The Layoff

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2010 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: Business was bad.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

The story starts in early June of 2002. My boss called me into his office and told me that he was going to have to file for bankruptcy and then he told me not to worry, that my final paycheck would be covered and then he asked me to stay with him until the day that he actually had to close the doors. He had been good to me during the five years I'd been with him so I said I'd stay.

Over the coming weeks I worked with vendors who came in and picked up merchandise and credited back to Dale's account. Two days before the day that Dale had designated as the final day one of his largest competitors came in and introduced himself to me and then asked me what I planned on doing when Dale closed his doors. I admitted that I hadn't looked that far ahead and then he asked me if I would consider coming to work for him.

"Doing what?"

"The same thing that you did here. I'm expanding and I need a good combo service manager and mechanic and most of your customers have a very good opinion of you."

"I'm not sure that it would be a good move for me. Dale had a thriving business here and he went under. You're in the same business so how can I believe that you won't go down too. It could be a case of jumping from the frying pan into the fire."

"It wasn't the core business that killed Dale. It was all the different areas he tried to move into. He had to borrow money to expand and when the expansion didn't make money he couldn't pay his debts. What is Dale paying you?"

I told him and he told me that he would pay me a dollar an hour more to start and then review it in ninety days. I had nothing else on the line so I figured why not? If it didn't work out I'd have had to look for a job anyway when Dale closed. I'd just be putting off the job search. I told him okay.

"When is your last day here?"

"We close the door on the sixteenth."

"I'll see you on the seventeenth, okay?"

We shook on it and he went out, got in his car and drove off. That was the start of my relationship with Paul Notting.

Two days later Dale handed me my final paycheck and thanked me for sticking with him. I looked at the check and saw that it was for five hundred more than I had coming and Dale said:

"That would have been your Christmas bonus if we could have made it that far."

We shook hands and wished each other luck.

The next day I walked into Paul's place of business and the first thing I saw when I came through the door was a breath taking raven haired beauty sitting at a desk. My cock went instantly to full hard, but before I could say anything to the woman Paul came in and said:

"Oh good, you're here. Mellissa this is Rob; Rob this is my wife Mellissa. Rob is our new service manager. Take care of his paperwork will you? I've got to run over to Clarksville and see Greening" and he was gone.

Mellissa looked up at me and smiled. "You look disappointed" she said.

"I am. I most definitely am."

"Well take heart. Paul has been known to piss me off so bad that I have to do things to get even with him."

"What kinds of things?"

"No telling. It is never the same thing twice."

That conversation set the tone of my relationship with Mellissa. Did you ever know a woman who could make your dick and your tongue hard with just the sound of her voice? Just imagine what her five foot six one hundred and twenty pound body arranged 36 x 22 x 35 body did to me if just her voice could crank me.

And Mellissa was evil!

Mellissa knew the effect that she had on me and she exploited it. She teased me and flirted with me shamelessly. Never when Paul was around, but if he wasn't there and there were no customers around she would torture me. She would tell me how horny she was and how she wished that Paul was there so they could catch a quickie on his desk.

She wore skirts and dresses to work and would call me into the office on some pretext or other and she would be sitting in her chair with the hems pulled up so I could see just a touch of panty. Once I saw a touch of pussy hair because she wasn't wearing any panties. It got to where I both looked forward to going to work and dreaded going to work.

This went on for three years and for three years I behaved myself. It was hard, but I wasn't the kind of guy who messed around with some other guy's woman so I both enjoyed it and suffered in silence.

One day, and I remember it well – it was the seventeenth of July, my third anniversary with the company – I came to work and Paul called me into his office and told me that Mellissa and I had to hold down the fort that day. Out in the shop Mark was on vacation, and Bill had called in sick.

"I have to run over to Clarksville and I'm taking Saul with me."

"No problem" I said, "Mellissa and I can handle it."

Around ten Mellissa paged me on the inter-com. "Rob, can you come up to the office please?"

I wiped my hands on a rag and went up to see what she wanted. Mellissa was wearing a blouse and a skirt that day along with nylons and heels and I was instantly as hard as a steel bar.

"You rang?"

"Yes Rob; I need you to keep an eye out and let me know if anyone is coming. I need to make an adjustment."

She started unbuttoning her blouse. I quickly stepped to the door and turned the deadbolt. Mellissa didn't see me do it because she was looking down at her blouse. At the time the only significance of locking the door was that I knew that Mellissa was going to tease me again and I didn't want to have to keep one eye on the door and have only one eye on Mellissa. I thought I was only going to get a quick view of her bra covered tits, but Mellissa took off her blouse and then unhooked and removed her bra.

Her tits were magnificent! They looked like the tips of torpedoes or missiles; cone shaped and firm. I was struck dumb. I was frozen to the spot and Mellissa said:

"I must not have been paying attention when I bought this bra. It is a size too small and it was killing me."

She reached up and rolled her nipples between her fingers. "God I'm horny. Why is Paul always gone when I really need him?"

She put her blouse back on and went to walk by me. As she went by she reached down and rubbed my hard cock and said:

"You should really find someone to take care of that for you."

I lost it! I lost it totally! Three years of frustration and want exploded out of me and without any thought of what I was doing I grabbed Mellissa and spun her around and sat her down on her desk. My hands were up her skirt and I was tossing her panties on the floor before she even realized what was happening. I pulled her up off the desk, spun her around and pushed her down until her tits were pressing into the desk top and in less time than it would take to say "You fucking prick-tease" I had my swollen cock out and pressing against her cunt. She started to say:

"What the hell do you think you are doing" but only got as far as "you think..." before I drove into her.

She was wet. She was soaking wet. Her teasing must have turned her on as much as it made me hard. She grunted as I drove into her. Three thrusts and I was all the way in her and Mellissa was moaning:

"You can't ... we can't ... you bastard ... not right ... you bastard; you bastard, BASTARD, YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!!"

But a funny thing was taking place. As she moaned and called me names she was pushing back at my invading cock. I stopped thrusting and stood still as Mellissa moved back and forth fucking herself on my dick. She rammed herself back at me as she cried:

"You miserable asshole, bastard, low life cocksucker" and then she screamed, "Why the fuck did you stop!!?? Fuck me damn you, fuck me!!"

I started pounding into her and the harder I fucked her the louder her cries, but the cries changed to:


I was pounding her hard and sweating bullets when she screamed out:

"Oh yes, oh fuck, oh fuck yes!" and her body shook like a dog trying to shit peach pits. I was close and I kept slamming into her and just as I got my nut she screamed "Oh shit!" and her body shook again. I held myself in her until I started to go soft and she started saying:

"Get off of me goddamn it; get the fuck off of me!"

I pulled out of her, said to myself, "Fuck it! In for a penny in for a pound" and I grabbed her, turned her to face me and then pushed her to her knees in front of me.

"Clean it bitch!"

As I pushed my cock at her face I expected her to look up at me and say "Fuck you asshole" but she opened her mouth and went to work cleaning our combined juices off of me. Her mouth work had predictable results and I lifted her up, sat her on the desk and pushed her until she was lying on her back. She looked up at me with an expressionless face and slowly, but very deliberately, opened her legs. I stepped between them and drove my cock into her soaking cunt. Her legs came up and clamped me and she said:

"Fuck me asshole; fuck me!"

The second fuck was a silent fuck as she stared up at me and held me between her legs as her hands clutched my ass and pulled me to her. For several minutes we looked into each other's eyes as I fucked her as hard as I could. Then she started to moan:

"Oh yes, that's it, like that, oh yes, make me cum, make me cum, make m ... OH SHIT!" and her body shook again.

Not many seconds later I sent my sperm rocketing into her. I drained and slowly pulled out of her. She looked up at me and said:

"I'm not cleaning it off this time. We both know what will happen if I do and we do have to get some work done around here today."

I grabbed the hem of her skirt and wiped myself off and then I turned and went back to the shop leaving her lying on the desk.

Mellissa and I avoided each other for the rest of the day.

At home that night I looked at myself in the mirror and had the thought "So much for being the kind of guy who doesn't mess with another guy's woman." But was it really my fault? Didn't Mellissa do everything but flat out ask me to fuck her? Did she want it? Was she hoping for it? Or was she just being her evil teasing self? All she had to do was go into the bathroom to take care of her bra problem. True, she didn't fight me off, but she didn't come right out and say "Do me" either. What she did do was be submissive to me. Was that it? Did she need to be told what to do? Did she need to believe that she was being made to do it? I spent a fairly sleepless night wondering what was going to happen at work the next day.

Nothing happened at work the next day. Mellissa acted as if nothing untoward had happened and Paul acted like he had no idea of what Mellissa and I had done. Had Mellissa told him? Was he one of those guys who let's his wife go out and play? Was he the kind who liked to hear her tell about what she had done and with who? I had no way of knowing and so I stayed away from the office. It wasn't my fault! She asked for it! Maybe not with words, but her actions had screamed out "Fuck me!" and so I had.

Never the less I stayed in the shop and didn't go up to the front office. I avoided Mellissa and it seemed that she was doing her best to avoid me. The few times I had to go up to the office Mellissa behaved. There was none of the flirting that had once been a daily staple of our relationship. This is not to say that I totally ignored Mellissa. I could not keep from looking at the sexy bitch, but it was strictly a case of look, but don't touch and don't even talk unless business forced me to.

This state of affairs went on for the next three weeks and then one Thursday morning Paul told me he had to go over to Waltersburg and would be gone overnight.

"I may not be back before quitting time tomorrow so it will be up to you to lock the place up for the weekend."

"No problem."

"Stan Witczak asked if he could borrow the trailer so if he stops by let him have it."

"Will do."

I was always the last one out of the shop at night and I made the rounds checking windows, doors and lights. I made sure the air compressor was shut off and then I went to the service desk and started the procedure for shutting down the computer. While I was doing that I saw Mellissa come out of the office and head for me and when I turned to her to see what she wanted or needed she slapped me hard across the face and snarled at me:

"You miserable bastard! How could you do to me what you did to me and then ignore me?"

She went to slap me again and I caught her wrist and said, "Bullshit! If you wanted any attention from me you would have given me some indication."

"Like what?"

"Like everything you did that caused the last time to happen. For three years you teased the ass off of me and then for the last three weeks nothing, but since it is obvious to me now that you want more of what you got the last time let's get to it."

I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down on her knees.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"You know damned well so get to it."

She looked up at me and snarled "Bastard!" but as she said it she was reaching for my zipper. I let her suck on me until I was ready to cum and then I grabbed her head and fucked her face until I came. I shot into her mouth and she tried to jerk back, but I held her head and she was forced to swallow. When my cock started to go soft I released her head and she pulled back and screamed at me,

"You miserable cock sucking bastard; I don't swallow."

"You do when it is my cock in your mouth and don't you ever forget it. Now get your damned panties off and get your ass up there on the desk."

I may not be the smartest guy in the world, but I am not totally stupid either. The way Mellissa had behaved our first time and the way she had behaved when I had just then pushed her to her knees told me that Mellissa wanted or felt the need to be dominated. She confirmed it.

"Who the hell are you to be ordering me around?"

"I am your fucking owner. Any time you are silly enough to let yourself be alone with me I own you and you will do whatever the hell I tell you do. Now get your panties off and get on that desk."

She gave me a nasty look, but she took off her panties and got up on the desk.

"You know what to do now" I said and she spread her legs wide and then I surprised her. She expected me to step forward and take her, but I went to my knees and went to work on her pussy with my mouth. In less than a minute she was moaning, had her fingers in my hair and was pulling me to her. I worked on her until I was hard again and then I pulled her up, bent her over the desk and fucked her. She was very vocal. Among the things I heard were:

"Fuck me; fuck me hard." "Make me cum damn you; make me cum." "Faster damn it; harder. If you are going to fuck me then do it harder."

She came twice – at least I think she did – and then I shot my wad, pulled out and said:

"You know what to do."

She gave me a nasty look, but without a word she got down and cleaned my cock with her mouth. When she finally stood up I told her to go on home and leave her front door unlocked.

"When I get there I want you naked, on your bed and with your legs spread waiting for me."

"I'm not fucking you in my house and on my bed."

"I'll fuck you in the middle of the street in front of this building if I want to. I'm not asking you shit you teasing bitch; I'm telling you. Get your ass home and get ready for me."

She gave me a long hard look and then turned and left.

I locked up and headed out. I stopped at a store and picked up a few things and then I headed for Mellissa's house. As I drove I thought about the situation. I didn't go looking for it. I never would have gone looking for it, but I had had it handed to me on a platter and wouldn't I have been criminally stupid not to take advantage of it? I was under no illusions. I doubted that I was anything to Mellissa but an interlude, but she was the sexiest woman I had ever known and it wasn't likely that I would ever get another chance at one like her so I had to go for it.

I didn't know how long the domination thing would last and in fact it might already be over. I'd know when I got to the house. If the door was locked instead of open I'd know that it was over.

The domination thing wasn't the whips, chains and ball gags kind. I believed that it was something that Mellissa was doing so she could lay in bed next to her husband and say to herself:

"I'm not really cheating. I don't want to do it, but he is making me. I can't stop him. I've tried, but I can't stop him" or some kind of shit like that. Whatever, I decided that I was going to take as much of Mellissa as she would let me have. I had no doubt that if she decided to end it she would and firmly.

Surprise, surprise. The front door was not only not locked, but was even open just a crack when I got there and when I walked into the bedroom I found her just as I'd told her to be. She looked at me and asked:

"What's in the bag?"


"What do you need that for?"

"It will make things easier when I push my cock in your ass."

"I don't do that."

"You don't do that with anyone else maybe, but you will do it with me."

"I don't wa..."

"When are you going to wake up to the fact that what you want or don't want doesn't mean shit to me? When you are with me what I want is all that counts."

I tossed her the bag and she caught it and set it on the bed next to her and then she watched me while I stripped off my clothes. I wondered what she was thinking because it would be the first time she saw me with my clothes off. She didn't burst out laughing or get a look of disgust on her face so I took that as a good sign.

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