A Parting Gift to Remember

by J-God

Copyright© 2010 by J-God

True Sex Story: A ladyfriend gives me a last experience before she leaves town.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Cheating   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   BBW   Big Breasts   .

Dima was a woman that I could never get enough of. I ached to fulfill every erotic desire with her. She had curly red hair and bright blue eyes that always smiled when they looked my way. She was a short, healthy woman with huge breasts and nice wide hips. Her creamy skin made a nice contrast with my chocolate brown skin. For hours on end, I touched and tasted every bit of her tasty curves – both inside and out. As she was married, I was her 'dirty little secret' – and relished every naughty moment. I fondly remember every time we were together, but the last we were together burned itself into my brain.

Dima found out that she was leaving town and wanted to see me one last time before she went to Europe. On the phone she told me she wanted to give us both something to remember. I checked the calendar and made sure the roommates were gone for the entire day. I showered, dressed in a light t-shirt and shorts [in case they were ripped off] and sat at my computer, awaiting her arrival. At her knock, I opened the door to see her standing there with fire in her eyes. I closed and locked the door and we ran to the bedroom, eager and giddy as teenagers.

We stripped in a frenzy, kissing and touching each other in wild abandon. Once undressed, we hit the bed and she scrambled over my body, straddling my head. I licked her clit, fingered her pussy and ass while she sucked my cock. Once she shuddered a few times, dripping juices all over my face, she climbed off and lay back on the bed. I knelt between her spread thighs and slid my cock into her sweet pussy to the hilt.

We made love for awhile; her breasts swayed up and down as her heels dug into my ass, pulling me closer. I smiled as she started panting faster and faster, her eyes rolling back into her head. She shuddered hard, clutching my cock rhythmically while she came. Dima looked up at me with lust in her eyes and said simply, "I'm ready." Knowing how much she craves anal, I smiled and pulled out of her, easing a pillow under her hips.

I rubbed my cock across her pussy, and she wriggled back and lifted her hips. I lined my cock against her asshole and slowly pushed. Her talented sphincter opened and milked me into her inch by inch until my balls were snug against her ass cheeks. The feeling was so intense I had to take a moment to catch my breath so I didn't come instantly into her hot, tight depths. She smirked at me teasingly, knowing precisely what she was doing to me. I grabbed her hips and start pumping, building up to a nice rhythm. She moaned loudly as she came a few more times before I could take no more and came deep into her ass. Shuddering, I stayed inside her until every drop was spent.

Exhausted, I lay next to her as we kissed and caressed each other. After just a few minutes, she said "Baby, I'm going to have to go pretty soon. I won't be back for a very long time and I want something special ... do you want to go again? Because I really want you in my ass some more." I smiled, imagining plundering her hot ass again, but I was honest as I said, "Damn, I would love to but I don't think I could get it up again so soon..."

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