The Girl From Yesterday

by DG Hear

Copyright© 2010 by DG Hear

Drama Story: This is a co-authored story of DG Hear and Jake Rivers. Mel and Mike loved each other. Did they tell each other to late? This is their story.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Romantic  

Note from Jake Rivers:

DG Hear and I have collaborated on a number of efforts: my semi-annual invitational, common themes but separate stories (Hey, Joe! & Back up Buddy), and stories we co-wrote.

This effort we decided to write together. We hope you enjoy it. It is based on the Eagles great song, "The Girl from Yesterday." (Written by Jack Tempchin & Glenn Frey.)

A big 'Thank You' to WanderingScot for editing this story for us. We hope you enjoy the story.

DG Hear

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