Why Was Frank Avoiding Her

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2010 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: Frank wouldn't have sex with her. Why?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang   Interracial   Size   .

I sat at the table sipping a Coke from the machine just down the motel hall and watched as my best friend Joie (pronounced Joey) worked her magic on a young stud that she had picked up at the Golden Spur. Joie was married, but quite obviously not working at it. She had already taken her sweater and bra off and her breasts were out there for all to see. The 'all' was Joie's stud Al, me and Phil who was Al's wingman of the evening.

Phil and I watched as Al moved up behind Joie and cupped her breasts and used fingers to tweak nipples that were already stiff. Al's hands dropped and pushed down Joie's skirt and panties and then he pushed her down on the motel bed. Joie moved into position for puppy fucking, which is what she called the doggie position, and wiggled her ass at Al. His cock was hard and he moved up behind Joie and probed with his cock. Joie reached under, took hold of the hard flesh and guided it into the proper place.

Joie was wet – Joie was always wet – but it still took Al three pushes to get all the way to the balls into her. Joie grunted and moaned as Al pumped away at her and after several minutes Joie cried out as her first climax of the evening hit. Knowing Joie as well as I did I knew that she would have at least one more before Al got his.

I was aware of Phil's hands on my knee, but I didn't protest. I would if he tried to go higher, but I saw no reason to put a damper on the evening just yet. Joie had two more orgasms before Al exclaimed "Oh Christ" and rammed hard into Joie and held himself tight against her as his seed flowed into her.

I had taken my attention off of Phil for a bit and he had gotten his hand up to mid-thigh. I slapped his hand away and Joie saw it.

"Oh come on Rose; the man needs some relief."

"Not from me. I made that crystal clear before we left the Spur."

"You are such a pill sometimes" she said as she crooked a finger at Phil and made a 'come hither' motion and when Phil got up and moved toward the bed she rolled on her back and waited for him. Phil moved between her legs and his cock slid easily into her cum filled pussy. I watched as Phil thrust his hard cock into Joie. She put her legs up on his shoulders and grunted from the force of his love making. Al watched for a bit and then he moved to Joie's head and pushed his cock at her mouth. She opened her mouth and took him in as the room listened to the 'slap, slap, slap' of Phil plowing Joie's field.

Phil picked up the pace slamming his cock into Joie as he sought his climax and when he reached it and pulled his softening cock out of Joie Al moved from her mouth to her pussy and was quickly balls deep into her. Phil moved to her mouth and Joie began working on him.

What was I doing while all this was going on? I had put my Coke down and I had my left hand holding my panties away from my body so my right could easily get to my pussy. I fingered myself as I wished that it was me on that bed and I brought myself to a climax just about the same time that Al gave Joie another one.

As Al was pulling out of her and Phil was getting ready to take Al's place Joie looked at me and said:

"Are you sure you don't want him? You don't have to settle for your fingers you know."

"I know and I do want him, but I can't and you know it."

"You owe it to yourself girlfriend and besides he'd never know and you know as well as I do that he doesn't care and he isn't going to help you."

That was true enough. Not that Frank wouldn't care if I gave myself to another man; it was just that I was sure that Frank didn't care about me. Joie started to say something, but Phil slammed into her and all that came out of her mouth was a grunt. Phil, having already cum once was taking longer the second time and he gave Joie several orgasms before he got his rocks off.

By then Al was ready for another round, but I called a halt to things. Joie was driving and I needed to get home. Joie reluctantly got dressed and I got some nasty looks from Al and Phil, but Joie knew when she asked me to go out with her what my limits were and 'home by ten' was one of them.

On the drive home Joie asked, "Why didn't you join in? You wanted to. It was written all over your face."

"I did want to. I wanted to in the worst way, but I just can't bring myself to do it."

"Is it still that silly nonsense about you being married?"

"I suppose it is."

"It doesn't make sense Rose. You are a healthy woman and a healthy woman requires a sex life. If you are telling the truth, and I don't doubt you for a minute, Frank is not giving you what you need and I do mean need. Sex is just as big a need as air, food and water."

"I know all of that Joie, but I just can't make myself do it. I've tried and I've even come close a coupler of times, but I just can't bring myself to go through with it."

"You will Rose. You seem to have forgotten that I have known you since you were twelve and I am well aware of your sexual appetites."

"That was before I got married."

"That may be Rose, but the appetites are still there. Held in check, but they are still there."

Joie was right of course. The appetites were still there. And I wasn't at all that sure that I could hold them in check for much longer.

Joie was indeed aware of my sexual appetites. More than once we had double-dated and swapped dates during the course of the evening. Three times while still in high school and more times than I can remember in college we had pulled trains lying on a mattress next to each other. Joie and I were two peas in the same pod. Given that, what happened to us after high school and three years of college was surprising.

Joie met Steve, fell head over heels in love, and became a good approximation of a nun. Steve was a fairly straight-laced man and had straight –laced ideas where sex was concerned. He did not believe in sex before marriage and he did not know of Joie's reputation so Joie pretended to be a virgin and went to her marriage bed not knowing at thing about how Steve would be in bed.

He was lousy!

According to what Joie told me he wasn't even a two minute man. Pre-ejaculation was the norm, but Joie loved him to death and wouldn't leave him. But Joie needed sex and lots of it so she played. I never understood it. How could you love someone and constantly hang horns on him, but Joie was Joie and I loved her like a sister and it wasn't any of my business anyway.

I fell in love with Frank, but not trusting that he wouldn't find out what a slut I'd been I told him up front that I had a past, what it was and that I was a very highly sexed woman. His eyes lit up like he had found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We fucked like sex crazed bunnies from our second date until the fourth year of our marriage and then the sex stopped and there was none. Frank fell at work, hurt his back and suffered from severe back pain. Added to that was stress from work, leg pains from the back injury, late hours at work, etc., etc., etc. The bottom line is that I wasn't getting laid and I was not happy.

I'd told Joie about my problem and she said that she knew just what I needed. Go out, have a few drinks and relax. I thought it worth a try only to find out that in addition to a few drinks she had a few hard cocks in mind. Knowing her as well as I did it shouldn't have come as a surprise. She grabbed onto some stud and naturally he had a buddy. I said to count me out and so Joie did both of them while I sat and watched and resisted the urge to rip off my clothes and join in.

The next time she suggested a night out I said I'd pass and she promised me that the night would not be a repeat of the previous one. Well, it wasn't. She hooked up with a guy who didn't have a buddy and went out into the parking lot and spent quality time with him on a back seat while I sat inside fending off wolves and wishing that it was me on the back seat.

I finally decided that vows be damned and I'd finally get what I needed on a night out with Joie and I went into the evening fully intending to end my long dry spell, but before Al and Phil even joined us I chickened out. I was fighting hard to stay faithful to Frank, but I knew that most likely it was a fight I was going to lose unless Frank started taking care of business.

I'd set a deadline of ten for being home because I'd made up my mind that if I didn't go through with getting myself laid I was going to get home before Frank went to bed and rape him if I had to. He normally went to bed at eleven and he didn't expect me home until eleven-thirty or twelve.

The house was quiet when I entered and that surprised me. Frank was usually glued to the couch in front of the TV, but the living room was empty. He must have gone to bed early. So much for my raping him. I started for the stairs and saw a light flickering from the direction of Frank's home office and I walked toward it. As I got closer I saw Frank sitting in front of his computer and he was masturbating. Masturbating!! He could masturbate, but he couldn't make love to me? I don't know why I didn't storm into the room and confront him, but I didn't. I backed quietly away and left the house.

I walked around back and sat on one of the patio chairs and contemplated what I'd just discovered. Frank couldn't make love to me because of back pain? Using his hand on himself obviously didn't hurt and that to me meant that lying on his back and letting me do all the work cowgirl fashion wouldn't have hurt either. Why wouldn't he have sex with me? Something wasn't right, but what?

I sat there about twenty minutes pondering the situation and then the light came on in the upstairs bedroom. Frank was turning in. The light went off and I waited another ten minutes and then I went back into the house. I quietly made mu way into the office and closed the door behind me. I brought up the computer and checked the recent history. I typed in the address of the most recent visit and found myself at a site that featured erotic stories.

It had a section labeled "My Favorites" and I selected it. The page that came up had the note 1 thru 10 of 79. I clicked on the next page and it said 11 thru 20 of 79. I clicked on item 14 on the page; something named "Sammy" and then read what came up. It was a story of a woman who was gangbanged by her husband's bosses and co-workers. I clicked on the next story which was titled "Clubhouse Mom" and read it. It was a story about a mother being gangbanged by her son's friends without her son being aware of it. A random sampling of the other stories showed a common thread. The women were all married and fucking around on their husbands.

I went back to the history and brought up two more sites that had recently been visited. One I couldn't access because it required a password, but the one I could get into was another erotic story site. By the time I got logged onto it I was pissed. Frank could jack off to erotic stories, but he couldn't fuck me? There was going to be a shit storm coming over that! Frank was asleep and I debated dragging him out of bed and then going after him, but then I decided to sleep on things and go after him in the morning after a nights rest.

But I didn't sleep all that well and I spent a lot of time staring up at the ceiling and thinking. Not a good thing given the thoughts I was having. By morning I had changed my mind. I was going to see what I could find out about what Frank was doing.

The next morning at breakfast Frank asked me about my evening and I said that it had been okay, but I didn't think that I was going to go out for drinks with Joie anymore and Frank asked why.

"There is just something about two women sitting alone that makes every man in the place think you are trying to hook up with guys. I get tired of it. I want to sit and enjoy myself; not spend the evening fending off unwanted attention."

"You and Joie are extremely good looking ladies and you are bound to attract attention. Maybe you should look for a place where there aren't many men around. Maybe find one of those gay women's bars.

"Oh sure. Get rid of male attention just so I can have a bunch of bull-dykes hitting on me."

"Then find some place to go and some things to do that will not put you in situations where you will be hit on. Find something because you do need to get out of the house every once in a while."

As I took a sip of my coffee I was thinking "Maybe its you needing to get me out of the house."

While Frank was showering I walked around the house making some arrangements and when Frank finished his shower I took mine and then got ready for work. Luckily the day was extremely busy and I was able to put my thoughts about Frank to the side.

That night at dinner I said, "Kohl's is having a sale on shoes and I'm going to run over there after dinner and see what they have. While I'm there I'll probably look for some dresses suitable for work."

Frank knew my shopping habits and he knew I'd be gone for at least three hours. After dinner I cleaned up, put everything in the dishwasher, grabbed my purse and told Frank I was leaving. I left the house, drove one block over and parked. I waited about fifteen minutes and then I walked back to the house. I'd already gone through the house arranging blinds and drapes so I could see into the house.

I didn't see anything until I got to the window of the home office. Frank was taking advantage of my being gone. He was sitting in front of the computer beating his meat. I watched for a couple of minutes or so and then I went to Kohl's to engage in some retail therapy. Shoes, dresses, slips and bras took my mind off Frank and what he was doing.

Once Frank was sound asleep I got up and went to the office and turned on the computer. I logged onto the Net and then brought up "My Favorites" and saw the three story sites I noticed the night before. One of them highlighted in red the stories that had been recently been read and I checked them out. Once again they were all stories of cheating wives. Wives that cheated because of being blackmailed, because of being taken advantage of when they were drunk, because they were being forced to try and save hubby's job and some just because they loved doing it.

As I shut down the computer I was asking myself why Frank would rather jack off than make love to me and why were cheating wife stories turning him on?

I met Joie for lunch and since she has always been my closest confidant I told her about what I'd found out.

"What are you going to do about it?"

"I don't know."

"I know what I'd do if I were in your shoes."


"I'd find out how to become a member of those sites and how to post stories. Once I had that done I'd go out and do the things that he is reading about, write them up as stories and then post them on the sites. Then I'd sit back and get a charge out of knowing that he was jacking off to his own wife."

"I couldn't do that."

"Why not? You say he isn't having sex with you any more. If you did it and he whacked off to your story you would be having a sort of sexual relationship with him wouldn't you?"

I had no answer to that, but the thought rattled around in my mind all afternoon at work.

That night I put on my sexiest peignoir and sluttiest heels and offered myself up in an unmistakable way only to be told that his back had been killing him all day. It was the last straw. "Fuck you Frank" I thought to myself and on the way to work the next morning I thought of Joie's idea and decided that I was going to do it.

I had my personal laptop in the car with me and I took my lunch hour at a restaurant that had Wi-Fi and I logged onto the three sites that seemed to be Frank's favorites and set up author's accounts. Once back at work I called Joie and asked when our next night out was going to happen.

"Monica had her head in Mike's lap and I could hear the sounds of her sucking his cock. It added to the excitement I was feeling as I cheated on my husband for the very first time. Monica's head bobbed up and down on Mike's cock and in the back seat I started to do the same thing to Tony. He had such a nice cock. It was bigger than my husbands and I was going to have to work like hell if I was going to deep throat it. The moans from the front seat reminded me of the time during our first year in college when we did the same thing with a couple of frat boys only that time it was me in the front seat and Monica in the back. I took another inch of Tony's cock and thought "Ten years and nothing has changed.

I pulled my attention back to Tony. He reached down and tweaked my nipples and my body shivered as I tried to take another inch of his cock. My husband loved it when I deep throated him (of course it was easier with him because of his size) and Tony seemed to like it too. It took a while but I finally reached the base of his cock and I gripped his hips with both hands and pulled him against me. He understood exactly what I wanted and his hands went to the back of my head and held it as he started to fuck my face. I concentrated on breathing through my nose as he banged away.

"Oh fuck me" he moaned. "I'm going to cum" and he took his hands away from my head and I knew he was going to pull back. I hadn't fought to get where I was just so he could pull out so I dug my nails into his ass and pulled him hard against me. He cried out "Oh fuck" as he blew his wad down my throat and into my stomach. I felt three spurts before I pulled my way off of him.

"Jesus Christ lady, that was something else. I could learn to love that. Leave your husband and come live with me."

I laughed as I said, "I can't do that. How can I cheat on him if I move out? It's the cheating that's the turn on for me and no, I won't cheat on him with only you. I need dozens and dozens of men to hang horns on him. Someday I want to be able to tell him how many men I've fucked behind his back since I found out about his motel lunch hours with his big titted secretary."

Then we were at the motel and Mike went to get us a room as I closed my blouse. I didn't want my tits out for all to see as I moved from the car to the motel room."

I stopped and reviewed what I was typing. I just wished I could put into words the pure sexual excitement that the evening generated in me. Every word I was typing was true except for the names I'd give Joie and myself and the reason I'd given for cheating on Frank. Somehow 'big titted secretary' sounded better than "I'm cheating on my husband because he beats off in front of a computer." I thought about the rest of the night and smiled as I typed:

"The room had the standard two beds and Monica's blouse hit the far one before Mike closed the door behind us. Tony was behind me and he worked my blouse off and my already loose bra slid down my arms and hit the floor. I turned t undress him and found his pants already down and pooled around his ankles. I knelt and while he struggled to get his feet clear I pulled down his boxers and let his restrained cock spring free. I captured it with my mouth and heard him moan.

I wondered what my hubby would think if he saw his cheating wife on her knees with another man's cock in her mouth. Would he still think that fucking his secretary had been a good idea?

On the other bed I heard Monica say, "Fuck me; hurry up and fuck me. I need it bad. Hurry."

I took my mouth off Tony's cock and said, "What she just said goes for me too."

While he took off his shirt and shoes I dropped my skirt and panties and got on the bed. I still had on my thigh high nylons and high heels and I knew just how hot I looked as I spread myself for him. I was wet enough to float a battleship and Tony slid his cock into me with no trouble. My hands went to his ass and I dug my nails in and pulled him hard against me. "Oh baby, you are one hot bitch" he breathed into my ear and he was right. I was hot! I was as hot as any woman who had gone without sex for as long as I had.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard" I moaned into his neck and he did. Did he ever! I came twice before he did and when he had spurted into me and pulled out I turned and cleaned him with my mouth – something that my hubby had always wanted me to do, but that I never had.

When I had licked our combined juices off of him I asked, "What next?"

"Has your hubby ever used your magnificent looking ass?"

"Only once, but he didn't care for it so we never did it again."

"How about you? Did you like it?"

"It got used a lot before I got married. You'll have to go slow and be gentle until we are well into it."

He went into the motel bathroom and got the small bottle of complimentary shampoo and then we got into a sixty-nine with me on top and I sucked his cock while he worked on my butt hole with his fingers and the shampoo. He took it slow and easy going in and as soon as I was used to it he went to town and blew my mind. It was the first time I ever came doing anal. He came and held himself in me until he was soft and then he pulled out.

Mike said, "Want to swap?" and I said, "I don't mind if Monica doesn't."

Monica reached for Tony's cock as a way of saying that she was all for the idea, but Tony backed away from her and said:

"Maybe next time, but I have to get going."

Mike shrugged and said, "If you girls can wait a bit I can run him to his car and hurry back."

Monica looked at me and I looked at my watch. "I'd better get going also. If I stay out too late my hubby might get the right idea and I wouldn't want that."

On the ride back to where we had left our cars Tony tried to talk me into meeting him again and I again had to tell him that I wasn't looking for a boyfriend to have an affair with.

"Maybe if we ever find ourselves in the same place when I'm out looking we can get together again, bust as far as making dares? No, I don't think so."

When we were in Monica's car and headed for my place she looked over at me and said:

"Well you little slut; how did you like your first time cheating?"

"I loved it."

"Are we going to do it again?"

"Many, many times and soon" I replied.

I reread what I'd typed, found several grammatical errors and saw that in a couple of places I had put in Joie instead of Monica and I changed it. Then I ran spell check and made a few more corrections. Finally satisfied I logged onto Frank's three favorite sites and posted the story. I smiled as I logged off and said to myself:

"Beat off to that asshole."

One site said that it could take up to forty-eight hours for the story to be posted so I waited two days and then brought up the site on my laptop. The story was there, but I couldn't tell if Frank had read it. I would need to log onto the site on the home office computer to find that out. Frank had it set up that he was automatically logged onto the site when the site recognized his URL. I could check the story list and if he'd read my story it would be highlighted in red.

That night I waited until Frank was asleep and then I went down and got on his computer. He had read the story. I clicked on favorites and was slightly miffed that he hadn't added me to his "Favorite Author" list. Next time I would just have to try harder.

Oh yes, there would indeed be a next time.

It was a week before I got a call from Joie wanting to know if I wanted to go out and play. I told her I was more than ready and we made arrangements for the next evening.

In the morning I told Frank I was meeting Joie after work and we were going to go out for drinks with a girl we knew who was getting married. I told him I might be late and not to wait up.

"The place was already packed when we got there and all we could see were two seats at the bar. We took them and ordered and I handed a twenty to the bartender when he brought them. He waved it away and told me that they had been taken care of by the gentleman at the end of the bar. Monica and I looked that way and saw a rather good looking man and we raised our glasses to him in a 'thank you' gesture. He smiled and gave us a little wave and then turned to talk to the man next to him.

Monica and I sipped our drinks and checked out the place. There were easily a dozen interesting looking men in the place and several of them were looking our way. I saw one get up and move in our direction, but before he could get to us the man who bought our drinks was standing there.

"If I may be so bold" he said, "My friends and I have a table and there just happen to be two empty seats. I would love to have you join us."

I looked at Monica to see what she thought of the idea and saw that she was already sliding off of her bar stool. The man introduced himself as Jason and then led us over to a table where three other men were sitting. They were introduced to us as Randy, Josh and Ryan. A round of drinks arrived almost as soon as we sat down and within minutes Monica had pulled Randy off of his seat and led him out onto the dance floor. Jason watched as she went and he smiled and said:

"She sure doesn't waste any time does she."

"When you have a husband to go home to you don't want to spend too much time on the un-necessaries."

"You feel the same way too?"

"Of course."

"Which one of us is your pick?"

I looked at Jason, Joe and Ryan and then back to Jason and thought of all the trains I'd pulled before getting married and how much I had enjoyed them and then said;

"I can't seem to make up my mind so I guess it will have to be all of you."

"Ooomph" cried out Monica with her mouthful of Joe's cock as Randy pounded his cock into her pussy. I wasn't paying too much attention to her since I had two of my own to handle. Ryan was on his back and I was bent over him on hands and knees swallowing his cock while Jason was feeding his cock rather forcefully into my pussy. Jason drove hard into me and my face jammed down on Ryan's cock and his cock head hit the back of my throat and just then I was hit with a shuddering orgasm and throat contractions milked Ryan's cock and he shot his load up against the back of my throat. The angle was a poor one for swallowing and to keep from choking I had to pull my mouth off of him and I caught the next two spurts on my face. Just as Ryan's cum bathed my nose Jason drove hard into me and I felt his cock throb as he emptied into me. He held me tight against him as his cock softened and I lowered my head and started licking Ryan's cock clean. Jason pulled his cock out of me, but before I could move another hard cock slid into my soaking wet pussy. I looked back and saw Joe beginning to fuck me. I looked over at the other bed and saw Randy still fucking Monica and Jason moving into position so Monica could use her mouth to get him ready to go again. As Joe's balls banged against my ass I bent and went back to work on Ryan and I had him up by the time Joe shot into me. Ryan quickly moved to take Joe's place in my well use box and I looked over at the other bed and saw Jason was fucking Monica hard and Joe moving into place to try her mouth.

By the time it was time for Monica and I to go home all four men had fucked me and two of them had cum in my mouth. As we rode back to the bar where we had left our cars I wondered if hubby was having as much fun with his secretary as I was having. Somehow I doubted it."

I used my lunch hour to bring up the sites that I had posted on. One of them took three to five days to put a story up and I only posted to them because I knew that Frank went there. One of then would post the story the very next day, but neither one of those sites had what I wanted. Neither gave me any way to see what Frank was doing. One might have, but it required a password so I posted first to the site that highlighted the stories that Frank click on and which also had a "Favorites" section that I could check out.

I waited two days and saw my story posted and that night after Frank had fallen asleep I went down to the computer in the office and brought up the site. The story was highlighted so I know that Frank read it, but I was pissed when I saw that the asshole still hadn't put me on his "Favorite Author" list.

I guess I had to try harder.

Joie's husband took her off on a two week vacation so the next time I went out I was on my own.

"I made my way to the bar and ordered a drink. I guess I was spoiled by previous outings and instead of hearing "It has been taken care of by..." I heard "That'll be six dollars." I hadn't taken any money out of my purse to pay for the drink and I had to go fishing in my purse to find the money.

Looking around the room I saw several prospects and saw that most of the prospects were looking at me. It wasn't long before one of them came up to me and asked me if I would care to dance. I smiled, said yes and let him lead me out onto the dance floor. Once there I made sure that I brushed my breasts against him and that my leg nudged him suggestively.

When the song ended he asked me to join him at his table and when I said that I would he asked me if I would like another drink. I said yes to that also and he headed to the bar to get it. When he got back he set the drink in front of me, scooted his chair closer to me and put his hand on my leg. I let my legs open a bit and the hand moved up and soon his fingers were rubbing my pussy through my panties.

It excited me that he was doing it to me in public and I opened my legs a little farther in what could only be taken as an invitation. I felt a finger enter me and my pussy was soaking wet. I moaned and he said:

"Let's get out of here."

It was what I was there for so I picked up my purse and he took me by the hand and led me out to his car. He opened the door for me and I got in. "My place is close" he said as he got in, started the car and pulled out of the bar parking lot. As he drove I wondered if hubby's lunch time sessions with his cow of a secretary were as pleasurable as I intended my night to be.

He patted the seat next to him and I slid over and saw that he had taken his cock out. I reached for it and took it in my hand and was amazed at how big it felt. His hand moved up my leg and touched my pussy through my panties.

"Take off your panties" he said and I did. As I went back to stroking him he worked a finger into my wet hole and I spread my legs to give him better access. His finger found my clit and I gasped and hunched my pussy up at his hand and my body shook. He pulled his finger out of me and said:

"We're here."

He parked and came around the car tucking in his cock before opening the door for me. Definitely a gentleman. I couldn't remember the last time that my husband had done that for me. He took my arm and led me into the house and once inside he pulled me to him and kissed me hard.

My hand found his throbbing cock and I wanted it. I wanted it bad. He started to undress me and l let go of his cock and helped him. Then I gave him a hand in getting his clothes off.

"You want me to fuck you now?"

"A silly question. I don't usually get naked with a guy to play Scrabble."

"Not a silly question at all sweetie. Some women can't handle me without a lot of foreplay and some are so wet we don't need to waste time."

I got my first good look at his cock. "Thank you hubby dear" I said to myself. "If you weren't a cheating asshole I would never have gotten a chance to try on a log like this."

The man, and it occurred to me that I didn't even know his name, was a good four inches longer than my husband and at least two inches bigger around. Even though my pussy was so wet it was leaking his initial push made me gasp, but God did it ever feel good. It took him several thrusts to get that thing all the way in and then my legs wrapped around him and my nails dug into his ass as I moaned:

"Fuck me, fuck me, oh God yes, please fuck me."

He laughed. "Like this do you?"

"I love it. Sweet Jesus don't you dare stop, please please please don't stop."

"Tell me you want it. Say it; tell me what you want."

"Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me and make me your slut. Make me your whore. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

I had at least three screaming orgasms and he was still pounding me hard. "Cum in me" I moaned, "Please cum in me."

"You protected?"

I was, but I moaned, "No, no I'm not, but I don't care. Cum in me; please cum in me. Fill me, flood my pussy."

"What if I get you pregnant?"

"I don't care. My husband will raise it and I'll name it after you. Cum in me, just fill me."

He drove hard and I felt his cock twitch and then throb and shoot his hot juice into me. As his sperm hit my vaginal walls I had a huge orgasm and before my body stopped shaking I heard the applause. I looked and saw that we were not alone.

"I forgot to tell you that I have a roommate."

"Five of them?"

"Not really, but he has friends and he invited them over for poker thinking I was going to be out all night."

This wasn't what I'd had in mind when I'd hooked up with the guy and I started to say "I don't th..." but was stopped by the cock that pushed it's way into my mouth. I felt the huge cock pull out of me and tried to raise up, but another man moved between my legs and I felt his cock slide into me. It was obvious that it was going to happen and it wasn't anything new to me so I relaxed and went with the flow.

The six men took me one after another and usually two at a time. First it was pussy and mouth and then it changed to pussy and ass. The first time it happened a moan escaped me as the two cocks entered me almost simultaneously and one of the guys said:

"She likes it. The little whore likes it."

I did.

Once it was even ass, pussy and mouth.

The guy with the huge cock fucked me twice more and he was nice about it. He knew his size and what it could do so he left my ass and mouth alone and just used my pussy.

I'd lost track of time and when I caught a glance at the bedside clock I exclaimed:

"Oh shit! I've got to get out of here."

"But we're not done."

"I don't care. I've got to get home before my husband gets suspicious."

"Tough shit. We don't feel like letting you go."

Thinking fast I said, "If you don't let me get home to him we won't ever be able to do this again. He will lock me in the cellar or chain me to the house."

As I had hoped the idea that we could get together and do it again got them to back off. Would there ever be another time with them? No fucking way! There probably would have been, but that "We don't want to let you go" told me that I didn't want anymore to do with the assholes. On the way back to my car Mr. Big Dick said:

"Did my roommate and his buddies ruin it for me?"

I still wasn't back into the safety of my car so I said, "For you? No, but for them, you bet your ass."

When he dropped me at my car – gentleman to the last – he got out, walked me to the car and waited while I unlocked it. Then he pulled me to him and kissed me. We swapped tongues and then he handed me a card.

"I won't ask you for your number gorgeous. If we get together again it will be because you want to. I do hope that I hear from you."

One last kiss and he walked away. After getting in my car I looked at his card. Nothing on it but a phone number. I still didn't know his name, but only fair I guess; he didn't know mine. I rolled down the window to toss the card out, but then I thought of the exquisite feeling of that huge cock stuffing me and I rolled the window back up and put the card in my purse. As I drove home I was thinking that hubby's nooner with his big titted bimbo couldn't have been anywhere near as fulfilling as my night out with the boys."

Once again my story was highlighted in red, but the frosting on the cake was when I found that I had been added to Frank's "Favorite Author" list. Had to make sure I stayed on it, right?

My night with Mr. Huge Meat and his roommate and roommate's friends convinced me that there wouldn't be any more solo nights. There was indeed safety in numbers so until Joie got home I was grounding myself.

Yeah, right!

I'd already taken Mr. 555-340-1863's card out of my purse a dozen times and looked at it, but it was three days before I picked up the telephone and called the number. When I heard the voice on the other end of the line say "hello" I realized that he didn't know my name any more than I knew his so I just said:

"Hi. It's me."

"I wondered if you would call."

"I almost didn't. I wasn't too happy with the way our last time together went."

"I'm sorry. Jerry wasn't supposed to be there, let alone his friends, but once they showed up my hands were tied. Besides being my roommate Jerry is my business partner and I need to stay on very good terms with him. And in truth you did seem to enjoy it."

"I did, but I would have liked to have had a say in the matter instead of just being taken and used. There were two that I would never have let come near me under other circumstances."

"Dare I hope that this call means that I just might get another chance?"

"Could be; as long as I know it is going to be just you."

"Jerry was really taken with you. I know he would like to see you again."

"Maybe some other time."

"When can we get together?"

"I can get out tomorrow."

"What time and where?"

"I felt strange walking into the Silver Dollar without Monica by my side. I'd never been in the place alone before. I glanced at my watch and saw that it was seven on the dot.

I looked around and didn't see Mr. 555-340-1863 anywhere so I headed for an empty booth, ordered a drink and then started checking out the crowd. If Mr. 555 didn't show there were several appealing possibilities and in fact one of them noticed me looking his way and he smiled, got up and headed toward my booth, but it was not to be because before he could get to me Mr .555 slid onto the seat across from me. He eyed the approaching male who, under Mr. 555's gaze, turned and walked the other way.

"That will teach me" he said. "I should have gotten here earlier. It isn't a smart move to leave a fox like you alone. Not even for a minute."

"You sound suspiciously like a man who wants to get into my pants."

"Damn it! Busted! I hate it when that happens."

"Lucky for you I'm the kind of girl who gives it up fairly easy."

"You ready to leave?"

"I'm not that easy. I have to get at least a drink or two before I spread."

"Just my luck. A girl who drives a hard bargain."

He bought me another drink and then we danced for several numbers. After my third drink, being eager to see his cock again, I said:

"Are you ready to get down to business?"

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