The End of a Marriage

by SW MO Hermit

Copyright© 2010 by SW MO Hermit

: A man knows his wife is going to cheat on him as a requirement for her promotion. This story is about his attempt to prevent that, then to get retribution against her and her employer after it occurs.

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

I woke from my troubled sleep as tired or more tired than when I had gone to bed. I could tell from my wife's eyes that she was in the same boat. Her face was pale and her eyes red; probably from all the tears she had shed the previous evening and night. I glared at her then started to turn and enter the master bathroom. When she opened her mouth to speak I raised my hand for silence. "Jennifer, there is nothing more to be said unless you are going to tell me you have decided NOT to go to the banquet this evening."

Her face flushed in fresh anger and I completed my turn. On my way to the bathroom I reiterated my statement from the previous evening. "If you go through with this it will be the largest mistake of your life. It will cause you and your company serious trouble and will end our marriage."

In the mirror I could see the anger leaking out of Jennifer's eyes. Finally she could hold it in no longer. As she was gathering up her work clothes she began speaking-and not in a conversational voice I might add. "Damn you Clovis I've told you and told you that my attendance at this party is mandatory and my participation in the team building exercise is also. I don't know where you got the idea that anything untoward was going to occur but that just is not the case. Management of all levels are required to attend and the doors are locked for the duration of the meeting. How in the world you can believe my attendance is optional is beyond me. I have gone to all your mandatory gatherings for years and played the good little wife. I don't know why you think you do not have to attend mine. OK, OK, I admit you will be on your own for the duration of our meeting but so what? We will be together for the social hour and banquet. I just can not believe you would rather believe the rumors you have been told me about my company instead of what I am telling you goes on at the team building exercises."

Jennifer was staring into my eyes in the mirror as she delivered her diatribe-the same one I might add that she had delivered several times in the past week-almost word for word even. Her face blanched further when she met my eyes and saw my clenched jaws. Without a further word she turned and walked from the room. I suppose she didn't believe me when I told her I KNEW what she and her superiors were planning for the evening. I suppose part of her disbelief was due to the fact she did not realize I had been friends with the husband of a woman who had refused promotion to management in her company when she found out what she had to do if she accepted the promotion. As much as I hated to admit it to myself I believed that man more than I did Jennifer because I had verified his statements.

After Jennifer told me she had accepted promotion I had placed bugs in her purse, computer bag and car. There was a recorder in her car also. I now knew what my friend told me was true, that newly promoted female or male members of management, no matter what the level were expected to have sex with their superiors of the opposite sex during the meetings. At least one of the sex acts had to be in the presence of their spouse or significant other. All of the sex acts were in sight of any attendees present at that time. Admittedly most of the sex occurred during the sequestered executive meetings and it was always done as nearly fully dressed and discretely as possible. By that I mean the "ladies" were expected to wear no underwear and skirts that would facilitate penetration while sitting on the lap of their male partner. They would have intercourse while the meeting went on around them, then when the male had reached orgasm they would change seats.

Jennifer had been extremely upset three months ago when I got angry with her for accepting the promotion to management level in her company. She had never understood why I had not even wanted her working at her company. I had told her repeatedly that I did not approve of management practices and that I had heard that the managers took advantage of their subordinates sexually. I do not know to this day if she had known this and didn't care or if she did not believe me but I did know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she knew what was expected of her at this meeting. As soon as she had been promoted I had installed listening devices in her purse, computer case and brief case as I stated earlier. I had hours of damning recordings of her discussing what was expected of her at the banquet.

I suppose I was supposed to be kept in the dark totally but it was assumed that if I did find out about it I would accept the infidelity because company policy dictated it only happened at the "promotion banquets" once a year and only with the newly promoted members of the opposite sex. As far as I could determine all management was squeaky clean and they did not dally with each other at any other time or in any other way. I did not care how "moral" or above board they were throughout the year. If Jennifer went through with this "team building" exercise the marriage was over. She would never get the chance to go to another as my wife. In fact, just the fact she was seriously considering doing this was enough to damage the marriage, perhaps to end it.

When I walked into my office the volume of conversation died down to almost nothing. I could see all my coworkers in sight stare at me as I walked into my office. I knew I looked like hell and I was fairly sure my face showed my anger. I was Vice President of security at our company. We had many defense contracts so we used many high Tec devices for our security. I was going to use some of these to catch my cheating wife and destroy her employer. I hoped I could do all I had to do and still keep my job but, no matter what, I WAS going to do it.

My Personal Assistant followed me into my office. Donna closed the door and looked at me. She said, "Well Clovis, you look like hell today. Are you ill? Is there anything I can do to help?"

I sighed and replied, "No, just sit and keep me company on the last day of my marriage."

Donna gasped and said, "Oh, Clovis. Surely there's some way to keep your marriage. Whatever has happened?"

I explained what I had heard in the past and what my bugs had picked up over the last three months. When I was finished Donna looked at me in shock and, I thought, sorrow then she said, "You really don't believe Jennifer will go through with this do you? You two are more in love than almost any couple I know. I can't believe she would go through with that silly initiation."

"Donna I spent all night arguing with her. We only got about four hours of sack time and not much of that was sleep. She keeps telling me she knows the rumors I have heard are wrong and that the only things going on are awards, team building exercises and socialization. I still don't know if she thinks I am stupid or if she believes she can fuck around on me and I will accept it. I told her that if she goes to this meeting and I even suspect she has sex with anyone not only she but also the company will be sorry and that it will end our marriage. She just stared at me and walked out heading to her office. She was carrying a garment bag with the most revealing cocktail dress I have ever seen inside it. She told me she would not have time to come home and ORDERED me to meet her at the banquet hall."

"I have had my attorney prepare the papers and I intend to be there at the banquet when she and her company are served. I just hope I can make it through the evening without doing anything that will necessitate Darren firing me.

Donna looked very uncomfortable after I had made my little speech. Finally she sighed, shook her head and left the room. On her way out she said, "Clovis, I hope you know what you're doing. I don't want to lose you but if it comes to you or the well being of the company you know Darren will fire you. Clovis, I'm so sorry. I, I want to help you if I can. You know how I have felt, how most of us have felt about the actions of your wife's employer for years. You're not the only one who had heard the rumors. In fact we were so surprised you allowed her to work there."

Needless to say I didn't get much work done that day. In fact, I took vacation beginning at 3 p.m. because as I told my boss and Donna I just didn't feel well. By now they both knew why I had taken off of course. I had already told them I would be at the meeting of my wife's company and I intended to disrupt her celebration.

I had hired a PI to assist me in my investigation of my wife so I could be sure I had good evidence for my proposed future actions. We had installed cameras and recording devices in all the rooms Jennifer's company had rented for the evening, even a "hospitality suite" most of the banquet's attendees would never get to see.

I was at the hotel early and did a recon of the rooms listed as being used by my wife's company. I decided which doors I would use, where I would walk and watch. I even took the time to render some of the locking mechanisms on strategic doors inoperable. I just hoped the hotel did not find them and repair them before the meeting.

I was sitting near the entrance well before the attendees for the banquet began arriving. I had a small camera that I intended to use to document some of the actions I intended to take and that my wife and her fellow managers were going to engage in. I had monitored conversations in the meeting room. Senior management was deciding the order in which newly promoted management were to be initiated by seniors. The company president was to get first crack at all the females, then the vice presidents, then the roster was set based on the past years performance. The same for the males promoted that were to be used by the few females in management. Additionally, the company President was to get the final fuck of the night when he escorted Jennifer back to our table to be with me for the dancing and social part of the evening.

Finally about six p.m. people began arriving and filing into the main meeting room. About 6:45 p.m. my beautiful soon to be ex wife arrived at the hotel. Even knowing what she had planned I felt my cock get hard. She was easily the most beautiful woman in sight and her dress only accentuated that beauty. I felt my eyes water as I watched her so sexy walk when she entered the room. Her beautiful smile would light up any room, no matter how dark. I could see her strolling from group to group of visiting people. Occasionally she would lean up and give one of the older men a gentle kiss on the face or would gently touch their arms. From my investigation I knew these men were managers in the company. I felt my anger begin to rise once more.

I switched to my monitor of the listening device in her wallet and overheard her talking to her companies President. Her voice was cracking and she seemed upset during that conversation. He said, "Well Jennifer you are certainly looking beautiful this evening. I am so looking forward to our team building exercise this evening also. It always does my old heart good to meet and begin to interact with new talent in the management ranks."

I heard laughter after he said that and some of the other managers made smart-ass comments. One in particular I noted. This man said, "Huh, I wonder why that is?" He got loud laughter after that comment.

The President continued then, "Tell me, which of the gentlemen here is your lucky husband?"

I thought Jennifer's voice wavered a little when she said, "Uh, Harold, I'm sorry but Clovis refused to attend. In fact, he did everything he could to keep me from attending. I am afraid I made him very angry with me when I told him I was coming with or without him."

The President had an angry tone to his voice when he responded. "Jennifer you know the attendance of the spouse or significant other is mandatory at these team building exercises. You will not be a tenured manager until your husband sits in the same room with us during your celebratory introduction to the other managers. Just how did you expect to complete this requirement if he did not attend tonight?"

"Uh, well, I had hoped that ... well, I thought that maybe we could have our meeting and then later..."

"No my dear, I am afraid that just won't do. I'm afraid if he doesn't show up we will have to vacate your promotion and find someone else to fill your position. I'm afraid the rules are iron clad. We have to know the spouse is on board with us and will support you in your new position."

OH, crap I thought. Now what should I do? If I thought they would reduce her to ranks or fire her if I did not attend I would stay where I was. On the other hand, what if they fucked her anyway? I knew that was a deal killer for our marriage too. Of course, as angry as she was when I told her I was not going, if she lost her promotion because I did not attend I almost expected her to divorce me anyway.

Now I wondered if I should I attend then follow through with my plans as best as I can or should I stay away, let Jennifer fail to get the promotion. I was pretty sure that if I did not attend our marriage would end any way. I believed Jennifer would be so angry with me she would either divorce me or make things so uncomfortable I would divorce her. On the other hand, if I "changed my mind" and attended it could hurt my case in the divorce because it could be said I had tacitly agreed to her cuckolding me in public. Finally I decided I would "have a change of heart" and attend. I hoped Jennifer would decide at the last minute to refuse to participate in the "team building" exercise. If she elected to continue I would allow Jennifer to begin her initiation then I would strike. The only problem I could see with that plan was that I would not get as many of the managers on tape fucking her as I wanted. Oh, well, I would get the big boss and take him down with Jennifer.

I quickly went to the rest room and removed my disguise. Thankfully I still had my work suit so I changed back into it and managed to enter the banquet room just before the doors closed and were supposedly locked.

Jennifer's face lit up with her patented ten thousand watt smile when I slid into my chair beside her at the table. She was seated beside her boss with his wife on his other side. His face lit up in a sadistic smile when she introduced me. I had met him once before and was sure he remembered me but...

After the attendees finished their last drinks and before the meal was served, Harold stood reached out and took Jennifer's hand. He pulled her from her seat and placed his arm around her waist. When she stood and let him hug her I looked up at her face. She was looking deeply into her boss's eyes but when I spoke she turned her head toward me. I thought her gaze hardened somewhat as she listened to me. "Jennifer, please don't do this. We don't need this for our marriage to work."

Harold gave me a haughty look and a little smirk then began walking away. He pulled Jennifer with him. He stopped at every table, beginning with ours and made the same statement, "Everyone, I would like you to meet one of our newest members of management. After tonight's team building exercise she will be a full-fledged member. I am sure all you previously inducted managers are looking forward as much as I am to her joining with us."

After Harold had introduced Jennifer to everyone at the tables, he took her to the front of the room. They stood while other managers made the same trip around the room introducing other newly promoted personnel. Harold stepped to the microphone and said, "I am sure all the spouses and significant others are aware of the agenda tonight but, just in case, let me briefly go over it. We will have a short business meeting in the conference room with all the newly promoted managers then we will return to this banquet room for our meal and dancing afterwards. While we are gone, please make use of the complementary bar." Harold turned, wrapped his hand around Jennifer's back once again and led her into the conference room.

Many of the people left in the banquet room looked uncomfortable. They would look at the spouse of a newly promoted manager and get a sorrowful look on their faces. Many of them and many of the spouses of the newly promoted knew or suspected what was going on in the team building exercise.

I sat for about thirty minutes and then excused myself, ostensibly to go to the rest room. Instead I went into another conference room my PI and I had rented. It contained all the equipment we were using to monitor the "secret" "team building exercise". I was hardened to what I expected to see but at the same I became so angry when I watched Jennifer. When I arrived she was sitting on the lap of one of the vice presidents. I could see her hips moving rhythmically forward and backward. Her face had the relaxed just fucked look I was familiar with. She was watching a screen as a PowerPoint projection played across it.

I watched the power point display for a moment. It will be forever embedded in my mind. "Management in this company survives because of the trust in each other, trust built upon shared experiences and shared knowledge that if released to non management would destroy each manager and this company. Management thrives on the closeness engendered by periodic team building exercises. Management safeguards trade and corporate secrets rabidly." The presentation went on and on. All I could see it accomplishing was trying to brainwash new management to keep them from slipping and letting non-management know what really transpired in these meetings.

I watched as Jennifer obviously had an orgasm. She flushed and her hips moved faster. The man upon whose lap she sat had to support her for a moment then she resumed her slow hip movements. I watched as he tensed and almost lifted her off his lap when he shoved up into her with what I assumed to be his orgasm. Jennifer turned slightly toward him and smiled then rose from his lap. As she did that I saw a flash of his cock as he returned it to his trousers.

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