Needful Dreams

by POL

Copyright┬ę 2010 by POL

Drama Sex Story: Cheryl and Paul decide to ask a friend to help them get pregnant. They get much more than they bargained for.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Cheating   Cuckold   .


Authors note: A few years ago Borgart wrote and posted a story called "A Friend In Need". I liked the premise but wanted to take the plot in a different direction from that of the original story. I wrote to him asking his permission to rewrite his story. He consented to my request.

Thank you Borgart for the inspiration.

This offering is a complete rewrite, and please do note that the names have been changed to protect the original offering.


Paul and Cheryl Richards had been married 8 years and had almost given up any hope of ever having children. Paul's low sperm count was the problem. Their family doctor suggested that while it was possible for Cheryl and Paul to conceive, it was highly unlikely. After 4 years of trying, they sadly had to agree with the doctor.

They talked about several options, including adoption, and although Paul made a decent living, the cost associated with the majority of these options was prohibitive for the young couple.

"If we could just get somebody to help us ... anyone!" cried Cheryl.

"What do you mean somebody?" asked Paul.

"Oh, I don't know ... like some rich relative we don't know about, or some clinic that would take us as a test case," she replied.

"We've been all through this Cheryl. I'm convinced that we've thought about everything and I'm fresh out of new ideas," said Paul.

They sat in silence; each lost in their own thoughts. Paul looked up at Cheryl and his heart broke to see her so down. He was deeply in love with her and had been since they first met almost 10 years ago. Cheryl was everything he wanted in a woman. She had long dark hair and wide-set blue eyes that gave her a look of child-like innocence. There was nothing innocent about her body however. She had large full breasts with sensitive nipples that reacted to the slightest touch. Down below she had the classic 'heart-shaped' ass and long, shapely muscular legs.

Cheryl had fully developed by the age of 14, and she became the victim to taunts and lewd comments from boys and men alike. She took to wearing baggy, unflattering clothes in order to hide her appearance and learned to become self-effacing, but also approaching the danger zone of extremely low self esteem. Pursuant to her early teen experiences, Cheryl to this very day was extremely shy about her body and sex in general.

"You know, when you said 'get somebody to help us' I thought you were thinking about getting someone to ... uh ... you know ... uh... , " Paul questioned.

"I'm so desperate, I would even consider that!" Cheryl responded.

Paul tried to hide the sudden rush of blood to his heart. He didn't even what to think about his wife having sex with another man, but he didn't know what else they could do to solve their problem.

They had a satisfying sex life although Cheryl was very reserved and he rarely got her to behave in anything more than a passive manner when they were in bed. He once tried talking dirty to her when they were making love and the night had turned into a disaster. Cheryl acted insulted and was angry for days. Would it even be possible for Cheryl to have sex with someone else? He wondered. And if she did, would it negatively affect their marriage? Would he be able to live with the knowledge that his wife had had sex with another man? Would having a child together warrant the sacrifice they would both have to make?

"Are you serious?" Paul asked.

"Oh, I don't know," said Cheryl. "Maybe? But definably not if doing it would put a strain on you or our marriage. Be honest with me honey, how would you feel about it?"

Paul shifted in his chair. Pictures of Cheryl in bed, with her legs spread and some other man fucking her, kept flashing in his mind. He knew he couldn't discuss his true uneasy reaction with Cheryl. She wanted a child so very much and had been ready to make that leap for a long time now. He understood only to well that she was prepared to put herself second, and willing to make a child the number one priority in her life. He also understood that she felt very strongly that everyone was put on this planet for a very specific reason and she had always thought that her reason was being a mother. Although she had never brought it up, or held it over him, Paul felt very guilty knowing the reason Cheryl couldn't become a mother was all his fault.

"Well, I'm not jumping up and down all excited with the idea, but if it were done in a purely clinical approach, I guess I could live with it, considering what having a baby would mean to the both of us." He answered trying to sound upbeat, although part of him wanted to take his response back, but it was out there now and he needed to hear her reply.

"Needless to say, I'm not thrilled with the idea either, honey ... but even if we did decided this was the only way, and we both decided the we were okay with it, who could we ask?" She said.

"I think we've about exhausted all other possibilities so I would agree to just about anything at this point as well," Paul said carefully. "As for who, I guess we could asked Trent?"

Trent was Paul's best friend and they had known each other since high school. Tall and muscular, Trent was an avowed bachelor and somewhat of a ladies man. Of course, Trent always had a pocket full of cash, which had a bearing on his success in the female chasing sweepstakes. Despite that Paul had always sat enthralled whenever Trent talked discreetly with him about his sexual exploits. However, he was careful to limit Trent's exposure to Cheryl. His wife was not very fond of Trent telling Paul that she found Trent to be coarse and arrogant. Cheryl only tolerated Trent for Paul's sake the times he did go over to their house.

"No way!" said Cheryl. "You know I don't think much of him and he's so ... so damned full of himself all the time."

"Alright then, who? You pick someone." Paul offered.

Silence filled the room once again. Cheryl looked up at Paul and said in a small voice, "do you think he'd do it?"

"He knows that we've been trying to have a baby for a long time now ... and despite the way you feel about him, I know he thinks you're hot ... so, yeah, I'm pretty sure he would go for it," said Paul. "And at least with Trent it's much better than some stranger. I mean with him we'd know up front what we were getting. Trent is tall, and good looking, and although he sleeps around a bit, I know for a fact that he always uses a condom so we wouldn't have to worry about diseases or anything like that. And another big plus is with him being my best friend and all, I'm positive he would be very discreet."

Cheryl didn't respond but Paul knew she was seriously considering it.

Several days passed without further discussion but after dinner one evening Cheryl quietly spoke to Paul.

"Okay, ask him," she said. "But if he agrees and we do this thing, it's going to be done on my terms."

"I'll talk to him tomorrow." Paul said.

"Are you sure that you can handle this honey? If we do it there's no going back. As much as I want a child it isn't worth putting you though a whole lot of pain or aguish." Cheryl said very seriously.

"If you can deal with it, I guess I can as well," he answered. "So, what are the ground rules I need to tell Trent about?"

"If he agrees, then I want to do it with as little emotion as possible," said Cheryl. "No kissing, hugging or any of that kind of stuff, just put it in and get it over with as quickly as possible!" Cheryl blushed when she finished.

Paul asked Trent the next day and he was not surprised when Trent quickly agreed. But Paul felt a little uneasy when he saw the excited look in Trent's eyes.

"You know how difficult this will be for me right," said Paul.

"I know buddy" said Trent. "Don't worry dude, I'll just get the job done and nothing else."

Paul lowered his voice to a whisper, "Just take it easy on her okay? She's not one of your bimbos ... in fact, she's pretty damn shy in the bedroom," he finished.

Trent nodded, "Not a problem," and then he smiled.

Seeing that smile Paul once again felt uneasy and was much less certain that he really wanted this to happen. But he and Cheryl had agreed that this was the only way, so...

One week later, when Cheryl's cycle said she was ovulating, Trent came to their home. Cheryl had decided that they would try over two nights but she wanted Paul to stay in the house while Trent was there.

"I wouldn't feel comfortable with him if we were alone," Cheryl told her husband.

Paul offered Cheryl and Trent a drink to try and ease the awkwardness of the situation. Cheryl politely thanked Trent for what he was about to do and both men noticed her hand shaking when she reached for her drink.

Cheryl sat back in her chair and tried to calm herself. She had a second and then a third drink thinking, "This is so odd, in a few moments this man is going to screw me and I'm going to let him!" She glanced briefly at Trent's crotch and wondered what his thing might look like. Well, she would find out soon enough, she told herself with her head swimming a bit from the alcohol she had consumed.

"Well, I'm going to go upstairs to the spare bedroom," she said after finishing her last drink. "Trent, please wait a few minutes before you come up."

Paul's stomach was tied in knots. It was really going to happen. No going back now!

"Remember what I told you about Cheryl," Paul reminded Trent.

"I'll be gentle with her buddy, I promise," Trent assured his friend as he started up the stairs.

Trent gently knocked on the bedroom door and asked if it was okay to come in. He heard Cheryl's quiet voice tell him to enter. Trent stepped into the barely lit room with only a glint of moonlight peeking in through the curtains and saw Cheryl laying on the bed with the covers pulled up to her chin.

"You okay Cheryl?" He asked. She nodded yes as Trent began to undress.

Trent moved to an area near the window where the light was better, then drawing the curtains even farther apart, so Cheryl could see him and he could see her better, he took his time removing his clothes. When he got down to only his boxers, he gently massaged his cock before stripping them off, seemingly completely at home with his nudity.

Despite her nervousness, Cheryl was watching Trent intently. When he finally pulled off his shorts, she gave an audible gasp when Trent's cock, now only semi-hard, sprang free. It looked huge, much larger that Paul's and she began to tremble. Trent walked to the bed slowly; making sure his cock was pointed directly at Cheryl. She turned away for him onto her side in embarrassment.

"Jesus Cheryl ... it's not like I'm going to bite you or anything. Relax, it won't be that bad. Heck, maybe you'll even enjoy it a little." He said.

"You remember our agreement Trent ... only what is necessary for conception and nothing more! You promised!" Cheryl said sternly still facing away from him.

"Alright, alright. Jesus Cheryl, you're making this about as arousing as watching bees pollinate flowers!" Trent grumped. "If I can't get it up this is all for nothing."

"Okay, you're right Trent, but you have no idea just how awkward and difficult this is for me." She told him in no uncertain terms.

"That may be Cheryl, but you're going have to be an active participant if you want this to happen. So how about turning around and telling how much you like my big, stiff cock that very shortly is going to be stuffed up inside your hot, wet pussy." He goaded her, as he stroked his cock.

"Stop that filthy talk right now!" shouted Cheryl.

"Oh come on, don't you and Paul ever talk dirty when you're doing the nasty?" Trent laughed.

"That's none of your business" Cheryl snapped. "I'm starting to think this was a bad idea ... maybe you should just leave".

"Cheryl ... I'm sorry," said Trent. "I was just trying to break the tension. Slide over and I promise I'll be good."

Cheryl didn't respond but she did move over to allow him under the sheets. When Trent was settled Cheryl turned over onto her back and they both stared up at the ceiling, unsure of what to do next.

"I have some lubricant we can use," started Cheryl. "Are you ... uh ... still hard?" she whispered.

"Cheryl, I'm going to need at least a little bit of encouragement from you for this to work," said Trent. "Just follow my lead and I promise everything will work out".

Trent reached over and took Cheryl's hand then he guided it toward his groin and wrapped her trembling fingers around his cock.

"That's it Cheryl ... touch it. Stroke it up and down nice and slow and it'll get big and hard for you," Trent said. Cheryl began to stroke him. After only a few moments she felt Trent's cock become fully erect. She marveled at how different it felt from Paul's. It certainly was bigger around and quite a bit longer than her husband's.

"That feels nice," said Trent. He began to pull down the sheet that was covering her body.

"What are you doing!" gasped Cheryl. She had never been fully nude before anyone else but Paul.

"Just getting the needed encouragement," said Trent. "Relax Cheryl ... trust me."

Cheryl let him pull the sheet off both of them. She kept her legs tightly together in a vain attempt at modestly.

"God, you are gorgeous!" exclaimed Trent looking down at her nude body. "I always wondered what your tits and pussy looked like. Damn, now having seen all there is to see, I've gotta tell you, Cheryl, you look even better naked than I ever imagined. Hell, you could put Playboy models to shame." Trent began to play with her breasts and Cheryl started to squirm.

"Please Trent ... don't go too far, remember your promise," whispered Cheryl while blushing.

Trent ignored her pleas and continued to fondle her, lightly pulling on her large erect nipples. He noticed Cheryl's breathing had quickened and he felt her hand tighten around his cock. He slowly moved his hand down her belly and over the soft hair around her pussy.

"Trent ... not down there ... I told you I have lubricant ... we can use that!" Trent let his fingers slide down over her slit.

"I think that stuff might interfere with the sperm Cheryl," he said. "We wouldn't want that now would we? Just relax and let me handle things. I know what I'm doing."

Trent pushed his finger into her opening and was surprised at how wet she was. He gently moved his finger to her clitoris and began to circle her erect nub.

"Oh ... oh..." Cheryl groaned. Her hand moved faster and faster on his cock. Trent leaned over and whispered in her ear.

"Spread your legs for me Cheryl," he breathed. "Spread those lovely legs of yours so I can make you come."

"No ... I can't!" gasped Cheryl. "That would be cheating!" Trent continued to stroke her pussy.

Switching from his forefinger to his thumb to tease her clit, he then used his forefinger to push inside her and searched for that tiny rough spot known as the G-spot. Having located it, he gently tapped it again and again with the tip of his finger while continuing the assault on her clit with his thumb.

"Open yourself up for me Cheryl. Spread your legs wide for me baby," commanded Trent.

Cheryl's eyes widened in surprise and sexual excitement over his dual assault on her most private places and she gave a groan and quickly obeyed by spreading her legs up and out giving him better access to her hot, moist center.

Trent smiled at her obedience and continued to tease her clit and G-spot. Cheryl was breathing quickly now and her hips were making subtle movements in time with his strokes. Suddenly, without warning, Cheryl grabbed his hand and let out a muffled cry.

"I'm coming ... oh god help me ... I'm coming!" Cheryl cried out. Trent kept stroking her as he watched her face contort in ecstasy. At that moment it was all he could do to stop himself from moving down and slamming his cock deep into her pussy and taking his pleasure with her. But he wanted much more from this fantastic woman first.

"Cheryl ... Cheryl ... are you okay?" he whispered.

"Yes ... I can't believe that happened!" she said. "Please don't tell Paul ... I'm so embarrassed. I don't know what came over me!"

"You know what came over you," said Trent. "You were thinking about my hard cock which is even now still in your hand, and how good it's going to feel when it's finally inside your hot, wet pussy, and you came big time!"

"Trent!" she said, alarmed. No one had ever talked to her like that.

"Don't bullshit me Cheryl ... your pussy is soaking wet right now ... admit it, you want me to fuck you. You want it and need it! Admit it! You want to feel my hard cock inside your tight, little pussy!"

"Stop it Trent ... please don't talk like that!" Cheryl began to whimper. "You know why we're doing this ... so I can have a baby and that's all! Just so Paul and I can have a baby."

"Uh-huh," Trent commented.

Then Trent moved his head between her legs and Cheryl looking down at him from between her firm breasts and said with trepidation in her voice, "Trent? Trent? What are you doing?"

Trent grinded up at her from between her spread legs and answered, "Why, I'm going to taste you my dear."

Then he buried his face between her luscious thighs and proceeded to feast on his best friend's wife's pussy.

"Ohhhh ... bastard ... prick!" Cheryl shouted. "You promised not to..."

Oh, God ... stop ... stop it ... you baaasstard ... don't..."

Then she was whimpering, "stop it, ohhhhh stop, stop ... Trent, Paul ... he could walk in ... stop please..."

But he didn't stop his ministrations. He redoubled them.

He held her fantastic ass in his two hands and opened her up to his tongue, he licked until he found her little nub and she started to cry out and wiggle. He took her clit in his teeth and nipped and she lost all her breath as she started to come once again. She tried to scissor him between what turned out to be really strong thighs which probably would have strangled him but he held her legs apart with his arms and continued to lick and nip and bite as her breathing became erratic and he felt her tense up and bounced up and down on the bed. Her body vibrated with her contractions and she let out a quiet, high-pitched sound. As she started to come down a little, Trent left her clit to feast on the oils she was producing. He felt like he was drowning in her emissions.

Pulling his drenched face away from her thighs after she had finished climaxing he said, "Cheryl, watching you as you fell over the edge into orgasm is absolutely fantastic. You are so fucking beautiful and sexy I can't believe it. Now my dear, I'm going to fuck you."

Trent swiftly moved between her legs, placed his hands under her ass, and buried his cock deep into her pussy in one smooth thrust feeling the tightness and heat surrounding his cock as he pushed into her body.

"You bastard!" gasped Cheryl. "You promised ... you told me to trust you! And then you did that!"

"C'mon Cheryl ... are you telling me you didn't enjoy it? Bull shit!" Trent admonished her as he pulled his cock out just to the head and then slamming it back in.

He started to fuck her with long hard strokes. "Tell me what you want Cheryl ... I can feel your juices flooding the bed ... your pussy is soaking wet and full of my cock!"

Cheryl bit her lower lip and refused to answer. Incredibly, despite her fury, she began to feel that familiar sensation building between her legs. His cock felt so good. It seemed to fill her completely. She'd never felt anything so enjoyable. She almost wished he would linger for a moment, fighting his natural inclination to thrust in and out of her, so she could savor the delicious feeling of full.

Trent bent his head to suck on her nipples and he fairly worshipped her breasts as if she were a goddess, and she became so aroused, not of her own volition, she thrust her hips and squeezed her aching pussy over his cock. His body shuddered in time to her thrusts, his mouth suckled, and she felt herself building towards a peak. Then he pressed his lips to hers and drove his tongue inside her mouth searching for and finding her tongue.

Drawing back he whispered, "You slut! You love this don't you? You love getting fucked by your husband's best friend. You like being my little whore!"

Then Trent pulled his cock out of her pussy and rolled her over onto her stomach.

"Get up on you hands and knees ... spread your legs. I want to mount you from behind." Cheryl moved into position like she was in a trance, and in the heat of pure, slick need she threw off her shame and marriage and begged for a release she could not name.

"That's more like it!" he said. "Now, put my cock where you want it Cheryl!"

She reached down between her legs and brought the head of his cock to her opening. Trent wasted no time and plunged into her wet velvet tunnel. Cheryl began to push back in time with his strokes. Trent reached around to cup her breasts and pinch her nipples as he whispered to her, "Oh Jesus, Cheryl. You feel so good. You pussy is so damned tight. Oh man ... and your tits are great..."

After gathering some lubricant on his finger from her vagina he slowing pushed that finger into her tight rosebud up to the first knuckle and then he wiggled it around.

"Oh ... ugg ... ugg ... ugg..." she moaned.

"You like this don't you baby?" He asked. "This the kind of fucking you've been needing all along. Rough and hard, with the man in complete control of your fantastic body. Using you for his pleasure. And believe me you are a pleasure, honey. Your cunt is so fucking tight and it feels so fucking good! And in this position when I spread your ass cheeks apart I can play with this cute little asshole of yours."

Cheryl was beyond all reason now. Trent was treating her like a whore and she was accepting it ... no, she loved it! Wanted it! Needed it!

"Keep talking," she whispered. "Tell me what I want ... talk dirty to me!"

"You love having my cock inside your cunt ... you want to get fucked by me!" Trent shouted. "You want me to finger your asshole, you want me to fill your pussy with my cum and you want to come all over my cock when I squirt inside you, don't you?"

"Yes! Yes!" she cried. "Fuck me Trent ... I want your c-c-cock ... deep in my pussy ... just like that ... yes, yes ... give it to me ... fuck me! Fill my pussy with your cum!"

Cheryl was swinging her head back and forth and moaning with every stroke of Trent's cock. The pressure was building and she felt like she was coming apart.

"Yes ... yes ... yes!" Cheryl ground her pussy back onto his cock and came again and again. Trent couldn't hold out any longer and he went over, bucking hard against his partner's buttocks while he held and caressed her back and sides as he fired his semen against the mouth of her uterus. As his climax started to fade, Cheryl hit another climax and he pumped hard into her as she rode the waves of pleasure.

They both fell back on the bed in exhaustion. After a moment Cheryl turned her back to Trent and then pulled the sheet over her body, feeling very guilty while she tried to comprehend what had happened to her. She was still shaking. She had never come so strong or so often before, or talked and acted the way she had, ever! She never knew sex could ever be like this. So exhilarating ... so exciting ... so dirty ... so wrong!

Downstairs, Paul was in turmoil. As soon as Trent went upstairs, Paul had found himself straining to listen for sounds coming from their bedroom. His imagination was running wild as he pictured Trent between Cheryl's legs fucking his wife. At one point, he thought he heard Cheryl cry out and it caused tears to fall from his eyes. He laid his head back on the couch, covering his ears with his hands at the same time that Cheryl cried out again and was recovering from her second or third orgasm. His problem was that he had no idea how to deal with the mixture of emotions he was now feeling.

Trent gently put his hand on Cheryl's shoulder as he nestled his now soft cock against her ass then he reached over her body and fondled first her breasts and then in-between her legs.

"I told you, you would enjoy it," he said with a smirk.

"Please don't tell Paul ... you know ... how I came several times like that and ... and let you ... how I let you do all those things to me. It would break his heart," said Cheryl as she propped herself up on one elbow exposing her breasts as the covers slid down. She didn't attempt to cover up.

"Don't worry ... I'll keep our secret," said Trent. "You are not only a beautiful woman, Cheryl, but you are one fantastic fuck ... I can't remember when I came so hard before."

"Don't talk about it Trent, please! I feel bad enough as it is!" whispered Cheryl.

"Let's not start that shit again," said Trent. "I think we both understand each other a little better now, don't you?"

"Yeah ... I guess we do." Cheryl said quietly.

Then when she felt Trent's cock stiffen against the cheeks of her ass she reached back and felt his hardness. Trent rolled her over and began to push her head down toward his cock.

Cheryl knew what he wanted and she gave into her feelings completely and eagerly opened her mouth and she dropped her lips over the head of his cock and started to slide her mouth down as far as she could. She touched the back of her throat with the head; she gagged and pulled him back out until she was comfortable and she started to suck him off. She could feel the animated sensations all through her body. It wasn't just his cock in her mouth; it was a warm tingling everywhere. The sensation was a mixture of the nasty thing she was doing, the nasty thing she could never share with her husband, and the feeling of being overwhelmed and unable to refuse.

Cheryl was totally lost in her task as she sucked and slurped Trent's cock with total abandon. Trent shifted their bodies on the bed into a 69 position and he buried his mouth on her wet pussy and Cheryl started grinding her pussy into Trent's face. Her breasts were swaying back and forth and she made loud sucking noises as her mouth slid up and down over Trent's stiff shaft.

Cheryl was panting now and she felt herself getting even wetter and then she found herself at the point where she ached to have her pussy filled up with his cock once again, so she pulled herself up, straddled his hips, then taking his hard shaft in her hands she positioned herself over Trent's stiff cock in the cowgirl posture. When she had the head exactly where she wanted it, she lowered herself and slowly started to sink onto his shaft until she could feel his balls nestled against her ass cheeks.

"Yesssssss!" she purred as she began to rock her hips back and forth, her clit being stimulated from the friction of her inner lips against his pelvis. And so she rode him, throwing away the last of her protests, tightening her muscles inside to grip him, and by the look on his face she knew she was driving Trent out of his mind. It worked for her as well, and she had to force his face up to her breasts again, and pace herself by grinding against him.

For now, Trent was quite content to let her do as she wished. He removed his mouth from her nipples, laid back, and then took both of her breasts in his palms and started to massage the flesh with his fingers while letting his palms move across her stiff nipples causing them to become even more erect.

"Oh god ... I shouldn't be doing this with you Trent ... this is so wrong..."Cheryl forced her words out in staccato like fashion to match her strokes, " ... but I can't help myself ... you keep making me come, and come, and come ... oh ... oh ... oh!" Cheryl plunged her pussy down one last time, tilted her head back, and came with a vengeance. She felt her brain filled with the depraved act she was performing, and that sensation filled her thoughts so fully that there was no room for any other conscious thought. She could only think that she never wanted it to end as she reached the pinnacle again and again until she was limp, exhausted, yet still wound up.

Trent saw that Cheryl's eyes were closed, her head thrown back, her nipples rock hard with excitement, her pussy pulsing and gripping his cock with her orgasm ... it was a moment he would never forget.

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