My Husband, My Betrayal

by Honey Moon

Copyright© 2010 by Honey Moon

Sex Story: In the 10 years of her marriage, Cleo longed for a child. It seemed to be a blessing that would never come to be. When her husband David’s bigoted manner forced her into the arms of another man, Cleo’s dream of motherhood finally became a reality. A price would have to be paid, but by whom? Just what despicable secrets was David hiding? Did Cleo’s unfaithfulness even compare to his treachery? It was time for Cleo to take charge of her life, and fight for her happily ever after!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual   Cheating   Cuckold   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

My name is Mrs. Cleopatra McGhee-Fitzpatrick. I know it's quite a mouthful, but I insisted on keeping my family name. Yes, THAT McGhee family. My father is the gifted chemist that invented Ergo-Max, the first erectile dysfunction pill with positively no side effects. Like the ads in all the adult magazines say, "Pop a pill, pop a boner." Distasteful, I know, but quite effective marketing. Once the FDA granted its stingy approval, dad had to hire over a thousand employees to keep up with demand! Now McGheePhrma is a top fortune five hundred company with offices all over the world.

Now I know what you're thinking. I'm the spoiled brat of a rich asshole. Not so! Growing up, I earned my own money with baby sitting and other part time jobs. I'm proud to say I even paid my own way through college too! Mom and dad insisted on me knowing what it's like to work for something you want, and not expect it to be handed to you on a silver platter.

That's where David Fitzpatrick came in. I met him in college, and it was love at first sight. At least I thought so at the time. Dave swept me off of my feet, and charmed the panties right off of my bottom. I had made it to my twentieth birthday as a virgin. After my surprise party, I ended up being the one giving Dave the present! It was nice, but there were no 'fireworks' for poor little Cleo! We were married six months later.

Maybe that's where the trouble really started. Dave has never given me fireworks. Oh, he tried, but the magic just never happens. If I could have convinced him to go down on me, I'm sure he'd get me there, but my husband thinks cunnilingus is disgusting. The selfish bastard adores when I perform fellatio on him though! I hate to admit it, but I even practiced with the handle of my favorite hairbrush just to please him. Oh, and to ease my own gag reflex too. Not that he has much to ram down my throat with.

I'm sorry. That was a bit catty. Dave is six inches when erect, and until recently, that was just fine for me. He was my only lover, after all, and I had nothing to compare him to. For ten long years that Ergo-Max fueled six inches failed to satisfy me in two very important ways. The first was purely my own dimly defined desires. I was getting so damn tired of nightly 'finger sessions' in the shower to get me where Dave never could, while all the while faking it worthy of winning an Oscar! The second, and of paramount importance was simply this. After ten long years, we were still childless!

Maybe I should give you a little more detail about myself. As you know, I'm now thirty. I work very hard to combat time with my daily workouts and runs. I have emerald green eyes that usually are behind my cat's eye glasses. Personally I think they go very nicely with my blazing red hair. The eyes I mean. Not the glasses. Yes, the red is natural! I'll have you know the carpet even matches the drapes perfectly! On my five foot no inches body, my 34DD bust looks a little on the ridiculously big side, but the wide eyed stares I get from passing gentlemen strangers tells me the effect is rather effective. My hips spread a touch too wide for my tastes, but mom says they're perfect baby-birthing hips. The do give me a nice hourglass look, so I guess I can't complain.

I've stalled too much. Let me get back to my sordid confession. My life has changed drastically, and the pivotal moment hinged on a broken lock on a bathroom door. David had never been happy with the cute little house I had bought as our honeymoon cottage. I loved it though, and enjoyed living like a normal every day person. All of that was about to change. We were getting ready to move into a simply huge house my husband had talked me into buying when the real estate market went belly up. There were quite a few problems that needed immediate attention first though, and that's were things get complicated.

Dave hired a contracting company to do all the necessary work. God forbid he gets HIS hands dirty when he could just as easily spend my money! The owner and head of the company is Tony Harrison. Tony is just as tall as I am short. Judging by the way his head just clears doorways; he's about six foot six. Maybe that's why he keeps his head shaved. He'd have to keep stooping to keep his hair from brushing against the doorframe! He's no beanpole, ether. Tony is muscled like some kind of Greek God. A God carved from rich beautiful mahogany.

Now let me get back to that broken lock. Tony had sent his crew home for the evening and was taking a few last measurements of the master bedroom's bathroom. Or that's what I thought at least. I had stayed too. Sitting on a big five gallon bucket, I was sorting through tile samples in the kitchen when I finally made up my mind. I grabbed the sample tile and went up to consult with Tony.

Without a care in the world, I headed into what would be my bedroom and crossed to the closed bathroom door. As God is my witness, it had never occurred to me that a contractor might actually use a bathroom for its intended purpose. I grabbed the knob and turned it, pushing open the door. I walked right in and closed the gap between us. "Tony, are you sure you can get a sufficient quantity of the..." My mouth went dry when my brain registered what was happening. Tony was just finishing up relieving his bladder! There, before my eyes, was the second penis I had ever seen in real life. I was close enough to touch it! I won't lie. I've seen a few adult sites in my time, but this was different! Remember how big I said Tony is? His member was built on the same astounding scale!

"I, I'm terribly sorry!" I stammered before turning tail and fleeing the room. My heart did weird little flips, and my body grew warm. He was huge! Ten inches, and that was while flaccid and urinating! Dave was only six inches, and that was while under the influence of the Ergo-Max!

I stood there and tried to compose myself. In a moment, the door reopened. 'Please forgive me, Ma'am." He said in his warm deep voice. "I know you mentioned the lock being broken, but it didn't seem to make much sense to repair it, when we're just going to be replacing the door in a day or two anyway."

"I told you before, Tony. My name is Cleo!" I couldn't help a little grin. "It seems silly to be so formal now, wouldn't you say?"

He laughed. "I guess you're right, Cleo. Anyway, please accept my apologies."

"You apologize? I was the one who barged in without even knocking!" I sighed. "Let's just try and forget it, okay?"

He gave me a crooked grin. "Forget what?"

We had agreed to forget it, but as time passed, I just couldn't! At odd moments of the day, images of that magnificent weapon would invade my mind. For me, masturbation had just been a way to finish what my husband had started. Now, I found myself playing, more and more, while thinking dangerous thoughts about Tony's glorious body! I vowed to keep well away from the new house until Tony and his crew finished.

I'm convinced I would have cooled off eventually if it hadn't been for Dave making just one stupid comment too many. "Honey, make sure you keep going over to watch the contractors work, okay?"

They were doing an excellent job. I had been against this house at first, but Tony and his men were making it really something special! "They're doing just fine! I am sure they don't need me getting in the way and looking over their shoulders!"

"They're doing fine now, but keep watching them, anyway."

"Keep watching them, for what?"

Dave sighed. "Cleo, you're far too trusting. I've noticed that the new bathtub was supposed to have been delivered, but when I checked the site after work yesterday, it wasn't there. As long as nothing else disappears, I'll keep quiet, but I need you to be on the look out. You know how 'they' are. I don't want them selling everything they get their hands on, and then claiming they never received it."

I could not believe the drivel I was hearing! "David, the bathtub did arrive! I saw it being delivered. I also saw it wasn't the color I ordered! I had them send it back. I told you about it last night, remember?"

"Oh, that's right." He laughed. "I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached! Still, keep your eyes peeled. I'm spending a fortune on the renovations. There are too many tempting things in that house some lowlife could strip out and sell for scrap."

Holy God! Was he for real? I thought back over our years together, and I didn't like the patterns I was now seeing clearly. How could any sane person think that way in the twenty-first century? My heart filled with anger. Aside from that, he had said "he" was spending a fortune! The money was all coming from my trust! Dad had given Dave a great job in sales, but it was MY money paying for everything! I think I lost a lot of my respect for David right then and there! "Yes dear." I said softly, thinking about Tony's handsome face and gorgeous body. "There certainly are things there that would tempt anyone!"

"Good, we're on the same page then." He popped a pill into his mouth, and then pulled me into his arms. "Let's go to bed early tonight, Cleo. Daddy wants to give his girl something sweet."

I had always been a willing little wifey for my husband's urges, despite my own never being fulfilled. For the first time in my married life, I made a stand. "Honey, not tonight. I don't feel very well." He could just go and play with his chemically induced erection in the bathroom! It would serve him right to use his own hand, like I'm always forced to!

The next morning, Dave managed to reinforce my weakening resolve. "Remember sweetheart. Head on over to the new house as soon as you can. I want those alleged workers working!"

"They're a very hard working crew!" I said while trying to rope in my anger. "I really don't think I need to baby-sit them!"

"They're hard working, as long as someone is watching!" he smiled knowingly. "I don't think half of that crew even has valid documentation. You know how 'they' have a weak work ethic. Just hurry on over and make sure to keep on top of things!"

Nervous, but mind made up, I got dressed for the day. I didn't go overboard and dress like some teenage whore. I simply wore an old and rather snug fitting pair of jeans and a clingy green cashmere sweater against the growing chill in the air. I grinned at my reflection in the mirror. Mom always says that the women of our family really know how to fill a sweater! I bet dad was sure glad of that too! Mom's what they call a MILF, still turning heads, even at sixty!

Butterflies danced in my tummy as I made the short drive to the new house. The men busy roofing all took time to wave and smile as I stepped from my car. I walked into the open front door and found Tony giving some instructions to a handful of men. He ended with a sort of pep talk.

"Keep it up men." He said with pride in his voice. "We're well ahead of schedule. If we stick to this pace, we should be finished three days before the estimate date!" He turned and spotted me. "Good morning, Cleo! Come to keep an eye on things?"

My face felt warm when he struck so close to home. "No, not really. I, I just feel like a part of things if I come over and watch as my house is made into a home."

He smiled broadly. "You're more then welcome to observe, but we should take precautions." He picked up a yellow plastic hard hat from a sawhorse table, and placed it on my head. "There, now you're an official sidewalk supervisor!"

I couldn't help a giggle as I pushed the hat up off of my eyes. "Maybe I could help out." I was thinking more along the lines of running out for coffee or something, but Tony had other ideas.

"Okay, come with me." I followed him up the stairs and had a brief feeling of terror as we entered the faithful bathroom from the day before. I forgot that when I saw the beautiful onyx bathtub I had ordered had finally arrived. Tony laughed. "It just came in this morning. I can tell by the look in your eyes that this one is the right one!"

It was all covered in a heavy clear plastic wrap, but I could see enough of it to know it was absolutely perfect! "It's just gorgeous!" I gushed, seeing an opening and seizing it. "I've always wanted a black bathtub! Black is just so exotic compared to any other color. Wouldn't you say?"

He gave me an oddly piercing look, as a smile spread slowly across his face. "I don't know about that. There's something to be said about pure flawless white."

We got down to business right there, standing in my new tub! "How is this?" I asked softly as I stroked gently.

"That is just perfect!" He sighed happily. "Cleo, you're a natural!" He laughed as I went back to my happy task. "Not too much! Just do a little at a time."

"Are you sure? I can get it all right now!" I stooped in the plastic covered tub, eagerly eyeing the results of my slow and careful handy work.

He placed his big hand on mine. "Some things just shouldn't be rushed." He took the trowel from my hand and gave me a tile. "Now we place the first row."

I pressed the black tile firmly to the thinset adhesive I had carefully spread, and sort of wiggled it in place. "How's that?"

"Excellent!" he laughed and handed me another tile. "Keep going. Just think of me as your assistant!"

From that moment on, I became a sort of apprentice to Tony. It was hard work, but I had so much fun! That first day, I tiled the whole bathroom, almost all by myself. Tony wouldn't let me cut the tiles that needed to be specially shaped. He didn't want me anywhere near the powerful wet saw he used for the task.

By the end of the day, my sweater was ruined, and I had managed to tear the right knee of my jeans, but I didn't care! "It looks a little messy." I said sadly as I looked over the walls around the tub.

"Nonsense Cleo!" He smiled reassuringly. "This is exactly how it should look at this stage! We have to let it set, and then we grout the joints, clean it up, and seal it. By the time you finish, this bathroom will be a showpiece in Better Homes and Gardens!"

"It'll be thanks to you." I said softly. Placing a hand lightly on his strong arm, I stepped out of my beautiful new bathtub. "I would never have been able to do this if you hadn't shown me how!"

"Cleo, don't sell yourself short." He placed his hand over mine, and I felt a thrill of electricity run through me. "You're a hard worker, and very quick to pick up new skills. It's a pleasure to teach someone like you!"

"Would it be okay if I worked some more tomorrow?"

He laughed. "Certainly! Your help has put us even farther ahead of the completion date I gave your husband."

A minor flash of guilt flared through me at Dave being mentioned. "He'll be glad to hear that." I said with a smile to cover my unease. "I'll see you in the morning then."

"I'm looking forward to it." He took my hands in his, and held them just a touch longer then what a friendly gesture would be. "I mean that. I'm looking forward to seeing you again, Cleo."

I was really frazzled driving home. I'm sure Tony knew what I wanted, and seemed to like the idea. How was I going to advance this? I had been so busy through high school and college with my baby-sitting and part time jobs that I hadn't really dated much before Dave swept me up in his wake. This seduction business was all pretty new to me! I couldn't just come out and say "I want to have sex with you" could I?

I made a stop at Wal-Mart. I hadn't shopped there since I was a kid, but I needed something special for tomorrow. I found where they kept the coveralls in back of the men's clothing department. These garments are what my dad used to call a "boiler suit". It was sort of fun to be able to try them on without ducking into a fitting room! I managed to find one short enough for my height, and loose enough, just barely, to be able to zip it up over my assets. I could have gone bigger, but I thought the snug fit in hips butt and bust would really capture Tony's attention! I made my purchase with a smile and headed for home.

"What happened to you?" Dave cried when I walked in through the door. I had forgotten about my disheveled appearance! "Are you alright? Are you hurt?"

I laughed. "I'm just fine! You wanted me to hang around an active worksite all day. Did you think I'd just sit in a corner and twiddle my thumbs?" My heart swelled with pride. "I tiled the master bathroom! Tony showed me how, and I did most of the work myself!"

My heart sank when his reaction wasn't quite what I expected. "You were working? Are you insane? What the hell do you think I hired those assholes for?" He whipped out his cell phone. "I'm calling that Tony Harrison and telling him I'm docking ten percent off of our agreed price!"

I surprised myself by snatching the phone from his hand. Meek little wifey was nowhere to be found! "You'll do no such thing! Tony did me a favor! I had a wonderful time today!" I tore open my bag and showed him my new fashion statement. "I'm going back tomorrow and helping out some more!"

"You have got to be shitting me! No wife of mine is going to be a God damned common laborer!"

"You watch your language when you speak to me!" I snapped. "You wanted me to go and keep an eye on things! I will not just stand by and watch, when I could be helping turn that overgrown mausoleum into a home I can be proud of!"

"What is getting into you today?" he shouted.

I couldn't help saying the first thing that popped into my head. "It certainly isn't you! David, you're sleeping in the guest room tonight, so don't bother popping any pill unless you want to play with yourself!"

He recoiled as if I had slapped him. "You promised never to mention me needing those pills!" he glared at me, but I refused to back down and glared right back. "Fine, you want to work, who am I to stop you?" He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself. "I was just worried about you, honey!"

"Well, there's no need." I sighed. "I enjoyed myself today. Maybe after the house is all finished, I'll do some volunteering with Habitat for Humanity!"

"Oh, that's just great!" his anger flared up again. "My wife building houses for deadbeats with that buck toothed ex-president! How is that going to look?"

"It's going to look like I care!" I grabbed up my coverall and stormed upstairs. "Too bad that's more then I can say for you!"

I slammed the bedroom door, and leaned against it for a few moments. I felt ashamed. Not for my actions now, but for waiting so long to break from the role of happy little wifey! I stripped out of my damaged and dirty clothes and stormed into the bathroom. How dare David think he could control my life like that! Things are going to be different from now on! I turned on the water in the tub, and let it get good and hot. Yes, things are going to be very different!

The hot water enveloped me, and I calmly faced my future. I may not have much experience seducing a man, but I could tell Tony wanted the same thing I did. I scrubbed the dust out of my hair, and hastily cleaned my body. Now, it was time to relax.

I felt a silly grin grow on my lips as I thought back to the glorious sight of Tony's penis. Oh God was it big! What would it be like when erect? I had to laugh at myself. Al day I had mightily resisted looking at his crotch. That was silly of me! How can I seduce him if I play prim and proper all day? Did he get an erection working so close to me? I had certainly felt aroused when he touched my hand! I could feel his interest when my hand tingled in his strong but gentle grip.

Tomorrow would be different, I thought as my hands moved slowly over my body. Tomorrow, I would make my intentions perfectly clear! I slipped my hand between my legs and sighed at my smothering arousal. Would Tony masturbate tonight while thinking of me? A spark of jealousy rippled through me. "Please God; don't let him have a girlfriend!"

My fingers grew bolder. I imagined how Tony would look as he undressed in my mind. He would look magnificent! I slipped a finger into myself, and shuddered thinking about how thick his flaccid member had been. How would such a monster feel entering me? I slipped in a second finger and moaned. The length was a matter worth considering, but it was that thickness that captured my mind! David was a reasonable six inches, but even in my inexperience I knew he was rather thin.

I whimpered into the stream of water as my fingers sawed in and out. The more I thought about it, the more my certainty grew. Tony would be able to make me orgasm! I was positive! My body trembled as I began to tease my erect nipples. Tony wouldn't be timid! He'd know a woman wants to be touched! Tony would understand foreplay! He'd know I long for a lover that would bend me to his will and not just shove it in a few times and ejaculate much too soon!

I had to brace a hand against the wall as my body shook. My thumb strummed against my clit and nearly drove me mad! I threw back my head and let out a cry as I found the release David never gave me!

I heard a knock on the door. "Honey, are you alright? Don't cry. I'm sorry I was so upset before!"

I almost laughed as my heart slowed to a more normal rate. David thought I was weeping in the shower? Didn't he even recognize the sound of a woman consumed with passion? What a fool! "I'm fine." I snapped, as I turned off the water. "Don't think I changed my mind though. You're sleeping alone tonight!"

Over coffee early the next morning, David looked at me like I was crazy. "You're really going through with it?" he asked in disbelief. "You do know that outfit looks foolish on you!"

Once again my anger grew. Personally, I thought I looked kind of cute in my new blue boiler suit! "Yes I'm going through with it!" Part of me wondered what he'd think if he knew just what I planned on going through with! "This was your idea, remember? Like I said, I am not going to just sit and watch people work! I enjoy helping out working on my house!"

"Our house!" he snapped.

"Our house?" I shook my head. "It's in my name, just like this one. Besides that, just how much are you paying towards the purchase and renovations? Last time I checked, it was all coming out of my trust!"

"We're married!" he shouted. "It's communal property!"

I sighed. "Okay, it's our house! Just be glad I don't make you pick a separate bedroom for you to sleep in!" With that, I stormed out of the house.

My anger faded as I drove to the new house location. I made a quick stop along the way. Pulling into the lot of a drug store that had opened early, I made one of the most embarrassing purchases of my life!

I felt like there was a sign on my back "Woman planning on getting Fucked" as I casually strolled towards the family planning center. You see, I knew the problem wasn't me. Nearly six years ago I had begun to think maybe something was wrong and I just couldn't conceive. I had myself very closely examined by several different specialists. I happen to be very healthy, I'll have you know!

Dave had himself checked over too. His doctor assured me that my husband was also enjoying very good heath. Despite everything else, Dave was producing more then enough sperm to enable him to give me a child. The doctor went on to explain that we just seemed to be incompatible. For some reason his sperm just couldn't do the job for me. That's why I had to be very careful tonight. Just because David and I weren't compatible, there was no reason Tony's seed would not do the trick! I was at the most critical day in my cycle, too. I should wait for about a week or so, but I just couldn't! I needed to go through with this today, before I lost my nerve! I was just going to have to trust my future to a latex balloon!

I never knew there were so many kinds of condoms! I felt my face grow warm as I looked over all the packages. Then I spotted one that seemed just right! Trojan Magnum XL Latex Condoms! According to the box, they're intended for men who feel that current regular and large size condoms are too small. That was certainly Tony! My fingers actually shook as I selected the twelve pack.

It took me ten whole minutes to gather the courage to bring my selection up to the cashier. I actually considered shoplifting them to avoid the embarrassment! I plunked the box down on the counter before the attractive young woman running the register. She eyed the condoms and gave me a big grin. "Find everything you want? You were over there an awfully long time."

I cleared my throat and tried to speak normally. I hope she didn't notice the quaver in my voice! "I, um, yes, this is good. I'll take these." I couldn't leave it at that. Before I could stop myself, I babbled on. "I hope they're big enough for him!"

The cashier dropped the box as she attempted to scan it in. "You hope they're big enough?" Her face took on a dreamy quality. "You lucky girl! I wish I had that worry! My over protective big brother scares away anyone I would want to spend time with!" She rang me up and handed over the bag. "I could almost hate you, but have a good time!"

I took my package and grinned. "I most certainly will! Thanks!"

It had been embarrassing, but also rather steadying. Even if I didn't know her name, I felt like I had the approval of the cashier warming me as I opened the door of my car. I stuffed my package under the seat and headed on my way.

When I got to the new house, I was surprised. There was Tony, waiting for me on the front lawn. That wasn't so surprising in itself. Tony wasn't wearing work clothes. He was impeccably dressed in a very well tailored suit. He looked gorgeous!

I got out of the car and gave him a friendly wave. "Hi boss!" I smiled my best smile. "I thought we were going to work some more today."

He grinned while looking over my boiler suit. His eyes lingered a bit, studying the way the zipper was strained over my, uh, charms. "Good morning, Cleo. I had thought to take you out for breakfast first, but it seems you put work first before pleasure.

Damn, why was I blushing just because he said pleasure? "Oh, you mean this?" I gave a little spin. I could almost feel his gaze burning into me, just where the seat of the overalls stretched snugly over my bottom. "I can change in a second! Let's stop at my house and I can get ready in no time!"

We walked over to his pickup truck. "Your chariot awaits, Cleopatra." I felt like my namesake when he handed me up into the gleaming red machine.

I relaxed and enjoyed the short ride. I tried not to think about my timeline being advanced! This was it! Did I have the nerve to go through with it? When we reached the house, Tony hurried around to hand me back down from his oversized vehicle. "Make yourself at home." I said while unlocking the door. "I'll only be a moment changing."

The question of me having the nerve to continue my seduction proved to be a moot point. As the door closed, I found myself in his strong arms. "Do you really want to go to breakfast now?" he asked in a low whisper, before he leaned down to me and captured my lips with his.

My heart pounded beneath my breasts as the kiss ignited a fire in my soul! "I, I c-could wait for lunch." I managed to stammer, before our lips once again met. He effortlessly picked me up and carried me towards the stairs. "Oh, maybe, um, maybe even dinner!"

When David had 'carried me over the threshold' when we moved into this house, he had to put me down in an awful hurry to prevent hurting his back. I giggled as Tony leisurely strode up the stairs, and gently placed me on my feet next to the bed I shared with my husband. His eyes burned with desire as his strong finger gripped the zipper pull and slowly tugged it down. "You're beautiful!" he breathed as he helped me shrug out of the confining garment.

I kicked off my sneakers ands stepped out of the boiler suit when it fell to a rumpled heap around my ankles. I was so glad I wore red underneath! The matching bra and panty were almost the exact shade of my hair. "Thank you, Tony." I said huskily as my nervous fingers loosened his necktie. "You look wonderful, too!"

I spent several delightful minutes helping Tony out of his suit. My fingers moved lightly over his beautiful dark skin, thrilling at the feel of hard muscle beneath. My heart almost stopped when he was down to wearing just his boxers. Tony was erect! His penis was poking down out of the left leg hole of the boxer, down almost to his knee! The material was straining mightily against his flesh. My hands shook as I slipped the shorts down. His penis sprang free to point at me as if in greeting!

Tony then finished undressing me. There was no fumbling as he undid my bra and slipped it from my quivering body. I stood proudly before him, wearing nothing but my glasses. "Oh God, Cleo, you're lovely!"

He went to pick me up again. "No, wait a second!" I hastily tore the comforter and blanket off and folded them up. I ran to the closet and grabbed a couple extra sheets and spread them over the king size bed. I didn't want to leave any evidence of what we were about to do for David to find! I'd simple bundle up the sheets and throw them in the washing machine as soon as we finished! "There, that's better."

He laughed and once again picked me up like I was a little child. He laid me reverently on the sheets and then just stared down at my naked form. "You look good enough to eat, Cleo!"

My insides melted when the huge man knelt at the side of the bed, and grasped my legs. I giggled again as he pulled me towards him until my legs dangled over the side. My giggles turned to moans as he lowered his face between my thighs. "Oh Tony!" I whimpered, as I experienced a dream come true! A gorgeous man was performing cunnilingus on me! I had read about it many times online, and had even talked about it with trusted girlfriends. Nothing though had prepared me for the pure sensual delight of this most intimate of kisses!

I ran my finger lightly over his head and felt the beginning of stubble there as Tony's tongue drove me positively mad! "My husband won't do this!" I cried as my clitoris was found and teased. "Oh God, he, he claims it's disgusting!"

Tony laughed into my body as his gentle torment continued. His tongue was so long! It was entering me, pushing deep into my folds! It was heaven! He threw my legs over his broad shoulders and his efforts increased. I was panting and moaning like some kind of wild animal. "I'm gonna do it!" I wailed as his tongue and lips gave me pleasure beyond my wildest dreams. I was so close! I was at the very edge! I was there!

For the first time in my life, something besides my own fingers had brought me to my release. I climaxed on Tony's mouth, and it was beautiful! My body was wracked by the sheer power of that orgasm. Tony kept going! He lapped and teased, bring me from one peak to another! I was dimly aware that my hands were forcing his head firmly between my thighs, as my legs crossed over his back, as if to never let him go!

Let go I finally did. I could have stayed with his mouth on my pussy all day, if it wasn't for the thought of that fantastic penis of his! "Oh Tony, that was wonderful!" I breathed as he moved up over my body.

"I have more for you, baby girl." He stopped moving and grinned down at me. "You have to tell me what you want though."

I only paused for a moment. "I, I want you inside me!" I gasped, craning my neck to watch as he grasped his almost frightening member and placed the swollen head at my damp little slit. "Please Tony! Don't tease! I, I want you to fuck me!"

"I do to!" he gasped "I want you more then anything, you redheaded Angel!" He bore down on me, and we both gasped when the head finally managed to pop inside.

"Oh God, Tony, you're so big!" I whispered. "Please be gentle!"

"I won't hurt you, baby." He eased still more of that wicked shaft into me. "I'd die before I'd hurt you!"

More and more of him pushed into my trembling body. I never knew this feeling of fullness before! My eyes nearly crossed as I watched his lovely dark staff probe deeper. How was it all fitting? He had to be almost fifteen inches long, and he managed to get at least eleven of that impossible length into my clutching body!

"Cleo, you're so tight!" he said in wonder as he withdrew, only to push his hardness right back inside of me! "You're squeezing me! It's driving me insane!"

I smiled at that. Was it because David was so thin in comparison? Thinking of David, my smile froze. "My car!" I gasped, as Tony began to rhythmically thrust into my quivering body.

"What, what about your car?" he asked huskily as he grabbed my legs once again and forced them upwards. 'It'll be okay. None of my crew will mess with it."

I whimpered as my legs pointed at the ceiling. "We, we rode your truck!"

"I know, Angel. You looked so cute climbing into it."

"You don't understand! I, I forgot something!" He used his gentle strength to bend my knees. I lost the ability to speak for a few seconds when he leaned over and nibbled on my right foot as his shaft continued to piston into me. I could only whimper and moan as I pictured the package of condoms sitting on the floor under the seat!

"Don't worry, Angel." He breathed. "We'll have my truck safely away from here before your husband comes home!"

Oh God, I was fertile today! I had been tracking my ovulation cycle far too long to have any doubts! What if Tony ejaculates in me? Was I ready to receive another man's baby? I watched him lick my foot again, and mewled helplessly. I have a dear friend that 'slipped one by' her husband. The idea wasn't without merit, but how would I ever convince David when the real father's skin was such a lovely dark shade?

Things grew even more dangerous when another factor made itself known. I bit my lower lip and tried to stall it off, but Tony was rapidly pushing me towards another orgasm! "Tony, oh God, Tony!" I gasped, finally able to force words out. I stopped though. Passion lust and maybe even greed prevented me from speaking out. Dear God, for the first time in my life, I was actually going to climax from intercourse! I couldn't miss that! My fevered mind decided to wait until I hit my peak, and then warn Tony to pull out before it was too late!

Nature played a dirty little trick on me! As my release grew closer, Tony's breathing grew more labored. Oh no! This was going to be close! I should give up and tell him to pull out right now! I couldn't form the words! His movements were growing more frantic by the second! "I'm gonna cum!" he grunted, as he pushed even more of himself into me. I felt him bottom out in me! I had heard that could be painful, but Tony was a careful lover. I just felt the pressure of him deep inside me, as he planted the head of his cock right at the mouth of my cervix! He went rigid, and that glorious shaft within me began to jerk and pulse.

I cried out wordless bliss as my own climax claimed me. The power ripping through my body was frightening in its intensity! Was I dying? If so, I welcomed it! My rippling sheath milked every drop out of his spurting pulsing cock. My soul sang, voiced by my screams of joy as we reached our blessed release together!

Tony finally withdrew from my still trembling body and lay down beside me. "Angel, that was fantastic!" he grinned sheepishly. "I haven't been with a woman in so long I was afraid I'd fire off too soon for you." He laughed. "Now Cleo, what were you talking about? You said you forgot something. Was it important?"

I felt myself blush all over my body. "Um, you could say that." I smiled weakly as I adjusted my now crooked and smudged glasses. "I, uh, I stopped this morning and bought some condoms. I left them in my car by mistake."

"Oh." His eyes opened wide. "Oh! Oh crap. I'm sorry. I had assumed you were on the pill or something when your husband said you guys were childless after ten years of marriage."

I sat up and looked between my legs. Pearly fluid was slowly seeping out to soak the sheets. "No use crying over spilled, uh, milk!" I smiled warmly. "Don't worry. Maybe the doctors were wrong. I bet my husband's sperm isn't incompatible with me after all. Maybe it is just me and I can't get pregnant." I knew that wasn't true, but I didn't want Tony to worry.

"Incompatible sperm?" Tony looked puzzled. "I had never heard of that. I thought sperm was sperm."

"David's doctor explained it. I forget the details, since it was over eight years ago. What it boils down to is my husband has a very high sperm count, but there's very little chance of him ever making me pregnant." I smiled again. "I'll just tell him one of his little swimmers did it if I am knocked up. That will buy me nine months to think of something!"

"That sounds odd to me." He looked thoughtful. "Have you ever looked up incompatible sperm online?"

"No, I didn't want to depress myself farther then I was." I couldn't keep a grin off of my face. "Don't take this the wrong way, but I sort of hope I did get pregnant. Have you ever ached for something ten long years? I've wanted a baby since before I got married!" I patted his hand. "Don't worry. My family has money. If worse comes to worse, you have nothing to fear from me! I'm sure I'll think of something to tell David!"

"Angel, even if you were a dirt poor gold digger, I wouldn't fear you!" he smiled warmly and leaned over to give me a kiss.

My fears were forgotten. "Tony, you were so good to me, I want to return the favor!" I slipped over his strong body and climbed out of bed. "My husband swears by my oral skills. You're a giant compared to him, but would you like me to try?"

"Hell yes!" he sat up and spread his legs to accommodate me. "If an Angel wants to do 'that', who am I to stand in her way?"

His penis had begun to relax, but as I leaned my face closer to the still damp glistening member, it began to grow with each beat of his heart. I smiled, taking that as a heartfelt complement! Tony sighed when I gave the head a sweet little kiss. I could taste myself mingled with his semen. I thought the combination delicious!

I started very carefully licking every beautiful ebony inch of his hardness. I think I startled Tony when I gave the same attention to his scrotum. The sheer size of the testicles within sent a thrill up and down my spine. I playfully sucked one into my mouth, and Tony moaned his approval! Both of David's together were only about half the size of one of Tony's! An evil thought flashed across my mind. Does this mean David is half the man Tony is? Somehow I didn't doubt that for a moment as I sucked the other precious goose egg into my greedy little mouth!

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