The Company Barbecue

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2010 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: All sorts of things happen at barbecues.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

Actually, I don't know what pissed me off the most, the fact that my asshole of a boss was fucking my wife, that half my coworkers were fucking my wife, or that my wife was doing all of this fucking without telling me about it. She knows that my favorite fantasy is to watch her with other men and for six months now she has been getting banged right and left and has hidden it from me.

I found out about it quite by accident. My wife Meredith and I were at a bar-b-que at my boss's house. It was just after dark and I had gone outside to take a breather. There was a four foot brick wall around the patio and I had climbed over it, sat down with my back against it and watched the stars come out. I heard footsteps on the other side of the wall and a woman say, "Do you think that Jack (that's me) has any idea that his wife is the company whore?"

Another woman's voice said, "Mercy no! That's why RG (my boss) gave him the regional manager's job - to get him out of town and out of the way. The poor fool doesn't have a clue "(she was right - I didn't).

Then the footsteps moved away and I heard fading voices, "Just last week when the I.B. Raffen execs were in town I heard that Meredith took on all of them at once and then..." and the voices faded away.

My first thought was that it couldn't be my Meredith that they were talking about, but that thought was pushed away by the realization that no one else in the company had a wife named Meredith and the only regional manager named Jack was me.

The weekend went very slow for me. I watched Meredith for any sign that she was being unfaithful to me, but I could not see any outward signs (not that I had a clue as to what to look for anyway). I was dreading Monday's approach because I would be leaving town for three days on a business trip to Denver - three days that I would be 'out of the way' if the women I'd overheard were right. By the time Monday had come I had made up my mind that I was going to play hooky from my job and find out if those women had been speaking the truth. I threw my suitcase in the car, kissed Meredith goodbye, and drove away, but instead of going to the airport I drove to a downtown hotel and checked in. I went to a rental car company and rented a car and then drove back to my neighborhood. I settled down for what I figured could be a long wait. I was wrong - I'd gotten there just in time to see Meredith come out of the house, get in her car and drive off. I followed her as she drove up to my company's offices. She pulled into visitors parking, but did not get out of the car.

For about fifteen minutes Meredith sat there waiting for some one, or some thing, and at eleven-fifteen RG came out of the building and got into the car with her. I followed as they drove across town and eventually pulled into a motel parking lot. RG got out and went into the office. When he came out five minutes later he walked down to a unit and unlocked the door while Meredith pulled into a parking slot just outside. When the door closed behind them there was no longer any doubt in my mind that what I'd heard at the barbecue was true. I gave up my vigil and got on with my business trip.

When I returned on Thursday I got out the yellow pages and found the number of a detective agency and made an appointment to see them. They agreed to take the case and I gave my approval for them to place video cameras and listening devices in the house. For three weeks they followed Meredith on a twenty-four hour basis, keeping a log of all her movements, and quite a log it was:

Monday Jan 15 Met with five individuals at company headquarters and accompanied them to room 235 of the Marriott where she remained for six hours.

Tuesday Jan 16 Went with RG to Motel 6 at 10:30a.m. and remained there with him until 1:30p.m. Met two men at company headquarters at 4p.m. and went to Motel 6 with them. Was in room 116 for five hours with them.

Wednesday Jan 17 At home when at 7:15p.m. Sam Jake's (company VP) drove up. Stayed the remainder of the night leaving at 6:15 the next morning.

There was not one day while I was gone that Meredith didn't fuck someone or a lot of someone's. I leaned back in my office chair and contemplated the report and what I should do about it. On the one hand I could watch the tapes produced by the hidden cameras and realize my long held fantasy, but on the other hand I wanted to stick it to my boss for turning my wife into the company slut. The first decision I had to make was whether or not to confront Meredith. She was, as far as I knew, a loving wife and I had to believe that she had a good reason for doing what she was doing - I just could not believe that my wife of sixteen years could overnight become a cock hungry slut. My boss, on the other hand, was a sneaky, backstabbing, treacherous bastard. The conclusion I reached was that he had somehow coerced Meredith into what she was doing. I made the decision to confront her.

It went easier than I expected. I told Meredith that I needed to talk to her and when we sat down I handed her the detective's report. She read it without comment and handed it back to me.

"What made you hire detectives?" she asked.

I told her about what I'd heard at the barbecue.

"All sorts of things happen at company barbecues" she said.

"Are you interested in what happened, or is this" and she pointed at the report, "the first step in the divorce proceedings?"

"Sweetheart, if there is going to be a divorce it is going to be because you want it, not me. What this report tells me is that you are doing half of what I've always wanted you to do."

Meredith raised an eyebrow at me. "Having sex with other men" I said. "The other half is that I'm supposed to be able to watch and I'm pissed that I haven't been able to. But back to your question, yes! I want to know what happened.

At a company barbecue held at the beginning of the summer RG had approached her and asked her if she was interested in helping me keep my job. She asked him what he meant and he told her the company was going to downsize and that quite a few people were going to be let go. He told her that based on my performance for the last twelve months that I was going to be one of them, unless, of course, she could see her way clear to help me out. Meredith knew how much I loved my job so she asked RG what he had in mind. He told her that he had always fancied her and in exchange for her having sex with him while I was on my trip he would see to it that my 'negative evaluation' would disappear and a rather more flattering one would take it's place. Meredith had agreed. On my next trip he arrived at my front door at 6p.m. on the day I left and he had kept Meredith on her back or hands and knees for the next six hours. When he left he told Meredith he would call her in the morning and tell her where to meet him the next day. Meredith protested that she had fulfilled her part of the bargain, but RG had laughed at her.

"I said during his next trip and that trip is going to be four days long. That means you still have to take care of me tomorrow and the next day."

The next day Meredith had met him at the Holiday Inn and RG had spent the entire afternoon fucking her. On the third day he had shown her the video that had been secretly shot of the previous days session. He told her that from then on she would fuck him and whomever he chose or the video would go public. This put Meredith between a rock and a hard place. She knew she could tell me and that I would probably be enthusiastic about the situation, especially if I could find some way to watch, but her father was a Baptist preacher, both her brother's were ministers, and her grandfather was a deacon of the church. She did not dare let them find out what she had done so she gave in to RG's demands.

After the first couple of 'dates' she found that she was beginning to like the sex - the quality, and some times the quantity varied, but that just made it more interesting. She had gotten to the point of anxiously awaiting my trips so she could have another sexual experience.

"I've found out that I like getting all the sex I can handle" she said, "and if I'd known then what I know now you would have had your fantasy a long time ago. But once RG got me started I couldn't tell you because of the affect it would have had on your job."

I laughed when she said that, "I've never been in danger of losing my job. I'm the best producer they have and my regional manager's job wasn't to get me out of town, I got the promotion because I earned it. In fact, the company has been walking on eggshells around me because they know I've had offers to go into business for myself. Going into business for myself means that I'll take most of my accounts with me and the company knows it. What I can't figure out is why RG is taking such a chance at antagonizing me. What do you talk about when you are together?"

"Not much" Meredith said, "He mostly brags about how I'm making him the top grossing sale rep in the company. From the way he talks I think it is important to him to show Rita that he is capable of doing more than just sitting in the bosses chair and following her orders."

Suddenly, like a bolt out of the blue I knew how to stick it to RG for what he had done to Meredith.

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