Sometimes Life Is' What You Make It

by Crisscross

Copyright© 2010 by Crisscross

Erotica Sex Story: A story about what happens when a husband comes home from a war and finds out his wife has cheated on him.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Interracial   Black Male   .

Life sometimes Is What You Make It

My Name is Trudy and this is my side of the story of, Life Isn't Always What You Make It. I was a military wife, my husband was serving in Iraq. Shortly after the invasion He joined up and was soon on his way to Iraq.

I was twenty two years old at the time. We'd been married a little over a year when my husband Stan, was shipped out. Leaving me alone for the first time in my life. Not knowing anyone, except for a few army wives, that were also left alone.

I moped around the apartment for a month or so, then decided I would get a job to keep from being bored to death. I put in my application at several retail stores and soon landed a job at the worlds largest. I worked their for a couple of months, when I heard about a bar maid job at the base watering hole that paid pretty good, plus tips. The next day, I waited until it opened at Five pm and went to the club and put in my application.

I could tell by the whistles and cat calls from the young soldiers sitting at the tables, that I had a pretty good chance of getting the job. My 34c-25w-34h. Shoulder length blonde hair, pink tank top and white short shorts, didn't hurt my chances either.

I started my new job one week later. The manager turned out to be a black man named Willis Summers, Sargent Summers Wasn't much taller than me. I guessed him to be around five nine or ten, with a slim athletic build and shaved head. He seemed pretty nice at the interview, very polite and not at all military. He filled me in on what my jobs were and what he expected of me. His real stickler was never be late. If I was to sick to work, call in early enough for him to get someone else to work, other than that, there wasn't much else to worry about.

He did warn me I would be hit on by a lot by these young guy's and that was to be expected. He also told me if I wanted to make good tips, I should go along with there bull crap to a point. I didn't have to put up with them touching or groping me. If I warned them and it continued, I was to tell him and he would take care of it.

Willis tended bar and I hosted the drinks to the tables. Things were a little rough for the first couple of weeks but once the guys found out what the limits were, things settled down to a dull roar so to speak. We all laughed and joked and had a good time.

It was around four months later. Willis had closed up and locked the door to the club when he said, "what do you say we have a drink and unwind. For some reason it was a pretty rough night. I think we both need a drink, what do you say Trudy" He went behind the bar and started mixing himself a drink. What would you like to drink Trudy?" "I don't know Willis, I'll have whatever your having I guess."

Laughing he said, "the little lady is going big tonight,"

Laughing now I said, "maybe I shouldn't. I haven't had a drink in months. If I get wiped out, you will see I get home okay won't you?"

"You can count on me girl, I'll take good care of you."

We sat talking about everything that was going on in Iraq and the rest of the world. We'd had a couple of drinks when he got up and went and played the Jukebox. Coming back to the table he asked me to dance with him. Without even thinking about what I may be getting into, I got up and soon found myself in his arms, my head on his chest, his lips softly touching my forehead. I knew that I shouldn't be dancing this close to him, but it felt so good, just being held by a man, that I went along with it.

It didn't take long before I felt his hands moving slowly over my body as we danced. I felt myself giving in to him. I could feel the hot wetness between my thighs and knew I had to stop this before it went any farther. As the song ended I said softly, "I better get going now Willis, it's getting late."

"Are you sure you want to go Trudy?"

"Ya, I'm sure, I better go now."

"Willis will take good care of you if you want to stay. You know that don't you?" he said still holding me against him.

I could feel his hard manliness pressing against my pussy and I knew he could take very good care of me if I stayed. "I'd like to stay Willis, but I can't, you understand don't you?"

"Ya I understand Trudy, maybe some other time."

I didn't answer yes or no to that. I just knew I had to get out of their right away, or I just might end up doing something I'd be sorry for. Things went along smoothly after that night. Even though I'd turned him down on his offer to take good care of me, he held no resentment towards me. Willis and I often had a drink or two together, after we closed, but nothing ever happened like that first time.

It was after the New Years Eve party was over and we were sitting around with a couple of other people who had come in to help us out with the party, that someone suggested we go to their house and have a party of our own. We had worked all night New years Eve, so we all agreed that would be fun.

Once we got to the house where the party was it didn't take long until things were being passed around and taken by everybody there, along with plenty to drink. The party lasted until around four in the morning. I told Willis I had better get home or I might not make it if I stayed any longer. He told the others he was going to make sure I made it home alright. I assured him somewhat drunkenly that I could make it just fine, but the others agreed, Willis should give me a ride home and come back and get my car later in the day.

At my place Willis walked me to the apartment, I unlocked the door and went in. When I turned around to close the door Willis took me in his arms, holding me he said, "we haven't had our New Years Eve kiss yet. He pressed his full soft lips tight against mine and we kissed standing their by the door.

His hands began roaming over my body, cupping my ass cheeks hard and pulling me against his now very hard cock. His lips kissing and sucking on my neck until I felt my knees getting weak. I tried to protest, but was unable to. My young body hungered to be taken by a man. Not toys or fingers, but by a mans hard cock. "Oh Willis," I moaned, "I can't do this, please just go."

"Not this time baby you want it as bad as I do. I'm gonna fuck that young pussy of yours tonight Trudy and you're going to like it a lot."

"Please no Willis, I can't."

"Sure you can baby, nobody will ever know but you and I. We need each other baby. "No woman your age, should be left alone for long periods of time like military wives are. You can't be expected to stay true to a guy that long, it's just not natural. I know as well as you do Trudy, you need a big hard dick to satisfy your cravings, just as I need your tight young pussy to satisfy mine. You need to be fucked until you can't walk and you know it."

I didn't realize he had unzipped the back of my dress as we talked until he slipped it off over my shoulders. Leaving me naked to my waist, except for my Bra. He continued undressing me as we kissed. Walking me slowly backwards into my bedroom. By the time we got their I was naked except for my panties. It was dark in the bedroom, except for a sliver light coming from the other room, which barely made it possible to see. Once he sat me on the bed he quickly undressed himself and laid me over onto my back. Moving me over onto the bed, he lifted my legs up and stripped off my panties.

Without warning he leaned over me and licked along my swollen pussy lips. Moaning I cried out, "oh my god Willis yes, yeees oh my god." My husband had never done that to me, so this was my first time to ever feel a tongue on my clit. He worked his tongue along my slit and slowly into my pussy, giving me the first orgasm I'd had by a man in months.

As I came down he said, "did you like that baby?"

"Oh my god Willis, yes, I need you're cock in me now, I need to feel you fucking me." Lifting my legs onto his shoulders I felt him pressing the head of his cock between my pussy lips.

"Kissing his way up my body he said, "you're about to get the fucking of your young life sweetie. I could feel the swollen cock head stretching me, "oohhh Willis, I moaned, "do it, put your big cock in me."

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