The Decision

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2010 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: Another cheating wife story?????

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Author's forward —

I receive a lot of criticism for the way I end some of my stories. I have lived a long enough life to know that at any given time life hits a fork in the road and it can go one way or another. These forks in the road can happen every few week, every few days, every few minutes or even every few seconds. I often leave my stories at one of these forks in the road so the reader can use his or her imagination to give the story the ending that suits them. I make no apologies for this — it is my way. If the reader lacks the imagination to decide what outcome he or she prefers it is not my problem.

And yes, this is my way of letting you know that this is another of those stories.

The odds on it happening were maybe a million to one. Just guessing there since math never was one of my strong suits, but the odds definitely had to be high.

It was at Josie's company picnic. I was sitting in one of the porta-johns scattered around the park where the event was being held when a couple of guys walked up to use one of the other johns. They were laughing and one of them said:

"Could you ever be that clueless?"

"God I hope not."

"What do you think he would do if he knew Josie was in the back of Bill's van with Bill, Sam and Harry?"

"Maybe nothing. Maybe he knows what she does and he doesn't care."

"I can't believe that. Where is he now?"

"Charlie is supposed to be keeping him busy over pitching horseshoes and I'm supposed to get him involved in the volleyball game when they finish tossing shoes."

I'd just left Charlie at the horseshoe pits to come and take a quick dump. The talking stopped and I heard the other john door open and close. I sat there and waited and then I heard the door open and a voice say:

"Your turn."

The door closed and I kept waiting. A few minutes later the door opened and I heard:

"You been to the van for your turn yet?"

"No way Jose! I don't like sloppy pussy. If I can't be one of the first three I wo..." and his voice faded as they moved away.

Fuck no I didn't know, but I damned sure cared. I cracked the door open and peeked out. I saw the backs of the two men walking away. One was wearing a black Harley t-shirt and the other was wearing a green and white polo shirt. I knew who they were, but I didn't really know them. I'd been introduced to them along with a hundred others that I wouldn't see again until Josie's company Christmas party. I would attempt to get to know them better before the day was over and I'd select one of them to have a nice long talk with at a time more convenient to me.

I hurried back to the horseshoe pits before anyone started to miss me and wonder where I was. No sense in storming out to the parking lot to interrupt what was already going on. Best to keep looking clueless until I knew more — a lot more — about what my loving wife was up to.

Charlie and I had been beaten by two other guys and got out of the way to make room for the new challengers and we were standing there talking when the guy in the Harley t-shirt walked up to us. I remembered that his name was Todd.

"You guys doing anything right now?" he asked. "We need a couple more to play volleyball."

Charlie said he had promised his wife that he would spend at least a little time with her and the kids and he took off to find her. Knowing that it was Todd's job to keep me occupied I debated making him work for it, but decided not to. Better to be the unconcerned clueless husband for a little while longer.

After volleyball Todd and I sat at a picnic table and shot the shit. I asked him about his t-shirt since it was from a dealer in a town in North Carolina and he said he had at least thirty of them from different dealers in the country.

"I buy one when I'm out riding and I go into a town where they have a Harley dealer."

"You have a sled?"

"A 1975 Fat Boy that I rebuilt and restored."

"I had a 1986 Triumph Bonneville until I got married. Had to sell it because I couldn't afford a scooter and a car and the wife couldn't see going to the grocery store riding on the pillion."

White and green polo shirt joined us and seeing him from the front I remembered his name was Ryan. We sat there and talked bikes, cars and sports for about fifteen minutes until Josie and another girl walked up. Josie didn't look like she had been pulling a train in the parking lot, but maybe she'd been finished long enough to clean up a little and redo her makeup.

"The burgers and dogs on the grill are ready" Josie said, "So if you guys are hungry better get it while it's hot."

We all got up and headed for the food. As I walked along with Josie I wondered how long she had been cheating on me. I'd have to say that Todd and Ryan were right; I was definitely clueless. I'd not ever had any reason to doubt Josie. I thought that she loved me as much as I loved her and that our marriage was rock solid. There could have been a hundred warning signs that Josie was doing something that she shouldn't be doing, but I'd never have noticed them because it would never have occurred to me that she was doing something she shouldn't. But from what I'd heard while sitting on the toilet she was not only doing something that she shouldn't, but had been doing it for some time.

I had to face it. You don't go from loving and faithful wife to pulling trains in a van overnight. You don't go into Thursday night a faithful wife and then suddenly say to your co-workers:

"Let's do something different tonight. Let's go out in Bill's van and I'll fuck all of you. Won't that be fun?"

I had no idea what I was going to do where Josie was concerned, but when I did it I would do it knowing a hell of a lot more that I did right then. What I did know was when. Josie stopped every Thursday evening after work for drinks with her co-workers. Every other night of the week she got home before I did so it had to be on Thursday night or during her working hours. But then I had to stop and rethink that. I bowled on Monday nights so it could happen then. And on a Saturday or a Sunday I sometimes played golf and was gone for up to six hours. Then there was her every other week visit to her hairdresser. Did I really have any idea how long it took her to get her hair done? She was usually gone four or five hours, but did her only take an hour? Or a half an hour? Or did she do her own hair when she showered after being with whomever?

I had done a quick appraisal on both Todd and Ryan while we talked and there was no doubt in my mind that I could take either one of them, but I thought that Ryan would probably be the easiest one to break so Ryan was going to become my font of information.

I managed to get through the rest of the day without letting anyone know that Frank wasn't clueless any more. On the way home Josie asked:

"Did you have a good time today?"

"It wasn't bad." I glanced at her out of the corner of my eye as I said, "It was very informative. I learned a lot about things that I would rather not have known."

I saw her face tighten and then she said with a slight catch in her voice:

"Like what?"

I looked over at her with what I hoped was a blank face and paused a second or so to let her tense up and start to fear the worst and then I said:

"Todd talked me into playing volleyball. It almost killed me. I couldn't believe how out of shape I am. I always thought I was pretty fit. I guess I'm going to have to join a gym and start working out. Maybe start jogging again."

I saw the tenseness leave her body and she said, "You can't be too out of shape. You have more than enough energy to ring my chimes when we go to bed."

"Oh yeah?" I thought. "Then why are you putting out for your co-workers."

We showered when we got home. She went first and when she was done and I was taking my turn and soaping myself I wondered what her excuse would be for not making love that night. I was sure that she wouldn't want me feeling how loose her pussy would be — would have to be — after being gang fucked in the back of Bill's van. I was therefore surprised when I came into the bedroom and found her spread out on the bed naked and waiting.

This presented a problem for me. Our usual love making sessions started with me going down on Josie and then her pulling me into a sixty-nine after which she would indicate what she wanted — missionary, dog fashion or cowgirl — and then when we were done we would cuddle until one of us indicated a desire to go again or we drifted off to sleep. Going down on Josie knowing that she had been gang fucked earlier did not appeal to me, but not doing the usual would tip Josie off that things were not right. I had to keep her thinking that I was still 'Frank the Clueless' until I knew more and was ready to take steps. I convinced myself that she must have cleaned herself out really good when she showered because she wouldn't want me to feel the residue of her lovers. So I sucked it up (no pun intended) and crawled between her legs and started munching.

She didn't seem different to me, but then how would I know how to compare? As I worked on her I wondered how many times I'd done it after she had been on her back (or her hands and knees) with some other guys cock in her and I had to wonder if at those times she had cleaned herself out before we went at it. There was a time or two I thought she was really wet and once I had commented about it and she told me it was because she was super horny that day. According to her a couple of girls she worked with had described their wild weekend over lunch and their descriptions of what they had done had turned Josie on. I was so busy trying to make Josie scream that I didn't ask what the girls had done that had lit Josie's fire. If that was true and that was what really had Josie wet could it be possible that after hearing what they did Josie had decided that she had to experience it also? Is that what led her into the back of Bill's van? I'd probably never know.

Josie pushed and prodded me into our usual sixty-nine and then later had me do her doggie. I couldn't tell from eating her pussy that she had been gangbanged and I couldn't tell from fucking her that she had either. How could that be? I could understand her cunt tightening up after a couple of days, but a couple of hours? She came twice before I did and then she surprised me. Instead of snuggling up to cuddle like we usually did when I pulled out of her she spun around, took me in her mouth and went to work on rebuilding my hard on. I lay there wondering what had come over my wife.

We had always enjoyed sex and we usually made love three and four times a week, but to spend all afternoon getting banged and then to come home and keep on going? Something had most definitely happened to Josie and I intended to find out what. She did get me back up and the second time she wanted it missionary with her legs up on my shoulders.

Sunday was usually a day when we both slept in late unless I had a golf date, but that Sunday Josie woke me up early by fondling my cock until I was awake and then she said:

"Give you any ideas?"

It did.

I spent the day doing yard work and working around the house and wondering if my wife was becoming a nymphomaniac. The only other explanation that I could come up with is that she was feeling guilty over cheating on me and was trying to assuage her guilt. Sunday night was a repeat of Saturday night and I fell asleep exhausted.

Monday I told my boss that I suspected that my wife was cheating on me or was about to and I asked if I could work through my coffee breaks and lunch period so I could leave early and be in place to follow her when she got off work.

"I've been there son and I know what you are going through. Take what ever time off you need and don't worry about your breaks and lunch period. I won't dock you any time."

I was parked up the street from where Josie worked ten minutes before her quitting time, but I wasn't there to follow Josie; I was there to follow Ryan. I followed him for two days and each day he stopped to have dinner at a Denny's and then went straight home. I checked out his apartment complex and figured out the best way to do what I was going to do. I didn't follow him on Wednesday night; I was at his apartment complex waiting for him to get home. I was behind one of the pillars that supported the staircase up to the second and third floors and when he put his key in his door and started to open it I came out from my hiding place. Five quick steps and I was behind Ryan and I put my shoulder into his back and sent him staggering into his apartment. I followed him in and kicked the door shut behind me. He recovered quickly and came at me and we exchanged blows. For a second or two I thought that I might have chosen wrong, but then I caught him a good one on the chin and it dazed him just enough that I could knee him in the crotch and he folded.

I took the zip ties out of my back pocket and secured his hands and feet and then I muscled him up onto his couch. I put and hand under his chin, lifted his head until I could look him in the eyes and then I said:

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way. You can answer my questions freely or I'll beat the answers out of you, but either way I won't be leaving here until I'm satisfied that I know everything that I want to know. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

He nodded a yes and then I told him that I had been in the portable toilet when he and Todd had walked up and I'd heard what they said.

"So what I want to know is how long has it been going on, when and how did it start and who all is involved. So start talking."

"It started about two months ago and it involves all of us in our section except Josie and Fred. Fred is newly married and won't cheat on his wife and while Josie wants to join in she says she can't without you being okay with it. She just doesn't know how to bring it up to you. That's what the deal was at the picnic. Todd and I saw you go into the john and then we walked over and said what we said. You were supposed to come out of the toilet and go storming down to the van."

"That doesn't make any sense. She won't do it unless I said it was okay, but I'm supposed to run down to the van, jerk open the door and catch her doing it?"

"You wouldn't have caught her doing anything except playing cards with Sue, Marge and Billie."

"You are making this up as you go along right? Do you have any idea how stupid this sounds?"

I drew back to smack him and he said, "I know it sounds stupid. It sounded stupid to me when Josie told me her plan and I told her how dumb it sounded, but she was pretty sure that it would work. You were supposed to go to the van, pull open the door and then stand there dumbfounded as the four girls looked at you and then Josie was going to say:

"What? You look like you expected to find something else?"

"Then one of the others would say, "Well, we all know what Bill uses this van for" and Josie would look at you and say "Is that what this is about? You expected me to be in here with Bill? Well he is a hunk and it might have been fun" and then Billie would say "He is a hunk and he is damned good in the sack. You ought to give him a try."

I looked at him as if he was from outer-space and he caught the look and said:

"I know, I know; dumb, really dumb. Anyway then Marge was going to say "If you do Bill I have first dibs on your hubby" then Sue was going to say "I'm next after Marge" and Billie would say, "Oh no you guys don't. We draw for who gets him first." Then Josie was going to say "How about it Frank? You want a taste of Sue, Billie and Marge? Should I go and get Bill?"

"You can't be serious."

"Not my plan man. I just played my part. I didn't think it had a prayer of working, but Josie was sure that if you knew you could tap Marge, Billie and Sue without Josie getting pissed off at you you would go for it. There wasn't any Plan B if you didn't take the bait and go storming down to the van. All I know is that the girls are working on another plan."

"Go back to the beginning. How did it start and how did Josie get involved?"

"You won't believe me if I tell you. Hell, I was there and I still have trouble believing it."

"Try me."

"It started during one of our Thursday nights after work. Up until that night all we had done was have a few drinks, bad mouth management and maybe dance a little to the juke box. But what made that night different was that Charlie had left work early for a doctor's appointment. He saw his doctor and then went to the bar to wait for the rest of us. Charlie can get a bit loud and pushy when he gets a snoot full and that night he had a two hour head start on the rest of us.

"Maybe an hour after we got there Charlie and Billie got up to dance. When they came back to the table and sat down Charlie shocked us when he said out loud to Billie:

"I want to fuck you so bad I can taste it.'

'Then Billie stunned us when she said, "Okay. You taste it and if you do a good enough job with your tongue I'll let you fuck me." Then she looked around the table and said, "As long as I'm in the mood anyone else want some?" Bill said, "Hell yes and we can use my van" and the three of them went outside to the parking lot. What none of us knew at the time was that Billie had just found out that her husband was fucking his secretary every day on their lunch hour and Billie was thinking about revenge when Charlie said what he said. Anyway, about ten minutes after the three of them left Mike got up and said "I've just got to see this" and he went outside. None of the four were back by the time the rest of us had to go home, but Bill's van was still in the parking lot when we left."

"How does Josie figure into that?"

"She doesn't, at least not then."

"Go on."

"The next day at work during morning coffee break Bill, Charlie and Mike told the rest of us what happened in the van."

He stopped there and I told him to finish it.

"When they got into the van Billie pulled her skirt up to her waist, took off her panties and layed back on the mattress. Bill was the first to get his pants off and he went to climb on top of Billie, but she pushed him away and told him that the deal was Charlie had to eat her pussy before anyone got to fuck her. Charlie got down between her legs and started eating her and Bill moved up and pushed his cock at her face. She tried to avoid it, but he grabbed her head and pushed his cock in her mouth. Once he was in she started sucking him. After several minutes Charlie pulled his head out of her pussy and started fucking her and when he came Bill took his place. While Bill was banging her Charlie stuck his cock in her mouth so she could suck him hard again. While that was going on Mike joined them. He watched for a bit and then undressed. Before they were done they had three-holed Billie a couple of times."


"Yeah, you know; a cock in her mouth, pussy and ass at the same time."

"I still don't see where Josie comes into to this."

"Sometime during the day the girls got together and Billie told them about what went on in the van and she told them that she had loved it and was already looking forward to the next Thursday. For the next week that's all anyone talked about and on the next Thursday when Billie asked who was going out to the van with her Todd and I jumped up and said it was our turn. The three of us went out to the van, but before we could get started everyone was there wanting to watch. There were too many of us so we all chipped in and got a motel room.

"The room had two beds and me, Todd and Billie got on one of them and the others stood around and watched or sat on the other bed and watched as I fucked Billie while she sucked off Todd. I finished and Todd took my place and I took his place in her mouth. By the time Todd got his rocks off Sue and Charlie were naked and fucking on the other bed and Bill and Marge were going at it on the bed next to them.

"Josie had her panties off and was finger fucking herself while watching the action. Phil undressed and walked up to her and tried to pull her fingers out of her pussy so he could fuck her, but she wouldn't let him. I was busy trying to work my cock into Sue's ass so I lost track of what was going on between Josie and Phil, but the next time I looked their way they were kissing and Phil was finger fucking her while she was jacking him off. That's all she did though. It was the same for the next three weeks. She would let you suck her tits and finger fuck her and she would give you a hand job, but that is all she would do. She wanted to join in and once she was even on her hands and knees getting ready to suck Charlie's cock, but at the last minute she pulled back, said she couldn't and just jacked him off."

"That's it?"

"That's all I know about. I know Billie and Sue have gotten together with Charlie and Bill on nights other than Thursday, but I don't know about any of the others."

I cut the wraps loose and then said, "This little talk never took place. If I find out that you have mentioned it to anyone I'll burn you. You and Todd are the only single ones in the group so if I find out you have told anyone about this I'll make sure the husbands and wives of the others find out about what has been going on and I'll make sure that everyone knows the information came from you. Got it?"

He nodded a yes and I left his apartment. As I drove home I had the answers to at least two of my questions. I know knew why Josie's sexual appetites were fired up and I knew why she had been so wet the times I'd noticed. She was wet from getting off on some one's fingers. I was not at all happy with my bride. She might not consider having another man's hands on and in her body and his mouth on hers and on her tits as infidelity. She might not feel she was cheating as long as actual fucking didn't take place, but I didn't see it the same way. Granted, her body was hers to do with what she liked, but when she said "I do" she had given me exclusive rights. I didn't yet know what I was going to do, but I was not happy. I was not happy in the least. And there was something else. Something about my talk with Ryan didn't ring right, but I couldn't put my finger on it, but it would come to me eventually.

Josie was hot to trot that night; probably in anticipation of what she would be watching the next night. Or maybe actually participating in if she were to give up on involving me or somehow getting my approval.

Thursday morning I decided to throw some shit into the game. Over breakfast I said:

"I think I'll swing by and join you at the bar after work tonight. I had a pretty good time at the picnic with Todd and Ryan and I think I'd like to get to know them a little better."

I didn't say "Would you mind" or "Would it be all right with you" I just flat out told her I was going to be there and then waited to see what she would do. She didn't sound too enthused when she said:

"That would be nice. I'd like for you to get to know the guys I work with a little better."

As I drove to work I was thinking that there would be some interesting conversations in her office that day.

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