Little Pig

by StangStar06

Copyright© 2010 by StangStar06

Romantic Sex Story: She couldn't let go of the past

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Coercion   Heterosexual   Tear Jerker   Cheating   Group Sex   BBW   .

This story and all of the other things that fall out of my imagination was greatly enhanced by the editing skills of DB448. He takes the mess I send him and actually turns it into something intelligible.

My family has always lived in Florida, and I love it here. So, long after my mom and dad passed away, and college called for me to go elsewhere, I've returned to the same lazy sleepy little town I grew up in. Of course it's a little different now. Instead of living in a cramped little house in the city, I live in an airy and open mansion just yards from the ocean. My change in status is due to a successful career choice, paired with shrewd investments and a great idea. Straight out of college I wrote a very simple algorithm that greatly improves the efficacy and error handling of almost any automated system when included in certain software packages. It wasn't so much an invention or a discovery, as it was a packaging. And since I had the patent, licensing it became profitable beyond my wildest dreams. So now, at the ripe old age of 32, I'd never have to work again.

My wife Peggy and I have everything we could hope for and more. We were blessed to have a life-long love, and happiness. Or we were until last night.

My name is Greg Bradford; I'm 5' 10", I have sandy blond hair with blue eyes and weigh 185 lbs. Pretty average in most respects. I'm an OK looking guy, not prince charming but I've never had any complaints. Besides my knack with computer programming, I'm average in every other way. In high school I wasn't the captain of the football team or a nerd; I was that guy in the middle. I was smart enough that the nerds respected me, and athletic enough that the jocks did too.

When I was 7 years old one of our neighbors, a single woman, had a baby. There was no father in the picture and back in those days that was unheard of. My mom, unlike the rest of the neighbors, was drawn to help her in any way she could. I remember my mom dragging me over to see the baby when I really wanted to be out playing baseball. But even then, the first time I saw a baby, period, I knew that there was a connection between Peggy and me. By the time I was 10 and Peggy was 3 her mom Sue would buy me ice cream to watch over Peggy as she did her household chores.

My Mom of course watched Peggy while Sue worked. A few years later when I was 13 or 14, I was Peggy's only babysitter, whether her mom was working, shopping, or trying to date.

When Peggy started school some of the kids picked on her because Peggy, while not big nasty fat, was not svelte. It didn't last for very long though because the first time I heard about it, I followed her to school and put a stop to it. The kids probably still called her "Piggy" or "Pig" for short; they just did it behind her back. I thought Peggy was beautiful, and I told her so often. But she was 7 and I was 14, so girls my own age had a priority of sorts. I went out with a few of the girls I went to school with, and probably could have dated more, but I was selective. The girls who were interested in me learned over time that if they were nice to Peggy, I was nice to them.

When I was 18 and Peggy was 11. I went off to college and was only around for the summers after that. But when I came home each summer, the first thing I did was to check on my little sister, as I called her, to make sure she was OK. Then we'd spend the rest of the summer together. I sometimes got the feeling that things weren't so great when I wasn't home, but Peg never wanted to talk about it, and I did the best I could.

After college I took a job with a software firm in California, the money and the experience were too good to pass on, but we kept in contact through e-mail and phone. I kind of assumed that everything was great with Peg and was sure that if anything major in her life had changed she would have told me because we talked about everything.

When I was 25 and Peg was 18, I got the call. Peg really needed something and her mom couldn't get it out of her, she was depressed and crying and no one could help her so her mom called me. I took vacation time and came home. I was there that same night.

As much as I'd tried to stay in contact, I guess I missed something because my Peg had grown up. At 5'4" tall and 180lb she was not gifted with the proportions of a super model but who cared. Her weight was all in her ass and her chest. Long, wavy, inky black hair framed a face that was only marred by Peg's giant ill fitting glasses. Her legs were big but proportional to the rest of her, and the very slight rounding of her tummy only proved that she was a real flesh and blood woman, not a Barbie doll. As soon as I saw her, two things happened. The first was that she ran and jumped into my arms. The second was as she pressed her breasts against my stomach looking for comfort from whatever was bothering her, my dick got as hard as a bar of steel and would not go down.

Sue came into the room to see what all the fuss was about and smiled when she saw me.

"I knew you'd show up, but I didn't expect you to make it all the way across the country this fast" she said.

I took Peggy out to eat so we could get to the bottom of her problem. We went to a steak house a couple of miles down the road from the old neighborhood. It was touristy, but it had the advantage of secluded booths so we'd have some privacy.

"Spill it Peg" I said.

Her whole attitude was just unfathomable to me and she alternated between smiling and laughing hysterically and tears and bottomless sadness. Women could do that. I didn't know very many guys who could.

"I'm graduating this year" she said softly.

"That's great" I said, "I'm so proud of you Peg"

"No one will take me to the prom" she whispered, with tears running down her face.

"Peg, lots of people go to their proms stag. Remember my Prom? Rita Cushing, one of the prettiest girls in my class went to the prom alone. It's no big deal" I told her.

"I remember your prom" she said, "you bought 2 corsages; one for Tara Anderson, who went with you, and the other one for me. I still have it pressed in the bible at home. You probably don't remember it as well as I do" she said.

"I remember most of it" I told her.

"Why did Tara look at me funny before the two of you left?" she asked.

"Probably because she thought I was weird for giving a corsage to an 11 year old girl" I replied. "As I recall she and I didn't do anything after the prom and we didn't date anymore after that either, I wonder what happened to her?"

"You really are that thick, aren't you?" said Peg. "When you gave me that corsage, I told you that I loved you for the first time. And even though you didn't take it seriously, Tara did. Anyway, you had your time to be young and wild, to go to dances, and parties, and hang out with the in crowd. You had girlfriends and went steady, and were invited to things and clubs. You were a part of the crowd, you were popular. Everybody in town really expected you to marry Cindy Sheppard and leave town to become a big success."

"Everybody except me that is" I said very seriously

"Cindy Sheppard went out with Tom Johnson, he was the class everything, captain of the football team, class president, yada, yada, yada"I said.

"Cindy had it bad for you, but you never asked her out. All of your friends even knew it, but you were so easy going you never even asked her out. She and Tom were always off and on. And when they were off, every guy in school asked her out except you. When you didn't have a date for the prom 3 weeks before the dance, she broke up with Tom on purpose" laughed Peg. "She didn't make up with him until you asked Tara. Cripes, even my mom knows that. Cindy and Tom are still off and on even now"

Peg heaved a deep sigh and seemed to grow more serious.

"Anyway, back to my problem. Do you know that I'm 18 years old and have never been invited to a dance because I'm fat and ugly? I've never even had a boyfriend and I've never been up to the river to watch the submarine races. None of the guys in town want to go out with the pig" she said morosely. "Why are you laughing?" she snapped.

"So that's all this is about?" I laughed.

"This may seem like nothing to you but it's everything to me" she said as she started crying again.

Most of you reading this have heard the saying that you feel a shiver down your spine when someone walks on the ground you'll be buried in. I felt that shiver then, and those words have only just now come back to haunt me.

"I can fix this Peg. It won't be easy, but we can do this" I told her

"How?" she asked.

"Just let me worry about it. If you agree to do everything I say, you'll have the best time ever at your prom" I declared

"I always do everything you say anyway" she said, "I always have since the day I was born"

"OK, we start now then" I said waving my arm for the waiter. "The lady has changed her mind, no steak, she just wants a dinner salad" I informed him.

We had 6 weeks left until prom. The next morning, I started Peg on an exercise program that included lots of running and swimming. That was really the fun part because we ran and swam together. This gave us a chance to talk and catch up with all of the details of Peg's life that I'd missed, though I got the idea that there were some things she just wasn't ready to go into with me. Another thing that was funny to me was the fact that Peg seemed to think that she was a monster and really unattractive, but I always had a hard-on whenever she was near me.

Over the first 2 weeks of dieting and tough workouts, Peg started to slowly lose some weight. I knew that in a month we weren't going to make her a size 3, but that wasn't our goal. We also drove into Tampa twice a week for dance classes.

10 days before the prom the biggest change came about. I bought Peg Contact lenses to replace those ridiculous glasses of hers. I thought I would die the first time she batted those big grey eyes at me. I was like a deer caught in the headlights, I couldn't look away. I thought that no one had noticed, but Sue had.

"I guess I look a little better" said Peg, "but I still wish I didn't have to go alone"

"Who said you're going alone?" I asked.

"Let's see, you bought me a designer dress that will be the envy of every girl there" Peg began ticking points off on her fingers. "You put me on this Draconian diet, to starve me until the prom, so I can fit my fat ass into it. You bought me dance lessons just in case some blind guy decides to ask me to dance. You bought me contacts, for some reason that I can't explain. Let me guess, you're going to buy me a date?" she asked

"No Peg you're going to the prom with a mysterious older guy" I said laughing

"Oh yeah" she said intrigued "Who?"

"Me" I said quietly.

Peg just blinked for a second; then she grabbed me and kissed me. It was a weirdly awkward kiss because I wasn't expecting it, but when she pressed her body against mine I almost came in my shorts. Also, from the look in her eye, I think she felt my dick between us but she didn't move away.

The day of the prom, I took Peg to a spa in Tampa and got her a head to toe make over. The hairstylist outdid himself. He styled Peg's thick black hair and added subtle highlights in a bunch of different colors, one or 2 strands at a time. The effect was magical. The other colors didn't show but they served to make Peg's already black hair seem to almost glow. She kept flicking her hair back and forth when she saw it. She couldn't believe it was herself she saw in the mirror.

The make-up artist was also quite gifted. She showed Peg how to define all of her best features, including those incredible eyes, without appearing to be wearing make-up at all.

Even Sue was taken aback at her daughter's appearance when we arrived at her house. I dropped Peg off so she could change into her dress because she was worried about being late. I explained to her that we needed to be late so we could make an entrance, and after that she just hugged me and went to change.

"You know, she thinks you can walk on water" Sue told me in a matter of fact tone. "Since the day she was born, you've always been there for her. But I think that you and I need to have a serious talk"

"Don't worry Sue, I promise not to take advantage of your daughter's virtue" I smiled.

"Just promise me that we'll talk, and soon" said Sue

"I promise" I said hugging her. I hadn't noticed it before but Sue, though only in her mid forties, seemed extremely frail.

I left to go and change into the tux I bought for the prom. The tux fit extremely well and had the cummerbund and the lapels cut from the same material as Peg's dress, so we'd match perfectly.

Being a small town there were only so many places large enough to accommodate any large affair. So the proms like most school dances and functions were held in the school gymnasium. Usually a committee would form to decorate and design the facility for the event, and they went out of their way to make that year's event a success. There were the usual banners and streamers and balloons etc. But somehow it all just seemed to be more special. Then again, maybe it's just my memory that makes it so.

When Peg and I walked into that gym every eye turned towards us. Most of the girls there just stared at Peg's dress and her shoes and her hair. It was perfect, just the reaction we wanted.

By the time we'd been there for an hour no less than 6 guys had come over to our table to ask Peggy for a dance. Some of these guys had actually come to the prom with other girls, but still came over to ask her. She very politely refused all of them and only danced with me. We had to sit out a lot of the dances because of my condition so I encouraged her to take them up on it. She just smiled and said she was enjoying herself just being with me. I think she knew why I couldn't dance a lot. Every time she pressed herself against me certain parts of my anatomy begged to be let loose and she kept the stimulation going. Whether or not it was on purpose, I didn't know at the time.

I also had a few of the girls and a few graduates including Cindy come over to talk to me during the evening. Peggy's eyes narrowed dangerously every time a female even approached our table so I made certain nothing happened. There would be no dances for me either, though I would have enjoyed having a conversation with Cindy in particular because she was even more beautiful as a twenty four year old.

"Cindy, aren't you and Tom engaged?" asked Peg loudly enough for everyone around us to hear.

That was the end of Cindy, who left our area, and the signal for Peg to grab my hand and tell me it was time for us to leave.

"But Peg" I said "the dance won't actually be over for at least another hour, Sue won't be expecting us for a long time"

"My mom probably won't even be home when I get there" she snapped.

"I just thought that we should make tonight as special for you as possible" I said "but OK, if you want to go home, you're in charge"

"Who said anything about going home?" Peg fired back. "I just want to get out of here before I have to start fighting for you and ruin it. Besides, there's something else I want to get off of my list"

Peg wanted to get rid of the limo, go home, and change into regular clothes. She also wanted to get some real food and then she wanted to take me somewhere, though she wouldn't tell me where.

And that's what we did. We changed and then we went back to the same steak place that had started the whole thing and this time Peg got her steak. She was obviously happy so everything we'd done, including me taking all of my 6 weeks of vacation time at one time, was worth it.

I just couldn't take my eyes off of her. Peg, though still not slim, was so beautiful to me. She had those eyes, that ass and, "good lord" her tits just drove me crazy. The sweater she'd chosen to wear did not help, let me tell you. I was constantly forcing my eyes away from her cleavage. I think she caught me several times but didn't say anything. I also noticed that the tiny buds of Peg's nipples were clearly visible through the cloth.

After we ate Peg wanted to drive us somewhere.

"I've had a license since I was 16, and been driving before that" she said when I began to object. "Besides, you don't know where I want to go"

So Peg drove us. At first I was afraid she was taking us to Ocean Point, which was a known make out spot, but that wasn't her plan. When she turned in about 2 miles past ocean point I knew where we were headed and looked at her strangely. She'd taken us to a quiet little cove that didn't even have a name. It was secluded and you couldn't even get to it in your car; you had to get out and walk. The actual view was far better than Ocean Point, but having to get out of your car killed it as a prime make-out location. Peg got a blanket from the car and grabbed my hand. I didn't think anything was amiss because Peg and I had been coming here for years when we had something to talk about. I remember the first time had been when she was about 10 and I told her about bringing one of my dates here and she just had to see it.

We sat there and watched the ocean for awhile before Peg started to talk.

"Greg, thank you so much for everything. Not just for tonight, and the prom and all of the prep, but for being there for me for all of my life" she said

"No problem Peg. That's what family is for" I said.

I noticed that Peg had been gently stroking my arm. That in and of itself wasn't unusual but when she reached over and started rubbing my leg near my crotch, things started to heat up.

"Peggy, what are you doing?" I asked.

"You look at me a lot" she said "this is looooong overdue"

I grabbed her hands and said "Wait, Peg"

"Wait for what?" she almost whined. "You want me. I've always, and I do mean always, wanted you. I see no problems" and she reached up to kiss me.

"But Peg, shouldn't your first time be ... you know, special? With someone special... ?" I asked. "You're kind of like, I don't know, my little sister or something ... Oh God" I actually tried to make myself look away, but I couldn't. During our activities Peg's sweater had moved and one of her large perfect breasts was out of her bra and on display.

"You think of me as your little sister, but I've never thought of you that way" she said seriously. "I told that bitch Tara Anderson that I loved you and you were mine when I was 11. She knew it then, and it's still true now, you just have to wrap your mind around it. Unless you really don't want me"

Finally Peg adjusted her top and slowly crawled over next to me and sat down. She stretched my legs out in front of her and lay her head down in my lap. She grabbed my hand and curled up next to me, and if it seemed natural, it was because this was always the position we wound up in whether we were just watching TV or for one of our serious talks. I waited for her to begin, but I was still reeling from the revaluations of the last few minutes.

"You said that a person's first time should be special. Well, this would have been the first time sex would be special for me" she said seriously. "But it would be nowhere near my first time" I involuntarily gasped when she said that. "I'd always thought and hoped that you would be my first. But you went away to college, and then to start your life, and left me here alone. You didn't do anything wrong and you were always only a phone call away and I know now that you would come home for me at the drop of a hat, but it doesn't change the loneliness I felt then. I was nearly always alone, I had no friends. You could scare the kids into leaving me alone, but you couldn't make them be my friends. Behind my back they still called me Piggy" she said with tears beginning to form. "No one wanted to be the fat girl's friend. The boys would always look at my tits, and pretend to accidentally brush up against them. But not one of them ever asked me out, ever. Then when we got older, they took all of the girls out to Ocean Point. All of the pretty girls went to other places too of course but me, I was always alone. Every once in a while I'd become friends with some other girl and we'd hang out but as soon as they got a boyfriend, I was forgotten and alone again"

Peggy paused and stared at the sky for a few moments as the tears ran down her cheeks before continuing in a rough whisper.

"About 3 years ago I got lucky. Jeremy Havor, who was so ugly everyone in class swore he'd never get any pussy, was walking down the road at night and so was I" she said quietly, watching as my eyes got bigger. "We ended up fooling around. I didn't fuck him, but he got enough" I breathed a sigh of relief. "He ended up telling a couple of his friends. It became a big dirty secret" she said almost laughing. "If a guy wasn't getting any, or didn't want to put too much pressure on the girl they really liked; they'd just drop by and fuck the fat girl, and nobody had to know. I don't really think it was a secret, just one of those things that everybody knew and didn't talk about. Of course, not one of them ever took me anywhere or did anything for me. I was just pussy, no need for foreplay, just knock on the door, and stick it in me, then leave as quick as possible, and hope nobody saw them" she smiled weekly. "What really hurt sometimes was when a guy would come over and fuck me nearly all night, and then laugh and call me names the next day in school" her smile disappeared. "It was always "yeah baby, give it up" at night, and "Eeeow, she's just nasty fat" in the morning, but I was so lonely, I couldn't stop it" she said crying again "Greg, everybody needs some kind of human interaction, and except for the sex, I had none. I kept hoping that someone would look past the outside and see me, but no one ever did. It was actually worse whenever you came home, because I loved you so much, and I had to be that perfect little girl for you. The first time I actually had sex, I cried for a week because it should've been you" she said dejectedly. "I felt like I'd taken something that belonged to you, and gave it to someone else. Then this thing with the prom came up, and I just lost it. So what happens? You show up out of the blue and just make my life better like always. But from the beginning, even before the contacts and the diet, I noticed something" she said quietly "You, for the first time, started reacting to me like a grown-up woman and not like a little girl. You kept trying to pretend you weren't staring at my tits, even when I was shoving them in your face" she smiled "I couldn't have been more obvious if I'd been wearing a "fuck me" T-shirt" her smile became a smirk. "You even ran behind me when we ran so you could look at my fat ass. Everyone in the world knows that I have always loved you Greg, but it suddenly became obvious to me that there was the possibility that we could be together. I want that more than anything, I'd do anything to have it, but I needed to be honest with you"

By this time Peg had tears rolling down her face and she was holding onto my hand for dear life. It was as if she thought that maybe I'd leave her too.

"Peg, why didn't you call me when you were lonely?" I asked. I had started to cry to.

We spent the rest of that night into the morning just talking about everything. We didn't have sex; we just talked and held each other. I got to really meet the woman my little Peggy had become that night.

The next day as I was packing to return to California I was sure Peg thought she was chasing me away, but nothing could've been further from the truth. Someone knocked loudly on the door to my hotel room. I opened the door, and naturally it was Peg. She came in and saw me packing.

"So you're running away from the town whore too?" she asked

"Peg" I started

"Don't bother, I saw you looking at Cindy last night" she spat

"Peg" I sputtered

"I never really thought that you'd leave me, ever" she said, crying now. "I thought that you were the one person that cared for me"

"Peg" I tried again

"Well if you're going to treat me like everyone else, you're doing it backwards" she choked out.

She lifted her sweater over her head and she wasn't wearing a bra. I was frozen there, unable to move. She shimmied out of her jeans and started to walk towards me with tears streaming down her face.

"Just like everybody else does it, you have to fuck me first, and then you can leave and tell everyone what a whore I am" she sobbed.

"Peg, shut the fuck up!" I snapped

She just stood there in shock. We'd had our share of arguments and tiffs over the years, but I'd never raised my voice to her, and never cussed at her. "Peg, I am not leaving you, I do not want you out of my life. Put your clothes on so I can think"

"Maybe this is what I want you to think about" she said defiantly.

"I've spent enough time thinking about that on my own" I said, turning around. "Peggy, last night I realized that you are wrong about the way I thought about you. I guess in my heart I also kind of thought we'd end up together. How we get there really doesn't matter. I'm only leaving now because I got a call early this morning that a piece of software I wrote might be far more important than I thought. If we are going to be together, this might mean a big change in our future. I agree with you that my timing sucks because there are things that we need to work out between us, but this can't be helped"

I risked a glance over my shoulder and saw that peg was still just standing there with all her considerable assets on display, but at least the tears seemed to have dried up.

"I'm leaving, but this time it's different. First off, you said you've never had a boyfriend, just a bunch of guys that come over to fuck you. Well, as of now, I'm your boyfriend. Nobody fucks you but me. Secondly, I want us to start all over from the beginning. I have to have some time to separate Peggy the woman from Peggy the baby whose diapers I put in the trash when your mom changed you" I smiled "So I want us to go out on some dates, I want us to romance each other. I want us to work up to that first kiss, to see if it's special, and I want us to work our way up slowly to going all the way. I want us to move in together and eventually..."

"When do we start" she said excitedly.

"Peg, this is important, if you get lonely, just call me. I don't want to share you with anyone else, so if you have to, call this number. It's my secretary, she'll tell you where I am and you can take this card and just come to me wherever I am" I said

Peg got the funniest look on her face. She later told me that she was so happy when I said boyfriend she had just creamed in her pants.

As I finished packing Peg quickly kissed me and left. I was kind of disappointed, expecting a nicer going away kiss, but we both had a lot to process, or so I thought. I tried calling Sue so we could have our talk before I left, but she never answered the phone and didn't have a cell phone. I called Penny, my secretary, to get the details on my meeting with the company that wanted to license my program. The meeting was in Cleveland, Ohio. Oh joy I thought, what is there to do in Cleveland?

After a full day of talking to Peg and traveling, I was exhausted. I just wanted to get to my hotel room and sleep forever. I still felt weird about the way that Peg and I parted but I didn't take it too seriously. Because we've known each other our whole lives I didn't think anything would ever really separate us. We were just entering a new phase, and we both needed to adjust to a different dynamic.

As the door opened, I heard her voice before I even got into the room.

"I was really lonely and I needed to see you so I called Penny, she's nice by the way, and she told me where you'd be, so I came here to be with you. Is that alright?" she asked

She said all of that in one sentence without taking a breath, then she ran across the room and knocked me down, kissing me. For the first time in our lives it was a real kiss, not a peck on the cheek or a quick one on the lips. Peg's tongue reached across the gap between us and circled mine. Then, before I could really enjoy it, she was up and pulling me to my feet.

"Come on" she said "we're going to dinner"

We got to the hotel's restaurant and as soon as we were seated Peg called for a waiter. The place wasn't very busy so the service was great.

"We'd like appetizers" said Peg.

"Should I bring you a menu?" asked the waiter.

"Nope just whatever you have that's hot and ready now" Peg replied.

"One of us just got off a strict diet" I told the waiter.

"One of us has a boyfriend with a big mouth" said Peg.

"Peg, I was just trying to make sure he didn't think you were nuts" I said.

"Oh I don't care" she said "I just like telling people you're my boyfriend. Hey was that our first argument?" she asked

When the waiter got back with a platter of potato skins, Peg looked at them and said "I love those, wrap them up for us" then she looked at me and said "Well, pay him"

After getting my card back, we immediately left. As soon as we got back in the hallway, Peg pushed me into a corner and kissed me again, this time grinding her body into mine with a passion. My nether regions started to react and Peg jumped away from me as if I was on fire.

"What kind of girl do you think I am?" she said. "This was only our first date, you're not getting any"

We got on the elevator and instead of pushing the button for the 4th floor where my room was Peg pushed the button for the rooftop lounge.

"Peg what floor is your room on?" I asked.

"4th, just like yours" she said.

We arrived at the rooftop lounge; it was an amazing bar that rotated on top of the hotel you could see for miles in any direction. It was too bad that Cleveland didn't have an ocean to look at. Not that it mattered since before the lounge had completed one rotation we were back on the elevator and Peg had me pressed against another wall. This time as she kissed me, she grabbed my dick through my pants.

As I started to run my hands over her ass, she stopped me, smiling.

"Nope, none of that mister; this was only our 2nd date. I am starting to like you a little though" she said

"Uhm, Peg, if you keep starting and stopping like this, I'm going to ruin a good pair of pants" I informed her.

"Your rules, boyfriend" she said laughing. "But I wouldn't want to waste any of this stuff" and she rubbed my dick again.

The next thing I knew we were in the hotel's swimming pool. The lights were off and it was deserted. We sat down on lounge chairs and watched the water. The only sounds came from the pool's filters and pumps. Peg leaned over and started giving me one of those kisses of hers, but this time she let me really enjoy it. I took my lips away from hers and started kissing her across her jaw line and gently nibbled her neck and her ears. When I got to her ears she grabbed my hands so hard, I thought she'd break them. She was making unintelligible sounds in the back of her throat, and she stiffened and let out a gasp.

"What's wrong Peg?" I asked "Why are you crying?"

"Nothing" she said "I'll tell you later, we have to go"

As we left the pool area, Peg was walking strangely. I tried to get her to sit down and talk to me about it.

"We'll talk later" she said smiling "We're already behind schedule and no more making out with you for awhile"

"What schedule?" I asked.

"We need to stop off at the room" she said "I won't be long"

"What do you mean "the" room?" I asked. "Don't you have a room Peg?"

"Yep, I have a room, and you have a room" she said smiling "it's just that they're kind of the same room"

When we got to the room, Peg took a quick shower, I was exhausted, but there was something I really needed to do. I picked up my cell phone and called Sue.

"Hi Sue" I said. "Uhm Peggy is with me in Cleveland ... I promise to"

"I drove her to the airport. I know that she'll be fine with you, just be careful" said Sue

"I'd never do anything to hurt her Sue" I said

"I know that, silly, I meant make sure you don't get hurt. We never did have our talk" she said.

"First weekend that we're back, I promise" I told her

"So you want this to be kind of permanent, huh?" she asked

"I've never wanted anything so much in my life" I said.

"Well be really careful then, bye" and she hung up.

Peg had changed into a long brown skirt that really showed off her thick, beautiful legs. She also had on a beige sweater that buttoned up the front. The first 2 buttons were undone but from the collar bone down she was covered. Something about the outfit seemed weird though. First the sweater, though she was completely covered, the material was thin enough for me to tell that she wasn't wearing a bra. I could see her nipples starting to show through the cloth as she got close to me. Secondly, the skirt was long but it had a slit up the back that went almost up to her butt and those thick legs flashed with every step she took.

"Peg" I began

"Shhh" she said "Let's go"

We walked to the elevator with Pegs arm around my waist and mine around hers. We didn't talk at all, we just enjoyed being together.

"Peg!" I began.

"Shut up!" she said "or we're not gonna make it!"

I started wondering what I'd gotten myself into. Sue's warning kept coming back to me. We needed to talk, maybe Peggy was nuts.

"Peg I just want to" I started again

"Don't say it" she said as we stepped off the elevator. "We can make it, if you keep your mouth closed"

I turned and looked at her.

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and on some level that must be true because when Peggy looked into my eyes she knew exactly what I was thinking and her plan fell apart.

Before the elevator doors had closed she grabbed it and grabbed my arm with the other hand.

We were back in the elevator and headed back to the room. Peg was in tears.

"I tried so hard" she said "I just wanted to do what you asked. But it's too late now"

We got back to the room far faster than we left. Before the door closed, Pegs' sweater was on the floor. She shimmied out of her skirt and stood naked before me. She pushed me back into the bedroom and onto the bed.

"I know what you've been trying to tell me, but I couldn't let you say it out there in the hallway because we might've gotten arrested. I'm really scared right now" she said as she unbuttoned my shirt.

"Why, Peg? There's only you and me. We don't have to do anything you don't want" I told her.

"That's the problem because I want this so bad it hurts. That's why we went on 4 dates in an hour and a half" she told me "Because that way I can truly say that we waited like you wanted before we had sex"

"What 4 dates?" I asked.

"Our first date was the restaurant" Peg said as she pulled my pants down. "Our 2nd date, ooh nice, was the view from the lounge" she pulled my boxers over my knees. "Our third date, we made out while we watched the water, just like all those couples at home do. Our fourth date was supposed to be a romantic walk around the hotel, but we didn't make it"

"Peg, if we're gonna make it we can't have any more secrets. What happened downstairs?" I asked.

"You're so silly. I can't believe you don't know. Like I told you before, I've been fucked a lot, unfortunately, and I still wish you had been my first. But that's just it, I've been fucked, none of them ever tried to get me off they just stick it in and hump me until they came and then they went. Downstairs when you kissed me, then you nibbled on my ear, it was like a direct line from my ear lobe to my pussy and I went off right then" she smirked "I messed up the special panties I bought just for you for tonight" she said.

Then Peg started kissing me again. She started on my lips and then started heading lower and lower, and I knew what was coming. But as much as I love getting blow-jobs, I knew that to make this night special for both of us, I had to focus on Peg. So I grabbed her shoulders and brought her back up to me then I pushed her back onto the bed and got onto top of her. I started kissing her again, but not hard and fast kisses, I gave her long, slow, lingering sloppy wet kisses that lasted for literally 3 or 4 minutes at a time. Then I traced my way down her face with my tongue and skirted her earlobes. We've already done that I said. I went down her neck, sucking and biting it as I went, leaving a trail of little bite marks and Peg loved every one of them. She ran her nails across my back and her breathing was harsh and irregular. From her neck, I skipped down to her stomach.

"You missed a couple of things" she said. I just laughed.

I spent a lot of time caressing and kissing and licking her stomach; then I trailed kisses down her legs. When I got to her feet I reached into the dresser and got out my hotel lotion and rubbed her feet. I rolled her over and did her back. Blowing gently on it to stand her hairs up and then followed that up with kisses down her spine.

"Oh please" said Peg "Now, please"

I started gently biting and kneading Peg's ass and she started lifting her hips to meet my tongue and teeth.

"Oh shit" said Peg "What are you doing?"

I rolled her over and pulled her legs apart, I was surprised because I remember her having hair around her vagina but it was gone.

"They did it yesterday when I got the make-over" she explained "it hurt, make it worth it"

I started gently blowing just around her outer labia.

"Oh God" said Peg "that's worth it"

Then I moved into her inner lips and Peg grabbed my head.

I gently forced her arms away and then dove. I licked her slit from her asshole to her clit and after just one lick Peg was quivering like jelly. Her legs splayed open and she screamed.

"Like that, did you?" I asked

Her only reply was to quickly nod her head.

"Should I keep going?" I asked as if I was unsure.

"Yes, yes, please" whined Peg

I licked Peg's pussy for about five minutes before she just couldn't take any more. I think she had at least 3 orgasms and then she just pulled me up onto the bed next to her.

"Gregory I need you to fuck me, now" she said frantically.

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