Jumping to Conclusions

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2010 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: Why couldn't she have talked first?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang   .

I left the apartment at my usual time and pulled out of the parking lot onto the street. I turned and headed down Cortez to the stop sign at Monte Vista and then hung a left. Twenty minutes would have me at work and if it was a normal Friday and the day had no surprises I would be able to leave work early and head for the lake. I had the tent and the rest of the gear in the back of the pickup and all I would need to do is stop and get ice.

I reached over and turned on the radio and caught the last of George Jones doing 'The Cold Hard Truth.' The song ended and the DJ said:

"Nobody does it like 'Ole Possum' and now here is Susan with traffic and weather."

Susan told me that there were no tie-ups on my route and that my weekend would be warm and sunny. After a half dozen commercials for services I would never use and products I would never buy the DJ came back:

"Good morning. It is 7:06 on this beautiful Friday the ninth of June and you are listening to KXYZ. Here is Rhonda Vincent to take you for a ride on 'The Bluegrass Express."

I love Rhonda Vincent and The Rage, but I reached over and turned the radio off. The ninth of June. I'd totally forgotten that the day was the ninth of June. How the hell could I have forgotten that? The ninth of June. The day my marriage ended. It had taken some time to try and put that day behind me, but the memory was always there and as I drove to work it all came back to me.

It started with a business trip to Chicago. I'd kissed my wife Shari goodbye, told her I'd call her as soon as I got to Chicago and checked into the hotel. The flight was uneventful and I took the courtesy bus to the hotel and then called Shari to let her know where she could reach me.

I sat at the table in the room and reviewed the papers I would be going over with the customer the next day and around seven I headed down to the hotel restaurant to get a bite to eat. After a fairly decent top sirloin I went into the hotel lounge to listen to the live band and have a drink or two.

I was sitting at the bar nursing a vodka tonic when a throaty voice behind me said into my ear:

"Want me to suck your cock honey?"

I quickly turned and saw Annette Carlson standing there. Annette had been my steady girlfriend during my first two years of college. We had torn up our share of bed sheets during those two years and had parted somewhat amicably when she told me that she wanted to fuck other guys. Her exact words were still burned into my memory.

"I like you a lot Frank, but I was a virgin when we met and I want to experience some life while I'm still young."

Until the moment she laid that on me I was actually considering getting a ring and going to a knee in front of her. The quickness with which I dropped that idea told me that it probably wouldn't have been all that great an idea in the first place. I heard later that she had developed a reputation as 'an easy piece' around campus. And here she was fifteen years later standing behind me in a hotel bar in Chicago.

She threw her arms around me, hugged me and told me that it was so good to see me and then she invited me to join her and her husband at their table. I told her no thanks, that I didn't want to intrude and she said:

"Nonsense. Come on" and she grabbed my arm, pulled me off my stool and led me over to where her husband sat waiting. On the way to their table she leaned close and said:

"You don't have to mention my greeting to you. Harry wouldn't understand."

"Too bad. I was giving some serious thought to taking you up on your offer."

That of course wasn't true. I had never cheated on Shari and I never intended to, but it seemed like the thing to say at the time. Annette introduced me to her husband and then we proceeded to bore the poor guy to tears as Annette and I went through the old friends ritual of "Have you heard from... ," "Whatever happened to..." and "Did you hear about..."

Harry got up to use the men's room and Annette watched him walk away. When he was out of sight she said:

"Why did you ever let me get away?"

"As I remember it I didn't let anything happen. You just flat out told me that you wanted to sample the male population at school and you said goodbye."

"Biggest mistake of my life. I already had the best and didn't know it."

"Thanks; I think."

"Its true baby and you know it. Besides being a super nice guy you had the best cock that I've ever had in me and I was stupid to let you get away."

"That isn't a nice way to talk with your husband just down the hall."

"Harry is a sweetheart and I'm glad I have him, but he is only so-so in the bedroom. He is what I picked and I knew what I was getting when I got him, but that doesn't mean I have to flush memories down the toilet."

Harry came back and the conversation turned to things that included him and we sat there, talked and drank for about an hour. The Annie's cell phone rang and after saying hello the conversation went:

"I suppose."

"I'll have to ask Harry."

"Hey! You remember Frank Corbett?"

"He's sitting across from me right now."

"Hang on; let me check."

She turned to me. "You remember Mary Ellen Frasier?" I nodded a yes. "She's Mary Ellen Watson now. She's having a party and there will probably be a few others there you know. Want to go?"

I had nothing better to do so I said yes. Then I said that I needed to run up to my room first and Annie asked me if she could come up and use my bathroom.

"I'd rather use a real towel to clean up with instead of the paper towels in the ladies' room here."

As we walked to the elevators Annie, who had taken on a few more drinks than I had giggled and said:

"I hope that no one who knows me is seeing this."

"Seeing what" her husband asked.

"Me going up to a hotel room with two men."

Her husband said, "It will probably look even worse than that. They will see your husband leaving you and letting you to go up to a room with a strange man. God knows what they would think about that."

"Why? Where are you going?"

"To get the car. I'll meet you out front."

He went off and Annie and I got on the elevator. As the door closed behind us Annie giggled again and said:

"It's a good thing I love my husband or I'd make good on my earlier offer right here in this elevator. Would you let me baby? Would you let your old girlfriend suck your dick?"

Knowing that she was just being playful I said, "You bet your sweet ass I would."

Let me be honest here. Annie was one hell of a sexy looking woman and she had been superb when it came to sucking cock so even though I had no intention of doing anything her looks and the memory of her magic mouth had given me a hard on and she noticed. She reached down and touched the bulge, stroked it and giggled as she said:

"It remembers me. Can I see it? For old times sake?" and she reached for my zipper.

I was just reaching down to push her hand away when we reached my floor and the elevator door opened. Annie snatched her hand away, but not before the couple waiting for the elevator saw it. The woman looked away embarrassed and the man gave me a knowing grin as we exited the elevator and Annie giggled and said "Oops."

We entered my room and Annie used the bathroom while I got my address book and a pen out of my briefcase. I wanted it so I could enter the addresses and phone numbers if there were a lot of people at Mary Ellen's that I knew. Annie came out of the bathroom and I went in and checked myself in the mirror and saw the 'five o'clock' shadow. I grabbed the electric razor and did a quick clean up, left the bathroom, got Annie and headed downstairs. Harry was waiting out front and we drove over to a house on Chicago's south side.

Besides Mary Ellen I knew a good half dozen of the people there from my college days. It was a very enjoyable evening and as far as I was concerned it was over too soon. I told several that I wanted to stay in touch and I put their phone numbers and addresses in my book. Harry and Annie drove me back to the hotel and I went to bed.

The next day went well and I called Shari and told her I would be home by eight. In a husky voice she said:

"Then I'll expect you in our bedroom at eight-oh-one and you had better be ready for a hot welcome home."

Thoughts of the feast waiting for me had me hard as a steel bar when I walked into the house at seven fifty-six. I dropped my suitcase and briefcase on the living room floor and headed for our bedroom.

I walked through the door and saw Shari spread on the bed in garter belt, high heels and nylons just as I was grabbed by several pairs of hands. I was caught off guard and the four men had forced me down on a chair before I could even begin to struggle. When I did begin to yell and struggle a pair of socks was stuffed into my mouth and then with rope that they already had handy they tied me to the chair.

Shari got off the bed and walked over to stand in front of me.

"Do I look good baby?" Do I look hot in your favorite garter belt and nylons? How about my heels? They are your favorite 'come fuck me' pumps. I wanted to look my best for you as I give you your very own private porn show."

She turned and walked to the bed where the four men, one of whom I recognized as a guy she worked with, now sat naked with hard ons. She went to her knees in front of the one on the left, looked over at me and winked, and then she went down on him. Until then I had been struggling in a vain attempt to get loose, but when her mouth closed on the man's cock all the fight went out of me and I died inside.

Shari worked her way along the line of sitting men always looking at me and smiling before she took the man in her mouth. She spent about two minutes on each man and then went back to where she stared and ran the line again. Next she got on the bed and spread herself wide and took the four men on one after the other and when all four were finished they took a break and went into the kitchen for I'm guessing some refreshment after which they came back.

Shari got on the bed and took them on two at a time. While one fucked her she sucked on a second one while the other two played with her breasts and kissed her on the neck and ears. Then one took her ass while another fucked her in the cunt. I could see that her nipples were hard and the men playing with her tits moved to suck on them.

There was no slow ands easy fucking. The men fucked her hard and she was very vocal in her appreciation. After they had all cum a second time they adjourned for more refreshment. When they came back Shari took off the garter belt and the by now laddered and cum soaked nylons, but she slipped her heels back on. She looked over at me and said:

"Thank you for this. I'm having more fun than the law should allow and I owe it all to you. I don't know if you enjoyed that whore you had in your hotel room as much as I'm enjoying this, but thank you for giving me the opportunity."

She turned to go back to her herd and as I looked at her back as she walked away I was confused. I gave her the opportunity? Then it hit me! "The whore in your room last night." Somehow she had learned about Annie and had totally misread things. I was being paid back for a wrong that I had never committed and Shari would never know it because after what she was now doing I doubted that I would ever speak to her again.

When she got back on the bed she said to her crew, "I want to try something that I've read about. Any of you guys heard of making a girl airtight?"

One of them smiled and said, "Dibs on your ass" and Shari laughed as the four men moved her into position. The guy who called 'dibs' on her ass laid down and Shari moved over him and eased his cock into her ass as she settled onto him in the reverse cowgirl position. Then she leaned back and another guy moved into her in the missionary position. The two men started working into her trying to establish a working rhythm. The guy under her supported her with his hands so her hands were free. The remaining two men took a position on either side of her and she looked at me and winked before she took the one on her right into her mouth and the one on her left into her hand and started stroking him. After that it was just bodies moving around as the four men used her and she moaned and screamed and had orgasms.

Then it was over and the four men dressed and left.

"Just a little longer baby" she said as the last of them went out the door. "I need to clean up and then we will have a little talk."

She went into the bathroom and I heard the shower start. It was almost a half hour before she came back into the room still naked. She had combed her hair and put on fresh makeup and she walked to the closet and got a robe and put it on. She came over to me and took the socks out of my mouth and as she started to untie the ropes holding me to the chair she said:

"What you just saw baby is what I'll do every time you cheat on me. I'm almost – notice I said almost – hoping that you might cheat a lot. It was awesome. I could get used to it if I let myself."

The ropes fell away and I tried to stand, but hours of being tied so that I couldn't move had their effect on me and I staggered and almost fell and had to grab the chair to keep from falling to the floor. Shari said:

"Come over here and sit down on the bed and we will talk."

I ignored her and stumbled toward the bathroom, but didn't make it before I fell to the floor. Shari came over to help, but I snarled at her to get the fuck away from me. I took a long overdue piss, splashed some cold water on my face, dried off and then walking a little better I left the bathroom and walked through the bedroom to the stairs and started down them. Shari was behind me.

"Where are you going? We have to talk Rob. We have to get some things straight."

I ignored her and walked to where I had dropped my suitcase and briefcase when I'd gotten home, picked them up and walked out of the house. Shari was standing in the front doorway calling out:

"Where are you going Rob? This isn't helping any. Get back here. We have to talk."

She was still yelling at me as I backed down the drive, turned right when I got to the street and drove off. I found a motel close to work, checked in, left a call for six in the morning, got into bed and fell into a troubled sleep.

When the call from the desk came I got up, showered and then headed to the Village Inn for breakfast. While eating I made a mental list of what I needed to do that morning. At eight I called my boss and let him know that I was back in town, but had some personal business I needed to take care of and that I'd be in around noon.

By nine I had cleaned out the bank accounts and taken every thing of value out of the safe deposit box. I walked down the street to a different band and opened new accounts and got a new safe deposit box. By ten I'd cancelled all of our credit cards except for my American Express and one Visa card that was in my name only.

I called Shari's office and asked for her and as soon as she said hello and I knew that she was at work I hung up and drove home. By eleven I had every thing I needed to get me through the next couple of weeks.

When I got to work the receptionist handed me a stack of message slips and two thirds of them were from Shari. I separated them from the pile and dropped them into the trash can sitting next to Carol's desk. Then I told Carol that Shari and I had separated and not to take any more messages from her or put any of her calls through to me.

I stopped in at Ben's office and brought him up to date on my meetings in Chicago and then told him I might have to take some unscheduled vacation time. I told him that Shari and I had separated and I needed some time to find an apartment and move in. He asked me if I could hold off on taking the time off for a couple of days.

"I need you to go to Atlanta and handle a situation there. You will probably be gone four or five days."

I told him "No problem" and it really wasn't. It would get me out of town and away from anything that Shari might try. I would almost bet that by the time I left Ben's office Shari would have been declined on her credit cards. She wouldn't be able to get me by phone so she would probably come to my office, but by then I should be in the air on my way to Atlanta.

I cautioned Ben and Carol against letting Shari know I had gone out of town and then I hit the motel, got my stuff and headed for the airport. As I waited for my flight to be called I grabbed one of those free apartment finders magazines and started going through it and making a list of places to check out when I got back to town.

About halfway to Atlanta it occurred to me that I had forgotten something important. I used the in flight phone to call Ben and tell him to take my paycheck off of 'direct deposit' and hold it for me until I could get back and change it to my new bank.

While I had him on the phone he told me that he had talked to Shari. When she couldn't get me on the phone she insisted that Carol put her through to Ben. She tried to badger Ben into making me take her calls and Ben had told her that I had told him we were separated and then he told her that communication between her and me were not a company problem and he was not going to get involved and then he had hung up on her.

When I got into Atlanta I checked into a hotel, got a good nights sleep. The next day was spent putting out fires at the Atlanta office and when I got back to the hotel I called my parents, my brother George and my sister Mary and brought them up to speed on my separation from Shari. I didn't go into detail, I just told them I came home from a business trip early and found something that I didn't care for. My mom told me that Shari had called and asked mom to have me call her which of course I didn't.

The next morning at nine I called Ben to give him an update and he surprised me. After telling me that he had seen Shari the previous evening, "I guess since she couldn't get you on the phone she decided to wait in the parking lot for you to get off work" he said:

"How do you like Atlanta?"

"I've only been here a few times, but it seems like a nice place."

"Is your separation from Shari a temporary thing while you try to work some things out, or is it something that will end up in a divorce?"

"There is no chance of us getting back together."

"Then how would you feel about moving?"

"What do you mean?"

"This is the third time I've had to send somebody to Atlanta to fix things. I'm going to let Falstaff go. Would you like the Atlanta office?"

"Hell yes I would."

"Okay then, you have it. We will work out the details when you get back."

It was a hell of a boost to my ego and as I sat there smiling it occurred to me that a move to Atlanta would take away the hassle of trying to avoid Shari and it would have been a hassle. If she was going to sit in parking lots and wait for me what else would she try? I wasn't afraid to face her; I just didn't want to.

From the way she had talked as she untied me it was obvious to me that her mindset was "Okay, now we are even and we can put this behind us" but there was no way that was ever going to happen. If she had gone out and screwed some guy in a motel room and then come home and told me "Okay, now we are even" our marriage would still have been over, but for her to do what she did with four men and expect me to accept it? No way! No fucking way!

All a face to face would accomplish was I would probably spit in her face. I knew why she had done it and I wasn't at all happy with that. She didn't trust me enough to give me the benefit of the doubt until she could talk with me? Fuck her! No sir, better to just walk away. I wasn't going to go for a divorce! I was just going to walk away.

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