The Driveway

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2010 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: Another cheating wife story.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

I found out about my wife quite by accident. Well, actually it was a combination of her lack of self-control and an accident.

For some time now I have suspected that Mary has been having an affair. No one thing, just a lot of little things seem to point in that direction. It all started when Mary went back to work. When our youngest started kindergarten Mary took on a full time job with a new company just starting up in the mortgage referral business. When she started the job she found that most of her fellow workers were in their mid twenties and early thirties and single. They would work long hours and then they would go out drinking together. Mary always felt like an outsider because she couldn't join the group; she always had to put in her eight hours and then hurry home to her second career as wife and mother. Because she felt that she needed to develop a rapport with her co-workers I agreed to come home early one night a week to watch the kids so she could go out with the group.

For the first couple of months Mary would get home around nine and would want to go right to bed. Then all of a sudden she wasn't getting home until one or two in the morning and she always seemed to be keyed up and when she came to bed she always wanted to make love and she would wake me up and try to fuck me to death. One night I asked her about it and the fact that she always seemed to be so wet. She told me that being around all the young singles got her horny and she had to come home to me to get taken care of.

But I wasn't all that sure that she was being truthful. About that time she stopped dressing conservatively for work. She began to wear short dresses and skirts and tight blouses and sweaters and when I asked her about it she told me that she was just trying to fit in with the younger group she was working with. Again, I wasn't quite sure I was buying it, but you don't accuse your wife of fifteen years of lying to you when you have nothing to go on but suspicion.

The next four months went by with Mary acting more and more like a single woman and less and less like a mother and a wife. She had her one night out with the group, but in addition to that she was coming home anywhere from one to three hours later on the other nights using deadlines on hot projects as the excuse. Again I had my suspicions, but that's all I had. I thought several times of getting a babysitter to watch the kids so I could go and check up on Mary, but I never followed through on it for two reasons. One, I'd always heard that the surest sign of an affair is when your significant other stops having sex with you. That was not the case here. In fact, since Mary had gone back to work our sex life had increased dramatically. The other reason was that I loved Mary and I didn't really want to find out that she was cheating on me for fear of what that knowledge might do to us. Besides, with my lousy luck I'd get caught spying on her and that would do as much damage to us as knowing that she was having an affair.

Then came the night I found out. Barnaby, our youngest, woke up screaming around one in the morning and it woke me up. He'd had a nightmare and I got him settled down and tucked back into bed with Robear, his brown teddy bear, and I headed back to my bedroom to go back to bed. I stubbed my toe on the bedpost and put my hand out to break my fall as I hobbled around on one leg. My hand pushed the window drapes aside and I looked out the window just in time to see a strange car pull into the driveway with its lights off. There were three people sitting in the front seat and the one in the middle was Mary.

I waited for a door to open and let her out, but for about two minutes nothing happened and then Mary turned to the driver and they kissed. It wasn't a quick thank you kind of kiss, but a kiss that the two of them held for several very long seconds. Then she turned to the man on her right and kissed him too. That kiss was also a long one and I was starting to get pissed. I was torn between wanting to go down there and drag Mary out of that car and wanting to see what else might happen.

Curiosity won out and for the next five minutes I watched as Mary alternated kissing the two men and then her head dipped down to the right side and when it didn't come right back up I was pretty sure that Mary had her head in the mans lap. Five minutes later she sat up and I saw her wipe her mouth with the back of her hand. Then the driver got out on his side and got into the back of the car and Mary followed him. She closed the door lightly so that a slamming door wouldn't wake me and a few minutes later I saw both of her legs come up in a wide vee and the driver of the car moved between them. I could see his white ass in the moonlight as it moved up and down. I'd seen enough. I closed the drapes and went downstairs to wait for Mary to come in the house. It was almost an hour later when she came creeping in the front door.

"No need to be quiet" I said, "I'm already awake" and I switched on the table lamp.

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