Marked With Death

by dangerouslydead

Copyright© 2010 by dangerouslydead

Drama Story: A very dark story. I do not like even one of the characters I have created in this story. Read if you like "Burn the Bitch and her convoy too" kind of story.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Cheating   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   Violent  

I knew Carrie was cheating on me and that everyone including my own daughter knew about it. I knew what they were talking about before they changed the subject when I walked into the room. I also knew that it was my golfing buddies who thought that writing "Cuck" on my gym locker was funny. I also knew that I was a very patient and vengeful man.

In the last two years I was ridiculed by one and all. I am not a very rich guy and not very good to look at, but I am still a human being. I still have feelings. While I am at it, I have a request for every cheater who is reading this story (men and women) – "Please ask for a divorce." It is not right to crush someone's dream and revel in it. It is evil and hurtful, nothing to be gained by it.

I am a research biologist working mostly on bodily fluids, so I am not very rich. We made friends only with rich people because Carrie has been on a power trip ever since the day she married me. Her father was a drunk of the highest order and she grew up in abject poverty. Her mother's brother put her through school and she even made it through secretarial school. She was a striking beauty and still is. At the age of 36 with a 16-year-old daughter, she could pass off as an elder sister, and mostly she did! I, on the other hand, looked 45, behaved 50, and felt a 100 at the age of 37.

Growing up, I was the next-door neighbor of her uncle and Carrie and I fell in love while still in high school. We married young. Believe me when I tell you that we both were virgins when we got married. She thought, being poor, the only thing that she had to cherish was her virtue and self-respect and I loved her integrity and strength. When money first started coming in she was hell bent on saving it. Then she started interacting with the families of my older associates who had been earning for the last decade or so, slowly building their dream life. Carrie decided to copy their lifestyle, but instead of taking it slowly, she started to bite a little more than we could chew. Pretty soon I was working longer hours to get the kind of money we needed to keep the lifestyle going. I was a candle burning on both ends, rushing to my grave.

Gradually she showed she was becoming dissatisfied, first by complaining that I did not give enough time to her and then by telling me that I was out of shape, and then they were putting me down every chance that they got. Yes, "they" included my daughter, who was a carbon copy of her mother - beautiful and materialistic. She asked my brother to take her to her graduation ceremony because being seen with me would embarrass her. My brother is much better to look at, by the way, and no, he is not one of the many sleeping with my wife.

I've waited years for today. What is so special about today, you ask? Today is going to be the first day of the rest of my life. Today is going to be a day for payback.

My mother died last year and left all the family wealth to my brother. I did not get a penny from my parents. What I did get was a lawyer's notice to pay up on an IOU that I had signed for my mother for the amount of $100,000. This IOU pre-dated my marriage by around 15 days and it was the money that I took from my mother to embark on this life-long journey. It was supposed to be a fun thing ... we signed it up so that we could laugh on it when we grew older. It seemed to be laughing in my face now. I paid that off and lost my 401K in the process.

Carrie in the meantime went into overdrive, abusing me and belittling me. She planned a large party where almost all of her lovers were invited with their families.

While everyone knew that she was screwing around she was careful only to let the unmarried guys ever be seen with her. All the married men met her at our house. She would hold wild orgies in the bedroom (which we have not shared for the last six years). I would get to sort the pictures that my hidden camera took, hunting for someone new who might have joined in. I had a complete dossier on each of the men who had ever fucked up my marriage. I endured it only because I wanted to totally annihilate her. I have not had any sex for a good year now.

I asked everyone's attention at the party and gave my first public speech ever. I stepped onto the stage and took mike in my hand. I looked ridiculous with horns on my head but hey, they suit me.

"May I have every one's attention please? Thank you. I guess all of you must be surprised to know that I do have voice and I do speak. It has been far too long that I spoke to your or any of you extended the courtesy of saying good morning to me. I guess you might have been a little embarrassed to see me, after all I was wearing horns and you all did know of it. Hell, I know quite a few people at this party who are actively participating, ensuring that the horns stay firmly on my head. Now, ladies, don't look at your husbands like that. Don't all of you know that my wife only sleeps with unmarried guys?" I went on.

"I remember hearing a few of you speaking at one of the parties that you find it funny how I ignore everything and how pussy whipped I am. Wasn't it you Martha Lou that said to Carrie that it must be very exciting to sleep with a new stud every few days? Paul, my friend ... Martha Lou is getting ideas from my wife so, you better watch out. Am I embarrassing all of you? I am embarrassing my wife for sure, just look at her. If she were Supergirl, I would have been ashes by now." Every eye turned towards my wife.

"I will ask for honesty from all of you for one time in my life. Do you guys think I am a pathetic cuckold?"

The answer a loud yeah from everyone and a wicked smile from my wife who had come to front row and was enjoying this display of public outrage by me. She had told me years ago that if I decided to divorce her, she would take me to cleaners. After consultations with lawyers I found that she was right.

"Okay, so it is understood that all of you think I am a pathetic cuckold. How many of you think I should be cut some slack and allowed a divorce?"

Only three hands came up and all three were guys not sleeping with my wife. Rest of the folks did not bother to say anything on the matter.

"So, most of you view my family as a live soap opera. I hope Carrie realizes that we have been reduced to being that."

Carrie spoke up for the first time, "Get down and stop making a fool of yourself. You must be really drunk."

"I haven't touched alcohol in close to two years now. My god woman! Haven't you been paying any attention to me at all?" I snickered at her and continued.

"How many of you would agree that I am grossly out of shape. This is what my wife told me."

Surprisingly it was Nellie from next door who spoke up. "I think you are in really good shape. I remember last month, the tree fell across your yard and you did not even break a sweat while chopping it up. You do look fat though."

"Thank you, Nellie, for noticing." I said, "I look fat because that is what padding is supposed to do." Saying so, I started to take off my shirt. As I took it off people gasped. I was a lean, mean guy wearing a padded shirt. This is the kind of padding that they use to age an actor in movies and TV Serials. You will find a lot of this being used on a series like "Cold Case."

"If you are looking at this well sculpted body and wondering what happened to me, dear Carrie, just remember I had a lot of time on my hands and I did spend a fortune in building the gym in the shed out back. I've been exercising everyday without fail." The look on her face was priceless.

"Cindy darling," I called for my daughter. "Here is a picture of my last public appearance as the real me." As I said that my brother dimmed the lights in the room and switched the projector on. I could be seen in the picture outside a bar with my brother's wife sporting a completely different hairstyle wearing a snuggle fit T-Shirt with a pair of washed off denim.

"I might have looked like your older brother had you been beside me in this picture, but I was just a little embarrassed to be seen with a teenager who was sleeping with her mother's boyfriend, a man a little older than her dad." I took a dig at my daughter, what the fuck was I doing? Am I so low that I have to take revenge on my daughter, too? Surely what her mother had done to her was enough.

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