Aggie's Condition

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2010 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: A wife watching story with absolutely no redeeming value.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

There is wife watching and then there is wife watching. They sound the same, but they are way different. The first one for example, is watching your wife spread herself for some one else while you either participate or hide in the closet. The second one is watching some one else's wife do the same thing while hiding in the closet. I've done both and I loved doing both; I just hope that I'll be able to do it again.

I've been watching my wife Aggie (don't dare call her Agnes) for years now, sometimes from the closet, sometimes from a chair next to the bed, and sometimes I'm in one hole while someone else is in another. I found out early on in our marriage that no one man was ever going to be enough for Aggie. Remember the ugly duckling story? One day an ugly little thing and the next day a beautiful swan? That is similar to Aggie in that one day she was a virgin and the day after we consummated our marriage vows she was a nymphomaniac.

We weren't married three weeks when I came home one day and found her in bed with not one man, but three, and this following a night where she had fucked me four times, including once just before I left for work in the morning. I had ordered some furniture and I was supposed to pay the balance when the stuff was delivered and I had gone to work and had forgotten to leave the check book at home for Aggie. I rushed home with the checkbook and when I got there I found that the furniture had already arrived. I walked into the house and found three guys fucking Aggie, one in each available hole. When I walked in cocks began to wilt and there was much reaching for clothes. Aggie cried out, "Don't make them stop baby, I need it, please don't stop them." I was mad, angry, pissed, call it what you will, but the pitiful tone of Aggie's voice got to me. I handed her the checkbook and went back to work. I found out later that all three guys got fired for fucking Aggie, She kept them most of the day and they actually got fired for missing all their deliveries, but to me that's the same as getting fired for fucking Aggie. As a bonus, at least from my perspective, they forgot to take the check for the furniture and my amount due got lost somewhere in the shuffle.

When I got home that night Aggie was bundle of nerves, "I know you hate me, but I just can't help myself. I've got to have it baby, I need it."

I hadn't been gone from the house for half an hour and she had gone into the kitchen and had gotten a cucumber and was fucking herself with it when the furniture movers got there. She had answered the door in her bathrobe, showed them where she wanted things and had then gone back into the bedroom to her cucumber. She was lying naked on the bed working the vegetable around in her pussy when she heard, "Jesus!" She looked up and found one of the delivery guys standing there staring at her pussy. She had thrown the cucumber away, spread her legs, and I had walked in on the result.

Then she confessed to me that this wasn't the first time she had been unfaithful. Her first was when we were on our honeymoon. I had gone out to see about renting a car and while I was gone she fucked the room service waiter. Before we'd left she'd had the bellboy, the bell captain, the waiter twice more and one cab driver in the back seat of his cab. Since moving into the house she had fucked the cable installer, the telephone installer, the mailman (every day for the last week) and the newspaper boy. This last worried me the most since I wasn't sure of his age and she could go to jail over that. As I listened to her run down her list of infidelities I wondered just what in the hell I was going to do. Aggie was gorgeous, could cook like a master French chef, kept a spotless house, and was the most fantastic piece of ass I'd ever had, but what could I do about the fact that she couldn't stay off her back and keep her legs closed. The bottom line was that I adored Aggie and I was just going to have to learn to cope with her "condition".

The solution was simplicity itself, at least for Aggie and me, although I did have some trouble selling the idea to some others. I approached several of my friends and asked them if they would like to fuck my wife. You would be surprised at how many said no. Not that they wouldn't have fucked her behind my back (and some of them did), but they ran scared when I asked them straight out. I finally found enough guys to agree and I set up a schedule so that Monday through Friday at least two guys would show up every day and help Aggie keep her "condition" under control. I would have to cover the evenings and the weekends.

This arrangement worked fine for about two years during which Aggie never slowed down, not even a little bit, and I finally had to cry out "enough!" I just couldn't keep up with her. That's when we began the watching. We would go out on Saturday and Sunday and Aggie would pick up some guy and we would take him home with us and Aggie would fuck his socks off. The problem we found is that over half of the guys she picked up couldn't function when I was there so we started sending Aggie out on her own. When she found someone she would call me and I would hide in the closet. Why? Because she wanted me around in case she hooked up with some weirdo. It turned out that I liked watching Aggie be a nympho.

After five years of marriage Aggie began to slow down some. As her daytime lovers began to fall by the wayside we didn't bother to replace them. Soon she was down to only four lovers during the week, with me taking care of the evenings, and she also had her regular outings on Saturday and Sunday. And then my life got complicated. Brea was our next door neighbor and had been for the last three years. Like Aggie, Brea was a stay at home wife and she and Aggie got to know each other real well and became the best of friends. It was inevitable that Brea would notice the constant comings and goings of Aggie's male friends during the day and then came the day when Brea felt she knew Aggie well enough to ask her what was going on. Aggie, in turn, felt that she knew Brea well enough to tell her the story. Brea expressed surprise and then she told Aggie that she envied her. Brea had also been a virgin when she married and she had always wondered what she had missed by not trying a cock or two before marriage. "I've always wondered what other men might be like. I've read books and magazines and seen lots of pictures and they all look so different."

Aggie asked her why she'd never tried a different cock and Brea had said, "Oh goodness, I wouldn't know how to."

Aggie told her to get dressed up and go out to a bar and let herself be picked up, but Brea said that she just couldn't do something like that. The two of them talked about it for weeks and finally there came a day when Brea's husband had to go out of town for several days. Aggie talked Brea into going out with her on one of her Saturday night jaunts, but Brea said she would only do it on one condition. I was in the basement working on a rocking chair when Aggie came downstairs, "Honey, I need a favor." She explained to me that she was going to take Brea out with her that night, "But the poor dear is scared that things might not go right and she might try to back out at the last minute. She's afraid of what the guy might do to her if that happens. Would you hide in her closet in case she needs some help? Please?"

Now watching Aggie was one thing; I went along with her escapades because I didn't want to lose her, but hide in Brea's closet? I didn't think so. After several more pleases and pretty pleases and a "please do it for me baby" I gave in.

"What about you? What if you need protecting and I'm hiding in Brea's closet?"

"I'll be all right. I'll make sure I bring home some one I all ready know. So will Brea. I'll make sure she gets some one nice, but she needs the added security of knowing help is there if needed."

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