?"

She looked straight in my eyes before she replied.

"Abortion is out of the question, and raising a child as a single parent is not the best solution for our baby."

I was surprised but understood what she wanted to do. I decided to play her game.

"You made a very happy man of me. Of course, I will take care of my child and marry the lovely mother of my child. You are my dream-girl because I've been dreaming about you since Easter."

This was the perfect solution for an unemployed guy like me with only two weeks left on the lease on my apartment. But I was honest, very honest indeed, when I told her about my warm feelings for her. Although Amanda was ten years my senior, she was a very attractive woman. In fact she was much better looking than most girls my age. Another advantage was that with the lodging fixed, a new job would be much easier to find. Of course, a wife with a well-paid top job was an extra bonus.

However, there were also a number of disadvantages. Her family and friends would see me as a greedy gigolo with Amanda's money as the only goal in mind. That was totally wrong because I had done well in my temporary job and would even do better when I got a job in the booming capital area.

Most loving couples spend a lot of time planning their wedding and spend huge amounts of money for their wedding, at least when it is the first time for both.

A wedding can be fast and a rather inexpensive affair for those who prefer to do it that way. Amanda and I did it that way. Not for economic reasons but because Amanda wanted to do it that way and because it wasn't any big deal for me. I accepted without any objections.

First a short wedding ceremony just before noon at the city hall, followed by a good lunch together with our two witness, Amanda's best friend Lina and her husband Fredrick. After that my new wife and I took a taxi to the airport, a flight to Rome, and a connecting flight to the romantic Island of Capri where we had booked a week at a five star hotel.

It was a very romantic week with a lot of great sex. I was convinced that my marriage was the very best thing I ever done in my life.

Back at Amanda's house I was very happy to see that I had gotten mail from a real estate agency. They wanted to see me about a temporary job for three months. I went there and got the job because the boss knew the boss from my previous temporary job. So far, so good until Amanda visited her parents. Then shit hit the fan.

Her parents were arrogant, rich and rude people living in a run down house in a rich neighborhood. To my surprise they didn't even pretend to be kind to me. They ignored me. All of their questions about me were addressed to Amanda, and I was referred to as "He there."

Her mom went too far when she asked Amanda, "Would my girl like a cup of coffee and does 'he there' drink coffee."

I stood up and addressed Amanda.

"Dear Amanda, could you please tell those living creatures that 'he there' prefers to go now. See you later."

Amanda rushed after me when I left the house. Right there in her parents driveway we had the first serious quarrel of our marriage.

"Don't you dare act like a spoiled child. Come back and act like an adult."

I saw her parents standing at the doorway but had enough and shouted back, "This is both my first and my last visit to this mad house. Never again!"

It's not easy to be a newlywed with such in-laws. Amanda and I didn't speak to each other for a few days., I was convinced that it was better to stand my ground now than to put up with her parents for the rest of my life.

Then we spent a week at my parent's farm. It was a real surprise for Amanda, much bigger and more modern than she had expected. My parents were very friendly to her.

A few days after coming back to Amanda's house, she held a "girl dinner" to introduce me to her friends. I offered to dine with them but disappeared as soon as possible so that they could have their girl talk without me present. Amanda didn't like my idea and got me to be some kind of toastmaster for the evening.

Amanda had invited ten ladies. Everyone was older than me, a few were even very good looking. While serving them a welcome drink, it was easy to see the different ways they looked at me. Some gave me bright smiles, some were neutral but a few could not hide that they regarded me as a gigolo of some kind.

However, the dinner went much better than expected. After the starter Amanda introduced her friends with a few words about each of them. Then it was my turn to introduce myself.

"I'm sure that some of you have been feeling sorry for pretty Amanda who's a poor prey to a conning gigolo but as usual, the truth is far less exiting than the rumors," I said.

That caused some loud laughs and I continued speaking.

"I'm Eric Alming, a twenty-six years old country-boy."

After that I told them about my hometown, education and before saying, "She's a city girl, I'm a country boy. She has a top job; I've got a temporary job so far. I can't deny that we are different in many ways, but I'm sure that we can fix it. Please feel free to ask whatever you want to know and I promise to be honest."

Our wedding witness Lina asked me about what we did at Capri and who paid the bill. I told some funny honeymoon episodes from Capri and that we paid it 50/50.

One of the others asked, "Have you met Amanda's parents?"

"Yes I have."

The next question was asked by Jennifer, "Are you happy to be a rich woman's husband?"

"I'm happy to have a lovely wife and it is not any disadvantage that she is rich, but I don't need her money because I can make enough on my own to support us."

A brunette asked, "Have Amanda and you had a different opinion in any matters yet?"

"Yes we have, and I can only laugh because that problem would fit better in a comic strip than in real life."

Both Amanda and I refused to give any further comments about that matter.

To my great pleasure I got a feeling of being accepted by Amanda's friends and all further questions were about both of us like how we met, who said what, the name of our baby and so on."

The fall was a good time for us. I was working and got one extra month there. Our social life was rather intensive with many invitations to dinners and parties.

Amanda was rather big now and we spent the Christmas holiday at my home and the New Years with a small party at our home.

Then the big day came, January 14 when Amanda gave birth to our son. She had taken time off from her job for parental care from the first of January and we had agreed that Amanda would go back to work on the first of April. I agreed to be home daddy during the remaining 390 days of health insurance paid parental care days. With 5 paid days a week I could stay home one and a half year without living on Amanda's money. After that we could find some kind of day-care.

There had been some kind of re-organization at Amanda's job during those three months she had been away. She had new responsibilities, higher salary and was working with different people than before. It was uphill for Amanda, downhill for her family.

The change in our family life came by on by with longer working days for Amanda, then "after work mingling," late dinners with co-workers and "team building" trips during weekends to London, Barcelona and New York. Of course, an interesting and exciting life for my wife but our family life was suffering including our sex life.

One of the lights in my rather boring life was my walk with my baby carriage in the nearby park where I met Molly Robertson, a lovely young wife who walked her baby at same time as I did. At first we had only said "Hi" then some small talk and rather soon we walked together and had pleasant conversations.

Of Amanda's summer vacation, four weeks in July, she shared two weeks with the baby and me. We spent one week at my parent's farm and one week at a rented summerhouse on the coast together with Lina and her family. Then she spent one week at some spa with her parents and one week hiking in the mountains with some girlfriends. This was Okay with me because I spent one of those weeks at Mallorca in Spain with a group of old friends and the last week at my parents' farm. My parents took care of Liam during those two weeks.

I was convinced that Amanda was cheating on me during her team building weekends and on late evenings away from home. Because of that I didn't turn down any opportunity to cheat on Amanda during those two weeks and to my great pleasure I got several opportunities.

My dear wife sent me three short text messages during those two weeks, and I sent three to her. Obviously neither of us cared any longer.

Two weeks after Amanda started working again in August I had a serious talk with her. She came home from work around 23.00 on Friday evening and said that she had to attend an important meeting on Saturday.

I simply asked her, "What kind of family life do you want and are you still interested in some kind of sex-life within our marriage? Am I right when thinking that you are used as some kind of company whore who gets all you need from business or has the new job turned you totally frigid?"

She got furious, turned red in her face and shouted so loud that the baby woke up.

"You shall never forget that I'm the provider in this family, and I can tell you that I'm not the only fish in the pond and if you don't get enough from me, go fishing."

"Do you regard me as some kind of parasite because I'm taking care of our baby 24 hours 7 days a week. Have you ever thought that you are his mother and have you ever thought about him while you are partying with the damn trash from your job?" I shouted back.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she screamed and rushed into the bedroom.

To my surprise she was back home from her "extra Saturday meeting" by 15.00 and took a long walk with the baby. Then she went to some "girl party" for the evening and was back home after midnight. Amanda went to see her parents on Sunday and spent the whole day there. Not much for a happy family life, indeed.

Of course, I had already given up the marriage and regarded it as a farce. To be responsible for the baby gave me strength, and I planned to stay until he was two years old. Then I would get day-care for him so I could get a job and be able to move out of Amanda's house.

On Monday in the park Molly immediately saw that something was bothering me and kept asking me about it. At first I pretended that there were no problems but she kept asking until I told her the truth about Amanda's and my marriage.

Then I got the surprise of my life when I told Molly about Amanda's advice about more fish in the pond. Molly smiled and said, "Amanda is right, she isn't the only fish."

"Do you really think that going to a singles bar with a baby carriage would be a hit?" I said jokingly.

"Who's speaking about single bars? Two can play Amanda's game, your place or mine?" she replied smiling.

I thought it was a joke and decided to play my part.

"My place will be fine."

We went to Amanda's house and I thought Molly was playing some kind of "chicken race" and decided to play the game to the end. We ended up having sex in one of the living room leather sofas. As our babies continued sleeping, Molly and I did it again.

It was very memorable, the most unexpected sex in my whole life. Of course, I had dreamt about Molly, but never dared to make any attempts of seducing her because our walking meant so much to me. Now she confessed that even she had been thinking about me and decided to act at the first opportunity. Molly found evidence that her husband was cheating on her and was now planning to divorce him.

Molly and I continued to have sex at least two times a week, and we were talking about a future together.

I never refused Amanda any sex the few times she wanted it, but she wanted only fucking and not any kind of making love. She never complained but I'm sure she understood I had been "fishing in the pond."

Our so-called family life went on as usual during the fall without any real problems until the Christmas party at Amanda's workplace. Spouses were invited and expected to attend. For some reason it was no problem for Amanda to get her friend Jennifer to babysitter. On other occasion when I suggested we go out together for the evening for some reason it was impossible to get a babysitter.

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