The Job Saver

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2010 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: It was all on her shoulders.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang   .

I sat on my couch and watched what was showing on thee TV screen in absolute disbelief. The videotape had shown up at my office in a package with no return address on it, but with a local postmark. There was a note taped to the cassette that said, "You are always bragging about her; what do you think of the slut now?" I wondered if the timing of the delivery of the tape had been deliberate. Pam was out of town on business and wouldn't be home until the next day.

Pam and I had been married a little over five years. She was my second and I was her third. I tossed the first one when she had our baby and it turned out to be black. I met Pam at a party and we clicked. Hell, from my standpoint we did a whole lot more than click. I wanted her from the very first second that I saw her and she did seem to be interested in me, but having been involved with one cheating whore I was all that keen on becoming involved with another.

I had no reason to believe that Pam was that kind of woman, but two ex-husbands did make me curious. Did they kick her out or did she dump them? I couldn't see any reason why any man in his right mind would let Pam get away without a damned good reason so I decided to check things out before I got myself in to deep with her. Everyone who knew her told me that she was twice divorced because she had caught both of them playing with other ladies. Satisfied, I put on a full court press and six months after meeting her we were married.

I would love to be able to say that my love for Pam was absolutely unconditional, but I can't. That I did love her deeply was beyond question, but once bitten twice shy and I was always looking for indications that Pam might be playing around. A lot of it, hell, all of it was mental. I had been cheated on by one wife, one ex-fiancée and two girl friends in the past and with that kind of past I guess that I didn't have much faith in my ability to hang onto the women I fell in with. Anyway, I kept my eye open, not that I was obsessive about it, but I was always aware of the possibility. Never in five years did I see anything to make me even the slightest suspicious and yet there she was on my TV screen.

The tape started out with a shot of Pam in an unfamiliar living room, sitting on a couch and reading a magazine. A man I didn't recognize came into the room, walked over to stand in front of Pam and looked down at her. She looked up at him and smiled and put down the magazine as the man unzipped his fly and took out his hard cock. Pam leaned forward and took it in her mouth and sucked him off. She worked on his cock with her mouth while a hand reached inside his fly to play with his balls.

Except for slurping noises no other sound was on the tape until the man announced that he was close to cumming. Pam pulled her mouth off of his cock, got up and went around behind the couch and leaned over the back. The man moved in behind her, lifted her skirt, pushed her panties aside and drove his cock into her pussy. For the first time Pam spoke:

"Oh god yes. Push it in, push it in deep, it feels so damned good."

For the next couple of minutes the man fucked Pam and she moaned and made the little cries that I knew only too well and then the man came and pulled out of Pam's pussy. She turned around, went to her knees and licked his cock clean and then he tucked his dick away and left the room. Pam got up and went back to sit on the couch and read her magazine.

The screen went blue for a second and then the picture was back. It was still Pam sitting on the couch and reading a magazine, but this time I recognized the man who walked into the room — it was her boss. Darrel walked up to her and said, "He signed love. Your magic mouth and hot pussy did it again."

As he was talking he was stripping off his clothes and Pam said, "How do you want me?"

"Just like you are babycakes. Take off that thong and park those high heels up next to my ears."

Pam stood up, lifted her skirt and stepped out of her thong. Then she lay down on the couch and spread her legs and waited for Darrel to move between them. Darrel fucked Pam for what seemed like an hour, but in reality was only about ten minutes. He had her legs up on his shoulders and her high heels did dance next to his ears as he slammed his cock into her.

Pam wasn't one to use words like, "Oh yes fuck me" when her pussy was being pounded, but she was a noisy fuck with a lot of screaming, wailing and loud cries and I sat there and heard everything that I had thought had only been heard by me and the walls of our bedroom. Finally Darrel wheezed, "I'm cumming sweetie, where do you want it?"

"You know where it has to go lover, in my pussy to join Brady's."

When it was over and Darrel's limp dick was hanging in front of him and he was reaching for his pants Pam said, "Aren't you forgetting something boss?"

"Oh come on Pam, do I have to?"

"Of course you do boss. A deal is a deal. You got what you wanted and now you have to settle up."

Reluctantly he got down between her wide spread legs and began to suck on her pussy. "That's right baby, just like that. Clean me out, don't leave a drop of yours or Brady's in me."

In less than a minute Pam was moaning and pushing her hips up at Darrel's face, "Yes, like that, just like that, oh yes, oh yes, oh, oh, oh oH OH OHOHOHOHOHOH God YESSSSSSSSS" she cried out as she had an orgasm. "Keep going baby, keep going, get it all out, get it all."

She had one more smaller orgasm and then she pushed Darrell away and started to get up. Darrell pulled her off the couch, pulled her to him and kissed her and then took her right hand and carried down to his cock which was hard again. Pam began stroking him and Darrel broke the kiss and in a husky voice said, "I want your ass baby. I want that super tight asshole of yours."

Without a word Pam went around behind the couch and bent forward over the back and then looked behind her and waited for Darrel. He moved in behind her, stuck his cock in her pussy to get it wet and then he started working it into her ass. It must not have been very comfortable for her from the faces she was making, but she didn't cry out or ask him to stop. Ten minutes went by and then he grunted, "Here it comes" and a minute later he pulled his limp cock out of Pam's ass. When he stepped clear I saw a big teardrop shaped glob of cum slid out of her ass and start down her leg and then the screen went blue and I hit the STOP button.

I went into the kitchen and made myself a stiff drink. I was just a little on the "I'll kill the mother fucker" side of the emotional scale and if Darrel, or Pam for that matter, had been in reach right then God knows what I might have done.

I had a lot of questions, chief among them why? When and where were also high on the list. Two more questions were who had sent me the tape and why? From what I had seen to that point there did not seem to be any one behind the camera. There was no jiggling that would have been associated with a hand held camera and even if someone had been behind a tripod mounted camera there would have been zoom ins and zoom outs and maybe even some panning. Another thing, neither Darrel nor Pam ever looked over that way. Did they even know that the camera was there?

I settled back down on the couch and hit the PLAY button and the blue screen went away and on the screen I saw the office where Pam worked. The room was empty and the clock on the wall said six-ten. Pam gets off work at five-thirty. I heard voices and Pam entered the room with Darrel and two other guys she worked with and with a third man I didn't recognize. Darrel took her in his arms and kissed her while Fred and Tom, the other two she worked with, started undressing her. Tom was pulling her skirt down while Fred was unbuttoning her blouse and unhooking her bra. Darrel broke the kiss and lowered his mouth and captured Pam's right breast at the same time that Tom rubbed his thumb against her clit through her thong.

Whether it was caused by Darrel's mouth, Tom's thumb or both I didn't know, but Pam gave a low throaty moan. Fred's hand went to Pam's left breast and he started playing with the nipple, squeezing it, pulling it and rolling it between his thumb and forefinger. Tom went to his knees in front of Pam, hooked his thumb into her thong and worked it down until it reached her ankles and then she stepped out of it and kicked it away. Tom motioned to the man I didn't know and he went to his knees in front of Pam, placed his hands on the insides of her thighs and pushed her legs apart. Pam bent at the knees and that had the effect of pushing her pussy out toward the man and he leaned forward and buried his face in it. Tom stood up and took Pam's face in his hands and then he shoved his tongue in her mouth.

With four men working on her Pam's body was shaking with desire and orgasms. Darrel turned her breast loose and said, "What do you want baby?"

"Cock, lover, I want cock. I need cock and I need it bad."

"You heard the lady guys, she wants cock and you can't give it to her if you are dressed."

Tom kept kissing her as he unbuttoned himself and took out his hard cock. He placed her hand on it and then he slid a hand down her body and she began to stroke him as he started to finger fuck her. She moaned loudly as he kissed and fingered her and she stroked his cock. Then the other three men were stripped and they took over while he undressed.

Fred stood in front of her, took her head and pulled it down to his dick. They bent Pam forward at the waist and she reached out and grabbed Fred's hips for support as her mouth engulfed his cock. The unknown man moved up behind Pam and using his knees he spread her legs wide and then he entered her from the rear. He Pam and Fred got a rhythm going. On the man's backstroke Pam pushed her ass back to follow his cock which had her mouth moving back on Fred's cock. The in stroke pushed her forward and her mouth went down to the base of Fred's dick as she deep throated him. Several minutes later I saw white stuff appear at the corners of her mouth and thirty or so seconds later Fred pulled a limp dick out of Pam's mouth.

Tom stepped up and took Fred's place, the man fucking her from behind came and pulled out and then Darrel took charge and rearranged things. He had Tom lie down on a desk and Pam leaned forward over him and took his cock back in her mouth and went to work on it while Darrel stepped up and took her from behind.

After that it got repetitious as all four men took turns fucking Pam and having her suck their cocks. There was one odd thing that occurred during the gangbang. The man I didn't know told Pam to get into position so he could take her in her butt and Pam told him no, that she only let her husband have her ass. It was odd for two reasons: One, I'd never had anal sex with Pam and secondly, she had given Darrel her ass during the first session on the tape.

Darrel finally told everybody that it was time to break it up since Pam needed to get home. The man I didn't know shook Darrel's hand and thanked him for seeing to it he had such a good time and then he, Tom and Fred dressed and left. As soon as they were gone Pam spread herself wide and told Darrel that it was time to pay the price. He whined and tried to get out of it, but Pam insisted and repeated what she'd said on the first part of the tape:

"You got what you wanted boss, now you have to settle up."

Darrel got down on his knees and began slurping up what the four men had left in Pam. It wasn't long before Pam had her hands on his head and was trying to pull it inside her cunt. She was crying out and screaming the way she does when she is having orgasms. It went on for several minutes and then abruptly the screen changed to blue.

As with the earlier section of the tape the camera never moved and the gangbang participants behaved as if they were totally unaware that the camera was there.

I got up and made myself another drink and then went back to the couch and sat there watching the blank blue screen. The tape had been very disturbing to me. In addition to the way I felt at finding out that Pam was cuckolding me there was the disquieting effect that the sexual content of the tape had on me. It had given me a hard on. Not only had I gotten hard, but also I had beat myself off twice — not once, but twice! That was definitely not the reaction I would have expected on seeing proof of my wife's infidelity.

I tried to figure out who hated me enough to send me that tape. I wondered why Pam had started cheating on me and when she had started and even as I had that thought I suddenly knew who had sent the tape. But why? What possible reason could Pam have had for doing it? It had to be Pam! It had to be her because it had to be someone who knew where she was and what she would be doing and the only people common to both sections of the tape were Pam and Darrel.

Yes, it had to be Pam. The only reason for Darrel to send me the tape was so that I would throw Pam out and then he could have her for himself. But he wouldn't do that. With a wife and four kids he would be ruined by the divorce and with my having the tape in my possession to use as evidence Pam sure wouldn't be leaving our marriage with anything. No, the tape had to have been sent by Pam, but again, the question was why?

I got confirmation of my hunch that evening. After watching the tape for a second time (I told myself that it was so I could be sure that I had missed nothing that might be important in the divorce action) I made myself some dinner and then went down to my basement workshop. I was staining a bookcase that I'd made when the phone rang. From the time I knew that the call was probably Pam's nightly call and I debated on whether or not to answer it. I really didn't want to get into it with Pam over the phone, but then I figured what the hey, maybe getting rid of some of the anger while she was still where I couldn't get my hands around her throat would be a good thing.


"It's me. Can I come home tomorrow?"

Just like that she took the wind out of my sails. "Why would you want to? Your little gift pretty much told me that you aren't all that happy here."

"That isn't so. I'm extremely happy there and I want to be there with you."


"I'm sorry I hit you with it the way I did, but I had to get it out in the open Joe. Hiding it was killing me inside. I made the tape and I sent it to you because I didn't have the nerve to face you and tell you and I had to force the issue. It forces me to sit down and talk to you about it. That is if you want to talk about it. If not, just tell me and I'll stay away and one day while you are at work I'll stop by the house and pick up my things."

"Come on home Pam. You might end up leaving with your things anyway, but I guess we do need to talk."

Pam was home when I got home from work the next day. She had dinner ready and a pitcher of martinis made. She handed me a full glass and said, "Dinner first, okay?" I took the drink from her, nodded an okay and we sat down at the table. Normally we talk over dinner about each other's day, but that meal was silent and when it was over Pam refilled our glasses from the pitcher, took a sip of her drink and said:

"What you saw on the tape had nothing to do with you or the way that I feel about you. It didn't happen because I don't love you or that you don't satisfy me sexually. It happened; or rather it started, because I was put in a position where I had to make a decision that would have had an enormous effect on the lives of twenty-three other people.

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