Gambia, West Africa

by Winterfrog

Copyright© 2010 by Winterfrog

Erotica Sex Story: Wife takes a a secret holiday trip to Gambia, West Africa with paid cheating included.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Blackmail   Cheating   Slut Wife   Rough   Gang Bang   Interracial   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Prostitution   .

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It was hot sunny day in Gambia. Though both the door and the only window were missing on the corrugated tin shed at the backyard behind a bar in the outskirts of the capital city Banjul, it was hot as a sauna inside the shed. No wonder why the naked gorgeous Scandinavian housewife who was lying in there, with her back on a large "extra bed" type gray air mattress, was totally wet from sweat.

Another reason for her sweating was the hard and intense fucking she got from a young dark brown Gambian male between her spread legs. He didn't last long and was immediately replaced by an eighteen-year-old well built boy who began to fuck her with equal intensity. The pretty blond married woman squeaked and whined loudly when she got an intense orgasm, which got the boy to fuck her harder as long as he lasted.

The next man in turn to fuck her was a tall, big, coal-black man. He suggested that she ride him, she accepted, and was surprised to feel the big man's tiny penis. It was the smallest black penis she had seen during her trip to in Gambia, even smaller than her husband's.

However, she felt very exotic, riding that big black African man on the floor in a hot shed, and, after a while, it even felt more arousing than the hard fucking the two younger men had given her with their bigger cocks. After the big man had done his job it was time for Robert, her hired "boomster" (what means gigolo in Gambia English). Robert, who was not undressed, had her on her knees and gave her a rather hard mouth fucking so her three other lovers could recover for the grand finale of her paid "Taste of Africa".

For the final fuck Robert directed her to ride the youngest man, the other young man to fuck her mouth and for the big man take his place behind her ass and with one hard thrust push his hard, well-lubricated tool into her rectum. Even with his limited size, the first anal sex in her life was a painful surprise for the pretty Scandinavian woman. She began wriggling, gagging and squeaking, but her three African lovers held her in firm grips until she got used to the triple fucking, relaxed, and after a while even began to enjoy her strange situation.

Robert, the boomster, had taken pictures and film sequences during the whole act. The pretty wife didn't know that her whole "Taste of Africa" was visible on a 42-inch TV inside the bar and was even video-taped. Though she had paid Robert well for his "service and expenses," in this matter, he was paid by the bar owner. The other three men got paid with free beer in the bar; the free white pussy was their bonus.

The main goal for an average young Gambian boomster is leaving his country for a better life in Europe. His only chance to do that is to marry a European tourist woman, usually from North Europe or Great Britain, and older than his own mother, but that gives him permit to live in the European Union, but that doesn't always end as his expected easy life in a promised land. If he is dumped before two years after the wedding he get a simple choice, be sent back to Gambia, or run away and try to stay as an illegal immigrant, what usually means working long hours at the lowest paid crap jobs or be involved in some kind of crime. Robert aimed much higher; he preferred to become a wealthy honored man in his own country and intended to use all possible ways to get enough money from his female customers to start a profitable legal business.

There was a small primitive shower behind the shed, and when Lena Larsson, the 44 years old pretty Scandinavian wife, and mother of two teenagers was ready, Robert guided her to some shopping and to a bar in the town center, to wait for her 42 year-old cousin Anne Olson who was now in turn to get her memorable "Taste of Africa," directed by her boomster, Adam.

Now, when drinking a well-chilled beer in the cool town center bar, the well-fucked handsome blonde wife agreed that Robert had been right when he persuaded her for the memorable "Taste of Africa;" her once-in-a-lifetime, intense triple sex with three unknown black men in a hot African shed was an unforgettable experience that she never would forget.

It was the last of Lena and Anne's secret three days in Gambia. Everybody back at home thought that they were staying at a cheap hotel at Playa des Americas at the Spanish Canary Island Tenerife. They had told friends and Lena's family about their intentions to hike in the mountains or take a one or two-day trip to the small nearby island La Gomera. Nobody would miss them during their secret three day trip from Tenerife to Gambia. Lena didn't dare to use her cell phone, fearing that the secret trip would be seen on the bill.

Anne and Lena had won money on Lotto, in fact, four times more money than what Lena told her husband. Anne was divorced, so their money was well hidden in her account. Anne and Lena had joked about black Gambian gigolos since they began with Lotto a couple of years ago. One of their single female friends went there once a year and during their "girl nights out." She usually bragged about the big African cocks she had got there. What amused her friends, was that every drink she got during the evening increased the size of her big African cocks.

Gambia, a British ex colony in Africa is best known as the homeland of Kunta Kinte, the main character in the best selling American book and film "Roots". Today Gambia is for North European females what Thailand in Asia is for their men, cheap sex with the local prostitutes.

The two cousins had met Robert and his cohort Adam, not real names, already at the airport and selected them because they were a little better dressed and slight older than the other boomsters waiting there to be hired by single women. Tipping some people at their hotel had made it possible to let their new "boyfriends" stay overnights in their room. Both Robert and Adam were well equipped, but far from those oversized black porn-star cocks. After two good fucks with Robert and one with Adam, all Lena's doubt and regrets about her cheating during the Gambia trip had faded away.

The second night was spent just as the previous with three fucks again, on the third night she had been rather sore after the gangbang so one long-lasting goodbye fuck with Robert was enough for Lena. When Robert and Adam had left their room, the two pretty women agreed that paying for sex had been a new and very strange experience for both of them. However, they had paid for the service they got, had been in control, and had not accepted any fucking without condoms, which had been accepted by their fuck-buddies.

Back at Tenerife, Lena rang her husband, who complained about not been able to get in connection with her. She told him a fake story about their trip to the beautiful island La Gomera where Anne and she had spent an extra night there, but both of them had forgotten charge their cell phones before they left Tenerife. She even complained about bad connection among the high mountains.

The remaining days of their holiday went without any sex for Lena and Anne, probably because they didn't find anything of interest during their evenings out.

Lena's husband, Lucas, found his wife's story a bit strange, but decided to take it easy and try to find out the some further information slowly little by little after the she was back home.

During the five-hour flight back home, Lena and Anne had agreed about what to say to Lucas and Lena's children about their trip. Not a word about Gambia to anybody, not even to their best friends. But to Lena's surprise Lucas asked much less than what she had expected.

Life had gone back to normal for a few weeks, until Anne got mail from Robert in Gambia. It contained a DVD and a letter what read:

"Dear Ladies, I really hope you enjoyed your trip to Gambia. Enclosed please find a DVD with highlights of your holiday pleasures. I'm fine and have founded a social welfare fund for young Gambians and I dare to count on your cooperation with this important matter. I suggest each of you to transfer 150 EURO/month to the account number written on the DVD. I look forward to your kind cooperation in this matter and I promise to be careful with my original DVD so that no copy will find its way to the hands of your co-workers or relatives. Faithfully Yours, Robert"

The DVD showed both of them getting a triple fuck. And both of them knew what would happen if a copy was sent to wrong people. They understood that Robert's "social welfare fund" was pure mumbo jumbo, but he would know how to find assistance in their country if it was necessary to spread the DVD.

"The damn bastard is blackmailing us. Where the hell did he get my address?" Anne said.

"Probably the address tag on your suitcase," Lena replied.

"What the hell shall we do?"

"We must find out something. I suggest that we pay the first month so we can have time to find out how to stop it."

They did so. Anne sent the money to Robert's account and Lena paid Anne. But only a week later Lucas told Lena that he had checked their account about an invoice and noted that she had taken a strange amount from their account.

Lena almost panicked and made up a rather silly explanation about how she had owed Anne that money for gambling on horses since they came home from their trip.

Some days later, Lucas told her that he was interested in a trip to the Canary Island, La Gomera, for the whole family, and asked Lena about the island. As he had expected, what she told Lucas now was very much different from the previous time he had asked her about that island. He was convinced that Lena had never been there. He was sure that his wife had been and probably still was involved in something she didn't want him to know about.

A month goes fast, and Lena began to get desperate about where to find money for Robert. She didn't dare to take anything from her bank accounts and Anne, who had enough problems paying her own part of it, had nothing to lend her. Neither could she ask her parents or friends.

When Anne saw her friend's desperation, she felt sorry for Lena and told her a secret about how she herself had managed to fix cash in two desperate situations. She told Lena about a married bank manager in the next town who had paid her well for sex. Anne promised to contact him and find out if he is interested. Lena felt almost sick about the idea of fucking a stranger for money, but accepted it as her last chance to fix the payment of that month.

The next evening, Anne called and told her that she had negotiated a meeting between Lena and the bank manager for a price twice the monthly payment to Robert. The bank man's wife was working out of town Tuesday to Friday, so she had booked Lena's date at 18.00 at Wednesday. Lena should park at a supermarket parking where he would pick her up in his black BMW with a number-plate BOV 378. She was supposed to stay with him in his house long enough to give him three orgasms.

Lena accepted, but had a serious problem when Lucas told her that he had bought tickets to a famous show what was on stage in their town only that evening. Though it was Lena who had suggested him to get tickets, she refused to go to the show saying that she was very sorry, but her own work related meeting was much more important for her.

After some rather hard arguing, Lucas accepted her plans and said he would be going with a friend. But that wasn't true because he suspected Lena to be involved in something and wanted to know what. He sold the tickets a friend and mentioned his problem to Rolf Nyman, a newly divorced co-worker who had found his wife in their bed with a neighbor; he hated cheaters.

The co-worker promised, with help from his brother Kent in a second car, to tail Lena to what she called an important work-related meeting.

Lena left for her meeting and the Nyman brothers, one at time, in two different cars had no problems tailing her without causing any suspicion. Rolf Nyman reported back to Lucas that she had parked her car at a supermarket parking lot and been almost immediately picked up by a man in a black BMW. They followed and reported the plate number to Lucas, who had no problem to find out the name and address of the owner from the national car register.

Lena didn't feel well during the drive to her date. She began to cry of the humiliation about what she was going to do. Never in her life she had dreamt about to be forced making money as a paid whore, a prostitute. Of course she had performed much worse cheating in Gambia, but regarded it as a quite different matter because it had been she who had been in command as the paying customer during an exotic holiday fling. Her opposite role of now about to be whoring with a stranger didn't feel good. She almost regretted the whole idea. Cheating in far away Africa was a once in the lifetime excitement, but acting as a bought whore close to home made her feel strong remorse and shame for the high price she now had to pay for her three days in Africa.

However she was in desperate need of the money, which was why she decided to go the whole way now, but she promised herself that it would be both for the first and the last time she allowed herself to be used as prostitute in her life.

Still in the car, she shouted loudly, "Never again!"

The BMW arrived as expected and she got a fair impression of the well-dressed and very polite driver. They went to an expensive looking villa where the garage door opened as soon as they were on the driveway, and he drove straight into the garage where the door closed automatically. The man asked her to follow him through a door from the garage to the basement where he took her to a room with a large billiard table and a comfortable black leather sofa.

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